Anoushka get's anally first fucked!

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My name is Tyler and I’m 18. I have the most beautiful girlfriend ever, she is also 18, called Anoushka. We had talked about having sex and losing our virginities but I had just thought we would have quick, normal sex. I had not anticipated that I would have amazingly hot, amazingly kinky sex. This is the story of how I lost my virginity, in an incredibly kinky way, to the most beautiful girl in the world (with the best body in the world). This story is completely non fictional and includes non-fictional characters.

Anoushka bent over, sliding down her red velvet knickers to her ankles, to reveal her soft, dripping pussy and tight arsehole. My boner twitched at this sight, causing me to let out a soft moan. She turned looked at me, still bent over, pussy on display, and smiled playfully.
“You ready?” she asked.
“Fuck yes!” I replied ecstatically.

She slowly began to lower herself onto my raging erection. She moaned in pleasure as she lowered herself further onto my 7 inch hard-on. Being a virgin at the time, just that feeling was enough to make me shoot my load deep inside her – However, I restrained as I wanted to pleasure her as much ass I wanted to pleasure myself. She finally lowered herself onto my now fully erect 8 inches. She sat on my lap, my penis deep inside her tight pussy, panting heavily. I rolled her tight top up her perfect body, revealing her perfect 32C tits and her rock hard nipples. I reached around her petite body grasping her nipples in both hands. She let out a deep moan – she was in heaven.

Anoushka began sliding up and down on my long, erect rod. Every time her soft arse cheeks touched my lap, I felt my self getting closer and closer to orgasm. She gradually picked up pace until I could feel my penis bending under the immense speed. She laughed happily as she looked upward riding me like a gear stick.

“I’m cumming!” she screamed as her pussy tightened around my penis, leaking vaginal juices all over my balls and my pubes. Her screaming was too much for me. I squirted semen deep inside her soft pussy. The feeling of my orgasm deep inside her brought on another orgasm from Anoushka.

“Again!” She screamed uncontrollably, “Fuck me Tyler! fuck me hard!”

I didn’t need telling twice. I began thrusting upward, causing Anoushka to bounce up and down my think fuck stick. The pain of her bending my erect penis felt amazing. I began screaming out, at the top of my lung, “Anoushka! Anoushka!” as she squirted her pussy juices all over my twitching balls.

She sat on my flaccid penis for a few minutes before standing and turning around. She once again sat on my semi-erect penis, causing it to become fully erect making her moan as it twitched inside her beautiful, tight pussy. She rolled her eyes in pleasure, looking me deep in the eyes. She leaned in towards me to kiss. Before she could, I grabbed her by the back of her head and forced my tongue down her throat. In return, she massaged my tongue softly with her strong, long tongue. I pushed her away, taking her inch long nipple into my mouth. I rolled my lips over my teeth and bit down hard on her nipple. She jolted, moaning as I circled it with my tongue. When she jolted, her pussy came off my penis. As I massaged her nipple, utilising all my mouth, I reached down, rubbing her soaked clit. I massaged it with my index finger.
“Almost! I’m almost –“ She moaned “Nearly… There!” I pulled my hand away and removed her nipple from my mouth. I looked at her disappointed face.

After a moment, she realised what I was waiting for. She stood up, smiling, turning around and bending over like before. Reached between her legs, collecting as much pussy juice as I could onto my hand. This caused her to moan softly. Using all the juices as a lubricant, I rubbed her anus softly. I felt it expand slightly as I rubbed harder and harder. I as so horny I could have cummed all over her back then and there. I slid my finger into her anus, causing her to moan yet again. I leaned over, rimming her arsehole with my tongue. She screamed, after a few laps around her tight hole, as I stuck my tongue deep into her hole. I slid two fingers into her hole along with my tongue, making her shiver happily. As I fingered and tongue fucked her arse, I slid yet another finger in.

“It hurts Tyler!” She whimpered, “It hurts but it feel so fucking good.”

After further tongue and finger fucking I slid my fourth finger deep into her anus. I slid all four fingers even further into her anus, getting past my thumb. I clenched a fist and began pushing my fist further in. Anoushka screamed in pain and pleasure.

“Stop Tyler! Please stop!” She begged. Ignoring her request I continued to fist fuck her arsehole. She fell onto all fours, my fist still deep insider her. My wrist was now disappearing and reappearing in and out of her arsehole. She screamed more and more as I continued denying her relief from the immense pain and pleasure. I got down from the chair I was sitting on and lay down with my back on the floor. I slid my head beneath her legs, underneath the stream of cum leaking from her pussy. I stuck my tongue into her pussy, licking up her all her cum. After a few seconds of pussy licking, she spurted, screaming out as she had an orgasm. I cupped my lips around her pussy, sticking my tongue deeper into her pussy. As she cummed into my mouth I swallowed every drop of her warm, delicious cum. I removed my fist from her from her deep inside her and reached down to my penis.

I began wanking furiously as I continued to consume Anoushka’s seemingly never-ending supply of cum. She collapsed onto my face still leaking cum. After a few moments she picked herself up climbed over my body over to my penis. She stayed in the 69 position for a few moments before taking a deep breath and taking my penis deep inside her mouth. Before I knew it, Anoushka was deep thoating me. I licked her pussy, rimming her vagina and sucking on her pussy lips. I felt her hands reach under my legs and lift so my knees were bent with my feet still flat on the floor. Still sucking my massive penis she reached round to my arse and rubbed it passionately. She pried my cheeks apart revealing my arse hole. I moaned out as she inserted a finger into my anus. I was completely stunned for two reasons; I was completely shocked my what she had done and how amazingly good it felt.

“It’s my turn.” Anoushka told me as turned round facing me with a wide grin on her face with pre-cum sliding down her chin.

She began fingering my arsehole furiously while sucking on my penis as is slid along her tongue and down her throat. I stuck two fingers deep into her tight pussy, causing her to squirm and wriggle in pleasure. I felt her pussy begin to tighten and spasm as my penis began to twitch and my balls began to squirm. Sperm shot out of my long rod deep into Anoushka’s throat. As she orgasmed, cum squirted all over my tongue and face. She collapsed onto of me, exhausted.

We continued to have frequent sex over the next few months (to the present day) and experimenting with different sex toys, positions and locations. I fucked her up the arse on several occasions while fingering her and fondling he tits. While she tossed and sucked me off She frequently finger fucked me up the arse and we have even used a double ended dildo.

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