Asian guy gets surprise attention from other guys.

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Based on a true story!

Well it started out innocently enough. One day while I was cruising for porn (that's how I found this site too) I came upon a site where people post pics of themselves and comment on others. I decided to give it a try, hoping to find some girls to flirt with online.

So with my cheap camera I took some self pics. I'm in my late 20s, fairly good shape, 5' 9", about 160 lbs, light skinned, slender with a good toned body but not super cut. I work out a bit but I don't go overboard. It's my first time taking pics in the nude, and it is harder than it looks since I wanted some quality shots. It takes skill to set the timer, move to position and strike a pose. And I am an asian guy, my penis is not much to brag about (more on that later) so I emphasize the rest of my body, especially my ass.

Satisfied with the pics, I posted them one night. Each pic had a corny caption, like "Asian guy with small cock", or "This butt's for you", etc. What happened next surprised me. One day later, I checked my profile and was delighted to have a few hundred views of my pics and the comments were favorable. They left lots of messages, but most of them were from guys. I ignored them at first and just corresponded with the ladies. After posting more pics that are even more explicit, I only got comments from guys. It seems I was really turning them on. One guy was completely infatuated with me, he would request certain poses and I would oblige, then leave raunchy comments. This went on for a while. Then one day we decided to meet. I figure if he is such a big fan of mine he deserves it.

He lived closeby so we met one Saturday morning in his neighborhood to play some tennis. It's a guy thing to bond playing sports. He is in his early 40s, Caucasion, my height, medium build, not very toned but is naturally muscular and strong. Seems to be fairly well off as he lives in a nice area and a newer house. We only played casually for an hour, not even keeping score. After we were done he invited me over to his place to cool off, eat lunch, and shoot the breeze. I didn't want such a pleasant day to end so I accepted.

He gave me a tour of his house first and we made some small talk. We both worked up a sweat so I asked to use the shower first. He showed me the guest bathroom downstairs. I started the water, then began to undress. To tease him, I left the door open. I knew he was in the hallway but I pretended not to notice. I stripped down to my briefs (which I wore one size too small that day), and waited a bit for the water to warm. Out of the corner of my eye I see him looking at me, but still I pretend he's not there. I know he likes my ass, so I take off my briefs slowly. I stand there naked a bit to give him a peek. My cock was still soft. I finally enter the shower and I see his shadow in the hallway disappear.

When I was done, I realized I didn't bring a change of clothes. I wrapped the towel loosely around my waist instead and got out. I heard the water running upstairs and realized he was showering too in the master bedroom. I made my way up and waited for him on his bed. He got out, but didn't seem surprised that I was there. He too only had a towel on. I got up to take a look around the room and admire the decorations and such. He was eyeing me the whole time, as my skin was still moist and reflective and the natural light showed off my smoothly muscled body. He complimented me on my fitness and asked me to turn around to see from behind. I did, and lifted the towel to show the curvature of my butt and thighs and swayed my ass slowly. My cock was starting to tingle. He asked me to turn around again. As I did, the towel fell. I was all exposed. His eyes scanned the front of my body continuously. I don't know what he was thinking. My body is nearly hairless except for a small patch of pubic hair. It's like I didn't complete puberty or something. He let out a sound of "Hmmmmmm" and started rubbing his crotch. I met his approval, I guess. Maybe I satisfy his fantasy of having an Asian to molest, who knows.

I rested my hands on my head and started gyrating my hips slowly. My cock became hard. He sat down on the chair in front of the bed. I continued to move, this time turning to the side and thrusting my hips like I was fucking and imaginary friend. His dick was fully erect and the head was peeking out of the towel. I started stroking my cock. I sat down on the bed right in front of him and stroked even faster. I then leaned back and spread my legs far apart to give him a good view of my bouncing balls. I tightened all of my muscles as I pumped my cock, and started moaning with pleasure. I was starting to sweat and it made my body glisten. He was rubbing himself harder. I flipped over so my ass was in the air, right in front of him. I never stopped pumping. With my free hand I spread my ass a bit so he can see my anus. This feels so good. I am putting on a show for him. I flipped over again. He got up and flung his towel away and whipped out his dick. He sat down on the bed in front of me and grabbed my leg and wrapped it around his hip. The best way to describe this is we were like lesbians grinding pussies. Our balls were touching and our cocks were ramrod straight. His cock was amazing. I am only 5 in. long and his must be 7 in. It made mine look so tiny. And it was so much thicker around the middle. I was so much in awe I let go of my cock and started rubbing his. My hand felt so fragile as I took hold of his dick and started stroking. He reached over and grabbed mine. His hand would cover up almost my whole length. He was so strong it was choking my dick. We pumped each other's cocks for a few minutes. I felt my cum building up my shaft. He knew I was close. With his other hand he groped my balls. I could not hold it any more. I squirted my cum over myself a few times then the rest dribbled onto his hand. He let go finally and gave my throbbing cock some rest.

Now it is his turn. I continue to pump him, sometimes with both hands. After what seemed an eternity he shot 6 to 8 jets of cum onto my torso. The first shot was so thick I felt it splatter across my chest. I was exhausted. I finally let go of his cock and leaned back a little. He was admiring his mark on me. He continued to play with my balls. I was still semi-erect. He saw this, and started stroking me. It took a while, but I turned hard again. The massive amounts of cum on my chest turned clear and started dripping down to my pubic hair. As he stroked, some cum to made its way onto my shaft. Instead of the quiet and dry stroking earlier, the sound now is of lubricated pumping. The cum on my cock was no longer clear. It bagan to froth as he worked me. I leaned back in bed and writhing with so much pleasure. My legs were spread high in the air and sometimes wrapped so hard around him. I was moaning and groaing and acting like a bitch and I didn't care. I felt myself close. I started thrusting my hips into the air and finally came. My cum landed on my chest. Oh that was so good. We rested there for what must have been an hour. The cum on me became dry.

We spent the rest of the day going about his house in the nude. It is funny how our dicks have a mind of their own. If one gets hard (even for no apparent reason) the other would too. We did not do anything further sexually the rest of the afternoon. We just enjoyed each other's companionship. When I returned home he left a message saying he enjoyed the time and wanted to see me again. For a few weeks later, I kept in touch with him, and would occasionally let him view me masturbate over webcam. I did see him again, and that is another story.

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