Astrid's Choice

(Part 1 from 2)

*Authors Note: This story contains material that deals with religon and sex. If this offends you please do not read. Thank You*

Astrid looked down and saw herself dressed in a long dark red dress. It was quite low cut revealing her luscious cleavage. Her dark brown hair was hanging loose with bouncy curls. Her big brown eyes widened as she saw all these beautiful people going into an elegant looking nightclub.

She slowly walked in the building feeling her legs shaking and her stomach in knots. The big thick black shoes she wore made it hard for her to walk. She wasn't used to dressing this way. Usually she would wear her blue jeans and t-shirt and her hair in a ponytail. But tonight it was different. She felt different. It was as if she was in some sort of dream but yet she felt more alive than ever.

As she entered the nightclub, she saw the most handsome men she'd ever seen in her entire life sipping on wine and dressed in suits and ties. The room was filled with loud dance type music. She wondered why she never went out much. After college, her life was nothing but work and she'd become so antisocial.

She continued to walk down the room covered with dark red carpet matching her dress. All the gentlemen looked at her with lustful eyes. Two particular gentlemen caught her eye. Both men were tall, at least over 6'0" and seemed to be quite muscular. One of the gentlemen had a gray suit with a black tie and dark black hair slicked back. The other gentleman wore a black and white suit and had short blonde spiky hair. They both smiled at her. She could tell they both had deep dark blue eyes. She wondered if they were brothers or cousins.

She felt shy like she always did but still managed to make herself walk up to the two men. The music playing was now fading as she approached the men. She smiled at them weakly and immediately the gentleman in the black and white suit offered her a glass of red wine.

"Here you go ma'am," he said in a soft voice.

She blushed. "Thank you."

The gentleman in the gray suit offered her a seat in between them both. He patted the red leather stool. "Have a seat here ma'am."

She made herself comfortable and crossed her legs letting her skin show. She sipped the most delicious red wine she'd ever drank. The temperature in the room was pleasant the two gorgeous gentlemen were sitting very close to her making her feel so wanted.

"So what brings you here tonight?" The man in the black and white suit asked never taking his blue eyes off her.

She shrugged. "I don't know. I guess you could say I was just lured here for some stranger reason."

The man in the gray looked at the other man. "Is that so? Well I think tonight will be the night you will never forget."

She took one more sip of red wine and blinked her eyes. Suddenly she was no longer at the nightclub. She was in a quiet dim lit room with black curtains and gray walls. She was lying on a huge soft antique bed. She was still fully clothed except for her shoes and clueless of where she was; yet she didn't feel fear.

She raised herself up and looked around. The room seemed to be empty and lighted with candles smelling of vanilla. Suddenly she heard a soft sound as the door opened. It was the same two gentlemen but this time they were completely nude. Her jaw dropped once she took a look at their huge cocks. They had to be at least 10 inches long and very thick. Both had throbbing mushroom heads covered by gooey precum.

She couldn't speak for a moment. She just glared at the two men as they approached her on the bed. The blonde started stroking her face softy and the brunette began pulling the straps of her dress down her shoulders as he kissed her neck. She wanted to stop them immediately but she had no strength. It's like they had put something in her drink to make her feel so controlled.

The blonde leaned down to kiss her. She'd never experienced such a hot and delicious kiss in he entire life. His mouth felt so hot and his tongue felt as if it was burning hers but yet she still wanted more of his kiss. Her dress fell off her shoulders and quickly exposed her big breasts. Her dark pink nipples were erect as the dark haired gentleman began to rub them with his fingers.

"Mmmm oooh yes!" Astrid exclaimed in between kisses. She felt the brunette pull her long hair gently making her tilt her head back. He leaned closer to her and planted his lips on hers. His kiss was just as incredible as the blondes but more soft and slow. His tongue played with hers so erotically.

"She kisses very well. I wonder what else she can do," The brunette said in a husky tone.

He leaned his head down as Astrid continued to kiss the dark haired man. The blonde wrapped his lips around one of Astrid's hard nipples and sucked on it like a child sucking his mother's milk. Astrid felt her toes curl up. She could actually hear the blonde sucking on her nipple and feel him pinching her other nipple.

"Mgmghghhhh!" Her moans were muffled by the brunettes kiss. She felt the brunette pull away from her and just look at her closely. He stood up in front of her and put his cock right in front of her face. She looked at the monster cock closely and voluntarily opened her mouth to welcome it.

The brunette stuck his cock in slowly feeling the warmth of her mouth wrap around it. She looked so pretty with his dick in her mouth. He put his hands on her head gripping her soft silky hair. "Oh yes! Suck it good. Milk my cock," he said softly his eyes never leaving hers.

The blonde now taking turns sucking on each nipple and lowering her dress and kissing her down to her flat tummy. She felt so soft and delicate. She was the perfect woman for him. He could control her easily. She was so naive and innocent but she'd done some naughty things in her life as well. Things she probably thought he had no idea of.

The brunette was now moving Astrid's head back and forth making her take his cock in and out of her mouth. He knew she was a sweet girl and could do no harm but only pleasure him in the most loving ways a woman could pleasure a man.

Astrid was in pure bliss being seduced by these two handsome men. Never in her life did she think she'd be having a threesome with two strange men. Two men that she had no idea what their names were. She didn't care though. At that moment she just wanted to be pampered with naughty kisses and touches.

She felt the blonde continue to make his way down her body and lifted her dress up over her waist. She hadn't realized it, but she was wearing no underwear. She felt herself blush but had no intentions of stopping the blonde. The taste of cock cream was lingering in her mouth with each thrust of the brunette's cock. She could feel it down her throat as if it was growing longer and thicker inside of her mouth!

"She sure smells good!" The blonde said loudly as he kissed her thighs.

She never took her eyes off the brunette. He just smiled and looked at her stroking her face and hair. "I'm sure she does smell good. I'm sure she tastes good too."

Astrid felt her face turn red once again. She loved oral sex. All of her life she'd only managed to have an orgasm through oral, never through penetration. She knew as soon as any of these two gentlemen started to eat her pussy, she'd cum immediately.

She was still sucking on the brunette's big dick, when suddenly she felt the blonde slap his long thick tongue on her pussy. She shuddered at first and then opened her legs wider. She could feel his tongue stroking her clit long and fast. Her whole body was on fire as she continued to suck the brunette's cock that was oozing more precum.

"Ooohhh mmmmm!" Astrid muttered feeling the strong sensation of the blonde's tongue teasing her clit. She felt his lips wrap around her clit now sucking on it making her want to cum right then and there. But for some reason, even though this was the best oral sex she'd ever had, she couldn't cum. Something was stopping her.

She felt the brunette's cock twitch in her mouth and was expecting his cum to run down her throat but instead of cumming, he pulled his cock out and touched her face again.

"So beautiful. You sucked me really good," he said giving her a bewitching smile.

She looked down and her eyes widened as she saw the incredibly long tongue the blonde had. He slithered it on her clit like a snake and his eyes met hers. She felt almost numb for a minute but then was distracted by the brunette moving down between her legs too. He nudged the blonde to move aside and then he started to lick her and suck her just like the blonde had done.

His tongue felt different though. It felt so smooth and wet making her legs shake with pleasure.

"Ahhhhoooohhhmmmmm!" Astrid blurted out falling back on the bed and shutting her eyes tightly.

The brunette continued to lick her and slowly slid his tongue inside of her opening. She gasped at first feeling the monstrous tongue invading her pussy. Her hands gripped the white silky sheets tightly as she had never experienced such hot pleasure before. She opened her eyes for a minute and saw the blonde stroking his long hard cock in front of her face. She wondered if he'd cum and splatter her face with his hot load, or at least she hoped he would.

She felt so close to cumming but then again the action stopped. She looked at the two men as they whispered something into each other's ears. She wondered what they were saying. The brunette moved away and let the blonde kneel between her legs. He had his cock in his hands and she felt him stab her pussy with it making her shrill with pain.

"Owwww! Oooh god!" She screamed.

He only laughed wickedly and continued to poke her, slowly tearing her pussy open with his incredible cock. The brunette just watched curiously and held on to her hand.

"Just take his cock. I want to see what is going to happen. This will decide your destiny." He said quietly.

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