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Sophie knocked on the door and opened it. “Hi, it’s me” she called. Susie didn’t answer, but she could hear the TV on in the lounge so she went through to say hello. They had been friends for years, and it was nothing unusual for either of them to pop round to the other’s house uninvited for a coffee and chat.

Feeling slightly mischievous Sophie decided to sneak up on her friend under cover of the sound of the TV. Gently pushing the lounge door open she tip toed into the room, only to be brought up dead in her tracks. It wasn’t Susie watching TV, it was her husband Guy. In itself that wouldn’t have been enough to cause her any great shock. It was the fact that he was watching porn and playing with himself that shook her.

Now she had a real dilemma. Did she announce her presence somehow and risk totally embarrassing both of them? Or did she try and sneak back out unobserved, and risk getting caught in the act? As she stood there trying to decide what to do her eyes were flitting between the action on the screen and Guy’s hand rubbing up and down his erection. Then Guy looked up and removed the need to make a decision.

She was unable to speak, but was perfectly capable of blushing deeply. To her surprise Guy didn’t look that embarrassed, but just smiled at her. “Sorry, I didn’t know we were expecting company.”
“Err, not a planned a visit” she managed to get out through her constricted throat. She couldn’t help noticing that he had not stopped playing with himself since he had noticed her presence.
“Have you been watching long?” he asked, looking into her eyes.

“No, no. I just got here” she said trying to avert her gaze, but only managing to watch the almost hypnotic movement of his hand up and down his shaft. She was finding it hard to accept that she was standing in her best friend’s house watching her husband masturbate. And what was much much worse was that she was getting turned on by the sight.

“Care to join me? I could always use a little help.”
“What?!” she almost screamed as the shock combined with the tension between physical desire and sense of right and wrong.
“I have no objection”.

Sophie nearly jumped out of her skin at the sound of Susie’s voice behind her. She turned to see her friend grinning at her. “Seriously, why don’t you go and sit beside him? I’ll be back in a minute.” With that Susie disappeared out of the room, leaving Sophie more perplexed than ever. As she looked back up at Guy he gestured her over to join him on the sofa. Almost on automatic pilot she responded and sat down next to him, leaving a gap of a few inches between them. Dave laughed and shuffled across to close the gap, so that now his leg was pressing against hers.

Try as she might Sophie couldn’t take her eyes of his hard cock as he continued to stroke it. So strong was her sense of dissociation that she put up no resistance when Guy took her hand and guided it to his cock, where her fingers instinctively wrapped around it. Keeping his hand on top of hers he continued the movement up and down his shaft. Almost mechanically she kept going as he removed his hand and started to pull his t-shirt off over his head. Sophie had seen him out in the garden with no top on before so she already knew that he had a lean, muscular body, but she was looking at it in a different context now.

At this point a smiling Susie came back into the room, dressed in a long see through dressing gown. Sophie couldn’t help admiring her body as it was subtly revealed through the sheer material. Her breasts in particular looked firm and pert. Without a word Susie came to join them and kneeled in front of Guy, where she started to undo his jeans and pull them down over his legs. His boxers came down with them, revealing his balls as well his cock, which was still enjoying the stimulation of Sophie’s hand.

He was now totally naked, and Susie kissed her way up his legs until she got to his balls which she licked, kissed and sucked while Sophie kept up the stroking motion. Guy’s breathing was getting heavier and his hips were starting to tense. Sensing that he was on the verge of coming Susie stopped what she was doing, taking Sophie’s hand and releasing it from her husband’s cock. Keeping hold of her hand she pulled her to her feet and put her arms around her waist.

Sophie could feel Susie’s body pressing against hers, and then felt her hands starting to ease the back of her top up over her body. She obediently put her arms in the air so that Susie could easily pull it off over her head. She often went without a bra, so her small breasts were now exposed to her friend and her husband. She thought absent mindedly that she ought to be feeling really awkward, but by now she was so turned on that she felt no such thing.

While these thoughts were flitting through her mind Susie was lowering her mouth to her breasts, sucking the nipples to hardness one at a time. Sophie gasped with pleasure as she felt Susie’s tongue and teeth go to work on her. Without removing her mouth from Sophie’s breasts Susie slipped her hands down the back of her leggings and started to ease them slowly down over her buttocks. As her hands continued their journey down the back of Sophie’s legs her mouth started to work its way down her abs, planting soft delicate kisses all the way.

Eventually she was helping her to step out of the leggings while kissing all around her pussy without ever actually making contact with the most sensitive parts. This teasing was driving Sophie to heights of excitement and she could feel herself growing wetter by the minute.
Not wanting to be left out, Guy got up and came and stood behind Sophie. She could feel his hard on pressing against her buttocks as he kissed the back of her neck and shoulders, while his hands reached round to play with her already stimulated breasts. Reaching behind her she grabbed his cock and started wanking him once again, feeling the tip press against her on each forward stroke.

She was now more sexually excited than she had ever been in her life, and offered no resistance as Guy pressed gently but insistently at the top of her back to bend her over. Now as she wanked him she could feel his cock pressing against her pussy lips, and very slowly he started to enter her. She kept hold of him until he was almost all the way in, letting go only when necessary to let him fully penetrate her. While Guy was sliding into her, his wife had started on Sophie’s breasts with her mouth once again.

It didn’t take long under this dual stimulation for her to reach a shuddering climax, which she announced with uncontrollable screams of sheer delight and pleasure. As her orgasm subsided Guy slid out of her, and Susie went down on him, sucking him clean of Sophie’s juices. Now it was his turn to come and after taking the first shots in her mouth, Susie pulled back and kept wanking him so his cum was shooting onto her breasts. Sophie had never seen anybody come in such large quantities. The sight proved too much for her, and before she realized what she was doing she had knelt down and was licking her friend’s breasts clean, before raising her head to suck the last drops of cum from Guy’s cock.

For a while awkwardness descended and nobody knew what to say, but once they started talking the conversation became very excited and animated. To Sophie’s surprise her friends had never done anything like this either, although they had often fantasised about it. Now their fantasies had become reality they agreed that they definitely wanted more.

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