Another Goal Achieved, Ch 2

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Tossing our clothing aside as we ran up the stairs Jacquee was the first to make it to the top and into her bedroom. She held out her arms, inviting me to embrace her naked body. I moved into her waiting embrace... I cannot describe the feeling of her naked breasts pressing against my chest or how firm her ass felt as my hands massaged it. Our hands roamed over each other’s body, caressing and massaging each other. I gently laid her down on to the pillows and laid down aside of her. I took her in my arms and pressed her tight against my body. My hard, erect cock was pressed flat against her stomach, just above her pubic area. The sensation of her hot flesh pressing against my cock was unbelievable. 

I pulled her up quickly and laid her down on the bed. Jacquee said, “Please Wayne…Eat my pussy!” I said, "I am going to eat you from your neck to your feet then my tongue is going to make love to that magnificent pussy of yours "I couldn't believe it she was already pulling my face down to her pussy. I hoped I could keep up with her. She had pure lust in her eyes as she laid before me spread eagle. "No one ever has licked my pussy before. Are you really going to do it?” she said. 

I nodded and forgot the whole licking from the neck to her feet. I started at her right tit and started nibbling harder and harder. She bucked her hips up at me. Her wetness rubbed off on my stomach. I took a quick bite on her left tit and just licked a trail right down her flat stomach to her clit and sucked in. Her hands flew to my head and pulled me in harder. Her knees splayed out and her back arched. "Oh my god. That feels so fucking good." I licked and sucked hungrily all over my sister’s wet cunt. I watched her expressions on her face when her tits weren't in the way. I couldn't believe any man would turn down licking this beautiful, wonderful tasting, young pussy. My hands went under her ass and controlled her bucking hips a little. I was in heaven. My pinkies followed the cleft of her ass while my tongue flicked at her clit. She removed her hands from my head and grabbed her tits violently. She pulled hard and straight up on her nipples. I could just feel the spit and juice running down her ass cheeks. 

After a few minutes of moaning her head started to thrash from side to side. I knew she was on the edge. I slid one hand from under her ass and put my finger in her soaking hole. She was flooded inside. I swear I never had felt a pussy so wet. I began to run circles inside her with my fingers she started bucking violently. I had a hard time keeping my tongue on her clit. She was wild. She grabbed my head and smashed her pubic mound into my mouth as deep as possible. I sucked and licked as quickly as possible. She arched her back one last time and screamed with an incredible orgasm. I felt her pussy walls contract and flood. Her body settled slightly but she still shook. I sucked her cum out of her pussy she shivered every time I made contact with her sensitive genitalia. 

After two minutes of me cleaning her up she finally spoke. "That was incredible. God I never came like that. I could have taken another finger inside me though." I sat up on my knees my face was covered in her juice. "Next time ask and you shall receive." She gave me a mischievous smile and said. "Now it is your turn big brother." She grabbed my soaked hand and stood me up. She kissed me on the lips tasting her own juice. Then she began to lick her own juices from my face making hmmm sounds as she did so. When she finished Jacquee sat down on the bed and pulled hard-on just inches from her face. She looked up quickly at my face and lay back for a second. She dipped two fingers in her pussy and pulled them out. She grabbed my rock hard cock and coated it with her juices. After a few more times my cock glistened with her juices. She looked up at me again with a look of love this time. She pulled me forward and engulfed my cock with her mouth. She sucked me in and licked my cock all over. She started slowly but she was getting a little faster with time. She made slurping noises and told me how good it tasted. I told her that her mouth felt awesome around my cock, but I had to tell her to stop. I wanted to cum inside her sweet little box. 

She took one last lick and laid her head back on the pillow. I lay down on top of her. She wasn't in to waiting she grabbed my cock and quickly guided it to her awaiting hole. I slid in with some resistance because she was so fucking tight I couldn't believe it. She felt like silk inside and I told her so. 

I slowly started to pull out and push in to my sister's tight pussy. She met my slow thrusts with her own. I kissed and licked her lips while she grabbed my ass and wrapped her legs around my waist. I didn’t think I could last any longer and told Jacquee I was about to fill her y love juices.” "Please, I want to taste your cum. Please cum in my mouth. I can never get too much of your cum!” 

"I don't think that will be a problem." I started pumping faster and faster. I knew I would only last a few more seconds. You can't blame me this was fucking exciting. I whispered to Jacquee that I was going to come. I pulled out and she quickly sat up and leaned forward. Her hand went around my cock and started pumping it for the treat she wanted. I threw my head back and she swallowed my seed. I could hear her struggle with my load as it blasted into her throat. I looked down. She had got on all fours and cum was leaking from her mouth. She continued to suck me. I had to lie down. 

As I lay down Jacquee continued to suck me. I had a feeling she was going to suck me until I was a hard again. Her right hand reached down and she started finger fucking herself. Her pussy was only inches from my face so I grabbed her ass cheeks roughly and pulled her on top of me. She got on all fours. She pulled my dick from her mouth and looked at me from between her tits. "I love you", she told me. “I love you Wayne!”

"I love you to." I replied. 

"I want you to know I will do anything you want. I will suck you cock all night if you want me to because you love me and I love you. Ok?" I nodded my head. "Anything you want!" She said again. She went back to sucking my cock with a fever to get it hard again. 

I pulled her hips lower and told her to rub her clit for me. She did so without hesitation. I licked her fresh fucked hole all around. I pulled her lower and started licking her beautiful ass. She moaned in excitement. If no one had ever licked her delectable pussy I doubted that anyone had gave her the rim job that her ass needed. I licked and bit her ass checks. She pushed back on my face. I stiffened my tongue and licked her little nubbin all around. She was getting wild again and reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks for me. I looked over in the bedroom mirror to see my little sister with my cock in her mouth and my tongue licking her spread open ass. My dick was back to full attention and I knew what I had to do with it. I got out from beneath her and had her get into doggy style. I told her to put her finger in her pussy and tell me how wet she was. 

"I am wet enough for you cock." I slammed my dick in all the way. She howled with a mixture a pain and pleasure. I started thrusting hard and fast with her. She panted and said. "Fuck me Wayne. Fuck me please. I love you so much. I love the taste of your cum. I love your cock inside me. fuck me hard. Use me anyway you want." 

"I love your tight pussy. The way it feels the way it tastes. You belong to me now. Don't you?" 

"Oh god yes. I belong to you. Everything does. I am yours to fuck whenever you want. I am all yours. I want to be yours forever." It was a little weird. My sister and I continued to tell each other that we were going to be together forever. She kept up the moaning and panting. 

In a few minutes she wanted to ride me. She climbed on top and began fucking without hesitation. I was sitting up against the headboard as my sister went down again. My hands went to her ass and I started playing with her ass. 

She leaned forward and told me. "I like when you touch me there it feels so good." So I continued. I dipped a finger into her ass and she let out another "Yes." I went deeper. I could tell by the look on her face that she was enjoying and the same time she was a little hesitant. I went deeper and deeper until I was fully fucking her ass with my middle finger. She was pushing against it.

"Does that feel good in your ass baby? I asked. 

"Can I have another finger?” I didn't expect that. I pulled out my middle finger and ran my hand against my cock when she pulled up. When I had enough pussy juice I stuck my middle finger back in her ass. She pushed her tits in my mouth as she rode me. I fingered fucked her for another few seconds before I started to insert my other finger. She stopped and let me slowly put it in. I gave her a few seconds before moving on. She whimpered for pain. 

"Do you want me stop?" 

"No please keep going. I want to feel you everywhere." I slowly fucked her ass with my two fingers. She started riding me again this time she kissed me. Our tongues played tag. I ordered her to rub her clit for me. She did so on command and started to moan louder. I fucked her ass harder with my fingers. I started matching her rhythm. When she pulled up on my dick I sank in with my fingers. When she sank down I pulled back. She was getting double fucked. 

After another minute she threw her head back and started cumming. Seeing her like that and feeling that ass I pulled my hand out and pushed her hips down as I started to pumped my manhood juice into her. 

She leaned against me and started kissing me. We laid down ehausted holding each other, very exhausted and entered into a sound sleep holding each other. 

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