Aunt Nacy : part 2

(Part 1 from 1)

this is fiction and everyone in the story is over 18

I would recomend you read the first part before reading this because it tells how all this started.Please bare with me during the first part of this story.It's a little boring and lacking sexual content but I felt I had to get this bit of history out of way the for any of this to make sense.When I told the first part I intended just to tell that part only,Just to share what happend with the readers of this site. But after writing that one I got so much pleasure out of reliving what we did I've decided with my aunts encouragement to tell of our relationship over the years .I sent the first part to my aunt to see if she remembered the details the same as I. She did except for a few minor ones. Also in the first I had said she was my aunt by marriadge.I didnt know if she would want me to tell it like it realy is, but she wouldnt have it any other way.She asked me if I am ashamed of what we do?I'm not.Well she isnt either so here it is 100% acurate to the best of my memory.We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed doing them,I kind of doubt thats possible though. Everyone in this story thats involved with any sexual content is 18 or older than 18 years of age.

Theres a lot of parts to this story and they still continue til this day.Though not nearly as frequent because we live a few hundred miles apart now. I will give a better description of her and my family now because the story will continue.She was 42 yrs. old,5-7 long brown hair just past her shoulders when she was younger Her,My mother and my aunt Kelly use to model underwear and swimsuits for Large department stores chains that were all familiar with.If you seen one without the other you wouldnt realy be able to tell them apart.Side by side there were very small difference's.When they were younger they all had been told they looked like the actress Katherine Ross or somtimes Kelly Lebroc.They all laugh about both descriptions.I agree with the Katherine Ross description they could pass for sisters easily in fact my aunt has maintained the look a like with Katherine Ross over the years as they have aged.My aunt Kelly to but shes about 20 pounds heavier than she use to be

Needless to say they were hot little numbers then. At the time of this incident my aunt still had her looks.She still looks great for her age.What I mean is she looked almost the same as when she was young .She's still fuckable to this day beleive it or not.I still do and shes 64 now. Just a tad overweight in her belly with a few stretch marks on it.Little pouch you may say.Upper thigh's just a very little bit larger than they use to be and tits were 38 d's and sagged only slightly.Her nipples were a little bit bigger than silver dollar's round and stood out about 3/4 of an inch long.A few stretch marks on them from having kids.Her face showed just the slightest bit of ageing I'll say this she still looked damm good to me.And still does for that matter.She was 43 when this happened. 

My aunt lived about a mile from us then.My aunt and uncle always included me in her family outings and vacations with their kids,my cousins.She has 2 daughters one is about 4 months younger than me the other is 2 years 

When the other story left off my aunt and I had mutual masturbation and she sucked me off at the drive in movie.When we were done she felt confused about what we had done.She droped me off at home asking me not to say anything to anyone and said she wanted to talk to me about this the next day after she had time to think and clear her thoughts about what we had done.I told her straight out,I wanted it as much as she did. And not to worry about it.

The next day was a Sunday and I slept in to about 11 when I got up my grandma told me aunt Nancy had called for me.I was kinda embarassed to call her now I had a chance to think about it.I was kind of feeling ashamed and wondering what she'd think of me even though I knew she had initiated it.I felt a little responsible because I loved it so much and just wondering how it would effect our family if anyone found out.So I didnt call her right away I had a cup of coffee and tried to watch TV but all I could think of was the way she sat in that back seat with her legs splayed open,playing with her pussy.It still made my dick hard to think of it.

I had fantasized about her 100's of times but never thought I'd actualy have somthing like this happen !!I was lost in thought when my grandma called down to me and said aunt Nancy was on the phone for me again.I hadn't even heard the phone ring I was so lost in my fantasy.I shepishly picked up the phone not knowing what to expect her to say. She said Hi hun.Her generic name for anyone she cared about How are you feeling this morning ? I said good and you ? She replied good,but we need to talk.Can you come over ? I told her I would and we hung up.

I finished getting dressed and started the drive over thinking about her tone of voice.I got the impresion she was going to say she used bad judgement,it was wrong what we did,and we should just never speak of it again.That's just what I thought by that short conversation.I knew her so very well. Or thought I did anyway until last night.Thats just what I thought was going to happen.It was only about a mile.It by went quick when I pulled up in front of the house. My uncle's car was gone.That was a good thing because I couldnt see us being able to talk freely about this,With the chance of him coming in the room at any moment.

I got out of my car kind of dreading going in.But did and went in without knocking as I normaly did.She was finishing loading the diswasher.I noticed she had her makeup on and she was wearing a pink velour bathrobe.She looked nice.She said cheerily.Hi hun have a seat.As if everything were normal .So far so good.I did and sat at the table.Their daughters,my cousins were away for the summer one on a trip to europe.her graduation present.The other staying with my other aunt Kelly for a few weeks.I steeled myself for the speach that I knew was about to come and thought to myself maybe its for the best.If anyone were ever to find out it would ruin our family.We'd never be as close as we were up until then.But it sure made me regret not licking and fucking that pussy when I had the chance.

She asked if I wanted anything I said coffee.she got herself a cup and my cup and sat down and said please let me say what I need to say then you can have your turn ok ? I said sure.
She said last night we got very carried away with ourselves and I know you know my situation with your uncle isn't the best.I've confided in you before he's never home,he's cheated on me a dozen times that I know of.When Marci turns 18 were getting a divorce. Him and I have talked about this and came to that conclusion 2 years ago.I know you didnt know it was that serious but it is.We have come to the conclusion that our problems are irreconcilable.Were just not
attracted to each other or compatible any more.I somtimes wonder if we ever were..We basicly only had a couple years before you kids were 18 and decided it would upset you all to much at that time.With you guys getting ready to graduate and start colledge.We didnt want to have you guys worrying about our problems.But its going to happen.

I said I was sorry to hear that.I liked my uncle a lot. She said I know.I dont want to come between your and his relationship.He thinks the world of you but its over between us.Please dont tell Katie and Marci this he bought a house over a year ago so when we do file he'll be ready to go.She continued,I'm sure you must have noticed him not around here much anymore ? I said I did but I just thought he worked a lot.She continued the only time he realy stays is a few night's here and there to try and keep the kid's unaware.Shit he has a live in 25year old girlfriend and thier talking marriadge. I said I'm sorry again. she said dont be I dont care anymore I just want you to know the situation . 

I listened and didnt speak.I didnt know what all this had to do with what we had done and then she came to it.She said I've never told you this because its somthing you dont normaly talk with your nephew about. We never have sex anymore,havent for over 5 years now.And when we did,I didnt get that much enjoyment from it.I can tell you this now.When marci was born I had the docter put in 2 extra stitchs to make it tighter because Mike's not the most well hung guy on earth.My i felt my face start to tourn red.It wouldnt be the last time.But thats off the point its been a long time.I dont have to tell you how frustrated a person can become with no kind of touch from another person.Thats part of what led me to do what I did last night.Theres another more selfish reason also.Your turning in to a handsome young man dont think women dont notice,Because they do.I should say this here I havent included a description of myself in either story so here it is-I was 6 ft 2 190 lbs. dark brown hair and had a muscular build when I was younger.I have been told quite a few times that I looked like muscular version of JFK jr. I didnt see it.but I guess it was supposed to be a compliment.

She continued on,my not having sex for so long I kind of set out to seduce you last night,with the cutting the holes in my pockets and masturbating in front of you it was somthing a schoolgirl would do,Not a mature women. I justified it to myself by telling myself I'd just do myself and let you watch without acknowloging that it ever happened. The way I had it worked out in my head was,I'd do it through my pockets you would get so horny you would run off to the bathroom and relieve yourself.But in reality I knew what effect it would have on you.I pretended to myself I wouldnt let it go over the line.But that was just a pretense on my part because I realy wanted it to go where it did .I knew I was setting out to make it happen.Thats my fault I and im sorry for that I should have had this discussion with you before I did whatI did.So you could have make an intelligent decision.But I didnt and I am sorry for that.So we have to have it now. 

I tried to stop her and tell her I loved it. Because I did desperatly want to fuck that hairy tight puffy big lipped pussy.But she said hold on let me finish.It may not turn out to be what you think im going to say.That stoped me dead and gave me a little hope.So I shut up and listened.I felt guilty after we did it last night. But after thinking about it the rest of the night and most of the morning,I can only think of one reason why we shouldnt continue and a lot of reasons why we should.She smiled at me.Me being the eloquent speaker that I am,said um hmmm.

She kinda laughed and continued the only reason to not continue is.- If anyone ever found out we'd be pariah in the family me more than you but theyd blame you too.The only one that would accept it for what it is,Is your aunt Kelly but ask me about that another time.I dont want that to ever happen for your sake mostly,but for mine and the whole familys too.But I thought long and hard about this all night and all this morning and the reasons to continue easily outweigh the bad in my mind I've thought about it so much that I actualy came up with a list of reasons.Would you like to hear them ? I said yes I would.She said I thought you might and laughed. Ok heres the reasons we should continue.She pulled out a sheet of paper from her robe pocket unfolded it and started to read. Number-1.Youd get releif. Number-2.Id get relief.She said simple enough but very true right ? I said right wouldnt have to fear disease's that you would with a younger girl wouldnt have to worry about pregnancy.Because I've had my tubes tied .

My head was spinning and I sat there with a smile on my face as she continued going down the list Number-5.You wont need to buy condoms for the same reason.Then added not using them feels way better for a man than using them does.But then went into her sermon.That no mater what I should always use them until I was 100% positive a girl couldnt get pregnant.If I were positive she had some kind of birth control method in place. or give me a disease.So that meant I'd always have to use them because wowmen were treacherous little sluts when trying to land a man they think they love.She preached the condom thing since we,her daughters and I were 18 years old.I said so basicly what your saying is I cant ever have sex without a condom unless its with you ? I smiled .She laughed and said yep thats about it these days.Never can be to carefull. 

Number-6.I love you very much and think you love me too,although I dont think you thought of it that way until last night but if we can't share ourselves with each other then who can we do it with ? Just total strangers ?? I mean women let total strangers shove their cocks up them all the time after theve known them for an hour?and vice versa.Why cant I have someone I love and respect do it ? I laughed.She said honestly ? why ? I said you are right.

She said right.then went on with the list Number-7. This is an important one for you - you'll get the best damm sex education any young man ever had and started laughing .I did too.and Number-8.Is for my benifit I know you dont know this but I've thought of you more times than you could ever dream about and masturbated thinking what it would be like to be with you.Do you remember that time I accidently walked in on you changing in Katies room before we went swimming a few months back ? You were completely naked ? It was no accident.You didnt close the door very well.I was watching thru the crack until you were completely naked, after that I tried to think of a ways to see you naked witout you knowing. I felt guilty about doing that but I was still trying to convince myself it was wrong .

So I told myself if I saw your cock that would satisfy my curiosty.So I hid one of your uncles closed circut camera's in your room whenever you spent the night.I've seen you jack off quite a few time's.I said realy ? You did ? My face was burning red.She said you have nothing at all to be ashamed of beleive me.You gave me many nights of pleasure watching those tape's.I told her I couldnt beleive what she was saying bacuse I'd had that same thought about putting one of those camera's in their room ! But never did.I thought they might catch me.It never entered my mind she'd want to see me jack off so, I never had a clue I was being taped.

I got my courage up and told her. The funny part about her watching me jerk off was,that 9 times out of 10 something she had worn had made me have to jack off. She smilled that cute little smile she has and said realy?Thats so flatering.She said im curious now what was it that got you hot ? I told her nothing in paticular just seeing the inside of her thigh up by her pussy when she spread her legs slightly on the lounge chairs when suntanning thinking no one was looking or the way her nipples poked out thru her swimsuit top. or somtimes she wore those white blouses at home without a bra.You could see the outline of her nipples and the way they hung and bounced a little.And I loved the way her pussy smelled.It was all that.She said how could you know that?I said we do have a laundry chute don't we? She said yes.Well many many times I'd get your panties out of there and it smells don't have any fishy smell like some mens magazine's say.It smells like I don't know you I guess.When I was younger and I'd sit on your lap and put my head on your shoulder I could smell you.It's just you.I cant describe it better than that.But your pussy is you,plus more of you.If you know what I mean ?
She said I do know what you mean everyone has their own smell thats unique to them.I continued.And your's smell is great.She giggled and said thank you hun.I was just curious. 

Number 9 Another one thats very important too you.Your a young man and your going to sow your wild oat's.If we do this I'm still your aunt and want you to have a normal sex life .I wouldnt be jealous when you fuck other women like younger girls would be .Its like im going to explain to you were just doing somthing for each other to make each other feel good and we just happen to love each other as family.Just listen to the rest of what I have to say.I was just glad she didnt want to stop letting me see her hairy snatch. She then said somthing that concernd me for a minute till I heard what she had to say completly,She said but there is another thing I want to know that concerns me very much and I want to know how you feel about this one,or it may not be right for us to continue this.

I just looked at her and she continued she said im your mother's sister and I've known you since you were born.You are like a son to me.Whenever we do anything as a family you've always been included.Shit when your mom died I asked your dad if I could raise you with my kid's but he was so tore up then I think he wanted to hang onto any piece of your mother he could.Him and I agreed it would best if you did spend a lot of time with our family.Go on all our vacations and thats why I took you to all your after school outings,parent/teacher confrences,everything, You know how it was you ate dinner with us 5 nights out of the week.Somtimes 7 nights a week. We thought it would be better for you even though you didnt live with us 24/7 that you have a normal family structure.and a mother figure.Shit you had your own bedroom here until you turned 16 Katie and Marci think of you more of a brother than cousin.What im saying is I raised you as my own.I know by the way you confide things in me and spend time with me and our family,that you love us very very much and feel you belong in our family.I said I do you know that.

She said im rambling here.Heres what I'm trying to say is theres no way this can continue if I thought for a minute that we'd ruin that relationship.If you felt uncomfortable being around me when the girls or any of the family was around.I've put a lot of thought in to this part of it.I dont want to screw up your head.I always want you to think of me as your aunt who loves you like a son.This part of it would be like a continuation of what we do for each other already.Do you kind of get my meaning ? I said yes.She said let me give you a couple of examples that may help you understand how I feel about this.I was thinking to myself I hope this doesnt take much longer I'd like to suck those tit's again.She continued I'm an older mature women and have been thru all the fazes of my sexual maturity and have come to understand that sex is a need that our body's has to have.Like food and water,air to breathe.We need these things to live.Some people would argue that you wont die without sex so im wrong. But I say why should we not feel good with people we care about?

Years ago sex was somthing we had to do to have our children for survival of humanity.I'm not sure when it happened,but know for sure durring the 20th century sex became more important to us as a pleasure than to have children.She could see I was getting bored I guess because.She said dont take what im saying lightly.I want you to understand if we continue this,We will be doing somthing for each other, that the other person needs.Do you understand ? I said yea I think so,We need to feel good so it would be ok if we do that for each other right ? I was hoping this was she wanted to hear. Yes but its also more than that,

I'll give you a couple examples of what im saying and see if you agree.If I were sick throwing up or somthing and you had medicine that would make me feel good again would you give it to me ??? I said of course you know I would.She said I know you would no doubt.Now another example that may come a little closer to what im saying.When You and Katie and Marci and I do those workout's and all of our muscles are sore what do we do? I said give each other massages.She said Right We give each other massages and make each other feel good again dont we ? How many time's in your life have I rubbed your back or legs and feet for you when you've come home sore after football practice or just over did it doing anything ? I said to many to count. She said right to many to count .And it made you feel good did'nt it ? I said yes very good. 

So why should this be any different ? If your frustrated and need to be relieved to feel good again then why should'nt I do it for you? or you for me ? Same as a massage right ?Frankly it feels so damm good I never understood why people thought it wrong to give the people we love the most,so much pleasure just by doing a few small things for them.If I can give you some relief and you can give me some,Just by letting you put your cock in me or me sucking your cock for you then why shouldnt I ? You can still be my nephew and me your aunt,Theres nothing at all to feel bad or guilty about do you see what Im saying ??I was thinking to myself,I can see why shes such a good trial laywer she can convince anyone of anything. 

I see crystal clear when you explain it that way.And then added so theres no reason why we shouldnt make each other feel as good as we can then huh ? She started laughing and said thats it exactly. No reason at all we can't have the same reaction to it as if,When your hungry and I cook you dinner to fill that need.Were just filling a need the other has.I said I dont know if I should go here or not but I have to ask this.She said what is it? I want you to ask me anything you dont understand. I asked so if Katie or Marci were frustrated would that apply to them ? She looked at me and paused thought for about 10 seconds.I thought to myself you just blew it idiot.Keep your trap shut.The only reason I thought of that was my cousin Katie had just turned 18 and she was hot.She said I'd never thought of them in all this,But I can say this right now,If I ever found out they were so frustrated they needed releif,I would have no problem with it at all.I'd rather do that than have her go through life never knowing pleasure.When it would take a half hour of my time to teach her.Sheww she didnt think I meant me lol. Certain people have done the same for me,Because they loved me and wanted to make sure I felt good.

I have somthing else to share with you to prove to you what Im saying,I beleive in my heart.I thought about if I should or even could tell you this a lot since last night.Now your question makes me want to tell you.I hope it doesnt upset you but its true and prove's what Im saying is true.I think your mature enough to understand it.It has to do with your mother and if youd rather I didnt tell you,tell me now and I wont.I'll understand but It proves what im saying.I dont think its a bad thing but some prude's may disagree.My mother had died 7 year's earlier(in a car accident)and my head was spinning wondering what she could have to say about her,that could be applied to this.I loved my aunt and knew it wouldnt be anything bad.She loved my mother very much,My interest had returned that quick,I said go ahead.I want to know everything I can about her.I wasn't sure I realy did want to know though.

She started by saying Your mom's my older sister by not quite 2 years as you know Kelly's my younger by a year.I had just turned 18.I had come home from colledge for the summer.She was home too that year.It was way before either of us were married .Well anyway I walked in on your mother in the bath tub.She must have thought she had locked the door but hadnt.She had the water running and her leg's pulled back laying down in the tub and had herself aranged so her feet were on the wall one on either side of the faucet and her knees pulled back with the water coming out of the faucet hitting her vagina.She laughed, That she called it a vagina and said see I havent even gotten use to talking dirty in front of you yet.Then continued saying,hitting her pussy.Her ears were under the water so she couldnt have heard me if had I talked to her,Let alone when I walked in.It made me instantly hot seeing her like that.I just froze I was mezmerized by the sight of her.And I continued to watch as she brought herself to orgasm like that quite a few time's before She happened to open her eye's and see me.She was embarassed of course,So I just grabed a towel and went back to my room.I did'nt want to embarrass her more than I had already. 

She came in and sat down and said Im sorry about that but I needed it pretty bad.She was a little embarassed that Id walked in on her I could tell and said ,Everyone does it.I know you do too.I ignored the sisterly barb.You see when we were younger we'd have loved to have had this kind of info on each other.But we were past those years now and I tried to put her at ease by saying yep I do it,then added I think everyone does it.She was relieved I could tell.She looked at me and said have you ever done it like that ?I told her no.She said you should try it,It's awsome the orgasm's are great that way.I told her I never have orgasm's like other women described them.She said your kidding me ? No Im not.She asked me Why ?I said I'm not realy sure but it just never happen's for me.She said realy ? Wow weve got to change that right now.She got up and locked the door.

She said take off your cloths so you can get comfortable for this.I know your not shy about me seeing you naked.I did.She had her bathrobe and pantie's on and a towel wrapped around her head,she took off the robe then her panties. Laid back on my bed spread her legs and then opened her pussy lips with one hand and started rubbing her clit with the other and said when you masturbate do you do it like this.Yea kinda like that I said.She says show me how your doing it.I laid back and tried to repeat what she did spread my leg's opened my twat with one hand and started rubbing my clit as best I could tell like she was.I was kind of kind of embarrased to do it in front of my sister.Then she started tell me what to do,how to use my finger's on my clit while she showed me on herself I was getting very hot just watching her and hearing her tell me what to do.I was getting hot to. There she was her leg's wide open rubbing her clit for all it was worth watching me and trying to tell me what I needed to do.I could see her belly and legs start to tremble 

After about maybe 4-5 minute's of this She said Im going to cum. Are you getting close ?I said I dont think so.It feels realy good but I dont think its an orgasm.She said it's ok let me finish and I'll help you.She kept at it for about another minute or two and pulled her legs straight back and spread her toe's as far apart as she possibly could and kind of whisperd and hissed loudly im cumming!!As she said it,She flexed her toe's in time and reapeated over and over and over Im cumming Im cumming Im cumming Im cumming and then she released the air from her lungs ohhhhhhhhh opened her eyes straightened her leg's and sat up and said,That was weird but nice with you watching me.She said now lets see what the problem is.Im not leaving this room until youve shot your load too.Youll love it when it finaly happens for you beleive me.

Then said I cant beleive all these years and youve never told me you hadn't cum ? You should have told my I'm your sister!I said defensively.I wasn't sure if I was having them and they just weren't as intense as some women describe! She said no that's not it,You'll know when you have them.I had the same problem for a while until Michelle Taylor did for me what Im going to do for you now.I was shocked I said Michelle did this for you ? Smilling she said sure its no biggy were not lezbos or anything.It just feel's good.Weve done it a lot of times after that. That got me hot thinking of her and Michelle (who was a hot little blonde girl we knew)rubbing their pussy's and watching each other and knowing my sister anything else that felt good to them lol.

Youll see in just a few minute's she said again and laughed hard.Ok now lay back again did you see how I was doing it ? I said yes.She asked did you like watching me? did it turn you on ? I told her I have to admit it did.My pussy is dripping wet.She said ooooh you little slut and laughed! She said ok start again and let me see how your doing it.I laid back put the bottom's of my feet together and let my leg's fall wide open on the bed and started rubbing like I thought she said.She laid across me feet gently and put her face about about 6 inch's from my cunt to try and see how I was doing it.I could feel her breathing hard on my pussy.Sheww what a feeling. She said ok thats good but dont use just one finger use at least 2 and and let your clit slide from finger to finger as you rotate them in a circular motion across your clit. Wet your fingers in your mouth unless you have some ky or vasaline handy.I did and got up and got it from the drawer and got back in position and she got back between my leg's.

I lubed my finger's and started again after I about a minute she kept watching me intently and laid her hand on my belly trying to gage my reaction to what I was doing,I guess I wasnt doing it like she thought I should.She said your not feeling it right.Took my hand and forced my baby and ring finger closed and took my hand and started rubbing my clit with those 2 finger's it did feel great with her helping and said you got it now ?I said I think so and kept up a good pace it did feel great.It did seem like it was building up stronger. She laid her hand on my belly again for about 20 seconds and said your not getting the spot,or your belly would be twicthing.Then she said you know when you hit that spot on your clit that give's you that little MMMMMM feeling ? I said yea.She said try and hit that spot over and over again I kept at it.

This time She put one hand on my inner thigh and one on my belly again .She looked as though she was taking my temperature but this was'nt my forehead.I must have not been twitching like she thought I should,After 30 seconds of this she grabbed my hand and said like this and started working my hand again it felt great.She said hows that feeling better? I said yea it was.With that she said here let me show you and she dropped my hand and started doing it with HER fingers ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy godddddd This did feel soooo fucking good she WAS an expert at it,No doubt about it.Just knowing she was doing me made me more hot.I pulled my leg's back like she had .She laid her other hand back on my belly and said now your feeling it I can feel it!Starting to tickle your little fancy hun ? She purred this is getting me hot.I'm going to have another while I do you ok hun ? I couldnt talk I just said unh huhhh.I felt soooooo goooood. 

She said to me let me know when your starting to get like a shaking tickling feeling that seem's to go thru your body.I said unh huhh.She kept at it for about maybe 2 more minutes I started to tremble all over and managed to squeak out. Its happening.She wispered pinch your nipple's now.I reached up and started twisting them .Then she did somthing that I'll never forget the feeling of for the rest of my life.She put 2 fingers at the entrance of my pussy hole I could feel them just enter me.It started to send me over the edge.I rememberd thinking that feels sooo gooood.Then she shoved the 2 fingers straight up my pussy,Deep and hard.I cried out in pain and enjoyment and surprise,loving being spread open and fucked by my sisters fingers.She told me later when she shoved them up me.

In that instant.I tried to raise my upper body but couldnt so I looked her right in her eye's with a look of shear panic.Like what's happening to me.Then I grabbed my inner thigh's and tried to pull them open like I was trying to make more room in my twat.I realized I couldnt so balled up my fists and slammed them down on the bed next to me grabbed the quilts on the bed underneath me and held on tightly and raised my ass as much as possible.Then she said I started panting just like a dog that needed a drink of water badly.She said it was the first time she ever almost cum just by watching someone.My head was spinning I kinda remember doing it but I came soooooo good it was a blur.She started fucking me with them deep as she could and kept at my clit with the other hand !!!! I could tell she liked doing it. She was concentrating hard watching them go in and out.She started saying thats it cum.You little slut show me how nasty you cum!I was!You said you couldnt cum and your pussy's sucking my finger's.Now cum you little whore.and talk like that and honey let me tell you. 

I blew my load over and over again for at least 15 minutes straight I must have had 20 orgasms in that time.I do remember saying,Fuck me im cumming.Over and over again.and thinking so this is why she said she was cumming over and over again.I'd have kept going if it were up to her.She was loving being in control. I had to say stop.and actualy put my trembling leg's down.She laughed her ass off about that.She had stoped on herself when I started to cum to use both hand's on me.As soon as I stoped,She laid back again spread her leg's and started rubbing her clit again she said that got me fricking hot.I need another.And I was inspired and turned on and said to her,Can I do the last part for you like you did for me ? She said what? You wanna put your fingers up me ? I said yea you helped me.I'll return the favor.She started smiling and said,your hot for it arent you you? I just sat there and blushed.Come on admit it ? I said yea a little bit.She giggled and said a little bit my ass you want to get up in this pussy.She said its ok I'll let you in on a little secret.I get off on it too.I alway's knew you were a little slut.and laughed. 

She said ok I'll do the clit and when I say to,put your fingers just inside the entrace and rotate them a little then when I say so again start fucking me ok ? Hard as you can.You wont hurt me beleive me.I said hard ? are you sure ? I think I can do it pretty damm hard.She said I'm very sure the harder the better.I said ok she said I like at least 3 fingers though please.She said I didnt know if youd be able to take 3 so I just gave you 2.I said it was fine maybe we'll try that next time she laughed again.She had been rubbing her clit the whole time we talked So I shut up and let her concentrate it didnt take long maybe 3-4 minutes.She said put em in,I couldnt wait.She was right.I did want to get in that pussy.It made me squirm just thinking about my hand inside someone else's pussy.So I did and put all 3 in and started rotating them gently I could feel her pussy contracting on them.We did that for about another couple minutes and she said.Hard give them to me hard.I did as she asked I shoved them up her as hard as I could. I could feel a little bunp all the way in the top.She liked when I'd hit it when I rammed my fingers in there so I kept trying for it.She whisperd loudly ohhh yeaaaaaa thats it. She started rubbing her clit faster and said yea fuck me hard.I kept at it then she surprised me and whisperd very fast and urgent put in another finger.I did.I was driving them in her and she loved it.I have small hands and she kept cumming over and over her pussy was dripping cum. So I thought I wonder if I could ? hmmmmmm

I put my thumb flat againt my palm and pushed with my fist it was a very tight fit but once it got in I opened my hand and she started screaming,yes fuck me with that hand.She knew what I had done.I was.My arm was in half way to my elbow. I could feel all her female organs and she loved it.Talk about a look of panic in someone's eyes.Her's had it.I said shhhhhhh be quite.I thought someone was going to hear her.She was cumming so loud durring this whole episode she had her leg's straight back spread her toe's as far as she could.I'll never forget the sight of her.With my fist up her pussy.I got a reapeat of the whole im cumming im cumming im cumming mantra and the toe spreading with it.With some oh my god's,Thank you's and fuck me's and you make me feel so good's thrown in.This went on for like 20 minutes.One thing about her she could cum a long time.It was my turn to laugh this time she was the one that had to stop me.After we quit She acted as though she came out of a deep freeze shivering and shaking all over She could barely talk her lips were quivering so much.She couldn't stand her legs were so weak and trembling. 

I dont know what it was about her toe's.She had a thing about them that turned her on.Every single time I seen her orgasm she did turned me on so much that after seeing her that the first time.I started doing it to.It's weird to admit this but if I see my own toe's spread durring sex after seeing her do it,it makes me cum.When she was done she said well I feel much better ! and laughed it was great!We have to do this again there's somthing naughty about having your sister see you cum that make's it better.I said I agree.She cracked up. She said see I told you were going to cum before we left this room!!!She was right and I was very very thankfull to her and told her so.I never had a problem cumming again.After that we mutualy masturbated each other and did other things which I'll tell you about later if you want to know.Whenever we got the chance which was pretty often right up until she passed away.The point of this story is she did this for me because she wanted to help me.So I'd feel good.Because she loved me.Now I dont know how she would feel about you and I doing this.But I kind of beleive knowing her and knowing what she did for me,She would approve of it. 

So now i'm going to ask you.Do you think I can still be just your aunt and you just my nephew with us doing this without feeling any guilt about it ? Think about it carefully because I dont want to continue if this will make you feel your doing somthing other than helping me out with a need and me the same for you. I said aunt Nancy this all blow's me away to think of.I've kept quite and heard all youve had to say and I can say this right now without guilt at all after the way you've explained this to me.That I have no shame at all about what we did last night.When I walked in here today,I was kind of embarrased not knowing how to respond and thinking you may have thought less of me even though we both agreed to what happened last night.

I do agree with what you say if you needed a your back rubbed to make you feel better in the past I have done it without hesitation so your right why should it be diferent if you need your pussy rubbed.I kind of blushed When I said pussy to her like that,just sitting there talking because I never used that kind of talk to her before this. She said I just seen you blush when you said pussy to me.It's normal after all these years for you to feel wierd about saying it in front of me.But realy we will get to a point where its as natural as your saying back,or leg or mouth any other body part. Because thats what it is and I think we will get past that no problem. Then she said so were agreed then we can help each other just as we always have helped each other ? I said right but were expanding it to other areas right ? She said Right.We both laughed.

I said so when can we start because I have a need right now ? She threw her head back laughing hard.She continued to laugh and said,I think I've created a monster here.Ok lets go to my bedroom where we can be comfortable this time.She got up I followed now my dick had come to life in expectaion of seeing that fine snatch and pussy again.Read what happens in part 2 of this story.

Now with this explaination of how all this came about done.I can get to what we did sexualy over the years. My only hope is that a few people derive as much pleasure from these as I did remembering them and writing them down.I know my Aunt Nancy enjoyed seeing how I described her. and it gave her some insight into how I saw things then and now.

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