Aunty Maryam adopt Niece Fatima

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100% fiction!

Maryam waited excited and expectant at the front of the exit in the Arrivals Lounge. Her young niece, Fatima, her younger 18yo sister's daughter, was arriving to stay with her forever from the poor African nation Maryam had fled from 11 years ago. Her sister and brother in law had been killed in a motor accident 3 months ago. Maryam had been granted a short visa to attend the funeral and had just a few days back there where she had spent all too short a time with Maryam.

Maryam's parents were dead now and Maryam had no other siblings, so there were was no close family to care for Fatima. In the short time back "home" she and Isabella had formed a strong bond and following her departure back here to this fortunate developed country, Fatima had been grief stricken. It had taken 3 months of hard for negotiation for Maryam to secure a permanent residency visa for Isabella here in the West.

Maryam had worked hard to establish her international design consultancy. She had offices in New York, Chicago, LA, London, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo and Sydney. Much of the time she lived in her large secure estate in the Hollywood Hills, where she was soon to transport Isabella, whom she had already enrolled in one of LA's small but most exclusive girl's schools.

At 36 Maryam was a stunning woman. Regular Dancer, snow skiing and daily surfing had kept her in excellent condition, having a figure the envy of most teenage girls and women. With her olive skin, perfect full lips and striking facial features, long wavy jet black hair, 5' 9" height, slim waist, long lithe muscular legs and a firm DD bust and flair for fashion, Maryam cut a sexually charged swathe through every crowd and gathering. But she had never married. There had been a very few men in her life, but the relationships never lasted as she found all the single men she had met to be too self-centred, shallow and insensitive. All the good men seemed to be taken up or gay and sometimes she cursed her decision to concentrate on her business and not look for a serious relationship until her early thirties.

Fatima emerged from the customs hall and into the exit lounge. Her initial worried look immediately changed to a big beaming smile that lit up her face and the whole arrivals area. Maryam had forgotten how absolutely gorgeous Fatima was. Like Maryam she had an innate sense of style and fashion and despite her poverty had managed to find a lovely outfit. She must have changed in the aircraft toilets before landing. It was autumn and she had chosen an outfit comprising black thigh high boots, a short pleated red skirt, black short sleeve blouse and a long sleeved white denim jacket. Her long black hair fell in ringlets around her face and over her shoulders, testimony to her Afro-Arab heritage. Maryam noticed a silence fall upon the waiting crowd then a rising volume of whispered comments as men, women and teenagers spoke to each other in admiring tones about the Lolita Beauty who had just emerged, to be greeted by an equally stunning woman, (Maryam). By their appearance were obviously related. Maryam was enveloped in a consuming hug by Fatima.

They quickly left the airport and headed for Maryam's high walled secure residence in the Hills. It was not a huge house, but it was well designed, easy to maintain and enjoyed extensive views over LA toward the ocean and had lovely lush sub-tropical gardens, suffused by water features and statuary.

By the end of the second week it was as if Fatima had lived with Maryam in LA forever. She had already adjusted well to the school and had been put into the superior academic classes. Maryam loved the company of this fresh vibrant 'young woman', who had wisdom far beyond her years. Every night they snuggled up on the lounge to talk or watch TV. Fatima was very affectionate. It was hard to believe she was only 12 as her bust was already overflowing her B cup bras, crowned by very large nipples that were frequently stiff and pronounced.

Her hips and slim waist had the fullness and curves of a young woman who had reached puberty, not that of a 12 year old! By the end of the first month Maryam had become aware of something that was causing her significant self recrimination and concern. She was experiencing sexual arousal on those nightly occasions during their long snuggle up sessions. Maryam was shocked at her feelings, which were not subsiding. "My God" she thought, "I am Fatima's aunt, guardian and all that she treasures in the world. How can I be feeling like this, I should love her as a parent, not a sexual predator!"

It happened one wet and stormy Friday night. They were snuggling on the lounge with an open fire going and watching the storm lash the windows and the distant thunder and lightening. Nature was putting on a free show that surpassed anything on the TV. Maryam and Fatima had both had their showers and were both wearing soft terry towelling robes, (nothing underneath), as they snuggled up warm and cosy, sipping warm drinks and nibbling on exclusive Belgium chocolate.

Maryam was feeling especially sexually aroused and doing her best to suppress her feelings as usual. They had been spooning, but Fatima had rolled over a few minutes ago and was now resting her head on Maryam's ample breast. Unknown to Maryam she was now giving Fatima an unfettered view of her right breast and stiff aroused nipple as her robe had parted and loosed with Fatima's rollover. Then something strange happened.

Maryam became aware, or so she thought, of something firm and throbbing pressing against her inner thigh near her pussy. The feeling only lasted a few seconds before Fatima pulled away from her... and then started to gently cry. Maryam cupped Fatima's chin softly and said; "Oh baby what's wrong, tell me what's wrong" Maryams heart was torn seeing her niece so distraught.

Fatima looked at Maryam with sad eyes and said; "I can't tell you, you won't love me anymore and will send me away." Maryam grabbed Fatima to her in a firm hug and whispered gently and lovingly in her ear; "Darling I love you unconditionally and would never ever send you away from me, you can stay with me forever." Fatima looked at Maryam with sad eyes again and a touch of fear... "okay, I will tell you... or rather... I will show you... then I'm sure you will be shocked and not want me living with you... because I am a freak." Maryam again hugged Fatima too her strongly and assured her that she was the most important and most beautiful person in her life... then held Fatima at arms length and invited Fatima to tell her, or 'show' her in Fatimas words, what it was that she thought was so terrible.

Fatima rolled off the lounge and stood before Maryam, as Maryam sat up. "Well Auntie, this is it, I know you will think I'm a freak and not want me in your life anymore". With that Fatima opened her robe and let it fall to the floor at her feet. Fatima stood naked trembling naked in front of her aunt Maryam. Maryam gasped aloud and then said in soothing tones; "Oh Darling... Darling... you are beautiful, come here to me."

What Maryam had been exposed to was the most arousing stunning vision of beauty she had ever seen. Fatima had the most gorgeous body. Her breasts were full and firm, capped by large erect dark brown nipples, (like Maryam's), her arse was round and exquisite, her legs were smooth and perfect, the envy of any woman. But, the juncture of her thighs consolidated her beauty. She had a thick soft jungle of public hair and from this delectable forest that partly hid her sex there stood out proud and half erect the most beautiful uncircumcised and thickest cock Maryam had ever seen, at the base of which was a magnificent ball sack. "Oh Darling, You are beautiful and absolutely magnificent and desirable. You are a beautiful gorgeous young woman".

It was immediately obvious to Maryam that her pubescent 17 year old niece was a preteen transsexual... or so she thought. Maryam was aroused beyond belief and just wanted to feel Fatima's huge 9" cock inside her... now. Maryam pulled towards her but Isabella held back a little and said; "There is more... it is not just this... and with that grabbed her magnificent member... that was now fast moving towards a full erection... and her ball sack and lifted them up. Maryam gave another gasp, for below Fatima's ball sack was a glistening aroused slit... Fatima was a true and perfectly formed hermaphrodite, of which there are just 1 in 1,000,000.

Maryam was now beside herself with lust. She fell to her knees between Fatima's thighs and took that lovely cock in her right hand... it reached full hardness in seconds and began to throb. Maryam brought her mouth to Fatima's glistening slit and gave it a sensual gentle kiss. Her juice tasted divine. With gentle firm but lust driven urgency, Maryam dragged Fatima onto the soft rug in front of the warm fire. She fell upon Fatima's preteen virgin cunt, with all the pent up lust she had endured over the past month.

Maryam stroked and fondled Fatima's huge cock, sliding the generous foreskin back and forth over the huge mushroom head, while feasting upon Fatima's 'female's sex. Fatima's hands rested on her aunts head and pulled Maryam hard into her cunt. Isabella let out a cry and gushed a torrent of pussy juice into Maryam's hungry mouth. It was the 'first time' with another for Isabella, her first pussy orgasm with another, her aunt!

No sooner had Fatima stopped squirting her sweet pussy juice before Maryam climbed up over her she-male child lover and laid beside her. Maryam spread her thighs and pulled Fatima on top of her. There was nothing but insatiable fire and lust in Maryam's eyes. "Root me" she cried, "ROOT YOUR AUNTIE'S CUNT MY DARLING!" she screamed with abandoned lust and eager expectation.

Nature and youth took hold. Fatima climbed between her aunt's outstretched thighs and rammed her hard 8" virgin she-cock into that warm wet incestuous cavern that hungered for her incestuous cock. Isabella now knew where her destiny lay and was finally being rewarded with the pleasure so far denied to her in life by shame and guilt. Her beautiful aunt Maryam loved her unconditionally and Maryam had finally found what she had been seeking in a partner. Isabella and Maryam had found each other and both now gave themselves over in unbridled and uninhibited lust to their powerful insatiable pent up primal life creating urges.

Fatima felt her first cock orgasm approaching and cried out; "Oh auntie... AUNTIE... OH MARYAM... I'M GONNA CUM... nnnnnnggghhhh... AAAAAHH!" Maryam felt the first powerful thick rope of incestuous semen splash against the walls of her cunt... then realised had no protection... she was not on the pill!!! In that instant Maryam recognised that Fatima, her 'niece', carried all the gene pool she had been searching for in that generous thick torrent of incestuous semen now being spurted into her ovulating cunt. It was an instantaneous awareness that she and Fatima were the perfect partners, meant for each other for all time.

Ten minutes after Fatima had split her huge fertile load in her aunt, Maryam turned them around into a 69er position. She wanted to taste Fatimas copious sweet preteen sperm direct from the source. She was not disappointed.Fatima fell upon her aunt Maryam's wet sperm filled cunt with unbelievable hunger and Maryam soon felt her orgasm was close. Fatima's cock was wonderful to suck. It was so thick Maryam had to open her mouth to the fullest to take that pulsing monster. Fatima's pre-cum flowed freely and generously, tasting like honey. And then it came... for both of them...

Maryam gushed a gallon of cunt juice into the thirsting mouth of her preteen niece... and at the same time Fatima came like a fire hose. Her thick hot cream tasted like vanilla milk and spurted with force in an unbelievable torrent of fertile sperm infused incestuous child semen. Maryam felt at least 12 thick ropes of spunk hit her tongue and the roof of her mouth. This gorgeous forbidden she-male child cock continued to ooze a thick white lava flow for another 2 or 3 minutes after the powerful jets had stopped. Maryam and Fatima were in Heaven as they sighed in the warm afterglow of their giant joint outpourings of juice and pleasure, licking, kissing, tasting and sucking their sexes for 20 minutes in their luscious wet 69er.

All that could be heard for 3 hours were the sounds of squelching sex juice as Maryam's huge she cock

ploughed in and out of Maryam's cunt or as they sucked each other in big juicy 69ers, before reverting to the missionary position to allow the huge she-male child cock to drill the eager receptive incestuous woman cunt. Their joint cries and screams filled the house as they orgasm-ed several times, covering each other in the copious juices of their throbbing orgasmic sexes. Maryam fell pregnant that first night of incestuous coupling and went on to bear her "niece" 3 healthy children.

They continued to couple incessantly several times a day for years, incapable of not fondling and tasting each others sex and juices, including Maryams heavily lactating breast milk, for more than a few hours at a time. Due to Maryam sucking her breasts several times a day, young Fatima began to lactate a month before aunt Maryam bore their first chi-ld! No-one ever discovered their forbidden secret, not even their chi-ldren.

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