At Home with Melody Part Five

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Chapter Seventeen

Much had happened in Melody’s life since her lead in the school play. She had seen her bestfriend’s relationship blossom into something quite special; had watched the so-called cool kids in her class become nothings almost overnight; and more importantly, had taken herself to Hollywood only to encounter a terrible reality, rather than the dream she had held on to for so long.
After five auditions for B-grade movies, and five rejections; after having her naivety shattered by a young want-to-be director who simply wanted to fuck her brains out; after more lies and deception than she thought was possible in a lifetime, and the tears that had followed; she was ready for home.
It was her brother, Tony, who met her at the airport, he was there with open arms and the kind of security she had missed, while in Tinsel town.
“Not quite what you thought?” Tony said, as he put an arm around his tall, beautiful, sister. They had talked many times on the phone.
She appeared relieved, “A façade?”
“What do you mean; a façade?”
“Hollywood is one big façade, bro, everyone pretends. I have never had so many best friends who would stab you in the back at a drop of a hat if they thought it would benefit their own careers. And it’s all about money. In drama class you get all these fancy ideas; like, that its about art; about putting your whole soul into a character to make the audience believe in what you are doing, for the sake of what a good writer is trying to tell. It’s all crap, bro. It’s simple, if they don’t think your face will make money, they’re not interested. It doesn’t have anything to do with your acting ability, or good scripts, for that matter.”
“That guy really hurt you, didn’t he?” And they continued to walk toward Tony’s sport’s car.
“It wasn’t just him.”
“But he helped.”
“He was an arsehole.”
They got in and Tony started his car up and drove out of the carpark, “that’s not what you were saying before,” he gently reminded his sister, “wasn’t he supposed to be your knight in white armor.”
“That isn’t fair, Tony.”
“Well wasn’t he? I got the distinct impression that you liked him a lot. Didn’t he make you a lot of promises?”
“Yeah,” she said, disdainfully, “but all he really wanted was to get into my pants.”
“And he did?”
“You told me he did?”
“That’s my business.” She looked surprised.
“My sister is finally no longer a virgin. Maybe that’s a good thing.”
“Well maybe now that you’ve got the illusion out of the way, you will really meet Mr. Right.”
She fell silent.
Tony continued, “You thought he was the one and so you had sex with him, right? But the next day wasn’t like you thought it would be?”
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
He smiled, knowingly, “It’s totally okay. The first time is usually disappointing. You think it’s going to be something special and it turns about to be a total wank.”
“You sound like a girl.”
“So was it a wank?”
“And now you think I’m going to tell my brother all about my sex life?”
“Yeah, why not,” he shrugged his shoulders, “maybe we keep too many secrets from each other.”
“And what is that supposed to mean?” She was, in fact, rather enjoying the course of their conversation. It already felt far more honest than what she had experienced in the past few months.
“Truth or Dare?” he said.
“We used to like to play Truth or Dare?”
“What? That was when we were kids.”
“Truth or Dare?” he reiterated. And they started a game that would open up all sorts of possibilities.

Noon, two days later, happy to be back in her own room, feeling much more at ease, a thousand light years from the confusion of Hollywood, Melody was interrupted by a knock on her door.
She rose from the bed where she had been watching a porn movie, while idly rubbing her clit through her panties. Like with her recent conversations with her brother, even these explicit scenes seemed more honest than Hollywood.
It was Tony; he was not expected to be home at this time of day.
On answering the door, “I thought you were supposed to be at work today?”
“Took a flexi-day; it was owing me. Can I come in?”
“Oh, um, okay.” Knowing what she had just been up to had her feeling rather anxious, “so what did you want?” She nervously pressed down on what she now considered a too-revealing summer dress.
“Thought you would be out seeing your friends?”
“I’m seeing April tonight. So was there something you wanted to talk to me about?”
Still standing, looking around the room, rather than give an appropriate answer, Tony asked, “what are you doing up here in the middle of the day?”
“Not much.”
Looking at the open TV cabinet and the controls thrown on the bed, “Watching something you shouldn’t be, maybe?” Tony thoroughly startled his sister.
Unprepared, Melody’s face could not hide the truth.
“It’s okay, sis, I know what you get up to in here,” he didn’t then explain how, “Do you think you’re the only one who watches pornos?” She looked even more shocked. Tony, however, seemed comfortable enough with the subject, “The other day when we played Truth or Dare, you said you sometimes play with yourself when you shower. That’s not the only time, is it? I’d say you like to watch adult movies and have a little play, too?”
“Tony! I really don’t think we should be talking about this kind of stuff.” She looked disturbed.
“We’re adults now.”
“Yes, but I’m still your sister.”
“So you don’t deny it then?”
She was momentarily quiet. Maybe she should ask him to leave. She didn’t. “And you?” She finally asked. “What did you mean; ‘I’m not the only one’.”
“So you do?”
“I know you do, Mel, and so do I; all the time, in fact.”
This was something she seldom thought about. Tony had his own set-up in his room. It was less elaborate than her own, but it did still contain a DVD player and smaller TV. It was more than possible that he wanked off to porn, just like she did. “What makes you think that? I’m a girl. I’m not preoccupied with my thing, and I don’t need to watch others get off, either?”
“Samantha does. So don’t try to pretend it’s just a boy thing. And just because you don’t have a dick, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t play with your clitty. I bet there are lots of girls who like watching others fuck.”
“Tony!” She was surprised by his language. On rare occasions, she had heard him use the ‘fuck’ word, but never in its proper context; and mentioning her clit, was a definite first.
He turned to the TV. “So if I pressed ‘play’ now, I would just get one of your Hollywood movies?”
“Don’t!” She nervously insisted.
He continued to the manual control on the DVD recorder.
“No, Tony, please don’t,” she pleaded.
He stopped. “I know it’s a porno,” he said, “and it doesn’t bother me in the least. I think it’s really cool that my sister likes to watch porn.”
“Adult movies,” she quietly corrected.
“So you admit it?”
“I didn’t say that.”
“It’s an adult movie, Mel, and don’t be ashamed of it, I know you’ve been getting them for years. mom and dad might be too dumb to see what has been going on right under their noses, but I’ve always known. And you know why?” She said nothing, so he continued, “because I’ve seen a few of the parcels you’ve had sent to you and they were from companies I know. What I don’t understand is if you are so interested in sex, why were you not out doing it? Did you really think there was a Mr. Wonderful out there somewhere?”
And they talked long about a great many things. For Melody it was as though a heavy weight had been taken off her shoulders, and her brother was surprisingly easy to talk to about such intimate things.
Sometime later, after a liberal dose of tears and laughter, Tony returned to the matter at hand. “So can I watch just a little?”
“After what we’ve just been discussing, you want to watch an adult movie with me?”
“You agree now that sex is just sex, and love is quite something different.”
“I think you can have love and sex.”
“Yes, but this kind of stuff can just be for fun, right? That sometimes sex is just totally about having fun with people you like.”
“A person you love.”
“Okay, a person you love. But not necessarily in love with.”
She shrugged her shoulders, “maybe I’ve placed too much importance on being with the right one. Maybe there is no Prince Charming.”
“Oh, there is,” Tony corrected, “for you, I’m sure there is. Just don’t base it on sex. And just because you have sex with someone, doesn’t mean you have to marry them.”
“And the problem with looking for Mr. Right; is that he’s looking for Mrs. Right,” She repeated something her mother had once told her.
“Well I don’t know about that,” said Tony, “I think you are Mrs. Right. And I think Mr. Right is just around the next corner. Now put the movie on, will you.”
“You really want me too?” She said, disbelievingly, yet, surprisingly, not entirely against the idea.
“Absolutely,” and Tony dove onto his sister’s large bed, and quickly found a comfortable position, with hands folded behind his head.
How weird was this, thought Melody, but it didn’t stop her from pressing ‘play’. It was right in the middle of a very explicit sex scene, and she quickly rued her decision. However, Tony looked quite relaxed, “come and join me,” he patted the bed, “this looks good.”
Rather than lie down, she chose to sit on the edge of the bed, a reasonable distance from her brother.
And after about five minutes of watching the very beautiful young Emily being finger-fucked by the more dominant, Diane, and then watching the two of them share a handsome young man’s cock; with a bulge very evident in his pants, Tony confessed, “I know you’re not going to believe this, sis, but I actually know these two girls.”
Melody spun around. Up to that point, she had been trying to ignore the fact that she was watching searing sex, while in the same room as her brother. And now she was trying to pretend that she had not, immediately, noticed the bulge in his pants. “What are you talking about?” she asked.
“Those girls; the blond is Emily, and the brunette is Diane, they work at the Wishing Well.” And so began a conversation Tony had never dreamed he would be able to share with his sister. “Sam thinks I should tell you everything,” he ended.
Melody’s beautiful blue eyes were agog. What more could there possibly be to add to her brother and his girlfriend crashing the Wishing Well anniversary party?
“And what is everything?”
“You promise never to tell a soul? And you promise not to judge me?”
“I want to know, Tony.” And she did. This was more interesting than a movie she had seen a dozen times by now.
“Truth or Dare?’
“Again? Is that really necessary?”
“Truth or Dare?”
The first surprise to come out of their game was that Melody had actually listened to her brother while he had fucked his girlfriends, and that she liked to listen. The second surprise was that Tony’s first fuck was with their previous maid, a woman who was nearly their mother’s age, and not particularly attractive. Then there were confessions about how much they masturbated, how many porn movies they had seen—Tony surprising his sister with the fact that he actually owned more than her—and their were the fantasizes they doubted they would ever fulfill.
Melody actually loved this. She couldn’t see why she should, this was her brother she was talking to, but for some reason it felt more comfortable than even when she had shared such things with April.
But then came the bombshell.
After finally shutting her gaping mouth, “You’re joking?”
He looked terribly worried, “I shouldn’t have told you. You promised not to tell anyone, remember? Samantha thought you could handle it.”
She held up a hand, “Don’t worry,” she said, “there’s no way I’d tell a soul. You’re not joking, are you?”
“It wasn’t like it sounded.”
“You made love to Mom! How else is that supposed to sound?”
“It was her idea. Dad was there. He didn’t think it was so bad.”
“You had sex with mom!” She had a hand up to her mouth. “And Dad watched!”
“You hate us. You hate me.”
“I didn’t say that, I just don’t know what to think right now,” she looked away, “Give me a moment to grasp this whole idea, okay.”
“I should go.”
“No.” she insisted, “Stay. I want to talk about this. This is serious stuff. You had sex with our mother.”
“Will you stop saying that!”
She did. And for along time they just sat in silence. Then suddenly Melody said, “Cool.”
“Cool. I think it’s cool. I don’t know why, but I think its okay. I’m totally cool with it, in fact.” She smiled. Tony didn’t look convinced, “No, seriously,” she added, “you’re right, we are all adults now. You have to admit, this is hardly what you would call a normal family. What, with the Wishing Well, and those Manor stories. And it’s not like it’s some kind of perverted abuse thing, either. You knew what you were doing; she knew what she was doing. She loves you,” Melody shrugged, “And Sam is cool with it. Plus it sounds like Dad was very cool with it too. So why shouldn’t I be?”
“Are you kidding?”
“No, Tony, I’m not.” Her eyes pressed how honest she was being. “And Dad had sex with Sam, right?” For some reason that part was more difficult to accept. Still, it was a surprising turn on talking about such taboo things with her brother. And to think it was not that long ago that she had been a virgin who could never have imagined such things ever went on in any family.
“I don’t think you know Sam very well.” said Tony. “It was more a matter of her seducing him, rather than the other way around. If ever a girl was born for sex, it was Sam. She might act innocent, and actually she is,” Tony thought out loud, “but when it comes to sex, it’s like a drug with her. She wants to know and experience everything. She’s totally uninhibited.”
For Melody it was a strange kind of relief to hear this; as though hearing about another girl of her own age, behaving in such a manner, made her own secrets seem less perverted.
“And she likes adult movies?”
“Watches them all the time, when she’s in my room.”
Then Melody did something quite unexpected. She bounced over, found a good lying position next to her brother, puffed up the pillows, and once more pressed ‘play’. “This is one of my favorite scenes,” she said. On the screen was the black man with the huge dick. “Size does NOT count,” smiling, she thought to assure her brother, “but shit this dude has got a big penis.”
And the two siblings felt strangely relaxed while sharing a bed, watching the most explicit and beautifully filmed sex imaginable. It was as though all the growing up together, the teasing, the wondering, was captured in this moment.
Very quickly Tony’s loins started to burn, but he dared not touch himself.
Melody’s pussy was just as turned on; she said, “So you had sex with Mom.” This time she spoke in a far less shocked manner.
A pause.
“Was it good?”
A longer pause.
“How good?”
“Mom is amazing, Mel; as Dad would say, she’s a very sexy lady.”
Melody thought on this. The combination of the sizzling sex on her TV, and the extreme nature of what they were talking about, had her rather excited. “What do you think of the film?”
“Top shelf; better than most of my stuff. Emily is quite a shocker, isn’t she? I mean shocker in a nice way.”
“She’s very sexy.” Melody had to admit.
“As sexy as Mom?” She now looked at his groin.
He noticed, “Almost as sexy as my sister,” he said.
She smiled and drew her legs up sideways, in a near fetal position, facing her brother. How could all this possibly be sexy, yet it was, undeniably so; lying next to her brother with that lovely cock hidden in his pants. And now she found herself constantly glancing in the direction of his crotch.
“You might be sorely disappointed,” Tony said.
“I don’t have a monster like that guy on TV.”
“I’m not into pain.” Melody replied. Then realizing how her words might have been taken. “Not that I’m suggesting anything like that,” she quickly defended.
“So what are you suggesting?”
“Just that size is not important.”
“But you like looking at big ones, like his?”
“Not usually, it’s just kind of shock value, that’s all,” she said. How was she to get out of this? “Like when you see a really big set of boobs. The truth is; all penises look pretty good to me. Really they do.”
“Shock value,” he said. Then without further thought, he unzipped his pants, pushed down his boxers and pulled out his very stiff cock.
“Oh shit, Tony.” She couldn’t help but stare.
“Should I put it away?” he offered.
She didn’t answer, and suddenly feeling embarrassed, he started pushing his cock back inside his fly.
“No,” she quietly said, before turning and resuming a lying position, “it’s okay.”
A short pause, then feeling the strain, he pulled his cock back out again.
With quick sideways glances, Melody had to admit that her brother’s erection looked quite wonderful. The last time she remembered seeing his thing, was when they were very young and it was much smaller then, and never erect. She tried to concentrate on the screen. She failed.
“Pretty hot stuff,” Tony spoke of the sex they watched.
Melody looked at her brother, then his cock. She simply couldn’t stop glancing at it.
“You really don’t mind,” Tony said. He was holding it, but not pumping.
“No,” she replied, “You can play with it if you like.”
“It’s not going to bother you?” As turned on as he was, he still felt a little foolish just lying there with his dick poking out of his fist, afraid to properly masturbate. “It is a very hot movie.”
“Go on.” Melody encouraged. Would he? She hoped beyond hope that he would. And he did. Several fingers on one side of his thick shaft, a thumb on the other side, and slowly he began to pull up and down while his sister continued to steal glances.
Without looking over, “It’s beautiful,” Melody said.
“What, the sex is beautiful?” It sounded a strange way to describe what they were watching.
“Your penis…And the way you’re playing with it like that.”
Although somewhat shocked by how well this was going, Tony did not stop; and up and down his fingers ran, his sexual tension very quickly rising. “A bit lonely, though,” he said.
“I think you should play with yourself, too,” he clarified.
Looking at her brother, she quickly realized that he was not joking. Oh what an incredible thought; to play with herself while someone watched. She had imagined a male in her room, watching, many times before, but it had only ever been fantasy. Even with the young Hollywood want-to-be director, it had only been very basic sex, nothing like this.
She thought about it long and hard. The sex continued on her TV. Her brother pumped his cock slowly. It was an unimaginably erotic scene. And she decided.
Lying on her back, with her legs still closed, she started to run a hand up her right leg. She was not wearing pantyhose. Tony watched. Her summer dress was short and appeared even shorter with her lying position. Soon her hand was gliding all over her smooth thigh. Then she used both her hands to pull her flaring light cotton dress right up to reveal all of her pretty pink panties. If she was going to do this, she might as well do it properly, she decided, and give her brother a truly excellent show. Besides, she was competing with her mother, and she didn’t want to come second.
Once the shy girl, now she was actually considering how erotic she could make this for her brother. She rose to her hands, turned, fluffed up the pillows, then shuffled up the bed, until, in a squatting position; her knees were almost level with her brother’s head. She loved the way Tony was now watching her every move.
With a cheeky grin on her face, she pointed for Tony to slide a little further down the bed, so that he had a better view. Then she again started playing with her thighs, her hand running up and down and lingering on the inner flesh, just before the elastic of her panties.
And how magnificently stretched those pretty panties were. The way she sat, with knees very wide apart, pretty girl ankle socks touching, gave Tony an excellent view of her womanly mound and the crease down the middle that was her concealed pussy lips. And there were those two tiny hollows—those very female sexual preludes to cunt—that were on each side of her panties.
And cheek gave way to genuine seduction. Perhaps it was wrong to be doing this with her brother, but it felt a lot more right than what had happened with the young director. And as though in an erotic play, she started to perform in earnest. Her hand casually fell onto her cunt. And there it rested for a while, letting Tony get a good view. He kept wanking.
“You like that?” With eyes filled to capacity with sex, she asked.
“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you, Mel?” he gave a little laugh.
“Maybe,” she said shyly.
“Maybe, nothing, you love this, my sister the Pornstar. I tell you what, Mel, you give Emily more than a run for her money.”
“And Mother?’
“And Mom.” Then he looked thoughtful; how far could he take this? “Although,” he teased, “Mom is pretty liberal with the way she talks during sex. She might shock you.”
“Oh, is she?” Melody was smiling. “And you liked that, did you?” In answer, Tony gave a little grin.
Then attempting to match her mother, “Okay then,” said Melody, “Watch me play with my pussy?” and she patted it teasingly, like she had seen porn starlets do. This was actually a lot of fun.
Tony was in obvious raptures. His very beautiful sister, the desire of so many men, was sitting with her legs wide apart, dress bunched up, patting and rubbing her panties.
“Keep going,” said Tony, pulling on his dick.
And Melody loved watching almost as much as he did, “I had no intention of stopping.” And she patted her cunt again and again. It made an exquisite slapping sound. Now she started rubbing with more ferocity. “What do you think of that? Do you like watching your sister?” The movie had definitely influenced her speech. “Is it what you imagined when you listened to me in the shower?”
He just nodded approvingly. Although the sex film was still scorching away, there was no way he could be distracted from his sister.
She kept rubbing and grinding her cunt with a palm and fingers. He kept watching.
She hissed and moaned. He sighed.
“Really, really beautiful,” she said of his cock again.
And he was up to the challenge. “You like watching your brother play with his cock?”
“Yes. I love it.”
“Keep playing with yourself.”
“Do you want to see your sister’s pussy?” She enticed.
“Is the pope catholic?”
She laughed. Then slowly she pulled aside the elastic of her panties to reveal her magnificent young, completely bald cunt. Tony was lucky, although she usually kept a small patch of trim pubic hair above her clit, only recently she had removed ALL of it. It was just something she had done for herself on the spare of the moment; never dreaming anyone else would get to see it like this. And, as always, before starting to watch a porno, she had thoroughly cleaned her pussy; therefore, the juices that Tony could now see leaking from her pink puckered vagina; were fresh and lovely.
Tony’s jaw nearly locked open. WOW! This was total dynamite. His very gorgeous sister was actually showing him her BALD wet pussy. And what a pussy it was. Very much like his mother’s, but younger and probably tighter.
In a finger went, deep into her vagina, and when it was pulled out, it was absolutely covered in pussy juices. And she rubbed the juices into her clit. Tony kept watching. And she rubbed and rubbed, faster and faster, juices starting to show all over her labia.
“Oh, sis, that is totally brilliant.”
She kept playing. “Do you want to see my tits?” between gasps, she asked. This was the best thing she had experienced in quite some time. Her brother was right, sex was fun. And although this was totally unexpected, now that it was happening, she couldn’t help but think that while she waited for Prince Charming, her suddenly very handsome brother was the perfect person to have a little fun with.
“Absolutely; one hundred and ten percent; you bet your booties I want to see your tits.”
She stopped wanking; undid the small pretty buttons of her pale dress; pealed the top half down off her shoulders so that it fell to her waist. Then she unfastened her bra. And while holding her bra in her cupped hands, stopped
“Go on,” Tony pleaded. “Don’t tease me like that.”
Seductively, she complied.
Tony had had quiet a few girlfriends in his time, and there had been his mother and their maid; but nothing could have prepared him for the sight of his own sister’s stunning tits. At first it was almost as though he was simply admire an artform: the shape, the long nipples, the perfectly symmetrical, dark pink, areolas; her tits overall size, not too large, not too small, plump yet not fake; and sitting so wonderfully prominent, demanding attention.
But admiration very quickly dissolved to lust. How had his once gangly, flat-chested, shy, sister, grown up to be such a stunningly beautiful woman? And how was it possible that she was sitting right there, showing him her unbelievably perfect tits; after having, just moments prior, shown him her naked pussy.
“You are one magnificent looking woman, Mel.”
She responded by quickly pulling her dress over her head, throwing it to the floor, then following up, by removing her panties, completely.
She threw her hands in the air as if to say, ‘there you go, bro, that’s all of me, what do you think?’
“Wow,” said Tony. “Un-frigging-believable. No wonder all the guys at school had their tongues hanging out. You’re a goddess, sis; a total babe.”
“Well thank you, Tones, and you’re a very handsome young man, but don’t you think it’s about time you took your clothes off too? It seems only fair.”
He jumped at the opportunity.
He was slightly over six foot, slim build—a few recognizable muscles, but not exactly an athlete’s body—his hair was short, straight and dark, and he was, in fact, considered rather attractive by more than a handful of girls. Melody thought he looked like a Hollywood star.
And now both naked, they lay down on the bed together, to again watch the sexy film.
“Its good,” said Tony, openly pulling on his dick, knowing his sister was watching, “but you’re better.”
The black man was about to cum in Emily’s mouth. “Not my favorite part,” Melody confessed, but didn’t stop slowing circling and rubbing her clit.
“Shit that looks good,” Tony was admiring her actions, not the movie. “How long have you had it bald like that?”
“You’re the first to see it this way.”
“Shit, Mel, I don’t know…”
“You don’t know what?” And Mel watched as Emily swallowed the black man’s cum. For some reason it didn’t look as disgusting as it usually did.
Reassuring, Tony said, “You know most girls don’t do that. You know that, don’t you, sis? Sex is supposed to be fun for both parties. So if it’s not fun for you, you just don’t do it. And if a guy expects you to, then he’s not worth being with. It’s your fun you need to consider as much as his. Remember that.”
It had been something that had worried Melody. “Sam?” she asked.
“Well I admit that sometimes she does; but never an entire load like that. It’s just a thing they put in these movies for reasons I’m not really sure of. Maybe some guys get off on it, I don’t know. I guess it kind of looks pretty cool,” with a shrug of his shoulders, he confessed, “Not something I would ever expect, though.”
“You didn’t answer me,” Melody reminded.
“What don’t you know?”
A lesbian scene was just starting up. “Two things,” said Tony, “one: is it okay to come in front of you? And two: well I just don’t know whether we should even consider that one.”
Somehow Melody was able to read his mind, “I think its fun masturbating in front of you like this; both of us going at it together, like a race. And I don’t mind at all if you come. But as for the other thing, I don’t know either…”
“And what do you think I was thinking?”
“Do you really think it would be okay?” she had stopped frigging her clit, and had turned side on, to better face her brother.
Oh, shit, thought Tony, damn, oh shit, what an incredible body! Sister or not, she was the most perfect woman he had ever clapped eyes on. He simply could NOT stop wanking. “I’m really close to coming, sis.”
“So then a fuck is out of the question?” She was going for a slam dunk. Surely her Mom would not have spoken like this. Certainly she had never done so, herself, in the past.
Damn, why did she have to say it like that? Make love, even do it, or, I would like to have sex with you? Anything but, ‘so a fuck is out of the question?’ How could his so-called innocent sister possibly have come up with such a line? And to her brother!
He started to come. Damn that quick trigger of his!
She watched as her brother’s cum spewed everywhere. The young director had fucked her with a condom on and had come while deep inside her pussy. Thus she had failed to see something as sexy as this. The greatest turn on, however, was the thought that her body had made her brother come so powerfully.
He started cursing, then jumped up and went to her huge bathroom. When he was done cleaning himself up, he sheepishly came back and reached for his clothes. “I’m so sorry,” he said, “I should have left you alone.”
“I’m not sorry,” she returned. She remained undressed, but was beginning to feel rather nervous. 
“It’s all my fault,” said Tony, “I knew very well what you were doing. I planned this. I’m so sorry.”
“Stop it, Tony,” she looked worried. “I really am not sorry you came in.”
“And what you just said?” He asked.
“Yes, Tony, I want to have sex with you. So don’t mess it up now. Stay awhile and see how you feel in a few minutes; then if you’re still having second thoughts, I won’t say anything to anybody about this. We won’t even mention it again if you don’t want to. You did have sex with Mom, that wasn’t a lie, was it?”
“No.” Then he quickly assured, “I mean, yes, well I mean I did make love to Mom.”
“Then please stay, Tony.”
Less than ten minutes later, after watching a very explicit and wonderfully staged lesbian scene, Tony’s mouth neared his sister’s cunt. How could this be happening? Right in front of him was his sister’s perfect pussy hole, waiting to be licked by him. Inches away, he looked and looked at it.
“Come on, Tones,” said Mel, “you’re teasing me.” And she put a gentle hand on his head, a sign that she wanted him to move forward and start eating.
“It’s just so totally perfect, Mel.”
“So you’re glad you stayed?”
Instead of answering, he stuck out his tongue. And it touched flesh, his sister’s wet pussy flesh. Oh and how he flicked and sucked at her swollen clit. Then he pushed his tongue into her incredibly pretty puckering vagina. Pushed it and pushed it, watching it bounce back into shape. Then again he had to stop and just fully admire something so beautiful. While he did, Melody was just as observant. Indeed, seeing her brother eat her pussy, feeling his rough tongue probing and licking, had her twitching all over. This was absolutely nothing remotely like her first sexual experience with a male. This was a hundred times better; and they were yet to fuck. He spread her labia with his fingers, and he poked his tongue in even deeper, and followed with two fingers. Then wildly, he frigged her cunt hole and gloriously erect clit, until she could stand it no longer. “Fuck me, Tones,” she begged. “Fuck your sister.” She had to be winning against her mother, she thought. “Fuck your sister with your big cock, Tones.”
Then, always seeking comfort where sex was concerned, she piled up the pillows behind her head. And in a lying position, smooth legs well apart, she looked to her brother to fulfill her wish.
He climbed between her legs. And Melody placed her hands on his sides, and gently pulled him forward. When he looked down, there was his cock about to enter her pussy. This definitely was happening; and to add to the certainty, with one hand, she reached down between her legs, and grabbed his dick to position it exactly in front of her aching, very wet, vagina.
He pushed forward. And in his cock went; right into his sister. And she moaned with desire. Soon her hands were on his firm bum, holding it while he started to carefully fuck her.
“Fuck me, bro.” She said. Her eyes filled with love. “fuck my hole.”
She was slender in all the right places, her skin was young and smooth, her tits the perfect cushions, her long hair, like a damsel, and her face—the face of his sister—like an impossibly beautiful model.
And he fucked and fucked and fucked her. She put her feet up over his shoulders so that his wonderful cock could delve even deeper, and they both watched it slip in and out.
With time they became sweaty, and still they fucked. They rested briefly, before then spooning and fucking again. In this position, Tony reached around and cupped a tit—his sister’s tit. It was magnificent, her nipple like a hard little rod. And he flicked and pinched her nipple and fondled to his hearts content. They then took to it like dogs and fucked and fucked with youthful enthusiasm.
“Does it look good?” Melody asked.
“Better than good,” Tony replied. What could look better than watching his own cock slipping in and out of his sister’s glorious cunt, having her thrust back, her perfect breasts rocking about underneath; and so wet was she that her juices were running down her firm thighs? And what was better than hearing her increasing moans of pleasure?
And they fucked.
“I’m going to come.” Tony whimpered.
“Come in my mouth.” Melody replied.
“Come in my mouth.” She repeated.
“Are you sure?” Tony could not believe what his sister was saying. She must have been incredibly turned on to suggest such a thing.
“No, but come in my mouth anyway,” she said, and she reached underneath, felt her tits, then went down further, to madly frig her very erect clit. “I can spit it out.”
He pulled out of her and stood off the bed.
She hurriedly turned around, and on her knees, she shuffled to the edge of the bed.
Now standing in front of his sister, his dick only inches from her mouth, he started to wank with more purpose.
She watched his pretty dick jumping about, “you don’t mind if I spit it out, do you?” she warned.
“Oh, shit,” his whole body went tense, “damn,” said out of pleasure, not disappointment. Melody noted how his rhythm changed, then out it shot. Caught off guard, she missed the first load, but not the second. And there were a number of other minor spurts before her brother was finally spent.
For awhile she just held the sperm in her mouth, trying not to think too much about how warm it was, how it felt, or what she was about to do with it. Then, after a little struggle, rather than spit, she managed to swallow. It wasn’t good. Fortunately, she was largely able to hide this tiny moment of disgust. After all, it was her brother’s sperm she was drinking, a thought that helped to subdue her gag reflex. She did not, however, attempt to retrieve any of the sperm that had missed her mouth. Later, she cleaned herself up in the bathroom.
While she was gone, Tony looked on in shock and delight. What a sister, what an afternoon, what a future? He wondered what his parents would think if he told them. Was there even a chance that they might allow a private family party? Mom had suggested, what had happened at the anniversary party was a once only, but would she change her mind if Melody could be included? And wouldn’t Dad just freak out to the max if he saw how really beautiful his daughter was when she was fully naked? Would he fuck her? Now that was a thought.
And Melody came back with a smile on her face. She couldn’t recognize what her handsome brother was thinking, but it looked diabolical. She winked. “Was that okay?”
“Way more than okay, Mel.”
“So we can do it again?”
“But you didn’t come.” Tony suddenly realized.
“No, but I will. And it doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy every second of it.” 
“I’m sorry, Mel, I was selfish.”
“Look, you can stop that right now. I was super close to coming the whole time, and that felt as good as any orgasm. And maybe next time, I’ll be even more relaxed. It wasn’t your fault.”
“So you really want there to be a next time.”
“There better be. Now why don’t you leave so I can finish myself off,” her smile never looked more beautiful.
He left. And with the closing of the door, she thought about Prince Charming. She was under no elusions about what had just happened. It was beautiful, and they simply had to fuck again, she promised herself, but it was still her brother, and not the emotional outlet she was looking for. Prince Charming was still out there somewhere. And one day soon she would find that man of her dreams, and when she did, he would get the fuck of his life.

Chapter Eighteen

April was excited to see Melody again. “You seem so happy,” she observed. They were downtown together, sharing a few quiet drinks. “The way you sounded on the phone,” a comment related to all the phone calls they had engaged in, while Melody was in Hollywood, “had me thinking you were beyond repair. What’s happened, sister, why the change?”
Having her friend address her affectionately as, ‘sister’, had Melody in mind of her brother, and a little twinge went off in her panties. “Just a change of heart,” she answered. “Life’s too short to let some Hollywood prick ruin my life.” Thus, as always with April, the subject of sex was introduced. And they laughed and giggled at all the highs and lows of their sex lives. April admitted that she was actually quite happy with just the one man in her life now. She had been going steady with Travis for nearly a year and had not even looked at another man during that period.
“And you’re not put off?” April asked.
“No way,” said Melody. “I just learnt that sex can be really bad, if you’re not careful. But I have no doubt in my mind that it can still be very good, too.”
“You beat your sweet arse, it can. And we both know you really do have a sweet arse,” April giggled.
Talk then turned to local gossip.
“Over, like completely over, really?” Melody was smiling. She usually didn’t like to the think bad things about anyone, but Clayton was an exception.
“Apparently he has bad knees. Two operations and still they can’t correct it. He lost his scholarship and it doesn’t look like he will ever be offered another one.” And they continued with school talk for awhile.
Eventually they came to what April had wanted to talk about in the beginning, “I think he’s going to propose, or something. He’s been acting all weird lately. Flowers yesterday, chocolates, today, and he keeps looking at me funny.”
“What do you think about that?”
“Marriage? Shit, I don’t know, Mel. We’re still too young, I think. But, fuck, Mel, I love him…And why are you so happy?” April really couldn’t believe her friend was so relaxed and almost glowing. Is there someone you haven’t told me? After all this time without sex, and now that you’re fucking, you’re keeping secrets from me? That’s not really very fair. Who introduced you to the wonderful world of sex?”
“April, stop it. I’m just happy to see you; that’s all.”
“How happy?”
“What do you mean?”
“I haven’t thought of a single other man besides Travis, but that doesn’t mean I’m completely innocent.”
“Spill the beans, April, what are you on about?”
“My house is free tonight. Do you want to come over?”
“Of course.”
“Maybe we could continue our walk down memory lane.” She gave a slightly suggestive glance.

Chapter nineteen.

Melody was still home six weeks later.
The day had finally come. She and Tony had discussed it frequently.
Of all places, it was around the dining table. Melody’s mother a little surprised that neither of her children seemed in much of a hurry to rush off anywhere.
Armed with all she knew about her parents’ sexual activities, it was Melody who, after a nervous cough, began, “Um, excuse me, I have something I’d like to bring up.” she nervously interjected idle conversation. She couldn’t believe what she was planning to say. Maybe she wouldn’t be able to get the words out. But then she must. Tony would be so disappointed, and so would she, if she didn’t.
“What is it?” asked Pat.
After more clearing of her throat, “Well you know how you guys told me about the Wishing Well and some of that stuff that went on at the Manor?”
Melody’s parents looked rather sheepish, “yes,” her Dad finally offered. The family had been very close over the last year. Melody’s parents having chosen to hide very little from their now grown up children.
“But you didn’t tell me about the anniversary party.”
Avoiding his parents’ eyes, Tony kept eating.
“What anniversary party?” said Melody’s Mom, quietly.
“You know what I’m talking about; the Wishing Well’s anniversary.”
Melody’s Dad choked. Her Mom simply stopped pretending to eat. Tony wished he could sink under the table. This was the biggest Dare he had ever put on his sister, and now he was rather ruing it. Perhaps they were too old to be playing Truth or Dare, especially when it was as dangerously daring as this.
“What do you know about that?” Pat could see it would be ridiculous to deny the party had happened, but how much had Tony told Melody? Surely not everything!
“You and Tony made love together.”
Now Pat was choking. On recovering, she tossed an evil look at her son. He shrugged his shoulders. “I’m really sorry, Mom. No one else in the world knows. It’s just that Mel was going through a rough time. She is part of this family. And I just thought she should know. It’s not like you think, I didn’t just blurt it out. I knew she would be okay with it.” He hoped his little lie wouldn’t show. For how could he have possibly known for certain, now she would react?
After a little more time to recover, and noting how his daughter did not appear to be accusing anyone of a crime, “are you sure you’re really okay with this?” said Tom.
“We were rather drunk?” Pat defended.
“There’s no need for that,” said Tom, “Blaming alcohol for what happened is a little silly; and Mel knows it.”
“We weren’t drunk.” Tony piped in. “And why are you trying to come up with excuses, Mom, it was fantastic. What! Are you now having second thoughts?” Tony sounded rather disappointed.
“We were rather out of control.” Pat continued to Mel. “It wasn’t something we planned. And it certainly will never happen again.”
“That’s not what Tony was hoping.” Mel said.
“I’m sorry?” Pat didn’t know where to look.
“What is this really all about?” Ignoring his wife’s flustered look, Tom calmly asked his daughter.
“Well,” began Mel, “I think its time you knew some things about your daughter. Things I’m hoping you won’t be too upset about. You need to know I’m not as naive about sex as you might think I am. I’m just sorry I haven’t been more open with you guys before. I just thought there was something wrong with me. Now I’m not so sure. I need to talk to you guys. Would that be okay?” 
Over the shock of what his daughter had suddenly revealed, intrigued by the fact that she looked defensive rather than angry, Tom could hardly wait to hear what she might have to say. Pat, on the other hand, feeling both embarrassed and rather guilt ridden, was too busy glaring down her son. Her concerns, however, would soon evaporate, as she heard what her amazing daughter was willing to confess to.
And, while refusing to acknowledge her parent’s shocked faces, with courage and determination, Melody told them almost everything she could think of. At the end of her confessions, the group fell silent.
Then, “with April?” Tony had a wry grin on his face. Melody had chosen not to tell them that she had, in fact, also had a girl threesome, where Raylene had been included.
“Wow!” said Tom. “My daughter. Amazing!” His look was hard for Melody to read.
“What, Daddy. You hate me now, don’t you?” And she looked like she was about to breakdown into tears. This was not how it was supposed to go.
“No! Of course not,” said Tom, “Really,” he stressed, “just a little surprised. This has come from nowhere. But, really, we are the ones who should be apologizing, not you, darling. No, seriously, not you. We never asked. We just…I don’t know what we were thinking. Just thought with your acting and stuff. We kind of thought…”
“That I had no sex life?”
“It’s stupid. Of course you did. But we knew what was going on at your school. We heard about how you stayed away from the boys. And you never brought any home here. So we presumed that with your studies and all, you had somehow managed to put it on the back-burner.”
“You were doing so well at school, we didn’t want to ask.” Pat finally feeling a little less under the microscope finally contributed.
“You’re a healthy young woman, Mel, it’s totally natural. We just should have been there to talk to,” said Tom. 
“I was okay.” Said Mel, defensively, “I just think I internalized it way too much. Too many girlie romantic movies, I’m afraid. I thought Prince Charming would come along one day and sweep me away. So I guess, with the sex side of things, feeling it was wrong to be out there partying like my friends were doing, which was nothing like what I saw in the movies, yet having all these feeling going on in my body, I kind of kept it at home.”
“So romantic movies became sex movies?” Tom asked. He quietly found it rather a turn on to think that right under his roof, his very beautiful shy daughter, the so called snobby school recluse, was actually upstairs, playing with herself, while watching explicit sex movies. Wow!
“Not all the time.”
“But a lot of the time,” Tony cheekily interjected.
Mel shrugged her pretty shoulders, “I don’t know. I just started hiring movies that were a little more adult each time. I think I was curious. I was still looking for the romance, but then I saw this one movie where it looked like the girl might have been touching herself. It wasn’t obvious. But it kind of got me started. I was fifteen. I heard so much at school about that kind of thing that I just thought maybe it wasn’t so bad.”
“And it wasn’t, was it?” said Tony. He was still thinking about the April confession.
“Well, no.”
“I’m so sorry,” Pat said, “I really should have spoken to you. I have no idea what I was thinking. Of course; and today, when it’s okay for girls to do things like that. I just should have…I guess I felt guilty about my first time with that kind of thing. You understand that it was different in my time. I would never have wanted a soul to know what I was doing in my bedroom.”
“Yes?” Tony now encouraged his mother.
“Nothing,” said Pat, “let Melody finish what she wanted to say.”
“So you started wanking at fifteen?” Tony was more than happy to redirect his conversation to his sister. 
Melody looked at her brother with an evil eye, but then decided, ‘why not,’, “Yes, I was fifteen when I had my first real orgasm. I thought I was going to die.”
“I should have talked to you,” Pat nervously reiterated.
“No, Mom, I was fine. I wouldn’t have spoken to you about it anyway. Not back then.”
“You thought you were going to die?” Tom encouraged. He was surprised at how much he was enjoying this; and around an open table.
“Tom!” said Pat.
“It’s okay, Mom. I want to talk about this.”
“Tony, maybe you should leave?” Pat offered.
“No way,” he said, determinedly, “not unless Mel wants me to.”
Instead of addressing her brother, “Yes, Dad, I thought I was going to die. It was too scary to be fun. But after I got over the shock and realized what had happened and that I was going to live, a few weeks later I tried again. That’s when I knew I needed a little more than romance in my life.”
“You liked it?” Tony further encouraged. 
“Is the pope catholic?” She teased with one of her brother’s favorite sayings. Then she looked knowingly at her mother. “I haven’t stopped thinking about sex ever since.” And her mother knew exactly what she meant. “But my confessions are not what this is all about,” going by the looks around the room, Mel finally felt at ease enough to attempt returning to the original topic, “I’d just like to know a little more about this anniversary party you had. Tony told me you’re a very sexy woman, Mom.”
“Mel, we shouldn’t talk about that.”
“Why? I want to know. And you Dad, you made love to Samantha?”
Tom looked directly in his daughter’s eyes and saw only genuine curiously. “Yes,” he said, “I did.” He did not look away. “And it was quite wonderful.”
“Pat, I don’t think our daughter is accusing us of anything. She’s just interested. We agreed on being more open. And I think we should.”
“But this?”
“Mom, I’m not judging you and Tony, I just want to know everything.”
“Mel, this is not right.”
“See, that’s where I have to disagree with you, Mom, and I wish you would stop feeling guilty. Admittedly I was rather shocked when Tony first told me, but then I thought, as Tony would put it, now that we’re all grown ups, why not. I just don’t have the problems with it that you might think I would.”
Tom was a long way in front of his wife, “what are you really trying to say?” He was studying his daughter’s beautiful eyes.
“I’m not a virgin.”
Tom was not shocked, “we know about the director, Mel. And you’ve just told us about your experience with April.” Melody had not mentioned that it had been more than once. “We understand that you’re not a virgin, anymore.”
“Yes, but it kind of goes a little further than that.”
“We made love too.” Tony stated bluntly. He was hoping to assist his sister, who was now looking a little ill. 
Now both parents were in a state of utter shock. “You mean you and Mel?” Tom finally found voice.
“Yes,” said Tony, “we made love together and it was just as wonderful as it was with Mom.” He had a look that appeared to be challenging his father to disapprove.
With the reality being much different than what Melody had envisaged, fighting off the need to vomit, for a while, she became a bit player in the drama that unfolded before her.
Tony, however, was not so easily deterred, and even at the height of his mother’s storm; proving that he, himself, had been prepared for such an outcome, forged on.
It was more than half an hour later, with food gone cold and voices finally subsiding, that Melody finished her dare. Now without any enthusiasm, disconsolately, almost in a whisper, “I just thought we could hold our own party.”
It took awhile for this to sink in. Then Tom said, “what exactly are you suggesting, Mel?”
“Nothing.” And she was ready to leave, go to her room, and lock the door forever. Damn such a stupid game as Truth or Dare.
“No, really, what did you mean by that?”
“Nothing, Dad.”
“She thought we could have a party together; just the four of us.” Tony said.
There was another awkward moment of silence. “What kind of party?” said Tom.
“Like the anniversary party.”
More silence, then, “you’re serious?”
“No Samantha, no Emily or Diane or any of your other friends, just the four of us.”
“A sex party? That’s what you’re really suggesting, aren’t you? And Mel’s suggesting this too?” Tom stated, incredulously.
Having lost all hope. Feeling as though she was already condemned to be judged by her parents for all eternity, Mel suddenly jumped in, “Yes, Dad, a sex party, if that’s what you want to call it. I realize now that we were out of our minds with stupidity.”
A thought, “who’s idea was this?” Tom did not sound angry. He was, in fact, hoping, as much as anything, but not really believing it was possible, that it might actually have been his daughter’s idea.
Although Melody had, very quickly, jumped on the idea, it had, in fact, originally been Tony’s very taboo scheme. However, having already made so many outrageous confessions, Mel simply blurted out, “I just thought if Mom was allowed to make love with Tony, why couldn’t I make love to you?” She began to cry. “And I’m not a little girl, anymore. I know what this is. I was jealous.”
“But Mel…”
“No, Daddy, please. I just need to say this. We thought…Well I thought that if we could agree not to judge. That with what has happened. I mean, Daddy, I KNOW about the emotional part of all this. And really, I’m prepared for that. I wish you guys would see me as an adult. I really didn’t think this would be bad. I wasn’t going to go all insane. I could have done this and still have lived a normal healthy life. I believe that. I just wanted to make love with you guys, like Tony did.” As though seeking some kind of forgiveness, between sobs, she looked to be pleading with her father.
“This is very very serious, Mel.”
“It could have been fun, too, you know. I told you, I’m not that girl you thought I was.”
“No,” said Tom, “You’re a woman.” And there was no accusing, at all, in his eyes, only love.
“A woman with her own mind,” Tony quietly offered.
“You really wanted to make love with your father?” Pat glanced over at her daughter. Shock had subsided to the point where she remembered a brief time in her life when she had wanted to, at least, see her own father’s penis.
“And you.” Melody confessed.
“I told you about, April. I know what it is to be with a woman. And Tony told me you’ve been with Emily and Diane.”
“Absolute.” Tom’s voice struck like a thunderbolt.
“What?” Pat spun around to her husband.
“Absolutely, as Tony’s Sam would say. I think it’s a brilliant idea.”
“Absolutely awesome,” and he smiled at his daughter. “Look at her! She’s right, she’s all grown up now. You said yourself; ages ago now; that she knows her own mind. This is her idea. And I think it’s an absolutely wonderful idea.”
“As long as Melody is one hundred percent certain; no doubts, whatsoever; and we can all agree not to allow this to become some kind of emotional train wreck.”
Melody was flabbergasted, “Please, Daddy. I really want to.”
Biting her lip, Pat thought to address her son, “I told you it would only be the once.”
“Mom, I haven’t stopped thinking about it. I want to fuck you again.”
“Mom, stop that,” said Tony, “We fucked. It was beautiful. And I want to fuck you again. And I don’t feel like I’m carrying any emotional baggage from the last time, either.” The whole idea that there was even a window of opportunity here; had Tony feeling exceedingly horny. He knew, almost immediately that it would have been wiser to call it ‘love making’, but he still remembered how excited he had become when his sister had exploded in a similar fashion. Now he hoped his mother was getting at least a little turned on. Surely, she must; her own daughter was asking to have lesbian sex with her. Now that was something not even he had thought of.
“When,” said Tom.
“Tom…Tony…Surely you two are not seriously thinking about this? Melody, Sweetheart, you understand what you are saying?”
“I want to make love with you and Daddy, and Tony as well.” Her father’s enthusiasm was contagious, and she was suddenly feeling much more in control. It appeared as though only her mother was now holding back, “A sex party, as Daddy calls it. And I want there to be no judging.”
“A full on sex party,” said Tony.
Tom had unbelievable visions running through his mind that had his dick now throbbing.
“Tom,” said Pat, “remember how you felt about the first time you were with Emily? Remember the problems we had. And you were worried that she was too young?”
“And we got over it. Then there was Tony’s Sam. I thought we were passed this. But, really, Pat, if you’re worried about this and you don’t think you could cope.”
“I’m worried about, Mel. She’s not Emily or Sam, she’s your daughter.”
“Don’t be. Please, Mom, don’t be. I want this very very much. Please.” Mel pleaded like a child desperately looking for a lolly. All those years where she had been virtually disconnected from her family; the money, the gifts, but not the love; and then the recent time since her school play, where things had been so much more open and honest. “Are you really against me making love to Daddy? Is that what it is?”
“No,” and Pat wasn’t. In a strange way, she thought it might even somehow justify her behavior with Tony. 
“So what is it then?”
“You made love to Tony.” Pat reiterated.
“Yes, Mom, I made love to Tony, twice now, and I want to make love to you, too.”
“Twice!” Tom raised his eyebrows at his daughter, but was not upset.
“I told you guys, I don’t have a problem with it; and maybe that proves it. Tony and I made love again, a couple of weeks ago, and it was just as good as the first time. I can see why you would want to make love with him, Mom, Tony is very handsome,” she smiled at her brother, who was looking rather sheepish, “and quite wonderful in bed.”
Tom couldn’t control himself, his daughter talking this way had his cock so hard it was threatening to rip through his pants.
A pause, “a week,” said Pat.
“Sorry?” said Tony, baffled by his mother.
“A week; I think we need time to think about this.”
“So you’re not saying, no?” Tom was as surprised as the rest. Maybe he had underestimated his wife’s ability to absorb such an outrageous suggestion; maybe she was actually horny.
“A week; is what I am saying. We will talk about this in a week. I need time. I just don’t know.”
“Actually, I think your Mom is right,” Tom quietly said, “If this is to happen, it should only be if everyone is in total agreement; and no pressure on Mom or I, if we decide against it.”
“But you will think about it?” said Mel.
“Yes,” said Pat.
“Seriously,” Tony stressed.
“Yes, Tony, seriously; okay.”
“So let’s get this right. If you say, yes, there will be no judging, no comebacks, and no pressure on anyone. But please, if we do it, I don’t want us stopping in the middle of it.”
“What are you talking about, Tony?”
“Like, I don’t want you to feel pressured at all, but I just think that if we get right into it, and I’m making love to Melody, or Dad is, I don’t want it to suddenly stop because someone is not handling it. I think a week is a good idea. We should be utterly clear on this.” Like his father, Tony had all sorts of erotic visions running through his mind; but some, he feared, might even be too much for his very liberal parents.
“What are you afraid of?” Tom was enjoying this.
“I want to make love to Mom again, I really really do, it would be brilliant, but it would just be so cool to make love to Melody as well. And I’m afraid of that freaking you guys out.”
“We understand what you and Mel are asking.” Pat’s face was unreadable. “Like in one of Mel’s ‘adult’ movies.” Was there ridicule in her voice? Melody was uncertain. “But this is real life, and not a movie. You can’t expect it to be like that.” Perhaps it was more performance anxiety than any real moral issues.
Tom picked up on this, “Look, why not?” he said, “A family orgy; isn’t that what Mel is actually suggesting here? And we wouldn’t be there to judge each other’s performance. It would be about a family loving each other in a very special way. No one is going to be judging anyone, no matter what anyone does. That has to be clear.”
“Tom,” Uttered more quietly than before.
“Really, Darling, I think Tony is right. We should be totally open to whatever happens. But we all need time to make sure we are okay with this.”
“A week, then,” Tony did not want to lose the opportunity for them to at least agree on a timeframe.
“I know I’ll be okay with it.” Melody threw in.

Five days was all it took before Pat recalled the family. Tom had made enough hints during that time to make it clear where he stood, yet at no time had he pressured her.
In the end, it was really quite simple. Within two days of Melody’s surprise confrontation, Pat had decided, herself, what she wanted, and knew she was only stalling everyone else. And why should she stall, when all she could think about was how great a family orgy would be? Indeed, she had to confess to herself, she had been secretly hoping there would one day be another opportunity to fuck her son again. She simply didn’t want her husband to be jealous, but in light of what was being proposed, why would he be? Certainly there had been no hint of jealously since the anniversary party. Maybe all their shared experiences at the manor and operating the Wishing Well, had, in fact, prepared them for this very outcome.
What had clinched it in the end, though, was not so much, thoughts of her son, but rather her daughter. She could not get the thought out of her mind what it would look like to see her husband fuck their daughter. And would Melody really make love to her own mother? 
It was early afternoon, on a quiet Sunday, they were seated in the large, down stairs, living room, and everyone was nervous; particularly, Melody. Five days had been filled with a number of highs and lows. Why had she suggested such a thing? How great would it be if it actually happened? Did she have the nerve to fuck her own Dad? She hoped she did. She wanted to. Ever since the idea had manifested itself, she had struggled to get it out of her mind, and now it could really happen. But would reality be a complete letdown; pleasure and fun, drowned out by guilt. But she didn’t want to feel guilty. She loved her family too much for that. Stuff the guilt; this was what she wanted. Mom must be thinking terrible things about her; but then she had said nothing derogatory in the last five days, had even appeared more loving than usual and had brought up sex several times, while spending time in the kitchen with her daughter. Not once, however, had her mother given a hint about what she thought of Melody’s shocking suggestion.
“I’ve decided,” said Pat.
“It hasn’t been a week.” Tony was feeling rather pessimistic of the outcome.
“Yes, but I’m quite sure I know what you all want. And I don’t think you should have to wait any longer to hear what I have to say.”
Even Tom did not have an inclining; his wife having been a little bit of a stranger in the last few days, “Go on, Pat. Give it to us straight. And, remember, guys,” he now spoke to his children, “there’s no pressure here. It’s your mother’s decision and it’s final, and should be accepted without any comeback.”
Only then did Pat smile, “you’re right, Mel, sweetheart.”
“Sorry?” Mel said.
“I think that as soon as it is suitable for everyone, we should have a no holds barred, full on, family sex party in our bedroom.” She spoke of the master bedroom. Just saying these words, made her clit tingle and her smile broaden.
“Really!” Mel was disbelieving.
“Really, truly, darling. A want you to make love to your father, and I want to see you make love with Tony too. I want us all to have a whole load of fun together. You are absolutely right. Why not; as long as everyone is totally certain they are mentally okay with this.”
Melody knew her mother was speaking specifically to her, “Oh, I am, Mommy.” Although she often still called her father, Daddy, she seldom addressed her mother like this. However, it just sounded right at the time.
“Tonight, then.” Tony jumped in. Then looking around the lounge room, “That is if it is okay with everyone else,” he said more quietly. “Samantha’s away and I have nothing else on, what about everyone else?”
“Mel?” Tom asked. He was well aware of the problems there could be with two women involved. 
“Totally,” said Mel. Her cycle was, actually, perfect. And she was as horny as hell.
“Totally,” Pat happily mimicked her daughter. Things were almost as perfect for her. It was one of the reasons she had brought forward the date.
“So tonight I get to fuck your brains out again,” Tony said to his mother.
“Tony, there’s no need to be quite so vulgar,” yet still Pat was smiling.
A long look then passed between father and son, “And you, Dad?”
“Oh, you know I’m all for it.”
“With our, Mel?”
“Yes, I know what’s being suggested here, Tony.” He dared not look at his daughter for fear of showing how much he now truly lusted after his very beautiful daughter. He had been there when she was born; he had wiped her tears away when she had found out her fairies were not real; and that Santa looked a whole lot like her father. He had bounced her on his knees, while watching kiddy TV; had marveled at how much quicker she had learnt things than Tony; and watched her grow and blossom into a ravaging beauty, but had then lost her through her teen years, because he had been too selfish. Now she was back in his life; his daughter; and she wanted him to make love to her. Even his wife wanted this, so how could he not?
“No guilt, no judging, just totally awesome family fun.”
“Totally awesome,” said Pat. It was remarkable to all, how well adjusted to the idea she had become in five days.
And such was the sudden lightness in the household that the evening couldn’t come quick enough for everyone concerned.

Chapter twenty

There was hardly enough time in the afternoon for Patricia Evans to do all the things she wanted. First there was the preening. She even gave her hair a rinse that matched her natural dark coloring, and did well to hide a number of gray hairs; she did all her nails; scrubbed every inch of her body; used cream to remove vulva hair—leaving only a trimmed narrow triangle above her clit—and removed every other bit of body hair until her skin was as smooth and buffed as a porn queen. Then, after a long selection process, she settled on a very elegant black dress, tiny lacy black underwear; and instead of stockings, her most expensive pair of sheer pantyhose, that had lace flower patterns covering her crotch and upper thighs, on her feet were black high heels. She looked like she was dressed for a very up-market evening. Then she started on the bedroom. It was huge, at least as big as Tony and Melody’s combined. A table was added, along with four, material covered, chairs. Just before the party commenced, Pat intended to provide food and drinks. The room was cleaned better than any maid could.
Early family movies had recently been transferred to DVD, and this DVD was placed next to the DVD player, which was under a forty inch LCD screen, at the end of a king-sized bed. And other things were added, too.
Meanwhile, elsewhere, in the house, trying to keep clear of each other, Melody, Tony, and Tom, were busy readying themselves.
Six o’clock came and three of the four were now in the master bedroom. Tom was dressed in a smart blue business suit and white T-shirt. While Tony wore casual trousers and a basketball singlet; he had spent a good hour pumping weights in the small gym at the back of the house, hoping to impress his mother with his youthful look. He had but with him, his own new DVD.
Tom was beginning to wonder whether his daughter had chickened out at the last minute, when suddenly she entered. She had dressed in several different outfits before settling on one. It was her cheerleaders outfit. Her off-blonde, long hair was tied in pigtails; her nails were done, her blue sweater, with school logo, was a little tight, her pleated white skirt, wonderfully short, her legs as smooth as silk. She wore bobby socks and near new sneakers, and white cotton sports panties, the combination making her look incredibly cute. With her, she carried a small flower-patterned bag.
Tom thought she looked fifteen, not twenty one, but he minded not in the least, neither did anyone else, “Wow,” said Tony, “I don’t remember you ever being a cheerleader?”
“I was going to be.”
“Good thing you pulled out, no one would have been interested in the match.”
“So you like it?” She coyly asked. She had been a little afraid that her mother, in particularly, might have thought it too cute for such an occasion. But Pat was openly ogling along with the rest.
“Stunning,” said Pat.
“Perfect,” said Tom. He couldn’t believe his luck. Little Bo Peep had been one thing, but his daughter dressed as an unbelievably cute cheerleader, was something else again.
“Mom, you look beautiful.” And Melody was not exaggerating.
“Thank you dear,” Pat was all smiles, “why don’t you take a seat? We thought we might have a few drinks and something to eat, before we did anything else.” The spread on the table were the kind of morsels that were common at the Manor parties: the alcohol was Champaign.
Melody joined them at the table. Light conversation followed, but was hard to maintain; everyone, although nervous, obviously eager to get started on some action.
Pat put the family DVD on, and for a while they turned their chairs to better marvel at how modern technology had made it possible for them to skip between a variety of scenes. Melody and Tony were shown taking their first steps; there was early bike riding; attempts at cooking with Mommy; a cowboy outfit; tenting; and enough memories to prove that this had once been a close family. And now it was again. They did not watch all of it, but enough, with Champaign in hand, to have them feeling a little more relaxed.
Certain they had had enough, “Well,” said Pat to her son, “So what’s this movie you’ve brought with you?” It was in an unmarked DVD case.
“A recent acquisition,” and Tony bounced up. He put on the DVD and pressed play. It was foreign and not particular well produced. Some of it was blurry and lighting could have been better. But the casual, under-directed, sex was brilliant. Never had Tony’s parents or Melody seen such natural sex.
“Oh fuck!” Melody held a hand up to her mouth. She couldn’t believe she had sworn in front of her parents; but then never in her life could she have imagined watching such a sex scene as this. Even though it was not in English, it was very obviously that the cast was all related. Now a rather overweight father was joyfully fucking his young, pretty daughter; and she loved it. There was no pretence here, whatsoever, as an entire family of six casually engaged in all kinds of outrageous acts.
As the youngest family member now sucked on her brother’s cock, while her father fucked her, “she is over eighteen?” Tom worriedly asked his son. Yes, this was erotic, he thought, but was it legal? And was it right to be watching such taboo sex?
Tony shrugged, “It says so on the cover. I can get it for you if you like?” He had not brought along the cover because he wanted to surprise. Now he was not so sure revealing his latest purchase was such a good thing.
“How?” asked Melody, who had never seen such a taboo genre in any of her sex catalogues. Quietly, she was actually rather enjoying the very casual nature in which this reasonably attractive family went about fucking each other. “How did you get it?”
“The internet,” Tony was looking increasingly worried. “I’ll turn it off.” It had been going for about ten minutes and could well have over-stayed its welcome.
“Maybe that would be a good idea,” Pat said. She did not, however, look anywhere near as worried as her husband. Many things had changed in the past year, not the least of which was the boundaries she had once placed on sex. “Not that I have any problems with it, Tony,” she even smiled. “Tom and I might even like to borrow it some time, if that is okay?”
“What? Um, yes, I guess, I just thought…Well I thought maybe I had made a big mistake. You were so quiet.” Tony stammered. He had truly been in fear that he had wrecked the evening.
“No, Tones,” said Mel, “it’s kind of beautiful. I just think Mom is right. Maybe that’s enough for now.” She was, in fact, now utterly itching to duplicate some of what she had just seen.
For a short while they talked of things less intense, then, “So, Mel, what did you bring to the party?” Tony spoke of her bag that was next to her chair.
“In a minute,” Mel returned. “I need the bathroom.” She went to her parents’ bathroom, where she stood in front of her mother’s large vanity mirror. This was perfect; so much better than she could have hoped for. Not only did her reflection look cute and chick, but this was her parents’ private area. She was actually in their bathroom. Her father’s shaving gear was there, and a heap of her mother’s make-up. And in the adjoining room, there was that tempting king size bed, where her parents fucked. She didn’t really need a pee, but she had loved the family orgy on the DVD so much that it had made her wet, and now she wanted to clean herself up, ready for the next act.
While her parents and brother waited, for the third time that afternoon, Melody thoroughly washed and dried her cunt. When she pulled up her thong and then sports panties, she gently patted her crotch. Was she really ready for this; the cutest possible cheerleader about to put on a stage performance for her own Dad? Indeed, she felt as though she was in one of her school plays. Only this one was far more erotic; like one of those many fantasies she had had, while playing with herself in private.
She entered the bedroom. She had an audience. “Everything okay?” Her mother asked.
“Fine,” said Melody. “So you want to know what I have in my bag?” They all nodded.
Melody then went and carefully positioned her chair so that it was about four feet in front of her father; the table did not block any view. She sat. Then she reached for her bag and opened it. “I told you about what I some times get up to in my room,” she said, “Well these are my favorite toys.” And she pulled out two vibrators.
The point of no return: carefully watching her father, she parted her legs. So short was her pleated skirt, that she did not have to open up far, for her panties to be seen. Tony and her mother were also intently watching. The look on her family’s eyes had Melody more excited than nervous. So she casually parted her legs a little further.
For Tom it was unbelievable. That little girl he had just been watching on the family’s home video; was now all grown up, and sitting across from him, with her legs well apart.
She slid a little more forward and parted her long smooth legs as wide as she could, while still being comfortable. A pink vibrator was switched on. Slowly she placed it over her white sports panties, and started rubbing it up and down, “are you watching, Daddy?” She was far from feeling like the closet sex maniac she had often been; now was time to fully express all those pent up desires.
Of course Tom was watching his daughter. He nodded.
“You like watching your daughter?” Pat asked; her words an early demonstration of how much more accepting she was of what they had planned.
Again Tom just nodded.
“Go on, Mel,” said Tony.
Mel laughed. This was fantastic. What a captive audience. And she kept slowly rubbing the humming vibrator all over the crotch of her panties. The twitches her body made, had even Pat as horny as hell. “Why don’t you take them off, sweetheart?” Pat said. Maybe her daughter had been right, maybe this could actually be as good as a well rehearsed porno?
Mel needed no further encouragement. She put her legs together and seductively pulled down her sports panties only, then revealing a white lacy thong. Slowly, she parted her legs again. 
Tom was super turned on; so many firsts, and each one of them more erotic than the last. His daughter still had bobby socks and sneakers on, her long legs were incredibly smooth without the need for pantyhose; and she now had the sexiest thong barely covering her pussy. She returned to rubbing her crotch with the pink vibrator. At the edges of her now tiny knickers, just showing in her sexy hollows, were the first signs of female dew. His daughter was getting thoroughly hot, while he was sitting there watching.
She only performed for a few more minutes before again snapping her legs together and placing the vibrator upright, on the table. Now they all watched as she pulled down even her thong, and threw it to one side.
For nearly ten seconds she just sat with her legs together, smiling; then she slowly parted them. Her pussy was bald. She had kept it this way, not only because her brother had requested she did, but also so that her father could see every fold of her perfect young cunt.
And for a while she just sat there letting them all admire her womanly gape. 
Tom was breathing heavily. Surprisingly, so was Pat; she thought her daughter had a prettier pussy than even Diane or Emily, and she suddenly had the urge to eat it.
With two fingers, Melody began rubbing the sides of her ample clit. Tom was a gasp: Those wonderful thighs; those large labials moving about; that puckering wet pink vagina with just a hint of a moist opening, the whole fucking gap that was his very beautiful daughter’s young cunt and anus.
“Tones,” said Mel, “why don’t you come here.”
Tony did. Mel gently put his hand on her sweater. He began to massage one of her large concealed breasts.
“May I join in?” Pat was past all modesty.
Delighted, rather than answer, Melody just smiled her approval.
Soon Pat was on one side of her daughter, Tony on the other; both happily massaging Melody’s tits; while Mel, herself, continued to frig her erect clit.
Tom watched everything. Now Melody put a finger in her hole and pulled it out wet, and rubbed her clit even harder.
Between twitches, and sighing; “Daddy,” said Mel, “I want you to watch this.” She reached over and grabbed the vibrator. She placed it at the entrance to her cunt hole. Then while making sure her Dad was watching, in it popped, a twisting action helped to get it about two thirds of the way in. And for a few seconds she removed her hand so that her Dad could see the vibrator simply held in position by her vaginal muscles. She switched it on. Muffled buzzing was heard. And after her mother and brother helped each other take Melody’s sweater off, Melody started pushing and pulling the vibrator slowly in and out of her very wet vagina.
Tom couldn’t help himself. A hand went to the crotch of his pants, and he massaged his cock while his daughter watched with eyes wide.
“I want to see it.” Melody asked.
“Show her,” Pat contributed. Under her daughter’s sweater was a gray/blue fabric bra that was topped with embroidered flowers and thick white lace; it was exceedingly chick. Pat had already resumed massaging one ample cup, while Tony was venturing further; pulling down one side of the bra, allowing his sister’s left, bullet-sized nipple, to escape.
Tom had never seen nipples quite so long, and to think they were his own daughter’s. “What do you think, darling?” Pat asked her husband. “Aren’t they the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen?”
“What?” He dumbly, returned.
“Hasn’t your daughter got magnificent nipples?”
“Huh!” And Tom now didn’t quite know where to look. His wife was copying his son; both Melody’s eye-poking dark pink nipples now on show. And Melody was continuing to alternate between teasing her clit with the vibrator, and shoving it deep into her wet vagina.
“And are you going to do as your daughter asks?” Pat added.
“Please show me, Daddy.” Melody reiterated. Her pussy was fairly burning up with desire. “I want to see your cock.”
Tom looked at his wife’s pretty blue eyes. There was no denying it, she really did want him to unzip his fly and pull out his prick for their daughter to see. And Melody looked so relaxed while Tony now sucked and nibbled, pinched and teased his sister’s nipple.
Tom stood. He was now no more than two feet from his daughter’s parted legs. She took out the wet vibrator, sucked it clean, and again leant over and replaced it on the table. Now she could better concentrate on what was about to unfold.
Tom undid his belt buckle. Melody was mesmerized. Her naked cunt was so close to her father, while he was unzipping, about to reveal his cock. It was as though it was in slow motion. But then, finally, poking out of his boxers, there it was, larger than life, his very erect dick. It was Melody’s turn to gasp. She was actually looking at her father’s lovely penis. She had no memory of ever seeing it before, even in a flaccid state, and now she was less than a few feet away, staring at it, magnificently erect. It looked like Tony’s.
“What do you think of that?” Pat asked her daughter.
“Suck it,” Tony encouraged.
Melody glanced at her mother. “Tony’s right,” Pat quietly returned, “We agreed; no holds barred; go ahead; give your father a nice blowjob, dear. It’s what you want, isn’t it Tom, darling?”
He was shuddering, but not incapable of nodding affirmatively.
Melody, surprisingly, had no hesitation. She sat more upright in her chair, causing her brother and mother to cease fondling her. Her father’s delightful penis was now only a foot from her face. She looked up into Tom’s eyes, they were brown like her own, and were filled with incredible lust.
She did it.
First, with a hand, she pulled his cock even closer, before then opening her pretty young mouth.
Tom watched in lustful agony as his daughter began by scraping her teeth over the mushrooming head. Tony and Pat were just as transfixed. And Melody flicked out her tongue, caught pre-cum, ate it; then licked the top underside of her father’s magnificently hard shaft. Finally, the whole head popped in.
Melody expertly worked her lips and tongue all over that rigid shaft, as she fucked it with her mouth; one small hand, with painted nails, pumping the base of his cock, the other playing with his loaded balls.
Pat was quaking inside. She couldn’t believe how wonderful this looked. However, it didn’t last as long as they all hoped.
“Oh shit, I’m so sorry, Mel, sweetheart, I think I’m going to come.”
Melody stopped, “then come, Daddy. I want you to come.” She said before resuming. She had not planned to take her father’s warm load in her mouth, but so turned on was she, she could think of no other outcome. And besides, his pre-cum had not been anywhere near as bad as she’d feared.
And while Pat watched her husband receiving an exquisite blowjob, Tom exploded. Some of it missed. Most did not. And Melody couldn’t believe how easily she swallowed such a healthy load of her father’s warm sperm. The secret was simple. Swallow quickly. She was even in such a state of excitement, that she licked up and sucked remaining cum off his twitching cock head.
Pat was in heaven. She came to her daughter and very tenderly kissed her flush on the lips. Then they kissed with more passion. On parting, “I want to eat you, Mel,” she blurted.
For Tony, watching his mother and sister kissing was even more of a turn on than knowing his sister had just swallowed his father’s cum. Jumping about the place, excitedly, “On the table,” he suggested. How erotic would it be to actually now watch his mother eat out Melody’s luscious pussy? And he was quickly removing food trays and drink glasses. Pat joined in. Tom was spent, and just watched while sitting on the edge of his bed, still disbelieving what had just happened. Remarkably, he had not a single regret. His daughter was magnificent, and he loved her very much, and boy was she good at giving head.
Soon, with a couple of pillows offering some comfort, Melody was laying back on the five foot long wooden table. Her bra was still on, so too, her skirt, socks and sneakers, but not her knickers. She spread her legs. Pat came to her daughter’s naked pussy.
“Eat me, Mom,” said Melody. “Eat my pussy like Tones does.”
Pat actually found a chair and made herself comfortable before leaning forward between her daughter’s parted knees. There it was; within inches; the most perfect cunt in all the world. She glided her hands over Mel’s naked inner thighs, and kissed them all the way up to that beautiful wet gap. Then she patted her daughter’s pussy. Patted and patted it. Out came her tongue. And a dream she had had for five days now, finally came true; Pat began to eat her own daughter’s very pretty smooth pussy.
Unbelievably, Tom’s cock was already recovering. He came to the side of the table and with Tony nearby, played with his daughter’s very full bra, while watching his still elegantly dressed wife enthusiastically eat pussy. The lapping noises; the way Pat used her fingers to spread open those large labials; the tongue poking; the clit frigging; the introduction of another clear vibrator that made it possible to see deep inside Mel’s vagina; it was too much for Tony, he literally came in his pants.
“Damn,” he swore.
“What?” Pat suddenly stopped. Shit her daughter’s pussy had tasted good. Maybe she really did have lesbian tendencies? Or was this just seriously good fun?
“I damn well came in my pants.” Tony proclaimed.
They all had a little laugh.
“I’ll be back,” Tony said, and went to the bathroom to clean himself up. While he was gone, he could hear squeals of delight; his sister must be close to an orgasm. What a sight it had been; his own very sexy mother brilliantly eating Mel’s perfect pussy. Shit, he didn’t know who he wanted to fuck more; his mother, or his sister. Wow it would be awesome to fuck Mel in front of their parents; but then so, too, would it be, to have Melody watch him fuck their mother. And still the highlight of the evening would have to be if Melody really did let their father fuck her.
When he returned to the bedroom, he only had his basketball singlet and basketball socks and boots on; his cock was already, once more, semi-erect. His sister turned her head and admired her brother. “Here,” she said, “Bring it over and let me suck it hard.”
By the time he reached the table, it was throbbing with anticipation. Tom and Pat watched closely as casually Mel took her brother’s cock in her mouth and began to tease and suck it. Pat took this as a cue to rise off the chair, and once standing, turn to her husband, “How about it, Tom?”
“Stop with the dumb look,” Pat said, “how about you do your daughter and me a big favor, and fuck her?” She moved the chair out of the way, giving her husband better access.
His cock was still out of his boxers and now it was like rock. Melody momentarily stopped sucking her brother’s nice cock and called to her father. “Please, daddy, please make love to me.”
Pat made plenty of room.
Tom came to the end of the table. It was as though his wife had measured the height before she had added it to the room, it was nearly perfect. With only the slightest bend of his knees, leaning forward, with his wife, his son, and Melody, herself, watching, he brought his fatherly cock to within an inch of his daughter’s wet pussy.
“Are you absolutely sure of this?”
“Stop it, Tom. Look at your daughter? Do you really think she has any doubts about what she wants right now?” And to conclude, demonstrating her own certainty, Pat actually approached the table, reached between Melody’s spread raised knees and grabbed Tom’s large dick by the base, and pulled it further forward until the head actually parted Melody’s labials.
Melody invitingly pushed forward, and her daddy now pushed in. The slightest resistance, then in and in it went. When his cock came out, it was already seriously wet with his daughter’s pussy juices. In it went again. And out. In again, then right out, Tom even thinking to grab his cock and, like in a porn movie, slap his daughter’s wonderfully large clit with the very slick head. And back in it went, again and again.
Pat used her fingers to clamp her daughter’s pussy, squeezing Melody’s clit between folds, as much as tightening Tom’s cock inside that slippery vagina. Then immediately after, she started to rub her daughter’s clit with several wet fingers. At one stage Tom pulled out his cock, and his wife actually thought to lean over and suck off her daughter’s juices before her husband put his cock back in. 
With a rhythm finally established, feeling more relaxed, Melody returned her attention to occasionally sucking on her brother’s large dick, while her father fucked her blind. This was the ultimate sex dream; every bit as outstanding as she had imagined it might be.
Melody’s first orgasm came with her mother, almost violently, frigging her clit, while her father fucked with increased intensity. It was a screamer. Her father very quickly followed; his cumshot landed above Melody’s flaring skirt, all over her very flat stomach. Tony, thinking of fucking his mother, was only barely able to hold off.
There was a lull in the party; where they cleaned up; drank a little; ate; talked; laughed; and were remarkably comfortable with all the taboos they had just broken.
It took a full half hour before the men were ready for the bed.
And only now did Melody turn around, so that her father could unclip his daughter’s very pretty bra. Still she kept on her skirt and sneakers. Tony’s dick remained naked; and Tom was also free of his boxers and business trousers.
Pat, however, remained fully dressed. She came to the edge of the bed. She parted her legs, displaying her silky smooth pantyhose, with the flowery tops, to both Tony and Melody.
Tony did not hesitate. Even with her legs brazenly wide apart, his mother looked amazingly elegant; and he couldn’t wait to play with her pussy.
Melody was watching with open admiration. Wow! How good would it be to witness her brother devouring their mother’s cunt?
And Pat smiled at her daughter as Tony started running his hands lustfully up and down her pantyhose.
Now a hand went to Pat’s crotch. Tom and Melody watched as Tony grinded his palm into his mother’s pussy. She started to moan with lust.
“Scissors?” said Tom.
“What?” said Tony; from his kneeling position, he glanced up at his father.
“On the bedside table.”
Sure enough, when Tony looked over, there was a small pair of scissors, “What are they for?” Tony asked.
“Cut out the gusset,” Pat answered.
“Oh! Okay.”
Melody watched as her brother then carefully cut out the gusset of very expensive pantyhose, to reveal black lace panties. And there was her mother, legs wide, hole torn in her pantyhose, revealing her knickers to her children. It was incredibly sexy.
Feeling extremely horny, Pat took it upon herself to pull her panties well aside.
Tony, of course, had seen her pussy before, but was no less impressed than the first time. Melody was simply gobsmacked. Her own mother was showing off her cunt, and it looked very much like Melody’s.
“Come on,” said Tony to Mel, “Let’s share.”
Tom watched as his willing daughter edged closer to her mother’s aching pussy. Out came her pretty tongue, and she licked. Tony was slightly to one side, between his mother’s legs, admiring his sister’s handy work. Then he, too, took a turn. A finger went in Pat’s vagina and came out wet. Tony offered it to his sister and she happily sucked off the juices. Now two fingers went in, and were turned upside down and Tony frigged for a while, then again he removed them and offered his sister a good feed. Melody then started to attack their mother’s clit with her fingers.
Between twitches Pat relaxed on the edge of the bed, engrossed in watching her children sharing and taking turns working over her cunt and inner thighs. It seemed to be a bit of a competition to see who could make their mother orgasm first.
Eventually, with eyes closed in ecstasy, Pat fell back onto the bed. Her legs remained well apart, knees over the edge, Melody now, having climbed on the bed, attacking her mother’s large clit from the top, Tony still on his knees, between Pat’s legs, tongue and fingers working overtime. And Pat came; an orgasm that rocked the very foundations of the house.
“Let’s share Tony,” Pat said brightly to her daughter. She rose off the bed and signaled for her son to take her place. “Come on, Mel. Let’s suck his cock together, like they do in your movies.”
Tony gleefully sat on the edge of the bed, watching, as on knees, his mother and sister now approached his twitching cock.
Melody was the first to grab it. She held it by the base as her mother found a comfortable position on the other side of Tony’s lap. Now Pat bent over. Melody watched in awe as her mother’s mouth opened to receive the head of Tony’s dick. And suck that magnificent dick Pat did. Tongue running over the shaft down to her daughter’s fist, up to the head, lips wrapping around, tongue flicking while in and in her son’s cock disappeared. Then Melody had her turn. Tom, nearby, couldn’t believe how erotic it looked watching his two favorite women, so expertly sucking his son’s big pulsating cock. And look how wet it was getting!
“Hey, I’m missing out here,” Tom finally interjected.
Melody jumped up and patted the bed next to Tony. “Come on then Dad. We can’t have you feeling let out,” she smiled like a little girl.
Tom quickly sat down.
Now Pat and Melody gave Tom a similar blowjob. Then back to Tony; then back to Tom; then Pat stayed with her son, while Melody, from her kneeling position, able to look over and see her mother, remained with her father. The two ladies sucked for a while longer, than, while looking at each other, as though in a gleeful race, they concentrated on just giving the men handjobs.
“Oh, fuck, I’m going to come if you keep doing that,” Tony said.
“Not yet you’re not,” Pat quickly returned. She stopped wanking is beautiful cock,” Not before you fuck me with that lovely thing of yours.”
“Oh, Daddy, and you have to fuck me again, too,” Melody pleaded.
Tony bounced off the floor. In no time he had his handsome young cock lined up with his mother’s dilated wet pussy. In it went. Melody gasped. What a delight watching her brother fucking their mother. In and out; slick and magnificent; Pat moaning with each long stroke.
Melody jumped to the edge of the bed, and positioned herself next to her mother. She happily swung open her legs, again kissed her mother flush on the lips, before inviting her father to fuck her once more. “Come on, Daddy, we’re falling behind here. Give me your cock.”
And willingly he obliged.
So there they were; Son and father; side by side; fucking away, to their hearts content.
“Now let’s switch,” said Tony.
And they did.
Now Tony fucked his sister, while Tom fucked his wife.
Pat watched across at her son’s cock sinking deep inside her daughter. It was like a perfect script. She reached over, and with Melody watching her hand; she played with her daughter’s clit.
Tom fucked and fucked his wife.
Tony matched his father’s rhythm.
“Fuck me, Tones,” Melody whispered. “Oh, shit, Tones, fuck your sister. This is so wonderful. I love fucking my family.”
“Fuck her, son,” Tom added.
And Melody simply leaned back and completely loved the feeling of her brother’s cock fucking her wet hole.
Later still, saw Melody, stretched out in doggy style, eating her mother’s pretty pussy, while, with skirt and sneakers finally removed; her father’s cock was again buried deep in her pussy. And Tom watched every stroke; loving the sight of his daughter’s perfect arse; her puckering anus; and loving the way her young vagina pulled on his cock. His son, Tony, was on his knees on the bed, feeding his cock to his mother’s mouth.
They fucked and fucked, on and near the bed; in every conceivable way; then they fucked some more.
At one point Tony bounced off the bed and went to the chairs; he positioned two facing each other. Then, naked, he lounged with his cock in the air. He pointed to the opposing chair; hoping his father would catch on.
Moments later, facing away from her son, Pat, now fully naked, was holding her son’s prick, guiding it, as, with legs wide apart, she bent her knees, and sank. She smiled across at Melody and her husband as she began to very explicitly fuck her son. Every inch of that young cock visible as it slipped in and out; Tony able to reach around and grabbed his mother’s large bouncing tits.
Melody was not going to be outdone, and quickly did the same with her father’s rigid cock. And copying his son, Tom put his arms around his daughter’s back, and cupped her amazing tits; nipples, popping out between gently squeezing fingers; and Melody began grinding and rising and falling on his dick, pussy juice literally dripping off his balls, while Pat lustfully watched.
“You like fucking your father?”
Between gasps, “Oh, Mom, I love fucking Daddy,” Melody bounced up and down on her Daddy’s big wet dick. “Do you like fucking, Tones?”
Sucking in air, nearing another orgasm, stopping only briefly to frig her clit while Melody and Tom watched, “Unbelievable, Mel, sweetheart,” she breathed out, “I love it so much; fucking your Dad and Tony, together, like this. Oh,” and up and down she slowly rid that handsome cock, “oh, yes, oh, does it look good?”
“Seeing Tones pretty dick disappearing in your pussy like that Mom, is about the best thing I’ve ever seen.”
And the four fucked and fucked, several switches made during the course of this new position.
From the chairs they returned to fucking on the bed, then the floor, on the table again; and back to the bed. They shared as a foursome and they performed duos, and they held back nothing.
Finally Tom came in his wife’s mouth, while his children watched. She licked him clean. Tony came inside his sister. He knew it was safe, and it felt so wonderful lying on top of her, dick as far in as it would go; sperm washing over her cervix.
Relaxing later, thinking over what had just happened, the best memory for Tom would be when he had fucked his wife again on the bed and had, several times, pulled out his wet cock, to then have his pretty young daughter, with her big brown, innocent, eyes glancing up at him, while sucking his cock clean of motherly pussy juice, before she put it back in for him. That, and when he had sucked her bullet sized nipples and had passionately kissed her.
For Pat, it was during the same bed fuck, where Melody swung over her mother, doggy-style, giving a close up view of her pussy, just before Tony sunk his cock deep into her. Pat, lying on her back, had watched, as only inches above her head, her handsome son’s cock had thrust in and out of Melody. She had licked those bouncing balls and the base of that wonderful cock, as well as having fingered and tongued her daughter’s clit, while Melody was doing much the same to her mother’s clit. Tony had also pulled out his cock at one stage, and Pat had sucked it clean of her daughter’s ample pussy juices, before then placing it back at the entrance of Melody’s vagina, to watch, again, as Tony’s fat dick, disappear inside.
As for Tony; he would never forget the first time he had witnessed his father gently push his cock into his own very beautiful daughter; and while he fucked, his wife frigged her own daughter’s oversized clit; and later, after Tom had splattered ample cum over Melody’s flat stomach, Tony’s Mum had actually scooped up some with her fingers and eaten it. That; and having watched his mother and sister share his cock, in that super sexy duel blowjob.
More wonderful, however, to Melody, surprisingly more wonderful then even making love to her father, was all the kissing. It was more than passionate; it was pure family love. She had kissed Tony and her father; and above these delightful memories, she had French kissed her own mother. 
By the end, Melody had drunk her father’s cum, had eaten her mother’s juices, had sucked off her Dad and Tones at the same time, had shared Tones cock with her own Mom, and was now struggling to hold her brother’s cum deep inside her vagina; after having experienced her third orgasm of the night. And, while sweaty and exhausted, she was slumped in a chair, utterly exhilarated.
They would agree that, whether in part, or as a group, this was definitely something they would have to do again.
After visiting the bathroom, while dressing, “So what do you think of your little girl now?” Melody asked her Dad.
“As beautiful as when you were two and I used to bounce you on my knee.”
“And now I bounce in your lap,” she answered provocatively, “And what about you, Mom?”
“Melody, sweetheart, you have grown to be the best daughter a mother could wish for; and, as your father says, a very beautiful woman. I am so proud of you.”
Remarkably, conversation would turn away from anything sexual. They were a loving family; and they now wanted to share in their dreams and hopes for the future. Melody told how she was more determined than ever, to conquer Hollywood. This time she would be better mentally prepared for all the pitfalls.
A truly memorable night was had by all.
The Manor had been great, and working in the Wishing Well was just as much fun, however, with Patricia’s sexual confidence now at an all time high, even the events of the Anniversary Party could not live up to an evening spent at home with just the family. 

Chapter Twenty One

A week later, Melody left Summerville, to return to Hollywood. 
Again, she would struggle, but eventually she would get bit parts here and there; and always her loving parents, her brother, Samantha, and April, were on the other end of distressed phone calls, reminding her of all her many talents.
In a number of cases, her parents simply dropped everything, and flew to her aid, and always they continued to encourage rather than oppose their daughter’s dreams.
And although she continued to enjoy watching the occasion Adult movie, even the more extreme one her brother supplied, Melody managed to keep her fantasizes of being a porn queen, just that—fantasy. Her parents need not have worried about a daughter who had such a good head on her shoulders.
That’s not to say she didn’t make mistakes. Some of the choices of movies she allowed her agent to talk her into were appalling, and twice she only barely avoided the casting couch. A lovely body like hers was seen as fresh meat to the slaughter, by two unscrupulous, old, fat-bellied, directors.
All the while she fucked. She loved sex, sex was sex, and no matter how good the vibrator, nothing really compared to the full feeling of having a nice cock pumping away inside her tight hole, so why not enjoy it to the fullest? With the help of her brother, she felt she had a pretty good knowledge of what men to avoid, and in most cases, she was right. Only once did she find herself wishing she was somewhere else, and that was mostly to do with garlic. Not once was she forced to swallow cum; that was something she chose only to do with the male members of her family.
As for Prince Charming; real love came from the heart, and she would look for that in an entirely different way than before.
She would find it. The man of her dreams, proving to be nothing like the blockbuster, Hollywood image she had grown up with.

Two summers later, saw Melody Evans co-star in a low budget movie, which caught the attention of more than one influential agent.
From no where a bidding war for her services, started.
A moderate hit later, and Melody had made it. Not quite the A list others dreamed of, but still right where she wanted to be—right where the art was purest. She starred on stage and numerous, mostly independent, movies; and never had to worry about waiting for that elusive phone call again.
Having married her Prince Charming, she soon fell pregnant and gave birth to twin girls. They were the idols of their parents’ eyes.
To most of Melody’s friends, her doting husband was seen as someone not tall, or well-built, nor particularly handsome, but he was passionately committed to Melody and her work. And this was far more important to Melody than movie star looks.
And best.
He fucked like a porn star.
And while she was happy living on the outskirts of that skittish town, called Hollywood, in a nearby suburb, lived her very good friend, April and her husband, Travis. Able to easily adapt to both rock and classical, Travis had gone on to great things in the music industry. So great, in fact, that, along with a number of high profile orchestras, nearly every rock band looking for an edgy ballad, or special violin rift, sought out Travis first.
For his services, he was paid handsomely.
And April loved her man as fiercely as any woman could.
She, herself, became a primary school teacher, and she was good at it. Who would ever have guessed someone so brazen would have children jumping with joy all about her?
Still, in the bedroom, the only time April was a primary school teacher, was when she dressed up to play. There were so many adult things to teach a man who had never been with another woman.
Of course, their best friend, Melody, visited often. And when April gave birth to a bouncing boy, he was immediately adopted into an extended family.
As for Tony and Samantha, they lived together for a long time before they were finally willing to commit to the sanctity of marriage. Even after they did, on occasions they still visited Tony’s parents for a late night party.

With long flowing, light nightgown on, Melody removed her favorite vibrator from the bottom drawer. The twins were in bed, her husband was working late, and she was recalling all the sexual fun she had had with her family and the many men of Los Angeles. But most of all, she was thinking of her husband and how he had better fuck her as soon as he got home, or she would cry foul.
Leaning on a pile of pillows, casually she flicked the long vibrator on. Why had she bothered with panties? She quickly pulled them down.
And in it slipped, in and out, then well lubricated with her pussy juices, she tapped away on her clit. She was feeling particularly horny on this night, and would play with her cunt until near exhaustion. In the end, after a good orgasm, she forced herself to halt.
She should, at least, save a little of her strength for her husband.
And so, Melody Evans, the once shy, reclusive college girl, had blossomed into a star. Her sex life was never more healthy; her friendships, never more fulfilling; her career exactly as she had always hoped; and her family, the most loving of any family she knew of. 

The End

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