Ashleigh's First Dominance

(Part 1 from 1)

I jumped and grabbed a pillow to cover myself as the front door opened. It was Jack, my roommate and a couple of his friends. They had left several hours before for a boys night out and had left me the apartment alone for the first since I could remember when. Having the evening off, I had decided to dress it down; change into a t-shirt and undies, pop in a girly flick and enjoy some hot-buttered popcorn. I guess I got too relaxed, and passed out on the couch. Now I had to sit through Jack and his cute friends seeing me at my worst. Not that it mattered, none of them would ever have dated me. I didn’t seem to register on their radar, unless they needed help with a chemistry assignment. Still, a girl can dream… Can’t she?

“Hey Ashleigh, you enjoy your evening?” Jack asked as I walked in. He didn’t seem to care that I was half naked, or didn’t notice. I don’t know which would have been worse, but that didn’t ease the embarrassment. “We’re going out on the patio, if you want to join us for a beer.”

“No thanks, I was just about to go to bed anyway.” I replied. I wasn’t, and would have enjoyed going out to drink with them if all of the neighbors didn’t have a perfect view up my shirt when I was out on the balcony. I grabbed the pillow and stumbled through the crowd on my way to my room.

“Well, it’s an open invitation if you’re interested.” He replied.

I turned around to thank him and walked straight into his friend, Art.

“Don’t wanna hang out with the big boys, huh?” He said in a deep, rough voice. Art was huge. A lineman for the high school football team, Art was currently a bouncer at the club Jack liked to frequent. He used to work construction, which had accounted for several (but not all) of the scars that were scattered around his body. He was a man; strong and scary. It wasn’t attractive, so much… but dangerous and furtive. God only knew what he could physically do to you.

“Uh… no…” I meeked out as I looked up at him. He must have been over 6’6” as his head was barely beneath the door jamb. “Thanks though.”

“Well, maybe we’ll bring the party to you.” He said as he smiled a luggish grin.

“Yeah… um… ok.” I replied. He laughed back, and let me pass. I peered back at him as I closed the door to my room. What a monster! I thought.

On any other night (and practically every other night) I would lay down to one of my romance novels, read through a few chapters, masterbate and go to sleep. I didn’t have a boyfriend, and wasn’t about to go around and start sleeping with random guys, and so I had to settle for lesser pleasures. Tonight I wouldn’t even do that, as I was too embarrassed. I laid down, and closed my eyes.

I awoke to one of the boys laying in bed against my back. I opened my eyes, astonished and angry… but stayed silent. I didn’t know what to do. What could I say? I was still virtually naked! I laid quietly for a moment to consider my options. I was terrified!

Seconds later I felt Art’s meaty palm running up and down my arm. He was arched up on his elbow and looking down at me, feeling my frail frame beneath him. I tried to act as though I was just waking up.

“Jack? Art? Who is that?” I asked, groggily. “What are you doing?”

“Just making sure you’re ok.” Art’s voice returned strong and vocal.

“I’m ok.” I returned, unable to think of anything else to say.

“I can see that.” He said. He ran his hand past my wrist to my leg, and slid it up my side and just beneath my shirt. I shook in fear as he did.

“Art, stop it!” I said, shivering. “Don’t do that!” I tried to turn around to face him but his hand caught my arm and turned me over onto my stomach in one single, elegant motion. Despite his holding back the force that surely waited in those strong arms, he was able to move my entire body with little more than a flick of the wrist. “Art!”

“No Ashleigh, you listen to me.” He said confidently; his voice gave way to neither disdain or compassion. “Tonight, you are mine.”


“You heard me.”

“No, Art…”

“What are you tonight?”

“Art, please!”

“What are you tonight?!” I paused a moment, my body trembling under he pressure of his single hand. The other had began to caress my back, almost lovingly. It would have been soothing, under different circumstances.

“I’m… yours.” My voice cracked. I had begun to resolve that this would be a terrifying evening.

“That’s right. And tonight we are going to do things my way. Do you understand?”


“Do You!” He said as his hand slid up the back of my neck and settled itself under my hair at the base of my skull. The motion spoke volumes; with a simple squeezing of his hand he would be able to control my entire body. I didn’t know if he would bury my face in the pillow, or break my neck, or squeeze my head in its entirety and squish my brains into a paste.

“I… I understand.” I said, sheepishly resigned. “Art?”

“Yes?” He said as he ran his hand through my hair and shifted his weight around on the bed.

“Please don’t hurt me.”

Art didn’t reply. He had taken off his shorts and had cast them to the floor. His single hand still held my wrists to the bed, the other now worked to slide my panties off around my ankles. It amazed me that he was able to hold my wrists above my head and slide my panties off my ankles at once; he had a tremendous wingspan.

Art ran his hand up the back of my leg and under my shirt to my shoulder, then back down. He seemed to enjoy feeling me. Had he asked my permission, I would have enjoyed it too.

I felt his grip around my knee. It pried my legs apart. My natural reaction was to clamp them shut, trying to evade the inevitable.

“Ashleigh… we are doing things my way tonight.”

He persisted to spread my knees apart. I let go. Fighting him would only ensure my own demise.

With my legs spread out across the mattress he let his hand wind up to my exposed crotch. He inspected it vigorously; his fingers running themselves softly across every tissue. I cringed, again. I knew that this would be the best part of the night; that the tingling feeling generated by his finger across my labia would soon turn to the horrific pain of tearing flesh. I tried to enjoy what I could.

“How long has it been?” He asked as a finger slid inside of me.

“Oh!” A gasp let out as the finger slid in and out of me. It was a moment before I could control myself to answer. “It’s been… awhile”

“How much of a while?” He asked again, intrigued. His finger entered me slowly, and pulled out just as carefully. He seemed to be aware of my senses; though he continued to hold my wrists against the mattress he controlled my entire being with a single, organized finger.

“I’ve…” I stopped, not sure how to answer and lost in the feeling of having him inside me. I was also not sure what response the truth would bring. “I’ve… only had… oooooh… only once.”

At first I feared what he was going to do to me. Now I feared that he would stop, but he didn’t. He was completely confident, not only in himself but seemingly in me.

“Soooo, it has been a while. Well then, you are sure to enjoy this.”

A finger enticing me to cum and his gentle back-rubs I could have lived with, trauma free. Getting raped by this gorilla was a different matter, and as his finger pulled form my now moist vagina I quickly regained my senses.

“No, Art please wait.”

With that he grabbed the hair at the base of my skull, released his grip on my wrists and placed his knees inside mine. Then he spread my legs with his. My free hands could do nothing to stop him; his hand controlled my head and upper torso, and the other could easily render me motionless. I tried to push myself up, he simply hovered above me. I knew that his dick sat, eagerly awaiting entrance inside of me. I could see it dripping with lust as it lingered inches from my ass. It was huge, and menacing.

“Art, please. I don’t want to do this!”

“I do!” He said, powerfully. I felt his body shift down lower to me.

“Art, Stop!”

“One more word and you are going to enjoy tonight far less than you think. Tonight, is my night.”

I tried to wiggle my ass out of his way as his cock came slowly down on to me. He was sure of himself, and for good reason. He had me locked in position to take him entirely inside of myself, and I knew deep down that no amount of struggling would affect things differently.

His cock slid down the crease of my ass. I winced as it slid down across my anus. One push would have put me in traction for a month. The terror in realizing that he could and probably would penetrate me like that caused me to gasp and writhe. He didn’t, though he seem to enjoy my torment.

His cock slid lower between my legs and against my labia. I prepared myself for the worst. It was time now to take it.

The soft head of his erect penis worked itself up and down between my lips and against my clitoris. For a moment, this revived my prior feelings. I felt my vagina get moist. Maybe that will make it hurt less, I thought.

Then, without warning or hesitation he pushed himself inside of me.

“Oh Fuck!” I screamed. “Fuck, Art… I can’t! Please… it HURTS!”

Art didn’t stop, though he let it sit inside me a moment as if to let me anguish in the pain.

“Jack!” I tried calling for help. “Someone! Help!!!”

Art wrapped a monster hand around my mouth and pulled my head up to his massive chest. Not only did his palm cover my mouth, but held it shut at the same time. His cock pressed deeper inside me as he lifted me to him.

“There’s nobody here to save you.” He assured me. “For the rest of your life you belong to me, so get used to it. You call out like that again, and I will watch you as you breathe your last breath then finish inside your corpse.” Art’s voice was calm; stressed only from the enjoyment he got from the tightness of my fresh vagina. I tried to hold it in.

Art wrapped his other arm around and cupped my breast. My b-cup breasts provided little to grasp in his colossal palms.

“Oooooh….. Mmmmmmmm…” I tried to close my mouth and take it as he held me up and began to fuck me. I could feel every pulsing vein on his cock as it slid in and out of me. I reached around and grabbed the back of his head so as to balance myself for him.

Art began to press harder and harder against me. His dick pushed faster into me and his breathing became more rapid and deeper. Mine began to match his, and the ache in my pussy subsided as it grew wetter and wetter the faster he slammed me.

“Oh my God Art… Oh fuuuuuck…” I moaned, though this time my voice was broken and uncontrolled; my words came out accepting and gracious. “Mmmmmmmm!!! Oh Fuck!”

Art leaned back, pulling me with him and with a single, burly thrust released a warm load of semen up and into what felt like my stomach.

I tried to release an affable moan of pleasure as I sat atop him but was unable to catch a wind to do so. With every spurt of concentrated pleasure my pussy quivered with bliss.

Art wrapped his elbow around my throat, and as he again pushed himself deeper inside of me to ensure the distance of his genes he reassured me of his original oath.

“You belong to me, your purpose…” He paused as he ejaculated into me, “is to take my cum inside of you and nothing else.”

“Anything you say…” I returned. With another push against his bulky hips my pussy released a wave of ecstacy up my spine. “OOOOOH! FUCK!” I screamed!

“Anything you say my master… I’ll be anything for you!”

We paused for a moment, our bodies heaving in absolute gratification, then collapsed on the bed. We didn’t speak for several minutes, I laid still on the bed not evening trying to compose myself. His body; all the layers of muscle rippling under his tattooed skin as he heaved on top of me. He ran his hand up and down my side lovingly. I was his bitch, his mate. I might as well have been his piece of meat; but in his hands it was a respected position. He reached his hand to the side of my face and held my head up to look at him. I rolled over underneath him felt his chest against mine; his strong body held tightly against my weak frame by gravity. He tried to offer another command.

“I know baby,” I cut him off. “I’m all your, forever.”

“And what is your purpose?”

“I am here simply to provide a haven for your cum. I’m your baby, your slave.”

“You are going to make a good wife, Ashleigh. Now go to sleep, I have plans for you in the morning.”

I rolled over and turned my back to my lover. I closed my eyes as a drip of still-warm semen dripped across my clitoris and reminded me of the pleasure I had just endured. I had no idea how much I liked being dominated so aggressively. Apparently it had just begun, and I was to find out much more in the months to come.

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