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Bill spoke to me first thing the next morning. He was soooo impressed and so were his friends. How hot, .Easy, and willing to follow any instructions. The first thing he sugessted was to turn her on to the entire fraturnity. I discouraged him, because i wanted for her to feel more comfortable with riggie and tyrone first.

I suggested he call he and praise her, and tell her that reggie and tyrone were in "love" with her. He explianed that they told all the brothers every detail of what happed the night she was there... They all begged bill to invite them to the next get together.
He insistted he was going to move slowly and for them to wait for the right moment. They really had no choise in the matter, because as far as they were concerned, bill was calling all the shots.

He also explained to the two guys they ran into the hall, when he was walking her to the car that she was a hooker. She seemed very very turned on by that concept. They of course asked when she would next be available; he was very vauge in his response.

He then called her and asked what her plans were for the following week end, knowing most of his brothers would be going home. She answered "you tell me what my plans are, you're in charge"!.
He said he wanted her and me to come by and "hang out". She quickly agreed! She then asked who was going to be there. He told her only him reggie and tyrone. He went on to explian that he what her to get to feel more comfortable with them, before he intrduced her to any one else. She commented that was very thoughtful and considerate of him.

He told her when she came he wanted her to wear only stockings and heels with a rain coat. She replyed “no problem"! She was really getting into this in a big way. All week long

She was trying on stockings, red, black, blue, white and asking which looked the hotest. I told her since it was bill's request she should call him and ask his pererence..
She called, and he told her his dick was hard just talking to her. That he couldn’t wait to see her and come in her. He desided on black fishnet thigh highs. She answered "consider it done".
The friday night came. She wore jeans over her stockins and a very plain blouse. She has alreasdy put her heels in the car. When we approched the dorm lot i called bill and asked him where i should park. He said" i'll be right down".

During the ride over she ahd removed her jeans and blouse and put on her rain coat. So when bill came down he jumped into the back seat and began giviing me directions where to park. It seemed like we had passed a lot of empty spaces, but he said they were reserved. So we found a space about 1 block from his front door.I parked, he opened the front door for her, told her to open her coat and said "you look perfect"

As we walked to the front door we may have passed 6 or 8 guys. They. Bill and my wife were walking holding hands and out of 8 guys he told her to open her coat for only 2. Of course wear only fishnet and heels they got quite a show. He introduced her as his "businss partner". They only talked for less than a minute then continued to the front door. Walking down the hall we didn't pass anyone.
When bill opened the door there was reggie and tyrone, sitting on the sofa, totally naked. Bill told her to take off her coat and said "aren''t you going to kiss them hello"?
So she walked over to reggie put her nipples in his mouth, replaced her nipples with her toung, garbbed his cock and started to kiss and lick it.
The she did the same to tyrone... Bill commented "now that’s a proper way to kiss someone hello"

She began to undress bill, while reggie made her a stiff drink. After undressing bill she started sucking his cock.
She look at him took his cock out of her mouth and asked him who he wanted her to fuck first, second and third.
So she layed her across the laps and they began rubbing her entire body with oil.

By this time she was on her second drinkwhile she was getting oiled down, i pulled bill pulled her aside and asked start asking her what she has done, what she wants to try, i told him that she had done over 12 batchelor parties and been a toppless waitress at countless private card games. He asked what she was into? She replyed that she was into just about everey thing from gang bangs, being tied up and fucked, having hot wax dripped on her nipples, having candels burn her nipples, she added that she like pins and needles stuck into her nipples. Having dental floss tied tight on her nipples and being led aroung by someone pulling the dental leading her around like a dog.

She also told him that she loved to be taken out to small bars wearing mini skirts and see thru blouses and flasing and dancing with strangers. She added that if he took her to a bar he was to pick a man he wanted her to suduce. She loved to show men her naked body and would wear anything he sugessted.
She told bill that she was into 5 or 6 guys cumming on her face or in a glass then lickind and swallowing it all.Bill replyed you’re a "real team player".

He asked how much she charged to do batchelor parties she said $150.00 per man.
However, doing his frat brothers was free because she could be herself and have fun. She told him she was not into spanking, but they could do anything else they wanted to her nipples.
Bill then said i have a surprise for you! I noticed that the first time you were here and we put the hanger clips on your nipples they began to slip off. So we redesingned them a little. He went to get the hanger; it looked the same to me.

He told reggie and tyrone to get her nipple as long and hard as they could. They began to pull, suck bite and twist. When her nipples were at their longest he sweezed one of the clips and closed it on her nipple. She moanded with pleasure
Then he the second nipple. What he didn't tell her is that he had bought industrial grade velcro and put the spike side on all four surfaces of the clips.

In doing that her nipples were being pinched by hundreds of little plastic "pins".That would not only be painful but it would prevent them from sliding off.
She started to rub her clit and came in less than 5 minutes. She told bill she loved his idea. Billl then said "ok lets get started". There was a poro cd on the tv and reggie and tyrone were watching it. Bill told her to sit on reggie's lap facing the tv and stick his cock in her ass. She moved right over to reggie, spread her legs and lowered his cock on her ass hole and told him to fuck her ass. He went right for it! She fuck him until
He shot his load deep into her ass.

While he was fucking her ass bill was pulling and twisting the hanger. She was in heaven!
Then it was tyrone's turn. Bill gave her the same instrucions. Since reggie had just shot his load in her ass tyrone slid right in up to his balls. He fucked her ass for about 5 minuted then shot a hugh load into her ass.
Bill was really getting off on being the “director”. He told reggie to get a small glass, bill handed it to her and told her to push the two loads she just took in her ass, into the glass. She had no trouble doing that.
Now bill told her to drink it. She didn't hesitate, and swollowed it all.

Bill told reggie to light some candels. Bill then removed the hanger clips from her nipples. They were red and pretty smashed. She said they hurt more removing them then putting them on. He told her to sit up on the leather sofa and said "lets see how much you can take". He took one candle and started to hold the flame about 3 inches under her nipple all she did was moan a little, he then moved the flame 2 inches underher nipple. She stated to grasp the leather sofa hard.
So he figured that that we her limit. Then at 2 inches he stared to move the flame all around her nipple. Then he did the second nipple the same way.
Bill then told her to lay on her back which she did immediately. Then got the second candel and poured the hot melted wax on both her nipples. She moanded in pleasure.
We took and short break had her down two very strong drinks.

Bill said well you were telling the truth with most of what you said what shall we do next? While she was drinking a third strong drink, she asked if they had dental floss
The answered no. But we do have some sewing needles. Whithout hesitation she said "get them". Bill asked "how many should we get? She replyed "as many as you have"!
Bill sent reggie to get a small sewing kit. In the kit was cardboard card with about 8 needles on it. She said everbody grab 2 needles, me included
She told bill "you go first". "the first one goes dead center like the center of a bulls eye” the rest of you can stick them any where you want.Just keep in mind there are going to be so many hands sticking my nipples, you’re going to have to push them at least half way in". So since it was so obbvious that bill was running the show, he grabbed a needle, grabbed her right nipple and pushed in half way dead center right in the
Front. Everbody clapped!

Then he took her left nipple and pushed right in half way with one quick motion. While this was happening she was playing with her clit
She said alright reggie, “it’s your turn” he pulled her nipple and stuck the needle slowly from her arm pit side. When it came to the second one he wasn't so slow or careful he just grabbed her nipple and pushed it in half way.

She said "come on tyrone, it's you turn", he wasn't gentle at all he grabbed her nipple and shoved it in half way from about the 9 o'clock position. Then it was my turn, i just pulled her nipple hard and stuck it in half way next to the dead center next to bills neddle.
When bill got up to get her another drink i followed him and told him to prase her, say he was very impressed and suggested that he get a candle and heat the needles
While they were in her. Whe we got back to the sofa reggie and tyrone were caressing her tits in a effort to see her endurance. She downed the drink like it was water.

Bill told reggie to make her another drink, bill asked if he could take a picture of her tits she said "sure you can all take pictures you want."
After a 10 minute photo session which encluded her ass, pussy and tits.

Bill started pushing the needles in which made her very hot and ready to cum. Bill reached over picked up a candel and held the flame on the end of each needle she said " i like the way you think"

As the heat from the candel started to radiate down into the needles in her nipple she started to cum. She screamed somebody fuck me now!

Bill who had the large cock got on top of her and fuck her very hard. She continued to cum non stop for 3 or 4 minutes. I told reggie to get a pair of pliers so we could remove the hot needles from her nipples. As we began pulling out the hot needles she had and enormous orgasum,
I had never seen her cum so hard or so long in all the years shes been partying.
Instead of them rubbing, massaging and oiling her tits. They began to pull and twist her nipples. We could clearly see the
Burn marks the hot needles had left on her nipples. She walked up to each of us and showed each of us a close up of our work and added “she loved it”

Since bill had came in her pussy while we were burning her nipples. He handed her the glass, she held it under her pussy and pushed his entire load into the glass.. Of course she swallowed all the cum and licked the inside of the glass clean.
Bill then asked her “if they could e-mail the photos they took with their cell phones of her with the needles in her nipples. To show them how wild you are and what they are missing out on” she said “you can send them to anyone you want”
The three of them grabbed their cell phones and startes send photos to all their frat brothers.

She then said “i want all of you to fuck me one after another
”i need to get fucked and fucked hard and long” “fill my pussy with cum so i can drink it all”

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