At The Car Wash

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The Wednesday following Christmas was to be a busy day for me; after wrapping-up the remainder of the gifts for my forty-nine year-old sister and my nieces. I was to drive some one hundred and fifty miles or so into the countryside to visit them. 

We enjoyed ourselves immensely throughout the day and when it came time for my return, I decided to fuel-up and run the car through the carwash before returning home. Jacquee, my sister, mentioned she needed some milk from the convenience store where I would be getting my gas and car wash and I invited her to accompany me there. 

Jacquee is nice looking, lady with shoulder length fair hair that is usually tied back in a ponytail. Her build is that of a youthful size ten and I have always harbored some secret "what-if" fantasies about her that I'd never actually analyzed before. 

As Jacquee slid into my car, I noticed that her shapely legs were encased within dark-green stockings; the stocking complimented the green plaid skirt. The skirt had ridden up a little when she'd slid into the car and I was now staring! 

Catching myself just a little too late, I flicked my gaze upward; straight into Jacquee's amused big brown eyes... there was an expression there that I couldn't quite explain when coming from my sister. It disturbed me no end when I felt a rush of blood pumping into my Loins. 

Trying to make small talk to cover my confusion, we headed out for the store. But I couldn't forget that look not her legs. 

I could hear tension in Jacquee's voice and I was still gushing out all sorts of nonsense when we reached the store. Jacquee said that she was going to pick up her milk while I fueled the car. 

When the door slammed shut I almost melted with relief and, letting out an audible sigh, I began to fuel the car, stealing a glances of her in the store window. I saw Jacquee Looking through the magazines and newspapers that relaxed me somewhat and after flipping my card into the pump I was ready to proceed to the auWayneated carwash. 

As I was keying in the washer code my heart both sank and leapt in the same beat; Jacquee was getting into the car, panting slightly after having run back from the shop. I could smell the alcohol on her breath and knew now why she'd been a bit weird on the trip over. Booze always had strange and unpredictable effects on myself and Jacquee was no exception. 

The car wash started its cycle surrounding us with suds and jets of water. Our eyes met, and at that moment we knew what each wanted but had never had dared to ask for. 

For a moment I looked away, ashamed of myself, and at that moment two things happened; first, the brushes of the carwash enveloped the car blotting out the world around us, and secondly, my sister Jacquee laid her arm across my shoulder and leaned over, bringing her face so close to mine that I couldn't stop the inevitable kiss. 

We kissed deeply; I tasted her sweet alcoholic saliva as she slid her hand behind my head pulling me in into her kiss. Off-balance now I reached over with left my hand to steady myself and dropped my hand onto her stockened clad legs. My breath caught in my throat as a trembling female hand guided mine home to the warmth between her legs. 

Still kissing, I felt myself getting hard as my fingers explored, parted and finally penetrated my sister's hidden wonders. A low groan of lust escaped from Jacquee and her jaws locked slightly as I began to gently finger her. But to my dismay, she grabbed my hand and I thought that it was all over and done. I was steadying myself for her shocked wrath, but it was then that she drew my hand to our joined faces and forced my fingers into our kiss. 

The salty tang of her sexual fluids mingled with our saliva, made me whimper a little with almost unbearable arousal, I needed something more, I needed more from her... 

Sensing my need she broke our kiss and held my hand to my lips so that I could still taste and smell her musk, while she energetically loosened my pants zipper releasing my raging cock. Pushing me back a little as she leant over me I felt her velvety lips slide, oh so gently, down my shaft and the hot wet feeling of her mouth bathed my entire being in the feeling of paranoid ecstasy that only a blowjob can give. 

Loosing all control now, with my right hand fingering both of her holes, Jacquee closed her teeth again a little, wondrously teasing my manhood as we both simply vibrated through to a gigantic climax where Jacquee choked a little on my pumping cum and thrusting cock. 

The ecstasy that my sister was giving me made my back arch and fingers dug deep into her anus and her slick pussy all at once, I groaned loudly, agonizingly for a moment then collapsed back against the seat, spent. 

Jacquee then sat up, wiped her face with the back of her hand and rearranged her skirt while I zipped away my rapidly deflating penis. 

After all the green light was now on indicating we had to exit the carwash.

To Be Continued...

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