Because I Love Her

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Prostate cancer! Two words that strike fear in the heart of every man and hear those words I did. The operation eliminated the cancer but left me unable to perform sexually and often I had no physical interest of any kind. A side effect little talked about for good reason….a lot of men might take their chances with the cancer.

Kate and I had always enjoyed a good sex life and now the kids were grown and independent we had the house to ourselves and sex increased both in frequency and variety. Our sex drive had always been strong very and we had enjoyed sexual activity of one sort or another almost every day during our 31 year marriage ….then the dreaded news.

My lack of interest over the next few months was taking its toll on Kate. I continued to pleasure her as best I could, orally and using sex toys but they fell far short of intercourse and she was becoming increasingly frustrated. She didn’t complain lest she made me feel worse than I already did. It bothered me to see her like this and I feared for our relationship, as strong as it was, if this continued.

I suggested we visit our family physician to discuss the matter and seek possible solutions, both physical and psychological. Dr. Franklin listened patiently to our situation then explained that there were no medical procedures to rectify my problems. Perhaps my desires would return, perhaps not, medical science did not have an answer. Had we considered alternatives for Kate he asked. We looked at each other and then at the doctor for an explanation.

‘This is a sensitive issue and I don’t mean to upset you,’ he began, ‘But if you are secure in your marriage and love each other, it could be possible to introduce another man into your relationship to satisfy Kate’s physical needs.

‘But how….who? Kate queried.

‘Well there are internet sites, but I warn you to be cautious, be very careful before committing to anyone and only if you both fully agree. Develop rules by which you will interact with another person and stick to them.’

Driving home I asked Kate how she felt about what Dr. Franklin had said. There was no doubt she was in need of sex, she had always enjoyed physical love and was multi-orgasmic. Once she was aroused she could keep going for hours, I had often wondered where she found the energy.

‘I’m not sure,’ she replied, ‘I need to think about it, how about you?’

‘To be honest the thought had crossed my mind and Dr. Franklin suggesting it seems to add more weight to its possibility. I know how much you like sex and realize how frustrated you must be. I want to see you happy and I really don’t mind, if we can find the right person….at least I think I don’t mind.’

Over the next few weeks we familiarized ourselves with the internet sites and developed a set of rules we were comfortable with. We are not swingers and had no interest in multiple partners. The ideal man would be about the same age as us; 50-60, respectful, well-groomed, intelligent with a good sense of humour and a relaxed personality – someone we could talk with, develop a long-lasting friendship and frequent sexual relationship. A ‘friend with benefits’, I believe it’s called. We would do this as a couple; I would watch, participate or leave them to it as my mood dictated but there would never be any separate meetings, I would always be in the house, hotel room etc. Kate would have to find the man physically attractive and both of us had to like his personality. Health was, of course, a major concern for us and this why we wished to avoid multiple partners. We have never liked condoms and did not want to use them if at all possible. Our potential man would need to provide a health certificate and we would do likewise.

Of course, most postings on the adult internet sites were by swingers and of no interest to us. Kate suggested we place a posting of our own, adding, ‘There must be someone out there looking for a couple like us, perhaps we need to advertise.’

During the next four months our posting yielded many responses but none were close to being suitable until we received a message from Nigel. His posting was well written and mentioned many criteria we required. In part it said he was 59, widowed and seeking a long-term relationship with a married couple where the female needed more attention than the husband could provide but he also stressed he wanted to build a friendship, not just sex. His photo showed a handsome man with a warm, friendly smile.

‘Well Kate, he appears to fit the bill, what are you thinking?’ I said as she read his message and looked at his photo for the umpteenth time.

‘I like his smile, there’s honesty in it…..shall we?’

We replied to Nigel and made arrangements to meet at a local restaurant for an introductory compatibility chat. He walked in as we were halfway through our cups of coffee and greeted us warmly.
During that first meeting we discovered that his wife had died two years earlier and since then he had concentrated on work and only recently begun to experience physical urges as his grief subsided.
He couldn’t bear going through the whole dating process and preferred the type of relationship we offered – physical enjoyment without the emotional baggage that dating often entails. More coffee came and we talked for another two hours about our lives in general, past, present and future and about the relationship we were seeking in particular.

I left the restaurant feeling very positive about Nigel, in no way threatened and was eager to hear from Kate. She certainly seemed to get on well with him after the first few minutes of nerves that I’m sure we were all feeling. I started the car and looked over to Kate. ‘I like him, I think he might do,’ she said excitedly.

‘Yes, my thoughts exactly,’ I responded with a grin.

We saw Nigel every Sunday afternoon for the next four weeks; for coffee, a walk through the woods, just getting to know one another better. It was important that we were completely comfortable with him before taking the next step. At the end of our fourth weekend we invited Nigel to dinner at our home on the following Saturday.

I enjoy cooking and had prepared rack of lamb with all the trimmings. Kate was full of nervous excitement as Saturday afternoon drifted by and had spent most of the last two hours getting ready. With one hour to Nigel’s arrival dinner was well in hand, I was pouring myself a second glass of wine when I heard Kate’s high heels on the ceramic tiles announcing her arrival from upstairs.

‘How are you feeling Love? You certainly look fabulous,’ I commented as I turned and gazed at my wife. Kate is 5’ 7” with an athletic body that is still firm despite her 55 years, a result of her daily workouts in our home gym. Her breasts are ample with large nipples that are very sensitive, she has the best legs I have ever seen, ending in a beautiful, round ass and her vagina is still tight with labia not too big topped by a trimmed wedge of auburn hair. She was wearing a short, black skirt, a white silk blouse and black stockings with her heels. There was a time I would have taken her right there on the kitchen floor but although my brain registered how beautiful and utterly fuckable she looked, nothing stirred in my loins.
In answer to my question and comment she said, Nervous, excited sexy, oh sooo horny and thank you.’

‘Here, have a glass of wine, it will help calm you a bit,’ I offered after kissing her on the forehead so as not to disturb her make-up.

The seconds ticked slowly by then the doorbell rang at precisely 7pm. Kate and I welcomed Nigel to our home and showed him through to the family room adjacent to the kitchen. The wine he brought, (Syrah), was perfect for the lamb and a funny thought crossed my mind that it might well be that Nigel is the lamb being led to the slaughter by a woman who has not had intercourse for a while, is desperately horny and loves a hard cock.

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