Aunt Lotty's Beauty Shop

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Us Southern folks have a special way of beddin down when visitin one another. That's how Leo and Aunt Lotty hooked up and couldn't let go. It was shortly after the Holiday when the van pulled up in our driveway with relatives. Aunt Lotty had arrived without her husband the farmer. "I'll just sleep in Leo's room." I offered to sleep on the floor but Lotty would have none of it. Perhaps she didn't notice that Leo was now of age and grown hair on his lluevos?

Lotty was repressed in many respects. She never took to farming life, so ran her own Beauty Shop and lived in this fairy tale world of her own. Sisters, she and my mom looked vaguely alike. Mom, the more beautiful with long black hair and striking features, and now a big city Mama working at the cosmetic counter. Lotty wore outlandish and bright colors in a town who swore by earth tones. Yellow bannana earrings, titely wrapped skirts of wool, chewing gum always and shaking that wavey ass of hers.

I wondered how many in the rural town realized what a great piece of ass she was? Mom was the more submissive fuck of the two. Lotty had once been caught with Fred the Cleaners owner and her Farmer husband came to town looking for a fight. Lotty shared her own private joy about this tabloid like revelation with only Leo. In an era when most women wore nylons, Lotty rarely wore them and had these white pasty to yellowish freckled legs. I was most taken by how her toes in red polish extended over the top of her heels.

Leo's sex life to date was taking shape in a big way. Hoarding moms panties and worn nylons wasn't easy to masturbate with. Mom always wore those seamed nylons to work, and I learned to rub that seam along the large vein of my penis while sniffing the crotch area of her perfumed panties. Mom wore vintage but colorful and designed panties from her work place.

Lotty's panties didn't have that flair, larger, but just as womany fragranced as her younger sister. Each night in bed with Lotty I became more adventurous with my legs and feet but not my hands. She never seen repulsed by it, but I wondered if she sleeping or awake? Maybe she figured Leo for a restless sleeper or maybe she wanted it as bad as I did? The problem at the time, I wouldn't know what to do with it if I had it.

The relatives visit was down to 2 days, so I had to make a move on her pussy. Leo once stayed with Lotty when the Farmer went to Market, catching glimpses of her nude. My first full shot was of Lotty naked, wearing her large black framed bifocals and toweling off. "Leo, don't you ever knock?" I was mesmerized by the slightly sagging tits at the time with large pointed nipples and dimpled ass cheeks. Mom's tits were more rounded and perfect. Lotty was a worker, whether the Beauty Shop or Farm not to mention a great fuck I would learn.

New Years Eve and all the relatives went to a Ballroom on the beach. Leo's ballroom awaited Aunt Lotty, but what to do with it if she offered it? She came home semi tipsy in this bright shiny red dress just below her knees. (vintage times remember). Some retro, peep toed red heels with her hair in a dark black bun and ostrich furry feathers which reminded me of a movie, Road to the Ballrooms. She wore nylons this night and I watched her unhook her belts and the crackling of those hose unleashing her shiny well shaven legs. "Leo, what are you doing still up?" I wasn't up quite yet but would be shortly with that warm body next to mine.

Normally, Lotty wore a nitegown which would slide up or Leo would slide it up. This nite, being toasty and tipsy, she crawled into bed with bra and panties. Leos cock has never been harder or straighter since that first time. We could do this in the darkness and pretend it never happened with morning light. I was more forceful in her notable condition, throwing my leg over hers and began to put my fingers inside her panties from the bottom. I had never touched a vagina before and I was amazed at the wet and murky feel. Lotty laid still on her back and must have been enjoying the finish to an evening in the Ballroom.

I pushed the top of her panties straight down and fingered this hairy muff which was far more expansive than my own. Lotty then became active and I thot "oh shit, how embarassing! I've managed to make an ass of myself and my perversion is exposed. Will she tell Mom about this?" Instead, she took her own panties off, and rolled her legs over mine and climbed on top of me. She felt lighter than the blocking dummies on the football field. Rolling her nipples in my face, I did what was natural with moms many years ago. Then it happened, the most marvelous feeling I'd ever felt in my life. I was entered and it only took maybe 5 minutes but she must have understood.

Lotty and I began a long distance affair that would last forever and private to this day. One summer she dyed my hair blond on my visit to the Beauty Shop and we fucked in her rot iron bed for two weeks. Upon returning to LA, my father threw a shit fit about my hair bleached. If he only knew, he would have reason to throw a larger shit fit with time. Doing two sisters I hold dear, but only Lotty ran a Beauty Shop.

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