April's One Wish

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

It's 7:39 on a Tuesday. I watch out the window as my wife April waves to my son as he runs to his school bus. After sitting down in the third row he waves frantically as the bus slowly drives away. The door opens, April sits down at the kitchen table and starts to cry. I put my hand on her shoulder, I try to comfort her but it's no use. I know what she wants, what she needs. It's up to me to make things right.

April is a beautiful girl, since she had our son young her body bounced back immediately. Her tight ass and perky breasts were just as spectacular as the first time I saw them. Back then we would fuck nonstop. She loved sex and hated condoms. We always fucked without protection, she loved the thrill and danger of it all. At anytime I could lose control and put another baby in her womb. But that was the problem. After our first baby, I was in a car accident. Following a long healing process I made a full recovery. With one big problem. I'm sterile.
We've fucked so many times since then, and she's always disconnected. She's too nice to say it but I know. The thrill is gone.

I had to get it back...

Weeks went by and April's mood was slowly getting worse. It killed me to see her growing sadness, but I had to make sure everything was perfect. She deserves that.

High school was over and I just dropped our son off at summer camp. April was sleeping when I left, so I left a gift for her. When I came home she was wearing the tightest and shortest black dress I've ever seen. "Did I do good?" I asked. "It's a little tight, but I can exchange it tomorrow." she replied.

"Oh no baby, it's perfect. I have some plans for tonight, so get cleaned up, look your best because I promise this will be a week you won't forget.

At 8pm she came downstairs, the black fabric clinging to her freshly shaved body. I could see her hard nipples through the thin fabric. "I can't wear a bra with this thing, they're all to noticeable with this dress" she said. "You look amazing", I replied. "I guess we'll just go somewhere warm".

When we got to the club I rushed to her door to open it. When she got out I kissed her and slid my hand under her skirt. "You won't be needing these tonight" I said as a quickly tore off her panties. "What the fuck?" she yelled in shock. "What are you doing?"
"You look amazing", was my only answer. Her nipples grew hard with excitement. I held out my hand, and we walked into the club.

After a couple hours of dancing I told April I needed to use the bathroom. When I came back April was talking to a very built black man. She was obviously tipsy because she was using him for support. And the hem of her dress was crooked. Even from the opposite side of the bar I could see her beautiful shaved pussy as she'd lean over the bar to wave down another drink. "This is M...m..marc" April finally managed to get out. "He said he'd like to join us, what do you think?"

"Of course baby, but let's get out of here, some place quiet", I said. I drove, with my beautiful pantyless wife in the back seat with a very aggressive stud at her side...

By the time we got home April was starting to sober up. Her total carefree attitude had started to turn cold, I think she was worried about me, my feelings.
"Baby it's ok", I said "you need this"

April's expression went from shock to joy, she'd never been with anyone but me. She was excited, probably expecting some fun foreplay, but she had no idea how far I wanted to go.

"Baby this is no accident, Marc is a friend of mine. You need something I can't give you. So I told Marc you are his the next three nights, only one rule. He can't cum in the same place twice. The rest is up to him. April's knees buckled, her head spinning. Marc leaned over and pulled her black dress off over her head. Completely naked and still in shock April looked up at tonight's lover with increasing lust in her eyes.

"Take it out" Marc demanded. Without hesitation April unzipped Marc's pants. She couldn't wait to get her hands on his coal black cock. And as soon as she released his monster it was gone into her throat. She was licking and sucking hard and fast. She cupped his large sperm filled balls with both hands. Unexpectedly Marc erupted into her throat, without any warning at all. His cum poured out of her mouth, down over her breasts and firm flat stomach.

April leaned back and slid a finger into her beautiful wet pussy, she was ready to get fucked. But Marc simply zipped up, said thanks and I'll see tomorrow. With panic she jumped me. Pushed me down, rode me hard and as she came she called me Marc. She was obviously ready for tomorrow...

April spent the entire day in a state of excitement. She took a quick shower in the morning and spent the rest of the day wearing nothing but one of my old shirts. It's as if she was possessed. A few times I'd see her rubbing her pussy, eyes closed, waiting for her lover to arrive. Finally the doorbell rang. April ran to the door, before I could even get out of my chair Marc had April's shirt off. "No foreplay tonight" was all he said.

Marc spun my beautiful wife around and slid his tongue down her freshly cleaned ass. He pushed her onto all fours, and plunged his tongue into her dripping wet pussy. As April heard Marc unzip his pants she quickly yelled out "condom!, I'm not on anything" They both looked at me.

"No April, the deal was anything Marc wants. He just can't cum in your mouth or down your chest tonight. Marc smiled, winked and slammed his fat black cock into my beautiful pale wife. His balls heavy with black seed smacked hard against her body. All April could think about was how this man came without warning last night. At any moment he could get her pregnant, "pregnant" she whispered to herself.

Just the word alone caused the greatest orgasm of her life. Her fluids ran in streams down the black man's legs. He withdrew his dick and blew the biggest load I've ever seen on my wife's back. Once again he zipped up and left. April wiped off, sucked my dick and went to bed...

It was getting close to 8pm and April was just getting out of the shower. She spent the entire day in bed, fingering herself to countless orgasms. Replaying the excitement of last night over and over again. The door swung open and in walked Marc, like this was his home. April jumped it his arms. Marc tossed her onto the bed, her legs waving in the air. Tonight Marc took his time entering my fertile wife. He wanted her to feel every inch until he bottomed out at her cervix. His hot balls pushed up against her tight pink asshole. He slowly pulled out, his onyx shaft glistened from my young wife's well fucked pussy.

He quickly started to pick up his pace, pounding into my wife. Then he stopped, he pushed her ankles over her head and he spit on her virgin ass. "What are you doing?" April said panicked.
"I'm going to fuck you in your ass White girl, I'm running out of places to finish. Unless you want my baby batter in that sweet pussy of yours?"

April's eyes glazed, her body was betraying her. She couldn't stop it, we all knew what she wanted. Marc pushed the head of his cock up against her ass. They looked into each other's eyes and April moved his cock to her hungry pussy.
"Say it", Marc demanded. "Tell me what you really want"
"I want you to fuck me" replied my wife

"No, bitch say it"

"I want your seed, I want it inside me! Please fuck me, fuck a bastard inside me!" I want your baby" she cried

Marc slammed into my wife again, her beautiful pale legs wrapped around his firm young body. "Please, please" was all she could get out. Marc's body started to shake as he emptied his balls into my April. Deep and hard he continued to pump as her pussy squirted a mixture of both of their juices. Without a word Marc got dressed and left.

I kissed my wife, she undressed me. I fucked her to three more orgasms, before we both collapsed. We laid in each others arms. April turned to me with tears in her eyes. "Thank you baby, but what if I'm pregnant? What will people think? Fuck, I can't have another baby! Why? Why would we do this?!"

"To show you the truth, you don't want any more children! Don't worry, Marc had a vasectomy, that's why I chose him." Now get that skinny ass over here and fuck me proper!

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