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I have been in this private nursing home for almost a year now and Katie is one of the care workers that visits me once a week. During the late evening, she reads books to me and we have some lovely conversations about my past, and she tells me all about her personal life at home. It did not take long for us both to become close friends and our conversations began to become more personal and of a sexual nature. After some time I told her about my desire to cum.

Being 75 years of age and, with arthritis, it was difficult for me to wank long enough for me to shoot my load and Katie was very sympathetic and she, very quietly, said she would be willing to help with my situation. I did not need to think about accepting her help as I nodded in agreement. Katie has been married for only a short time and was having difficulties with her husband, it turns out he is cheating on her so I think this is her way to get back at him, but I was not going to complain about that. I was going to enjoy my time with nurse Katie.

It would happen once a week, Katie would enter my room, draw the blinds, and close the door behind her. She would then put her hands under my bed sheets and pull my pajamas down just enough so that she could discreetly masturbate me. She would wank my cock and with the other hand she would catch my spunk in a tissue. It was done quickly so that we would not be caught, but I always enjoyed her visits and eventually things turned even more sexy.

Katie had come onto my room as normal, but this time she did not intend to give me my normal hand job. Instead I watched her as she pulled down her black tights and placed them on the chair beside my bed, next she quickly pulled down her knickers and put them with her tights. She then came close to the bed and whispered something to me, although I wasn't sure what she said but I know it was about sex, and she proceeded to pull my bed covers completely off. Katie then pulled my pajamas down to my ankles and climbed on to the bed and quickly, but carefully got on top of me. My cock was hard now as this beautiful slim 30 year old reached down and guided my cock into her wet gash.

She began to bounce slowly on my old wrinkly, hairy cock and I reached up and grabbed one of her small tits through her blue uniform. I did not get to see her tits because she bounced faster on top of me and before I knew it she was having a quiet orgasm and I suddenly came inside her. It lasted less than five minutes, then she got off me with my spunk dripping down her thighs and she began to wipe us both clean. I layed there totally satisfied as I watched her put her knickers and tights back on. Katie smiled and sat down and we began to chat as if nothing had happened.

Katie continued to visit me on a weekly basis, except the times that she was working at another nursing home, but we did not fuck again. I know Katie enjoyed fucking me but I found it too tiring and I preferred the hand jobs and katie did not want us to get caught. So katie continued with my weekly wanks and sometimes, on rare occasions, she would undo the buttons on her uniform and unclip her bra and let me fondle her tits as she masturbated me. I loved touching her tits, they were small but they were pert and her nipples were large and round and, if my arthritis was not too painful, I would squeeze them between my fingers and thumb. Her nipples were always hard and I loved playing with her as she wanked my cock. I was very happy with the hand jobs and I always looked forward to her visits and I hoped that they would last for as long as I could keep my cock hard. Some days my cock would not stay as erect as it use to, but Katie always helped.

Katie reminds me of my late wife, when she was younger, Slim, pretty and very out going. I wish I had the energy to fuck her hard in all positions. I know Katie gets boring sex at home and i know she needs more attention, I just hope she can get her desires fulfilled someday. But until she gets a good fucking I am sure she will continue to secretly play with my cock as I know she gets a thrill turning me on.

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