At Home with Melody Part Four

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : this story is completely fictional!

As for the Evans’s…

A week after their daughter’s highschool play, Tom opened up to his wife about the Wishing Well. She was surprisingly enthused by the venture, and ended up helping him and Mr. Wilder run the joint. It was more fun, she claimed, than working in their stuffy law firm. And continuing with their new, more open, relationship with their children, they chose to tell them all about their new shared ‘hobby’; and even the Manor that had preceded it. Their son, Tony, even took quite an interest in this side business, and occasionally helped out.
And the Evans’s became good friends with Little Bo Peep and her Maid friend, Diane, and with Mr. Wilder, too.
It had been the middle-aged English wife of the old man who owned the Manor, who had discretely hired Little Bo Peep and a number of the Maids. She knew Mr. Wilder personally. It seemed she rather liked to call on his services from time to time. 
The Evans’s ceased attending the extravagant Manor parties. With all the activities at the Wishing Well, and with their new commitment to their children, they didn’t feel they needed nor had the time, to seek entertainment elsewhere.
On the anniversary of the opening of the Wishing Well, they held a lavish party for all the girls and guys. There was lots of drinking and laughs, but other than open fondling, there was no real sex.
That weekend, however, a quieter ‘surprise’ party was held that was almost entirely about sex.
And much of the surprise was with whom they invited.
The door opened.
The first guests were Little Bo Peep and the French Maid, or was it Mr. Lane and her secretary? This time they were dressed in normal, but still very sexy, attire. For Little Bo Peep, this meant torn and worn hipster shorts and pink and blue chic crop-top that showed off her new addition, a shiny belly-button stud. Although she had brought a sweater with her that she carried in a large patchwork shoulder bag, Patricia could not help but wonder at how cold she must be feeling, and quickly hustled her guests in, to where the lounge fire was on.
At least the French Maid, in full-length jeans, was more sensibly dressed.
Tom was delighted at Pat’s choices and hoped she would be as pleased with his selection.
The doorbell rang again.
The second lot of guests had also come together. They were the two W’s; Mr. Wilder and Mr. Wilkins. They were dressed in casual wear, which better matched with the Evans’s warmer clothing.
The guest list was complete.
In the large lounge room, laughs flowed aplenty as they recalled some of the clients who had visited the Wishing Well. It was almost cruel to be laughing at how many old men were supposedly in love with a number of the characters the French Maid and Little Bo Peep played out.
“You had to see his face.” Laughing, Little Bo Peep, also called, Emily, was talking about the overweight old businessman who, almost a year ago now, had struggled to find his voice.
“And he came before we really got started.” The French Maid piped in.
“Easy money,” said Mr. Wilder, always the manager. “And you girls know how to work that one.”
“Better than porn,” Emily said. Everyone was quiet for a moment. It was the first time she had mentioned her past life in quite a while. Continuing, “You wouldn’t believe how tiring that can be, especially when a director wants to finish a shoot in days when it should take weeks. I’m glad I’m out of that business now.”
“How?” Tom began.
“How did it happen? How did I get into an industry like that at my age?” He nodded, “Hollywood, that’s how…Dreams of Hollywood. A lot of traps if you don’t watch your back. Especially for a girl like me.” What she was saying didn’t quite register, so she added, “broken family, no support, a Dad I’ve never met. I kind of discovered sex way too young, it was my escape from reality.” She shrugged her shoulders. With a hint of sadness, “A lifetime ago now.”
Tom and Pat shared a frightened glance. What was in store for their daughter? Later they would reinforce their pact of keeping an eye on Melody’s future. Not that they were going to now try to influence their daughters decisions, they were passed that, but still that didn’t mean she couldn’t have silent ‘managers’, to ‘watch her back’, as Emily cum Bo Peep, had put it.
“But you’re okay with things now?” Tom was suddenly quite worried.
She laughed. “I’m fine,” She exaggerated, “I survived. And I love what I do at the Wishing Well. It’s the actor in me; those costumes, the role-playing, it’s surreal. And you guys look after us so really well.” Again she shrugged her slender shoulders, “Besides, it’s not like I hate sex or anything. Sex is great, as long as you’ve got the control side of it covered.”
“Is the porn industry as bad as I’ve heard?” Mr. Wilder asked with interest.
“Can be,” she said plainly. “If you don’t manage yourself well and you listen to the bullshit they feed you…But it’s not all bad. I know some older girls in the industry who are totally cool with what they do. They’re the smart ones, stay away from serious drugs, got agents and all, stick together like family, and only work with people they want to while staying well clear of two-bit hustling directors who think they’re on a fast lane to Beverly Hills.” More reflective and sounding much older than she was, “The last few films I made were actually half-decent, and the director was a saint, treated us girls like we were queens, didn’t have to do anything we weren’t happy with. There were no faked scenes in those I assure you, almost had second thoughts about moving on, until we found the Wishing Well, that is…Glad I did, though, even working with the best, there’s still too many pitfalls to be looking out for. Thank goodness I met Diane (the French Maid).”
“And not all girls look like you.” Mr. Wilkins bought in.
“Thank you,” she said sweetly. “But you’re right, there’s some truth to that. There are lots of things they do to make you look better than you really are, but a lot of girls still don’t have what it takes. And if they try to stay in the industry, they get chewed up something terrible. End up on heavy drugs, doing cheap trashy films with arseholes they’d never look twice at if they were clean. That’s the real shit side of the industry.” Suddenly she was deadly serious, “If I ever hear of anyone I know watching pornos with girls bombed out in them not knowing what their doing with hardcore guys who don’t care less who they destroy, I’ll personally gouge their eyes out. That kind of shit is poison…Real evil.”
A thought came to Tom. “So you met Diane in the industry?” There had been no suggestion up until then that Diane had worked in the Adult industry too.
Bo Peep looked at her partner.
Diane replied, “Seven years of my life…And I would never go back to it.”
“So Pornos out?” Pat asked, feeling a little guilty at what she had watched late at night, when her husband had been ‘out-of-town’ on business.
Diane continued, “No! Hell no…That’s not what I’m saying. Just be selective with what you watch, that’s what I tell people. A number of companies have strict codes of conduct now, and the girls are banding together more and more. Some even work on the production side, which is cleaning things up quite a bit. Sex is like food. We all need it. Just be careful what you eat, is what I say…But enough preaching.”
“She was the one who tried to talk me out of it from the beginning,” Emily interjected, “said I was too young, that they were only preaching to my vanity, using me. When I wouldn’t listen, she made sure I was at least kept away from the monsters in the cupboards. And she kept me clean, watched my back,” there was genuine feeling when she looked to her friend, “my fairy godmother.” To the others, “When Diane said she was getting out, I simply took her lead…and haven’t looked back.” 
Tom was often impressed by her insightful and candid conversations, but this did not effect his newfound commitment to his wife. He did not, and would not, pursue romantic relationships with any other woman; not even Princess Jewel, who Pat had actually found more of a threat than the younger competition.
And all infatuation over Little Bo Peep had evaporated entirely, when, as friends, he had been exposed to her young world of very different music, fashion and techno-speak: Things he had no interest in, whatsoever. And there was Diane. Emily claimed to be bisexual, but Tom thought her leaning was more toward her own sex, than males.
Mr. Wilder took it upon himself to enliven the party, introducing a number of simple drinking games while they continued to chat about their shared interest in the Wishing Well. 
Drinking and card games lead to a different, more relaxed, and uninhibited atmosphere, the kind of atmosphere they’d all been wanting from the start.
After a giggling fit, “porn!” Little Bo Peep suddenly blurted, “We need porn,” then sweeter than sugar, “mature entertainment, as I like to call it.” Most were surprised that she would suddenly want to revisit her past. But surprise soon evaporated, when she retrieved a DVD from her shoulder bag, “The only one I’ve kept,” She proudly announced. Now everyone was intrigued. Was this why she had introduced the subject in the first place, Tom wondered?
“Like I said, not all of its bad; this is one of the films I was telling you about. This is how well it can be done, if you have the right crew and the right director.” She looked at Diane, who nodded her ‘okay’. “And I’m not the only one in this room who has a starring role.”
“You’re both in it?” Pat asked. Not knowing what to think.
“Brad (Not Mr. Wilder’s real name, but rather one Emily had christened him with for reasons of her own) has always been a little interested in what I did before,” Turning to Mr. Wilder, teasingly, “this is your chance to see first hand.” As always her smile was both sweet and wicked. “Does anyone else want to watch a couple of my favorite scenes? You do have a DVD player?”
Patricia nodded. This was an unexpected twist, and one she was not sure quite how to handle. But maybe that could be half the fun.
For Tom, other things were going on in his mind.
That’s what it was, it suddenly clicked. He believed he could now recognize what had attracted him to the young lady in the first place—her brashness and ability to tease, while somehow managing to maintain a youthful innocence; so much bottled up in a dynamite little package. And she was genuinely lustful, and damn proud of it. But these things were no longer enough to tempt him away from his devotion to his wife. He gave a little laugh that no one else noticed.
While holding up the DVD case, Emily looked around at a see of faces she owned. This was the kind of power she liked. After she slotted the DVD and pressed play, they watched quality porn, that, had Melody been present, she would have recognized; for it was the adult movie that she had shared with April, nearly a year ago now.
Champaign, chocolates, cheese and crackers and a variety of morsels, while sex on the large panel Television, absolutely scorched.
Half drunk, Emily was given to fits of giggles at the gob-smacked looks of all the men and even Patricia Evans. Indeed, it was a quality film that would have satisfied the harshest critic.
She and Diane shared a glance. They had hoped for a wild party, something they both occasionally missed about the ‘industry’. And now it was off to a good start.
The first ‘real’ action of the night came as a jittery surprise for Patricia—a preplanned ambush.
With her husband looking on, Emily and Diane calmly went about seducing their hostess. Patricia had always wanted to be with another woman, but the chance had always slipped her by, now she was with two.
Sensual seduction, knowing feminine caresses, gentle undressing, slow, fast, many hands working to fire-up every imaginable erogenous zone, then lying across the coffee table—one of Pat’s favorite pieces of furniture—jitters gone, overwhelmed by womanly touch, Patricia was beyond caring about the spectacle she had become. This was wilder than she could ever have imagined.
And all the men watched with great enthusiasm.
But the men were not there just to observe.
In time the party spread out.
Mr. Wilkins fucked Emily then Diane, Tom soon joined them.
Mr. Wilder pulled down his zipper and presented his dick to Patricia. It had a bend to it, was large, and unmistakable. Now certain who had worn the Robin Hood costume at their last visit to the Manor, Pat happily sucked on it with the knowledge that although it looked unlikely, with a little effort, it would, in fact, fit her cunt rather nicely. And moments later she watched with great anticipation, as his cock was bounced around, enticingly, in front of her. He brought it forward. Shit that looked good, that huge thick bent dick, about to push its way deep inside her.
“Ahhh!” She yelled. It hurt.
He stopped, “are you alright?”
“Oh no, I’m fine,” she encouraged, “just fine, please don’t stop.” She could put up with a little pain, if it meant her husband could see her take such a big dick.
And Mr. Wilder pushed it in, back out, back in, out, then in as far as her cervix. It no longer hurt, in fact there was something quite marvelous about having her cunt stretched so wide, a feeling of utter fullness. Tom looked over, his dick was buried in Little Bo Peep, at first he had been concerned at his wife’s wellbeing, now satisfied that, although straining, she was mostly enjoying the thick member in her cunt, he smiled at her, then gave a thumbs up to the once, Robin Hood. It was a signal for Mr. Wilder to relax further and continue fucking Patricia with deep, controlled thrusts that demonstrated a certain sympathy and respect.
Then Mr. Wilkins, the young English Teacher, had his turn, and, with his dick thrusting fast and slow, hands running all over Patricia’s wonderful full body, fingers frigging her clit, a wild look on his face, he demonstrated quite a love of fucking her. Tom, not to be out done, like a tag-team at a wrestling match, was next. Almost the instant his slick throbbing cock, with its trimmed pubic hair, entered his wife’s dilated hole, Diane and Emily stopped their lesbian love-making, to come and suck on the hostess’s ample breasts. Then, while Emily was giving Patricia a most passionate kiss, Mr. Wilkins came up and entered the young woman, and fucked her doggy-style.
It was while nearing an explosive orgasm, watching Emily rock back and forth on Mr. Wilkins’s lovely cock, with the dark haired Diane sucking one of Pat’s large nipples, and with Mr. Wilder holding his pulsating cock in a hand and lining it up with Diane’s cunt, that Tom was startled by the door bell.
Everybody froze.

Chapter fourteen

What should they do? Naked, with food everywhere, porn on the TV, there was little likelihood that their activities could be quickly concealed.
“Don’t answer it,” Patricia whispered, her husband’s cock had not left her pussy, yet she was able to reach the TV controls and switch it off.
The door bell rang again.
They were silent.
“It’s just me,” Tony called out. A key went into the front door, and it opened.
Tom slipped out of his wife, quickly retrieved his pants, but was unable to put them on before his son entered the foyer. With Tony, was the slim and rather pretty, Samantha, his now long-term girlfriend.
Hurriedly Tom finished pulling on his pants, tripped and nearly fell, recovered, zipped them up, then angrily he turned on his son, “Tony, what are you doing here?”
“Wishing Well anniversary, isn’t it?” Tony looked surprisingly unflustered.
“Yes, but…” Tom began.
“I know,” Tony held up a defensive hand, “and this is a private party.”
“We told you,” his mother had not had time to properly dress, and was simply holding her clothes to her, hiding as much as she could.
“Mom, its fine, I have no problem with this. I just thought I might have gotten an invite, that’s all, seeming as I’ve helped you guys out a number of times at the Wishing Well, and I am the son of the owners.” He looked supremely comfortable with his position, and happily looked around the room at the mess and obvious signs of what had been going on.
“You must have had a fair idea what we’d be doing here tonight,” Tom interjected, “so why did you come home so early?”
“Samantha and I have been talking.”
“Go on.” Tom’s embarrassment was being replaced by deep curiosity. What was this really all about?
“We were wondering…Well Samantha…Well I was wondering, too…It just seemed like we were missing out on something.” Tony no longer looked quite so confident.
“Hi,” Emily called out to Samantha. She was still wonderfully naked, the only one in the group to make no attempt, whatsoever, to cover up. “Nice to see you again, Sam, why don’t you come in and sit down, and bring that beautiful boy of yours with you.”
Tom spun round and glared at his Little Bo Peep.
“They’re here now,” Emily, looking innocent, shrugged, “why not let them have a little fun, it’s not like they don’t know what we get up to or anything.”
Tom looked at his wife. Although it felt like an eternity before she acknowledged him, in reality it was only seconds, when she did, it was a half-hearted look, that neither suggested repulsion, refusal, or acceptance.
“Come on,” Diane chimed in, “Emily’s right, why not have a little fun. This will be just fine, I’m sure,” and to indicate her own approval, she dropped her clothes to the floor and, fully naked, came over to Samantha, grabbed her hand, and lead her, more fully, into the large lounge room. Tony started to follow behind. When he passed his Dad, he said, “Its okay, isn’t it, really, I mean if you want us to go, we will? Maybe it was a dumb idea, I’m sorry.”
After a moment’s hesitation, in a lowered voice, “no, Tony, you’re here now. I was just rather shocked. You have to admit, it’s not every day you get caught by your own son.” He even managed a smile, “Come in.”
Then to Tony’s relief, his father placed a hand on his shoulder. 
“What were you guys up too?” Samantha stupidly asked Diane. She liked sitting on the luxurious three-seater lounge, next to this beautiful naked woman.
“Well let me see,” said Diane. She pondered, “we’ve eaten lots of lovely food, while watching a delightful adult movie, which I hope someone will turn back on soon. Then Emily and I seduced Tony’s Mom, I had wonderful sex with Emily, Tony’s Dad and Mr. Wilkins. And I was just about to try and accommodate Mr. Wilder’s rather large penis, when you guys interrupted. Have you seen Mr. Wilder’s penis?”
“No.” Samantha replied shyly.
“Oh, you just must, it’s quite a sight. Mr. Wilder, why don’t you show Samantha here your lovely penis?” She called over to where the man with the bent dick was standing, now dressed in just his trousers.
He looked around the room. No one said a thing. So he looked more directly at Tony. The now twenty-three year old lad, smiled willingly. “It’s not really my call, but if you’re worried about what I might think,” said Tony, “I’m all for it. I’ll just try not to get too jealous, okay.” He gave a little laugh.
“How about we give them a show then,” Emily said to Mr. Wilder. Before arriving they had actually planned to put on a small show for Patricia, in particular. Now it rather excited the exhibitionist, Emily, to think of what the faces of Samantha, as well as Patricia, might look like, when they saw what she had in mind.
Completely naked, the body of a porn goddess, Emily climbed on all fours, on the coffee table in front of Diane and Samantha. There was plenty of room on the large three-seater for Tony to now come and join the two ladies. He then watched as Emily slid her knees well apart and stuck her very cute tight butt high in the air; presenting her bald cunt and anus to Mr. Wilder.
Tony bent around to look at Emily’s plump vulva. Then he looked over to where his mother, having discreetly redressed, was sitting a distance back, on what looked like a kitchen chair, appearing unsure of proceeding. He winked at her and followed with a warm smile. “Why don’t you come over and sit a little closer,” he called to her. To this, Mr. Wilkins immediately vacated an armchair that was positioned only a number of feet from a direct view of Emily’s perfect rear end. “Please, I am more than happy to stand,” he said, while gesturing at the chair.
“Go on, Pat, you know you want to,” Tom, with bulge in his pants, was now getting into the spirit of things. Having Samantha in the same room while all this was going on, was exciting him to the point that he feared cumming in his pants. She was only twenty one, looked younger still, and had the same quality of innocence about her, yet raw sex appeal, that Emily possessed. It was no wonder his son was so happy.
It took some coaxing, but eventually Pat moved to the vacated armchair, and tried to find comfort, while sitting so close to her son; a young woman’s pouting cunt, staring her in the face.
“She’s beautiful.” Tony caught his Mom giving the pussy a quick glance, “don’t you think?”
Patricia said, “Are you really sure about this, Tony? I mean…”
“He’s okay.” Tom interjected. He was standing, watching his wife, rather than Emily.
Tony reached out and grabbed his mother’s hand, reassuringly. “I’m old enough to know my mind, Mom,” a slight hint of sarcasm, “and so is Samantha. Just relax.”
“If I can,” Patricia did not sound very confident. Tony continued to hold her hand.
“Oh, come on,” Emily impatiently wiggled her bum, “I’m dying here. Let’s get on with the show.” She looked over to where Mr. Wilder still stood with his pants on, “bring your beautiful dick over here, Brad, and let Samantha have a good gawk, then you better start fucking me, or I will have you up for cruelty!”
Tony could not believe he was holding his mother’s hand while in his pants, his cock was throbbing hard. Finally, he let go of his grip. Part of the reason he had held on for so long was because of fear that she might leave, now she looked less likely to. The main reason, however, was that it felt good.
Emily’s Brad now came around the coffee table to stand in front of Samantha. Without saying anything, he unzipped his fly. Samantha was jittery with anticipation. Diane held one of Samantha’s hands. Brad carefully pulled out his huge bent semi-erect cock and presented it to the young woman. “Isn’t it just divine?” Diane encouraged. 
Samantha gave a little nod. Emily turned her head to look over at them, her straight blond hair flung out of the way, her smile as innocent as always. “What do you think, Sam?” Emily asked. Samantha nodded back at her, too. “Go on,” said Emily, “touch it, it won’t bite you.”
Brad knelt on the edge of the lounge suite, knees on either side of Samantha. He then played with his magnificent cock, making it fully erect, a foot from the girl’s face. Tony was inclined to laugh. Instead, he reached over, and once more grabbed his mother’s hand. It was a little sweaty, but he didn’t mind. He squeezed gently, then let go.
Diane took the hand she was holding, and placed it on that massive shaft. Samantha then held it like it was a handle she shouldn’t let go.
“That will do,” Emily called over, cheekily, “now come here and do your thing, Brad.”
Brad turned to her and shook his head, suggesting that what they had planned might not be such a good idea. However, this was simply part of their foreplay, and Tom’s Little Bo Peep was not going to take ‘no’ for an answer, “Come along, Mr. Brad, Sir, let’s not disappoint our audience, its time to show the young folk here what a little training can do.”
With his dick still bobbing around out of his fly, he came to stand behind Emily. Patricia had a good view of his rear. Even in trousers, it looked magnificent.
Emily wriggled her butt again and looked not the least bit concerned about how something so big could possibly fit in her small cunt hole. Surprising everyone, she said, “Fuck my arse, please, Mr. Wilder.” She giggled. “Di, sweetheart, can you get the gel?”
And Diane left Samantha’s side, went to a handbag, retrieved a tube of clear lubricant, came to Emily’s bum hole, and poked and smeared a liberal amount on it. She then returned to Samantha’s side and gave a cheery look.
With mouth gaping, eyes as wide, Tony leant forward for a better view. This simply couldn’t be happening. Not only did her glistening bum hole look much too tight, this was something he had never seen before, not even at the Wishing Well. He knew it had gone on there, but he had never been privy to it, and although he had discussed anal sex with Samantha on a number of occasions, and she was keen to try, even that was yet to happen. More incredible, still, he was about to witness this impossible act, while in the same room as his parents. If his Dad was close to coming in his pants, Tony was worse. He prayed he could hold off. That would just ruin everything.
The wide mushroom head of Brad’s cock pressed against Emily’s slippery arsehole for a long time before it finally popped in. Rather than pain, Emily squealed in exaggerated delight. “Yummy, yummy, yummy,” she said. Then she clenched her perfect white teeth and actually pushed back toward that huge lubricated bendy cock, forcing it deeper—and deeper.
Back and forth, slow at first, then with rhythm.
And deeper and deeper still.
The entire length went in. “Whoa,” Little Bo Peep yelled, always happy to be the performer. “Fuck…that…butt…Mr. Wilder…Brad…Sir.”
And Mr. Wilder did his level best to please his willing accomplice.
Having avoided some of the more bizarre activities in the Manor, this was the most shocking performance Patricia had seen up close, but she minded not. In fact she was so captivated by the scene that she actually bent around to better watch that fat cock sinking impossibly into that tiny butthole.
Tony caught her out, “what do you think, Mom? Have you ever done anything like that before yourself?”
“What?” She said, startled.
“She has.” Tom interjected. He was now standing much closer. Just as keen to watch the show as his son.
“Mom, you haven’t!” Tony feigned shock. Damn his cock ached.
“I…Well once...”
“More than once,” Tom furthered. He was enjoying his wife’s embarrassment. “You’re Mom is quite a party animal, Tony.”
Samantha wasn’t really listening to the byplay, for she was too intrigued by how well Mr. Wilder’s huge cock slipped in and out of such a small hole. She was aware how far her own vagina could stretch, but this was something quite different; in and out, sphincter pulling on the cock, before releasing it. It was simply marvelous. Almost like a magic show, if it wasn’t so incredibly erotic. She wasn’t even aware of Diane’s hand until it was fairly gliding up and down the inner thighs of her worn tight jeans. Rather than removing the older ladies hand, however—the first woman to ever touch her like that—she simply left it there. Almost unconsciously her own hand went to her boyfriend’s groin.
Patricia saw her son’s bulge being squeezed by Samantha. He made no attempt to hide her actions. If anything, he even relaxed a little in the chair.
“I think I should go,” Pat quietly offered.
“It’s okay,” Tom assured her, “we’re all grown ups here. Can’t you see that your son is just having fun?” Perhaps his erection was speaking for him. Whatever the reason, he didn’t want this to end; or for his wife not to be part of it.
“Yeah, Mom, really, I don’t mind.”
Samantha, realizing the full extent of her actions, quickly withdrew her hand. “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Evans, I didn’t mean too…”
“She’s okay.” Tom reasserted. “Sorry,” he noted his wife’s glare, “I didn’t mean to speak for you. Are you really okay?”
She nodded; then tried not to look at all the action taking place around her. The truth was, she didn’t really know how she felt about all this. It must be wrong. Her handsome son was in the same room, watching the same extremely explicit sex scene, with an obvious erection in his pants that his girlfriend had just been massaging. It had to be wrong. Was she feeling excited or incredibly nervous? The heat in her loins suggested the former. 
Although Diane and Emily had never been involved in quite a situation like this before, they were old hands at most other forms of extreme partying, and were not missing a beat. Samantha flinched when Diane’s hand went for her crotch, but again shed did not stop the advance. Tony didn’t know where to look, in the end deciding it was time for action. He grabbed Samantha’s hand and replaced it on his bulge.
And Emily continued to fuck Brad’s huge cock.
This time Samantha didn’t remove her hand. Coming from a family that never discussed sex, always feeling that she, herself, must be oversexed, it was an absolute joy to be surrounding by loving people who openly enjoyed their bodies. The fact Tony’s parents were present was of less concern than she had imagined it would be. In fact, she was remembering the time she had seen Tony’s Dad’s cock being sucked by his wife. It was a very pleasant memory. And she began to massage Tony’s bulge again. The sexual tension was obvious on his face.
Now more confident of the outcome, Diane used both hands to unbuckle the top button of Samantha’s jeans. Then she zipped down the young girls fly and pushed a hand in under a pair of very lacy small white panties. Tony watched, his hard cock well and truly being fondled. Then, with the pressure simply too much to bare, he did something that shocked even himself. He unzipped his trousers, hooked a hand inside his boxers, and pulled out his cock, the tip moist with precum. Samantha was watching, and once it was free, she added her own assistance to push down the boxers even further, revealing even his balls.
For the briefest moment, these actions shocked even Diane and Emily, and they stopped what they were doing, to watch more closely.
Brad withdrew his massive dick. This was too much for him. He didn’t have to wear a condom with Emily, which he was thankful for, he hated wearing them. He shot an incredible load of cum all over her pretty bum and curved back, and if this wasn’t enough to send shivers down Patricia’s spine, she was left near paralyzed when Diane calmly rose, came around the table, and licked off and ate the greater majority of the white cum, before using tissues to clean up the rest. Again, this was part of the planned act.
“Now it’s your turn to fuck Diane,” Emily called to Mr. Wilkins. Diane had gotten into a comfortable position on a mat, lying on the floor in front of the coffee table, legs well apart, encouraging with a finger, the handsome English teacher. He immediately dropped his pants.
Now, what was my good friend, Diane, up to with you?” Emily now stood in front of Samantha, “and what are you doing just playing with that loving boy’s penis when you could be doing so much more with it?” She then surprised by looking up at Tom, then Pat, in turn, “your son has a very pretty penis; is it okay if we play with it?” Tom simply nodded, approvingly; Pat said nothing, but could not now divert her eyes from such an erotic scene. There, right in front of her, her own son’s cock was fully exposed and standing to attention, being slowly pumped by Samantha’s small fist.
Then to Samantha, Emily continued, “Would you mind if I shared that pretty cock with you?”
Patricia looked up at her husband. He was less than a foot away from the back of the lounge chair and could also see what was going on, yet he showed no sign of disapproval. This was not something the couple had ever discussed, for it was not something they could have foreseen, and because of this, Patricia was still dreadfully uncertain how to act. But that young cock, her son’s cock, did look so magnificent, and he didn’t seem to mind in the least that his parents were witnesses to such explicit behavior. She could have looked away to where Diane was now being wildly fucked on the floor by a man who had once been Patricia’s own fantasy, but she did not consider this, for it was just too awesome watching her own son.
And Tony was more than aware of his audience. Feeling super horny, however, he was passed caring how awkward this situation should be; and, instead, simply looked up and smiled warmly at his Mom.
Samantha was looking into Emily’s pretty blue eyes. “I tell you what,” Emily said to her, “You let me share your boyfriend’s dick and I will eat your pretty pussy.”
Samantha was gobsmacked. She loved having her pussy eaten but had never had sex with a girl before.
Tony came. He couldn’t help himself. There was little warning, just a very quick rush of blood and then he exploded all over the place. The problem was the presence of his mother. With her mouth open, she had been watching his cock so intensely, that her obvious deep interest, was simply too erotic. He was so damn disappointed at cumming so soon.
“Oh well,” said Emily, “can’t help it if you’re so horny you just have to explode.” She reached for tissues and quickly started to clean the cum off of Tony’s clothes and stomach. Turning to Pat, “Did you see what you did to your son?” she smiled. “But he’s nice and young, so don’t worry, Pat, he’ll soon recover,” then to Tony, “and I still want to play with your pretty dick, myself, okay.” And she tapped his nose gently with a scolding finger. “I know what will get that fellow back up.” She followed up by kneeling down in front of Samantha then tugged at the girl’s jeans until she willing lifted her hips so the jeans could slip off easier. She kept her pretty panties on. “You just sit there and watch me eat your girlfriend’s pussy,” said Emily, “That should do it. Then the two of us are going to give you a blow job you won’t forget.” To Patricia, “you would like to see that, wouldn’t you, your son getting a good blowjob?”
Tom gave Little Bo Peep a look that suggested she might want to tone down her speech before she scared off his wife, and he didn’t want that at all.
Emily just shrugged her small shoulders, then spread Samantha’s legs and started caressing the girls exposed inner thighs. “This is what Diane was doing to you, wasn’t it?” she said, “and you liked it.”
“I haven’t been with a woman before.” Samantha said sweetly.
“You’ll love it. All women do. Most just aren’t willing to admit it.”
Now Patricia was watching this new action, while glancing occasionally between her son and her husband. She was surprised by her disappoint that Tony had now put his cock away.
Tony said, “Mom, Sam and I didn’t crash your party to spoil your fun. According to what Diane said, you and Dad were as much a part of all this as anyone else, so please don’t let us stop you now.”
Her mouth fell further ajar.
Tony shrugged, then added, “well why not? It’s your house, your party; you should be having fun too.”
Emily now had Samantha’s panties pulled to one side and was admiring the slender young girl’s puffy vulva, with its slit and near non-existent labials.
Tom looked at his wife. She said nothing, but he could recognize the sex filled in those eyes; he had seen that look a hundred times before. She might be trying to act proper in front of her son, but there was little doubt her cunt was raging hot inside her black panties. “Actually I think you’re right,” he said to his son, “we should be having some fun. This is a party.” And he came around to his wife. “What do you say?”
“Tom?” She glanced up, worriedly.
“I know that look,” he replied.
“What look?”
“Our son excited you.”
“Tom!” she tried to look offended, “how could you say such a thing? I’m shocked by all this. You and Tony; I don’t know what’s come over you two.”
“Its okay, Mom, really it is, I like you watching me.” Tony offered.
Without another word, Tom kissed his wife. Then almost in a whisper, “it really is okay, darling, I don’t mind. I saw how you watched him; and believe me; I have no problem with it, whatsoever.” He stopped to turn to everyone else, “does anyone have a problem with my wife and I having sex in front of our son?” Nobody did, “And what about you, Samantha?”
Samantha’s panties had now joined her jeans on the floor, and her cunt was being totally devoured. She opened her eyes. They had been closed from sheer delirium. Having her pussy eaten by a woman was far better than she could have hoped. “Sorry?” she said.
While intensely watching Samantha, Tony repeated himself.
Samantha looked at Patricia, “Oh that would be fantastic, Mrs. Evans.”
The simple way in which Samantha, a girl Pat liked tremendously, had replied, helped to break through her resistance, “Call me, Pat,” she even thought to remind.
“Okay then, Pat.”
“So what do you say?” Tom interrupted, “do you think we should join in?”
For a nervous second Patricia thought her husband was referring to the action on the lounge. But she quickly realized what he was asking for was simply a good, old-fashioned, fuck.
“In front of Tony and Samantha?” she whispered.
Emily stopped eating, “go on, Mrs. E; it’s only fair he gets to see you guys in action.”
Then surprising Pat, in a pleading voice, “Please, Mom,” said Tony. His cock was again pulsing.
“You actually want to watch us?”
“Come on,” said Tom, “They have already seen us at it before,” he spoke of how they had been caught nearly a year ago, in a compromising position, “Let’s put on a proper show for them this time.” He leant forward and kissed her more passionately. At first she resisted, but then threw an arm around and kissed back.
“Oh, oh, yes, yes, yes,” said Samantha. Then she squealed. Red in the face, she started to apologize. “I’m so sorry…”
“Don’t be,” said Emily, “you should never apologize for having an orgasm.”
“Oh it truly was wonderful,” Samantha breathlessly agreed.
“How about you, Tony, are you ready yet?”
He nodded at the lustful blond.
Glancing at Pat who was now having her breasts teased through her blouse, Emily came to Tony and peeled down his pants just as she had done to Samantha. She then got him to move over to the middle cushion, so that Samantha could have one side, and she, the other; and together they could play with the bulge in his boxer shorts. It was more teasing this way, she thought, with Tony’s Mom pretending not to spy.
Emily was closest to Patricia, and she expertly made sure her body did not obstruct any view. Samantha had well and truly joined in, and, still naked from the waist down, was happily massaging Tony’s erection through the silky boxers. Now even Tom was watching his son. And Tony was happy to be the exhibitionist for his parents.
Finally, Emily pulled down the boxers and let Tony’s healthy young cock spring free. Patricia noticeably jumped. Tom laughed. “I knew you liked watching,” he said, quietly.
Samantha was the first to greedily grab Tony’s thick shaft again. Emily actually lent back into the lounge a little so Pat could better see. Tom now had a hand inside his wife’s blouse and was squeezing her tits; her resistance further subsiding.
And it happened.

Chapter fifteen.

With Emily holding the base of Tony’s nearly seven inch dick, guiding it, Samantha leant over until her mouth was an inch above the swollen head. She licked. Tony’s dick bounced, and she licked again. Patricia had seen many things in her time, but none had been anywhere near as exciting as watching her son’s dick now bounce around in front of her, about to be sucked by a pretty young girl.
And suck it Samantha did. First a little, than, expertly, evidence that she had done this many times before, she swallowed the whole magnificent dick, right down to the balls Emily was kneading.
Patricia felt a shot of pleasure run from her tits right down to her cunt. This was like being in an impossibly erotic dream. Now Emily joined in. The young ladies were taking turns to suck Tony’s dick. Unfortunately, no matter how hard Emily tried, at times she blocked some of the view. Tom sitting on the edge of his wife’s armchair, said, “can you see?’
“It’s okay,” Pat nervously replied.
Tom wasn’t satisfied. With a foot, he pushed the coffee table away, then he rose and went to the back of his wife’s chair, and while she still sat looking to protest, he forced the chair clumsily forward then swung it around so that his wife had a near front on position to the action.
While running his hands through the hair of both girls, Tony looked to his mother and smiled, approvingly.
Emily sucked; then Samantha, Tony appeared remarkably relaxed, happy to occasionally look his mother in the eye.
And Pat did watch—her son’s cock bouncing, slippery with saliva, licked and sucked, balls gently squeezed—yet the most pleasure she received was from seeing her son in such obvious ecstasy.
Tom whispered in his wife’s ear. She looked as though she might slap him.
In the back ground, Mr. Wilkins could clearly be heard fucking an energetic Diane, while to one side, easily visible—if Pat bothered to turn her head—Mr. Wilder was calmly masturbating his huge dick.
“Mom,’ said Tony, “I thought you and Dad were going to get it on?”
Tom took the cue and resumed massaging his wife’s breast. Now in full view of her son, Patricia was less willing and tried to stop her husband, but her returned resistance was short-lived; her husband’s urgent hands simply far too exquisite, and on his third attempt, she gave in more fully.
And Tom went for it, his hands inside her blouse, fondling her tits through her bra, knowing full well that Tony was very much enjoying the show. Then he started to run a hand up Pat’s naked left inner thigh. In no time he had his hand deep up her dress.
Tony couldn’t believe it; his own mother had a hand up her dress. Thank goodness he had already cum, or he wouldn’t have been able to hold back now.
Pat closed her eyes. Then, surprising herself as much as Tom, she did what her husband had whispered in her ear. She let her legs relax. First it was about a foot gap. But soon she extended that even further. Then, with her husband’s hand firmly pressing on her panties, she slid down a little in the wide armchair and opened her legs wide, giving her son a superb view.
Mr. Wilder shot a huge load of cum onto the polished floor, and immediately started cleaning it up.
Pat opened her eyes to see what the commotion was all about, and realizing Mr. Wilder’s explosion was most likely caused by her own brazen action, gave a nervous, but excited laugh. But then she saw Tony. He had never looked so delighted. Like all his Christmases had come at once.
Tom looked up, and smiled. “Your mother is one hot woman, son,”
Patricia clamped her legs shut.
“Please don’t,” said Tony.
“Go on, Pat, don’t close up now.”
Tony’s mother seemed to contemplate this for a while. It was harder with her eyes open, yet more exciting. And so she once more started to open up.
Tony momentarily forgot that his cock was being sucked by two very beautiful young women, and gave his full attention to his mother and the lovely way she slowly opened her legs just for him. She still had her black panties on, but that only added to the wonder of this unbelievable spectacle. Her sitting position was perfect, and her legs were slender enough to allow an excellent view of the crotch in her panties. And under those panties, he wondered at how beautiful his mother’s hot cunt must look. He ached to see it.
Even Samantha had to stop sucking and admire the view. Emily smiled warmly then said to Samantha, “Is it okay if I fuck your boyfriend?”
“Oh yes, you must,” said Samantha, looking surprised that Emily would have bothered to ask.
To Pat, “Would you like to watch me fuck your son?” the young blond, said. The element of taboo had her as horny as hell. Pat’s eyes were all Emily needed, for her to know it would be okay.
Unseen by his wife, Tom winked at Samantha and Emily then again placed his hand over his wife’s concealed mound. She flinched, but did not stop him or close her legs one inch. Tom started to lovingly rub her panties.
“Mom?” said Tony, quietly.
She just lustfully looked at him while her husband ground his palm into her increasing wetness. Whether this was wrong or not, she no longer cared, she simply needed her son to now watch her.
“Mom?” Tony repeated.
This time she responded with her eyes.
“It’s okay.”
“What’s okay?” Tom asked his son.
“I just don’t think Mom needs to keep her panties on.” Tony looked a little sheepish in offering such a thing.
“Yeah, take them off,” Samantha openly agreed.
“Show him,” said Emily.
“I don’t know.” But Pat found that the idea was seriously appealing.
“Well I don’t mind,” said Tom, “your mother has a beautiful pussy, everyone should see it.”
Mother and pussy mentioned in the same sentence, made Tony’s dick twitch. ‘Please don’t cum, please don’t cum,’ he said to himself.
Patricia surprised everyone. Without any more encouragement, she actually put her legs together, rose her hips out of the chair, seductively removed her panties, then threw them across to her son.
Tom laughed, so did Samantha and Emily. Holding his mother’s panties, Tony just looked completely overwhelmed with lust. Mr. Wilkins came deep inside Diane.
Almost too quickly, afraid that doing it slowly was simply too provocative, Pat sprung her knees wide apart.
“Lean back a little and try to relax,” Emily encouraged. She was the only one composed enough to think of suggesting something so sexy.
Pat was up to the challenge. She again drew to the edge of her chair, leant back and showed all of her pussy to her son. It was mostly bald; prepared especially for the party.
“I told you it was beautiful,” said Tom.
Tony’s jaw noticeably dropped. He was actually looking at his mother’s pussy; and more than that; it was perfect. “Nice trim job,” Emily admired.
And Tom now returned to playing with his wife’s pussy. He rubbed her large hooded clit with his fingers then he dove two upturned fingers into her wet cunthole. Tony watched in shock, as much as pleasure. The two smiling girls were twitching, knowing just how good that must feel. And in and out Tom’s large fingers slid, his wife’s thoroughly sodden, dilated vagina, proof at how much she was enjoying his long strokes. Pat put a hand on her husband’s invading arm, but it was not to stop him, just a means to convey her pleasure, and she sighed deeply.
After retrieving a condom from a bowl now on the floor, and then carefully unfolding it onto Tony’s lovely dick; with knees then swung over his lap, Emily straddled him. Although she didn’t want to impede the handsome young man’s view of his mother, neither did she want him to cum again before she had had some fun. With one hand she positioned Tony’s cock over her aching pussy. She leant into him, curved her back then lowered. Pat watched as her son’s cock slowly disappeared inside Emily’s bald cunt. And Emily, experienced beyond her years, made sure Pat could see every inch of Tony’s cock, slipping, effortlessly, in and out, as she rode it.
To add to his wife’s pleasure, Tom tried to match Emily’s rhythm, fingers pumping away expertly, while occasionally, he flicked and teased her clit with his other hand.
Samantha just couldn’t believe her luck. This was far more than she had anticipated, when Tony had wickedly suggested crashing this party.
“Fuck me, Tony.” Emily whispered, loud enough for Pat to hear, her shoulders slightly to one side, so Tony could see past her.
“Oh wow! That looks so fantastic!” Diane suddenly interrupted. Still casually naked, she was moving to a chair. “Aren’t you going to fuck your wife?” she said to Tom.
Pat was so close to an orgasm that she was quite disappointed when her husband stopped fingering her, but her disappointed wouldn’t last long.
Grabbing the arms of the chair, unafraid of any scratches it might leave on the floor, Tom swung it around on a forty five degree angle to the lounge suite. Then he did what Samantha had been hoping for, ever since her boyfriend had first suggested his parents should resume what they had been doing. Her boyfriend’s Dad hurriedly pulled down his pants.
His cock sprang out magnificently. It was certainly not as large as Mr. Wilders, and perhaps even slightly smaller than his own son’s, yet it was no less fabulous. And Samantha watched with magnified interest, as Mr. Evans rose up his wife’s legs, shuffled forward on his knees, and in full view of his son, positioned his dick right in front of Pat’s pulsing pussy.
Pat flashed a look at Tony. It was too late to stop now, she needed that cock. Tom pushed forward. It popped in.
As his father fucked his mother, Tony watched with amazement. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen. And in his father’s cock went, out it came, slick with pussy juice. Pat was sighing and twitching. Emily rose and dropped on Tony’s dick.
Samantha was in heaven, there was Mr. Evan’s dick, right there, right where she could easily see it; and just then, he pulled it all the way out of Mrs. Evans, and slapped her clit with it. Back in it went. Samantha couldn’t help herself, she simply had to masturbate; and relaxing on the lounge, legs spread well apart, happy to have Mr. Evans throw an occasional glance, she started fingering herself.
Tony’s Mom looked like she was about to have an orgasm when he, himself, could no longer hold off. He shot into the condom with a force he would not have believed for a second load. ‘Damn, not again,’ he thought, ‘why did Emily have to have such a perfectly tight vagina, why did she have to be so good at fucking that he had no control?’ More likely, it was the incredible slow fuck taking place right in front of him that had taken him over the limit.
His mother had a brain-tingling orgasm that left her red-faced.
‘Damn’, Tony was even more disappointed. It would have been so much better had his dick still been erect. He pulled off his condom, tied it, and through it in a waste basket nearby. Emily then threw him a handful of tissues and moved over to sit on the lap of her friend, Diane. “He’s a wonderful fuck,” she called back to Samantha.
“Yes,” Samantha acknowledged, her eyes still held on Mr. Evans, whose dick was being held motionless, deep inside his wife’s pussy.
“You like that, don’t you?” Diane said to Sam.
“Yes,” uttered more quietly.
“I think your girlfriend has a thing for your Dad?” Diane teased Tony.
“I don’t mind.” Tony replied, while pulling up his boxers.
Samantha threw her boyfriend a glance. He shrugged, “Really, I don’t.” And he looked genuine enough.
Patricia was listening. “I need a rest,” she said to her husband, “how about you fuck Samantha for awhile?” She had seen the way her husband had sometimes looked at Samantha. It didn’t bother her, for she knew it was simply sexual lust. During the last year, the four of them had spent quite a deal of time together, and sexual talk had often been bantered around with. It was a much more open relationship than most parents would have shared with their son. Indeed, although never planned, much of what was happening on this night was a result of the ever growing friendship Pat and Tom now shared with their son and his always inquisitive, girlfriend.
“What?” said Tom.
She looked serious.
After a moment, “Are you sure?” Although they were well past the young woman ‘thing’, Tom was shocked that his wife would blatantly make such an outrageously sexy suggestion; not to mention the fact that Samantha was his son’s girlfriend.
Samantha looked at Tom. There was no doubt what she thought.
“Okay,” Tom said to his wife; then before she had time to have second thoughts, he turned to face Samantha, “What do you think, Sam?” 
She was so mesmerized by the idea, she was hardly aware that, with legs still held wide apart, one knee over the end of the lounge, her fingers were continuing to casually stroke her very trim pussy. “Um,” she said; then thought to stop playing and close her legs.
“Um, what?” said Diane, “You know you want to, and Tom is quite a marvel, he can fuck for ages,” she had no intentions of mocking Tony, however, by the look she caught on Tony’s face, he was obviously a little hurt, “Not that I would expect any male could have held off for very long, if he saw his parents having sex like that.” 
After accepting the remark as an apology, Tony turned his attention to his girlfriend, “Go on.” he egged. He couldn’t believe that he was actually feeling horny again, not that his dick was fully responsive yet. Many times he had cum twice. But he had no recollection of getting it up more than that. Was his dick now, in fact, actually twitching a little in his boxer shorts?
Tom unplugged. His wife rose out of the wide armchair, “here,” she said to Sam, “take my place…It’s alright. We want you to.”
Samantha needed no further encouragement. “You really don’t mind, Mrs. Evans.”
“Pat, and no, as long as Tony is fine with it, so am I.”
A girlish kind of glee came over Samantha. Everyone really did appear fine with this, a fantasy she had previously dared not nurture. She bounced up like a cheerleader; and very quickly came to sit in the armchair, right in front of Tom’s still very erect dick.
Tom started to put a condom over his thick dick. It was wonderful watching this middle-aged gentleman—her boyfriend’s father—stretch that clear condom down his throbbing cock; thinking of how it would feel at any moment, sliding into her.
With a shortage of chairs, Pat came to sit next to her son. “You really don’t mind?” she asked.
“No, really,” he said, “this is unbelievable.” Did she actually glance at his boxers?
Emily and Diane began to play with each other. Mr. Wilkins was spent and happy just to watch, while Mr. Wilder was still naked and getting it up again.
“Come on, Brad,” said Emily, “come over here and play with us girls.”
Meanwhile, Tom’s hard cock edged forward. The slim Samantha, being so much younger than Pat, was a deal more lithe and able to pull her legs so far back over the arms of the comfortable chair, that her bum was pointing almost upwards.
For an instant everything was quiet. Then it entered. There were never two more different pussies than Pat and Sam’s. One had full labia and large hooded clit, the other was almost nothing but a very tight hole mostly hidden between a slit in a very plump vulva. Never the less, the feeling of slipping into that dripping young vagina felt every bit as wonderful as fucking his wife. And fuck they did—like animals. Samantha soon squealing so much, everyone was biting on their lips to stop themselves from laughing.
Some five minutes later, the young lady and much older man, were still hammering away, proving Tom’s incredible endurance; while nearby, Emily and Diane were doing all kinds of things to Brad’s huge cock.
Tony felt a stronger stirring. He wasn’t really sure whether to be delighted or embarrassed. It was one thing to fuck in front of his mother, now she was sitting right next to him with her dress on, but with no panties underneath. She seemed to be enjoying watching Brad and the girls, along with her husband fuck Samantha. Yet she continued to avoid eye contact with her son. That was, until he shifted a little in his cushion.
She glanced and smiled. Then she looked down. Tony could not help but notice. Now he actually wished he hadn’t been able to rise to the occasion again. He had heard of Mr. Wilder’s remarkable recovery ability, but having his own cock moving around in his silky boxers for a third time, although a revelation, so close to his mother, was a little disconcerting.
She looked away.
But damn his dick, it wouldn’t say no. His Dad fucking like a porn pro, Mom obviously enjoying watching, Brad and his threesome, Mr. Wilkins casually observing while sprawled out on his elbows on a rug by the fire. This was an orgy like no other, and Tony had no control over his dick.
Samantha squealed loud enough for the neighbors to have heard. Tom stopped fucking her. She looked worried, “No, don’t stop,” she said; and so Tom continued, amazed at her sexual energy.
Not only was Tony’s dick pressing against his boxer, precum was leaving a small mark. He could feel the dampness. This was incredible. How could he possibly be so erect again?
His mother glance was less stolen.
Out of nowhere, came a voice, “why don’t you fuck him?” It was Diane.

Chapter sixteen.

Pat turned her head, Brad stopped fucking Emily, Tom and Samantha paused, and everyone together, looked at Diane.
“Ops,” she said, shyly, “Okay, so I got a little carried away.”
After a moment’s silence, “no,” said Pat, and looking quite determinedly at Diane only, “I think it’s a wonderful idea.”
“You what?” said Tom, shocked beyond belief.
“I do.” Pat insisted. “I love my son.”
“Yes, we know that.” Tom said, “But having sex with him…”
“I love him, and right now I can’t think of a better way to show him that.”
“Mom?” Tony couldn’t believe what his mother was saying. “I’m right here you know.” Commenting on the fact that she seemed to be talking around him, “don’t you think I should at least have a say in this?”
Now she looked at him and not his bulge. She looked terribly nervous, yet surprisingly determined, “I love you, Tony.”
“Yes, and I love you, too, Mom, but this is not right.”
“What’s so wrong with it? And something like this isn’t going to come around very often. I just want to show you how much I love you.”
“Buy me a car.” It wasn’t a real suggestion.
“Just this one time, Tony, that’s all I’m asking. No guilt, no judging, just love; a Mom’s love for her son. How many times would a Mom get a chance to show her love like this,” there was even a hint of pleading in her quivering voice. She didn’t quite know what had come over her, but now that she had crossed the line, she didn’t want to go back. 
Tom bought in, “she’s right,” he surprised.
“Yes, Tony,” Samantha said, “let your Mother make love to you.” She thought it was sweet.
“What do you really think, Tony?” Emily interjected. Having experienced many lows in her life prior to meeting Diane, she knew the mental harm this kind of sex could cause. “It has to be your decision.” She wasn’t quite so worried as she had been on other occasions, for at Tony’s age, she believed he should be able to handle it.
And still Tony’s dick insisted. Mom now openly ogled the way it bulged in his boxers. “I love you, too, Mom.” He reiterated. And with his thoughts more collected, “and if you really want to make love with me, then why not?”
“Yes I do,” she said, her nerves subsiding.
It was all the encouragement Tony needed. He reached out and touched his mother’s right knee. He had a stiff dick and was touching his mother, it was almost too much to bare, thank lady luck he had already cum twice, making endurance more possible.
Everyone had given up fucking to watch.
Hesitantly, Tony started to run his hand up and down his mother’s luscious thighs. It felt exquisite. His erection did not subside as he now feared it might. She opened her legs. He could see the top of her near hairless pussy, his mother’s pussy. He looked at his Dad, who just nodded approvingly. Samantha was all smiles.
And then it really happened; the point of no return. His mother reached across and gently placed her hand over his boxers; then started running her fingers along her son’s concealed twitching shaft.
Tony’s hand glided all the way down into his mother’s most private region. And he felt it—her cunt. His mother didn’t even flinch when he started to rub her extremely swollen clit. “That’s it, Tony,” she whispered. “That feels wonderful.” She grabbed his dick through the boxers, and squeezed. She could never have imagined how truly delightful it would feel to actually be holding on to her own son’s erect young cock.
Tony stopped what he was doing for a moment so that he could hook his fingers in his boxers, and while his mother loving looked on, he pulled them completely off.
And there was his extraordinary dick again; erect and beautiful, waiting for her to touch it.
She did not disappoint.
Tom was also fully erect again. Even Mr. Wilkins, not one usually able to keep up with his friend, Mr. Wilder, was feeling signs of arousal in his pants. As for the three girls and Brad, they were in total rapture at what they were watching.
Pat’s hand started to pump on her son’s cock. In turn, he started to finger her pussy.
How could this be, he thought, his fingers were squelching in and out of his own Mother’s cunt? How could she have suggested such a thing; and he so willing have agreed? Yet wasn’t this the most wonderful thing ever? In and out, wetter and wetter, while up and down, she pumped his handsome cock.
“Oh, Tony, that looks so awesome,” said Samantha, excitedly. 
Pat leant over. Everyone watched as her mouth drew nearer and nearer. She looked lovingly into her son’s eyes; then leant further, eventually sucking the head of his dick into her mouth. And she sucked and licked and pulled on his dick, happy to hear his deep lustful moans.
Tom was really enjoying watching his wife at work. She was truly wonderful at giving head, and he loved the thought of what it must feel like for his son.
Everyone else was enjoying the show almost as much.
“Mom,” said Tony, “can I eat your pussy?”
She stopped sucking and smiled up at him, “does my son want to eat me?” she said, enticingly.
“Yes, please, Mom, your son most definitely does.”
“More than you want a new car?”
He gave a little laugh, “More than a car.”
“And I can think of nothing better than having my handsome son eat my pussy.”
He got into a kneeling position in front of her. With legs wide apart, she slid forward on the middle cushion of the lounge, offering her cunt to her son.
And he gently pulled apart her labia and started licking and sucking.
“Oh, fuck,” said Pat, when his delicious tongue tickled her clit. She hadn’t intended to use profanity while with her son, but lust, as well as love, had consumed her better manners.
“Do you like that, Mom?”
“Oh, yes, Tony, keep doing that. Tease your mother’s clit.”
And he did; over and over. Then he followed with his fingers again. What an amazing sight, inches from his mother’s juicy cunt; licking her labia, frigging her clit, delving into her vagina with tongue and several fingers, thoroughly working every inch of her cunt over. His cock stood rigid between his closed legs, begging for more.
“Here,” said Tom. Pat’s husband bounced up off the floor, retrieved, then arranged several large cushions, so that they were in a line along the coffee table. “Now why don’t you make love to your mother on the table?” He said to Tony.
Tony, with his tongue tiring, saw this as a great idea. He rose from his kneeling position, grabbed his mother’s hand and helped her up.
She quickly found a comfortable position, lying on her back, on the large coffee table.
Now Tony came around to kneel before her once more. This time he had his dick poking up a foot or two in front of her willing hole. For a moment he just looked. His own mother was laid out before him, wonderful cunt on show, actually wanting his cock.
And she raised herself onto her hands so that she could watch as he shuffled forward. Again, the only one with any real composure, Emily called out, “are you clean, Tony?”
“What?” he was startled.
“Can’t go putting that thing in your mother if you’re not one hundred percent certain that you’re clean,” she was remarking on the fact he was not wearing a condom.
“Oh, clean.” He realized her meaning, “Yes, totally.”
“He is,” Samantha contributed. She had insisted they both had check ups before starting more serious dating. She liked to fuck without a condom, herself.
“What about you, Mrs. E. You can’t get pregnant or anything?”
“I’m fine,” Pat breathlessly replied. ‘Please, please, just hurry up and put that thing in me,’ she was thinking.
And Tony didn’t bother with a condom. The feeling of those first few inches inside his mother’s vagina could never be explained to anyone. And it truly wasn’t just sex. For some unexplainable reason, it now felt perfectly natural, fucking his Mom. 
And it slipped in, again and again. Pat started to play with her clit. Tony watched while he fucked her. She was quivering and moaning with every thrust. He pulled it out and looked at his slippery dick. How could that possibly be his mother’s juices, yet it was. And back in it went.
Between sighs and moans, “why don’t you guys get back to what you were doing,” now more conscious of how they were being watched, Pat spoke to her husband.
A few minutes later, seeking a new sexual position, Tony moved from the floor next to the end of the coffee table, and resumed sitting on the lounge, where his mother could straddle his cock, facing him. She now had her dress completely off, and after a quick fumble, Tony threw her bra onto the floor as well. This was even better. His Mom right up close, large tits bouncing around in front of him, his cock buried deep inside her. She kissed him. It was passionate.
Tom came to them. “Move over,” he cheekily said to his son.
Tony wriggled across without his cock ever leaving his mother’s warm love hole. Tom came and sat next to his son. Samantha joined him. And the foursome casually fucked away, while the rest in the room mostly watched on.
“I’m so happy you said yes,” Samantha addressed her boyfriend between gasps. “I like watching you with your mother. It just looks so really loving.”
“And are you enjoying fucking my Dad?” Tony replied.
“Oh, yes. I mean I love sex with you, Tony, but this is fun, too. Is that alright?” So much had changed in her world since she had met Tony, and very little of it was bad. Indeed, she had never felt so liberated.
“Don’t be stupid,” he said, “just enjoy it. I don’t see my Dad complaining too much, do you?”
“Hey,” said Mom, “concentrate. You’re making love to me, remember.”
Tony smiled. How could he forget.
Pat got off her son, delighting in the way his cock popped out; then went and took up a doggy position, over the coffee table. 
Tony quickly obliged.
And in his cock went; in and out, in and out, deep and luscious, his Mom’s arse looking wonderful. He loved doggy-style almost as much as his mother obviously did.
Tom was not to be outdone, and brought his young fuck toy to the table. Samantha found it wildly exciting being next to Mrs. Evans in this exposed position. She bit her lip as Tom’s cock again penetrated her tight cunt.
Side-by-side, the foursome again fucked.
“You did say, just the once,” Diane spoke up. “You don’t think you will be having sex with your son again?”
Pat didn’t answer. How could she, when her mind was full of her son fucking her, and there was the fact that it felt so good she was already hoping it would not be the last time.
“I was just thinking,” Diane continued, “if it’s just the once, why don’t you try a little anal as well.”
Tom turned to Diane. Man this girl was wild. But then he thought, why not, it wasn’t as though his wife was an anal virgin? He turned to Pat, who had hardly missed a beat. “What do you think, Pat, are you willing to give it a go?”
Perfectly happy with the fuck she was receiving, she was reluctant to change the situation, but then she thought about Diane’s comment. What if this was the only chance she would have with Tony?
“Sam, she whispered; then looked across at the young woman, “if you’re willing to let my husband do the same, than I might.”
“You really would?” Sam said, between gasps.
“But I’ve never done it before.”
“Plenty of gel.” Emily piped up.
“What’s it like?” To Pat, Sam continued.
“Pretty nice, actually.”
“Yeah,” Sam said excitedly, “why not. I want to try.”
The men stopped fucking. Emily found the lubricant and smeared ample amounts over both upturned arses. Then, provocatively, she lubricated both handsome dicks. “Keep putting it on,” she said, “Use plenty.”
Tony hadn’t said a word. This was simply too surreal. But he didn’t stop either. Instead he put his hands on his Mom’s lovely slippery arse and drew it apart until he could easily see her wonderful puckering anus, then he edged forward. His Dad was watching lustfully.
“Go on, Dad,” said Tony, not happy to be the only spectacle, “you have to do it, too.”
More than willing to comply, Tom brought his extremely slippery dick up towards Samantha’s rosebud slick anus. He pushed. Samantha didn’t resist, but her sphincter did. He pushed again and again, each time his cock got a little closer to popping into that incredibly tight virgin hole.
Tony took up the challenge. His cock, however, did not find quite as much resistance, and in slipped the first few inches of his dick. It was unbelievable. He had his cock inside his mother’s anus, and she did not mind in the least. He started a very careful rocking motion. “How does it feel?” Pat asked her son. 
“Oh, Mom, you have no idea.”
And Pat started to rub her clit, which greatly increased the unusual but still pleasant feeling of having a cock in her arse.
At last Tom’s dick entered Samantha. It was almost too tight, and the fucking, very limited, but Samantha looked keen enough to keep going.
Pat was really getting into it. She had a vision in her mind of how excellent it must look to Tony to be watching his young cock sliding in and out of his own Mother’s anus. She was glad she had prepared herself so well, before the party.
And Tony fucked her and fucked her, surprised at how easy this was becoming. Wow, what a tight hole, what a wonderful picture, his cock deep inside his mother.
Tom and Samantha never did get much of a rhythm. Her anus was simply too tight, and this, her first time. Recognizing her discomfort, Tom returned to fucking her almost as tight, cunt.
And Pat frigged her own clit faster and faster. Anal sex had never really been as enjoyable as vaginal, but, for some reason, on this particular occasion, she was getting right off on it. Maybe it was because it was her son fucking her, or maybe she was growing accustomed to this different kind of pleasure. Whatever the reason, every nerve ending in her body was now on fire.
“Fuck me, Tony, fuck me, fuck my arse, Tony, sweetheart, fuck your mother.”
“Yeah,” said Tom, “Give your Mom a good Fuck, son.”
“Oh fuck, oh shit, Tony, I’m going to explode. Make your mother cum.” And she frigged herself to exhaustion, while her son fairly thrashed his cock in and out of her anus.
“Shit, shit, shit.” And she quivered all over. Although she always had enormous orgasms, this one was somehow different, and utterly fulfilling. And she exhaled.
“Wow, Pat,” said Sam. “Pretty good, huh?”
Pat just nodded.
Tom increased his speed in the hope of getting Samantha to match his wife.
“What about you, Tony,” said Pat, “how close are you?” His cock was still in her bumhole.
He was red faced from exertion, and never more happy. “Close,” he replied, “hoping he would be able to continue.”
He had no need to worry; Pat loved every second of this, and would not give it up easily. “I want to see your face while you’re fucking me,” she said, then got up and moved to a missionary position on the large fireside mat; that Mr. Wilkins was now happily vacating.
Tony thought to clean off much of the gel on his cock with tissues; then he came to his mother. In a semi-push up position, he looked down at his mother’s loving eyes. She really was seeing this as an act of love, as much as sex. He liked that. And before he could do it himself, she grabbed his penis, and once more guided it to her pussy hole.
He rested on his knees, before sinking his dick right in to his balls. Then he began fucking her in earnest. “Oh Mom,” he said, “This is the coolest. I never dreamed it could be this good.”
“So you like fucking your Mom?”
“Are you kidding?”
“I’m not too old for you?”
In his cock dove, out and in, slippery, hard, deep, sumptuous sex, “I think you’re incredibly sexy, Mom. I always did.”
“Fuck me, Tony.” She could hardly believe that another orgasm was building. What a night!
“I’m going to cum,” he said.
“Cum inside me, Tony,” there was love written all over her flushed face.
Another thirty seconds and he shot his final load of the evening, deep inside his mother’s warm cunt; then fell into a hug and did not move for a full minute.

Not long afterwards, Tony was in his room sharing his queen-sized bed with an exhausted Samantha.
Still awake, Samantha said, “That was the best night of my life. I love your parents, they are such nice people.”
“You are the strangest girl, Sam.” Tony was very tired but couldn’t sleep.
“With what just happened.”
“What was wrong with what just happened? asked Sam, “your mother loves you. She just wanted to show it in a special way. I thought it was really sweet.”
“Sweet! Did you just say, sweet? Like I said, you’re strange.”
She laughed, “Okay,” she conceded, “so it’s not quite your everyday occurrence, and I doubt many families would be okay with it, but your family is different. I just think it’s great the way they are so open about their sexuality. And to be that active and interested in sex at their age, I think it’s inspiring.”
“You’re not at all concerned with what happened?” Tony said, incredulously.
She thought on it then shook her head, “not the slightest.”
They were quiet for awhile. Tony needed time to digest his girlfriend’s candid statement. “Yes, but what about Melody?” He finally said, “What if she found out? Don’t you think she would freak?”
“Tell her.” Sam said, nonchalantly, “See what happens; better than her finding out some other way.”
“Just like that; tell her,” Tony couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “Tell her that her brother had sex with her Mom? That’s what you’re saying?”
“Maybe you don’t know Melody as well as you think you do?”
“And what is that supposed to mean?”
“We talk all the time and I just don’t think she’s as innocent as she makes out,” then aware how much Tony liked his sister; jumping to her own defense, “not that there’s anything wrong with that. Maybe you should sleep on it and decide in the morning.”
Before Tony did fall to sleep he thought over all he knew about his sister. There were the sex films he knew she watched; the long showers, that, if he listened carefully enough, he often thought he heard her playing with herself; and there were the clothes she wore. Maybe he didn’t know her as well as he thought. But could she ever really accept what had just happened that night; it was too hard to imagine?

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