Babysitting for Married Men 2

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Mrs Riker had recommended me to the Jacksons as a babysitter, and I have to tell, you Mr. Jackson was a hunk. He had weight lifting equipment in the basement and it was well scratched up from repeated use. Eric had the classic broad shouldered figure of a guy who stayed in shape without becoming musclebound. I vowed to have him the moment I first saw him.

I started working on him the second time I sat for them, especially when his wife Toni was out of sight. There's a way you can be so glad to see him when he picks you up for a job, say thank you when you are being paid, good bye when he drives you home that arouses interest without being too blatent. Tight clothing didn't hurt either. I could tell he was always delighted to see me, too. Of course, there was the little problem of Toni, but as it turned out, she travelled on business and sometimes he would have a Jaycees meeting.

When I finally built up my courage to make something happen, I dressed for the job "to the nines," short skirt, silky blouse, black underwear including a garter belt and stockings. I stuffed a strip of condoms in my purse.

Toni was far away in Minneapolis. By the time I came over, the day-sitter had left and Toni handed me the baby. I love babies and I let Eric watch me cooing over the baby and make baby talk.

"She's so cute," I said.

This gave him a big smile, but he had to rush off to his meeting.

After the baby was fed and changed and put to bed, I still had an hour before Eric came home. I couldn't get him out of my mind, and it was making me incredibly horny with anticipation. I tried to do homework, but didn't make much progress. Finally, I just went to the family room and sat back on the sofa. I closed my eyes and let pictures of what Eric must look like undressed fill my imagination.

The two top buttons of my blouse gave way easily, and I slid my hand over my bra, and gently rubbed myelf. Mmmmm. I slid my hand into the bra and began to twiddle my nipples. This was so pleasant, it was giving me that full feeling down below.

My other hand was free and soon I was teasing myself by rubbing the insides of my thighs. "Oh Eric, Eric." As my hand slid from one thigh to the other, I brushed across my panties, which were already cool with moisture. My legs were wide open for the imaginary Eric. I was spending more time rubbing over my panties now and my back arched uncontrollably as I imagined responding to his ministrations.

I slid my hand into the leg hole of my panties and felt cool fingers on my pussy lips. Circular rubbing gave way to exploration of the wet place inbetween. My forefinger found and played with my clit at last. "Eric! Eric," I moaned.

This was getting uncomfortable as I usually did this in my bed with only PJs or a nightgown on. I pulled up my skirt and one-by-one, unclipped the garter belt straps from my stockings. Then I was able to slide my panties off. I finished unbuttoning my blouse and slid it off my shoulders so I could slip my bra off, too. If only it was Eric doing this.

I laid back on the sofa and took my time just carressing my breasts and squeezing my nipples. I didn't want this to be over.

Finally, I slid both hands down over my thighs and up up up. One hand rubbed each pussy lip. Two fingers of my left hand again found my clit and were rubbing it as the two middle fingers of my right hand entered me.

"Oh Eric, Eric, fuck me, fuck me now," I exclaimed as my fingers brought me to a full orgasm on his sofa while I tasted my love on the fingers of my left hand..

By the time that subsided, there were only 15 minutes before Eric was due home.

I had an idea. I crammed my panties and bra into my purse, clipped my stockings back up to my garter belt and put my blouse back on. I went to the bathroom to pee and wash up. When Eric arrived, I was back together. Well, one button more than might be considered decent was open.

"Hi, Emily. How was everything?"

"Fine, the baby was wonderful."

"Good, did he go ... to sleep ... OK." He stumbled over his words when he saw my dark nipples and areolas outlined in my blouse, though he tried to pretend he didn't see anything.

I caught his gaze. Then I threw myself at him and planted a big kiss on his mouth. He had to grab me in his arms just to maintain balance.

"Oh, God," he exclaimed as he let go.

"Emily!" he uttered with a reproachful tone.

Then, "Oh, God." He pulled me back into his arms. I melted as the kisses I so longed for came heavily and passionately. "You are so lovely."

As his hand pulled against my back, my tummy felt his body responding. He leaned me back from the waist up and slowly, one by one, opened the buttons of my blouse. "Lovely," he murmored as he gently ran his fingers over my breasts. I tore at his shirt until his bear chest was showing. So beautiful. Better than I had imagined.

Again, I was pulled against his massive chest, with his hand trapped against my breast. We kissed, tongues playing, for the longest time. My fingers dug into his back, such wonderful muscles there, too. My feet were off the ground as one hand cradled me under my rear. I was totally enveloped in his powerful arms and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

Suddenly, he put me down. "I don't have any ...."

"In my purse."

"Oh God!"

Eric lifted me up and sat me on the edge of their heavy oak kitchen table. As he kissed my breasts and I held on to his head to keep from falling back, his hands started up my legs. He quickly discovered my soaking wet pussy unprotected by any panties. I sat back on my hands and raised up my hips so he could push up my skirt. He pulled on the tab of my garters, releasing my stockings one at a time. As he rolled them off, he maintained his gaze of my pussy. With both of my legs up in the air, he kissed my feet and then my ankles. My calves were next and his head was soon between my thighs as he licked each leg from the inside.

I slid my butt to the very edge of the table and he slipped off my skirt. I think he liked the idea of my garter belt; anyway, he left that on. His tongue played in the crack between my thigh and my pussy. I was already moaning. Then his mouth came into contact with my mound, first kissing, then enveloping, then flicking his tongue. I felt two thick fingers pressed against my opening as his tongue came into contact with my clit.

My orgasm started as soon as his fingers started to play inside me near the opening and when he plunged them deeper I was in ecstacy. "Oh Eric Eric!" He sure new how to please a woman!

It was his turn for pleasure, but the table was getting uncomfortable. I said, "Let's go somewhere else."

I grabbed my purse and he carried me past the baby's room, into their bedroom, all the while kissing me as I held on to his neck. He pulled down the covers as I slipped out of the garter belt and rid myself of my blouse. Then I knelt in front of him and started to rub the bulge in his pants. I undid his belt and trousers. Through his jockeys, I started to nibble at his cock. "Oh God, Emily." Then I pulled down the waistband and licked at his tip, his shaft, and finally his balls. I was sliding my mouth up and down over his cock as I reached into my purse and pulled out the strip of condoms. With some effort, I tore one free. I couldn't help but think of the other married man who had taught me to position the condom over his tip and unroll it with my mouth. Eric was just moaning and moaning.

I stood up in front of him, stood on tiptoes and whispered in his ear, "Now, Eric. Fuck me now, Eric."

He laid me across the bed and I opened my legs in anticipation. He climbed over me. He seemed like such a giant. His cock slid deep inside me. He wasn't especially large, but plenty big for me. Was this love I was feeling as his strokes became faster and faster. I wrapped my legs around him as he slammed all the way deep into my vagina. As he sped up, my hips shoved up against him every other stroke. "Oh Oh Oh Oh" I was having such an orgasm.

Before he came, he pulled out and turned me over on my knees. He barely missed a stroke as his cock drove into me again. I love this position as it really strokes the top of my vagina. I arched my back so hard it almost hurt. I could feel my breasts swinging. I screamed as another climax rolled over me. I could tell from the change in his moans that he was about to cum. The thing I hate about condoms is you can't feel your guy's cum, but I could tell when he started to explode. Just then he flipped me on my side and without pulling out passed my leg over his face and we were in missionary position again. His moments of ecstacy were spent kissing me and fucking and squeezing my breasts. Oh God this man was good.

I know you're supposed to pull out right away with a condom, but we stayed together hugging and carressing for a few more moments. Then I helped him remove it and cleaned him up with my mouth.

I ran into the bathroom and flushed the condom. When I got back, he had pulled a sheet over himself. I climbed in with him.

"That was the first time I ever cheated on Toni, but you were worth it, Emily."

"I'm sure it will be OK if she doesn't find out."

We lay there on our sides, kissing. I had a moment of guilt, but let it pass. He was gently carressing my nipples. After not too long, I realized there was something between us again and I slide down under the covers between his legs. My head bobbed up and down over is shaft. It must have been a funny sight.

"Turn around so I can do you, too," he said.

Once again my pussy was on fire as he held me open with his fingers and plunged his tongue and face deep into my tissues. We came together that time and I took it all in my mouth and swallowed.

After that, Eric didn't really get soft and I walked over to the place on the floor where the condoms had fallen. As I was tearing another one out, he came over in front of me and I slipped it on him. I continued to give him oral sex until he was fully arroused again. Then he did something very surprising. Reaching down under my arms, he pulled me to my feet. He lifted me right into the air.

"Wrap your legs around me." Oh my oh my.

After an awkward moment, his cock was up inside me again. I let gravity slam me down on him over and over. I was more or less in a constant state of orgasm now. You can't imagine how strong the sensations are from this position. And he definitely was slamming up to my cervix on every stroke. I let out a cross between a grunt and a moan every time he slammed in.

After maybe ten minutes of this, he knelt down with me still "attached." My butt came into contact with the bed and he let me flip back with my legs straight up in the air. Eric continued fucking me for the longest time. "Oh Eric Eric Eric Eric."

There was a moment when he seemed to be cumming, and when we stopped a few moments after that, his condom was full again. 

Midnight had come. I had school the next day and a lie to tell my parents, and though I had taken something that wasn't mine, what a wonderful memory. Eric paid me for babysitting with a really big tip, REALLY big, and drove me home.

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