Angie's An Adult- Chapter 3

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Angie Sloan went home that afternoon QUITE happy, knowing that she had altered her neighbors’ marriage for the better. She also knew that she was getting BOTH a slave and a master out of this, since the newly emancipated Allan Dumont had proven more dominant than expected. It had simply taken the right kind of persuasion, in the form of a teenage lover who gave him back his confidence and self-esteem. 

She got her stuff ready for the mall, as she had planned a trip there with Allan. They weren’t too worried about Charmaine, who was tied, spread-eagle, to the bed in HIS bedroom (he had fully resumed occupancy of it). They intended to look for some things, including some lingerie for Angie, which she would wear for Allan’s benefit soon. 

Mrs. Sloan hardly paid attention to her daughter’s mood as the latter left the house, except that she seemed QUITE determined to meet a “friend”. She simply assumed that this was a girl friend, not a man. That was another good reason to visit the mall. It would be a great alibi for the young woman to use on her parents. Since Angie was not the wildest kid in school, there was no suspicion on her mom’s part. 

No longer afraid of anyone catching him in anything, Allan made no attempt to hide the fact that the gorgeous 18 year old with the jet-black hair was his lover. Most people either assumed that he had left Charmaine, didn’t know about his wife in the first place, or regarded it as justified payback for the affairs that Mrs. Dumont had flaunted in front of them. That was the benefit of being known as the wronged party: no one blamed him very much for taking a “mistress” (Angie found THAT euphemism hilarious, given their TRUE relationship). 

“So, Master, what shall we do with your slave when we get home?” Angie probed at last, her curiosity getting the best of her. 

“Make her wait on us hand and foot, not to mention FORCE her to order her VERY own chastity belt online!” Allan answered with a nasty smile. 

“Hmm…a fitting penalty, but we WILL take it off her to fuck her now and then, right?” she inquired, hoping to clarify the matter. 

“Well, of course! There is no point in having a slave whom we can’t fuck, is there? The belt is there to make sure that WE decide when she gets any pleasure, instead of her doing so. Whatever happens, however, she will NOT get to sleep in the bed, anymore. She can use my former bedroom for THAT. I may install a video camera to catch her at any mischief, come to think of it,” he assured her. 

“THAT is pure genius, Master! Why don’t you also get her to agree to being on the Internet a few hours every day? People can watch her shower and such. She can even masturbate on the Net,” Angie suggested, thinking of the potential money involved. 

“Now, that is a great idea, too. I think that the two of us will have a LOT of fun using that bitch for our own profit,” Allan smirked. 

“And maybe some of her old lovers will see her that way, too. THAT would be a nice dose of humiliation for the nasty shrew, wouldn’t it?” she giggled. 

“Indeed,” he chuckled in response. The idea DID appeal to him QUITE a bit. After all, SHE had humiliated HIM, so shouldn’t she be treated to her own poison?

“Do you know else we can do to her, if Master wishes it?” Angie offered. 

“What’s that, honey?” he was genuinely curious. 

“Golden showers. I know that she probably didn’t much of THAT to you, but you are due plenty of revenge, aren’t you? In some respects, you are still being nicer, so why not be meaner in others?” she explained. 

“Another wonderful idea from my favorite slave girl! You and I are going to get along EVEN BETTER than I thought! The fact that she will find it disgusting makes it more splendid still! I won’t do scat, though. However, knowing that at least ONE of my bodily functions, and yours, will be handled through an open mouth, is a RELIEF, as it were,” Allan laughed at his own cruel pun.

“I am glad that you consider me your ‘favorite’, not to mention USEFUL! This was much more than I thought would happen this morning, by the way! I was just setting out to lose my cherry and become a slut, but being your slave and making devious plans to get back at your wicked wife is icing on the cake,” Angie reacted. 

Once they arrived at his place again, they found Henry, one of Charmaine’s most frequent sex partners, knocking vainly at the door. He was quite stunned that no one had answered. Seeing Allan walk out of a car with another woman was a further jolt to him. Mr. Dumont had always been at home at this time on Saturday, naked except for his chastity belt, and busy with household chores. Instead, he was fully clothed now, with a girl who made Charmaine look frumpy by comparison. 

“Well, look who the cat dragged in! Angie, this is Henry Ball, one of Charmaine’s old beaus. Henry, this is Angie Sloan, my new love slave,” Allan introduced them with a degree of spite. 

Henry had been one of the men most insistent on Charmaine denying him ANY sex. He had also been one of the men that she threaten to have gang-rape him if he refused to comply with her orders. Now, he nearly choked on his cigarette. What was ALLAN doing with a love slave, let alone a NEW one? What the hell had happened since his last visit?

“As you can see, a lot has changed recently, Henry. Charmaine will not be giving you any more services in the future. Nor will I be eating any more of your creampies, for that matter. As of this moment, you are persona non grata here. That is a Latin expression meaning ‘person not welcome’, by the way. New management means new rules. If I SEE you on this property again, I will have you arrested for trespassing. Is that clear?” Mr. Dumont sternly announced, taking particular delight in putting down a man that he KNEW had no education beyond high school. 

“I want to talk to Charmaine first! There is NO way that she would have agreed to this!” Henry foolishly insisted. 

“You can WANT it, but that won’t do you any good, Henry. Given the fact that you are also fucking your boss’s wife, I wouldn’t recommend insisting on too much with me! A simple phone call can do wonders. Wouldn’t you agree, Angie, dear?” Allan observed. 

“Makes sense to me, and I am only 18,” she winked at him. 

“Wait a second, man. I don’t mean to cause any of THAT kind of trouble! Don’t ruin my career, buddy! My wife would KILL me if I lost it!” he begged suddenly. 

“Now, now. Don’t grovel. That’s such a pathetic thing for a macho man like yourself to do! It is probably a good thing for you that you have such a big dong, by the way. Since you think with it, you wouldn’t have the brains to do much else! Run along now. We wouldn‘t want the missus getting suspicious, would we?” Allan snorted. 

A much embarrassed and intimidated Henry Ball left the Dumont property in a hurry, clearly wanting to forget that he had lost his “turf” to what he THOUGHT was only a “beta male”. Somehow, he had been defeated by that “douche bag”, as he once labeled Allan. 
“I’m curious as to why you care if your wife fucks Henry, aside from wanting to punish her. It’s not as if any of us are being monogamous,” Angie questioned him slightly, just to solve the puzzle in her head.

“It’s simple. I may LOAN Charmaine out to others, if and when I so desire, but Henry and the others in her old gang are NOT welcome here after the way they used to treat me. I have NO intentions of letting THEM come here, let alone CUM here, if you get my meaning,” he declared emphatically. 

“Ah, yes. That makes sense. THEY are your enemies too. I hadn’t quite thought of it that way, but it works for me. Well, this IS the perfect chance to settle scores like that,” she agreed, with a glint of sadistic delight at the idea of Henry Ball having blue balls that night. 

“Precisely. Now, speaking of my despicable wife, let’s go untie and torment her further,” Allan instructed her. 

“Gladly, Master,” she followed him inside. 

They found her on the bed as earlier, squirming and thrashing with desperation. The last thing that she EVER intended for herself was to end up bound to a bed, at the hands of her “cuckold”, no less! 

“Looks like someone hasn’t gotten the message, dear. She is still copping an attitude about her new role. I will venture to say that she even resents you for freeing me from my terrible situation. I think that she should learn to kiss and make up. Why don’t you let her kiss you?” he urged Angie. 

“Very well, Master, but she doesn’t look like she has brushed her teeth this afternoon. I can’t promise to like her breath,” she warned him. 

“Who said that you would have to smell it? I never mentioned your lips, did I? No, I meant for her to kiss your sweet pucker. She didn’t seem to mind kissing my butt, so doing that to yours shouldn’t present a problem, should it? She will need practice, after all, for all of the years that she will spending kissing our asses to get any privileges,” Allan corrected his young slave. 

“Okay, but can she be quick about it? I need to pee,” Angie asked him. 

“Well, then, let’s kill 2 birds with one stone. She looks thirsty. Give her a ‘special’ drink after she kisses you,” he advised. 

Charmaine turned as pale as an albino at the idea of drinking Angie’s piss. That was REVOLTING, never mind that she had made plans to make Allan do so for certain select men and herself. Now that the situation was reversed, she thought it inhumane. She still thought of herself as superior to him and Angie, so having to experience such humiliation was intolerable. However, it was becoming clearer that her new status was permanent. There would be NO return to the old system, as she had briefly hoped. 

Having few choices, she passively accepted the asshole landing above her mouth. It didn’t smell that bad, since Angie was a clean girl, but it was still a butt hole! She grimaced when she realized that this would be followed by pee. She just hoped that there would be no scat. Not even Allan could be THAT angry, could he?

Her thoughts were disturbed by the taste of piss entering her mouth. The burning, yellow fluid smelled even worse than it tasted. Charmaine seriously had to fight the urge to puke on herself, which would make her feel even disgusted, but would rid her throat of the awful urine. Finally, however, she had drunk all of it, or so she thought. 

“You know, of course, that some of it spills on a woman’s crotch. Clean that up, too, Charmaine,” Angie ordered her. 

Mrs. Dumont couldn’t see her husband’s face, so she assumed that he was nodding. Reluctantly, she cleaned the remaining piss from Angie’s pubic hair. 

This was officially a day gone wrong. In the morning, she had been the Mistress of a cuckold hubby whom she made eat other men’s jism from her pussy. In less than 24 hours, she had become her husband’s property and a toilet slave for his teenage girlfriend/slave. 

“Now, relieve me as well. I find myself needing to pee. With any luck, I can avoid using the restroom for pissing in the future. I will just use your mouth,” Allan firmly instructed his bitch/wife. 

Despite her increasingly sick stomach, Charmaine did as Allan commanded her. She drank every drop from his dick, fearing that this was her new status. Why the hell did that bitch have to meddle? SHE could have been using Allan’s mouth as a toilet, but now it was the reverse. 

Was it really so awful for her to make Allan give up his husbandly rights to those who could satisfy her better? Then she thought about what might happen to her, if Allan decided that she was only fit for sucking cock or cleaning up his cum from another girl. She would NOT like that at all! Even so, wasn’t the wave of future WOMEN having their way and MEN having to just put up with it? That was what her Women’s Studies Professor had once claimed, anyway. 

Apparently, it wasn’t the wave of HER future, and her new experience was starting to make her aware that it was wrong to impose that on someone else against his or her will. She had provoked the wrong beast, and he had pounced on her. 

At least, Allan had given her SOME choice, though not much. She could have just walked away at the end of his revenge assault, but she had stayed for some reason. The truth was that it had never OCCURRED to her to do anything more than protest. The pair had NOT raped her. They had just seized the initiative and made it seem inevitable to her. 

Having emptied their bladders, Allan and Angie made Charmaine prepare snacks for them. Even then, she had to wait until AFTER they had eaten most of it to have any for herself (not that she had much of an appetite after the golden showers). 

“Well, my dear, it is time. I will fuck you hard, and my wife will experience a creampie herself for the first time in her life. When she is done cleaning it, she may have the privilege of taking my cock up her ass and then sucking me off as well,” Allan announced. 

“That sounds splendid!” Angie exclaimed, stripping completely naked in minutes, after which her lover did the same. Charmaine was already nude, so she didn’t have to do anything but watch. 

Allan put his girlfriend on her hands and knees, at which point the man of the house rammed his stiff dick into his teenage slut’s twat. She didn’t mind the rough way that he did her, since he wasn’t so big that it injured her. As Mrs. Dumont watched quietly, her husband and former slave pounded the young neighbor’s cunt. 

Angie found the idea of making Charmaine view their sex this time to be the most erotic thing that she had ever known. Obviously, a latent exhibitionist streak was emerging from its hiding place in her mind. She became wetter each time that she noticed the horrified look on Mrs. Dumont’s face. The woman was evidently still upset that her tyranny, double standard, and denial of her husband were over. This was being flaunted in her face now, with her hubby’s teen lover taking his cock in front of her: the very cock that Charmaine had claimed was too small to satisfy ANY woman!

Allan also found this whole situation rather sensual, particularly since it proved his sexual prowess, despite all of his wife’s claims that he was sexually inadequate. His was NOT a “useless dick best kept hidden and replaced by large, more useful ones”, as his wife had asserted repeatedly. It was perfectly sized for smaller women instead, such as his sweet, new slave Angie. Her moans reinforced his view that Charmaine’s insults to his manhood were just excuses to make him suffer her abuse and cruelty. NOW, he felt like a MAN, and that turned him on a lot! 

Charmaine, for her part, dreaded having to eat a “creampie”, despite having made Allan do that for her constantly. That had been another way to humiliate her husband and remind him that he was not a man in her sight, just a pathetic wimp who was only good for cunnilingus. THEY were turning the tables on her, she knew it, and she HATED it! Fair it might be, but she didn’t WANT fairness; she wanted to be in control again, with Allan worshipping her pussy and vainly desiring to fuck it! She also wanted to have that teen bitch humiliated, maybe by having HER gang-raped too (she had already mentally condemned Allan to such a fate). 

Naturally, she knew that this would NEVER happen; Allan and Angie had made that CRYSTAL clear to her. Her awful punishment was not going to end anytime soon, and her enslavement would continue for the rest of her unlucky life. Even IF she somehow escaped, Allan had moral support and a healthy self-esteem again. He would never agree to a return to the old situation. She would be a laughingstock in her circle of dominant females, who would never take her seriously or respect her again. It was over, and she KNEW it! 

Another galling fact was that Allan no longer loved and idolized her, as he had when she first started this “cuckold” business. He had trusted and believed her, up until the point that she wanted to deny him. THAT had required threats of rape, which had removed any romantic feelings. It had only left a frustrated lust, but she had considered it worth it at the time. 

NOW, however, she saw how much he cared for Angie and regretted the loss of her role as his sweetheart. She was nothing but a lesser slave now, to be dominated and punished, but NOT loved or trusted anymore. The saying was true, then, that the younger, less experienced ones eventually “grew up”. She had found THAT out the hard way. 

She was torn from her thoughts by the sound of Angie cumming loud enough for the OTHER neighbors to hear (or so it seemed at the moment). 

“Oh, SHIIIIIT!” Angie screamed, as her 2nd consecutive orgasm ended. 
“Tell me about it! GOOOOOD!” Allan exclaimed at his own release. 

After Allan pulled out of his slave girl, he pointed to her satisfied twat, telling Charmaine, “Now, lick ALL of me out of her! Don’t leave a drop of my cum in her for her parents to smell on her!” 

Disgusted as she was at the idea of orally servicing another woman (she was not even REMOTELY bisexual or lesbian), Mrs. Dumont did as her new Master ordered her. The stench of Angie’s gash was almost suffocating to someone with no experience of eating pussy. Her feminine odors were powerful, but it was time for Charmaine to learn what it was like to lap a man’s juices from a woman’s sex. 

To make matters, Ms. Sloan seemed bored at her neighbor’s attentions. She showed NO signs of arousal at all, as if to say that the older woman was simply no good at eating her out. (Actually, she was a LITTLE stimulated, but only at the idea of getting licked there by a woman.) This was VERY humiliating for Mrs. Dumont, who liked to be regarded as a sexual sophisticate, not a failure. 

Totally unconcerned with his wife’s wounded ego, Allan was INTENSELY aroused at the view of 2 women having oral sex with each other. It was PRECISELY what he needed to get hard again so soon after cumming before. 

Seizing the moment, he ruthlessly plunged his stiff cock into Charmaine’s asshole from behind. She abruptly stopped cleaning Angie, thinking that it was over as they had stated earlier. 

“No, you foolish bitch! I just decided to move things faster than I previously intended. That does NOT excuse you from finishing your cleaning job on Angie’s sweet cunt! Get your tongue back to work on her!” he said, slapping her on the butt as he resumed fucking her. 

In spite of the EXTREME pain that she suffered in her backdoor, Charmaine started concentrating on her neighbor’s pussy again. It was the only thing that kept her from screaming in agony, as Allan’s cock nearly wrecked her sphincter (or so it felt at the time). She was afraid that sitting down would not be an option for a month after this 3rd experience of rough sodomy. 

“Master, she’s got me clean, but she is not eating me well enough to make me cum. This is only whetting my appetite. Can you put your cock back in me, so I can CUM, please?” Angie suddenly spoke up. 

“Sure, baby, but I doubt that you want it straight from her ass to your pussy. Would you be up to trying anal, now? Sooner or later, I was going to try it, anyway,” he remarked.

“Well, of course, Master! If you want my ass, you can have it. Please lube it well, though,” she pleaded with him. 

“Definitely. You’re not a bitch to fuck angrily, like my wife here. Charmaine, stop cleaning for now, get the lube, and put it on her asshole,” he answered. 

Charmaine was VERY upset that she had to put lube on her husband’s lover, while SHE had just been buggered WITHOUT any lube at all. Nevertheless, she did as commanded by her Master, for fear of serious retribution. She felt sick as she saw him ease his way into Angie’s backside, giving him a chance to adjust to the pain, UNLIKE his treatment of his own wife. 

“Now, get back to licking her and focus on her clit! I want her to cum SOON, you pathetic cunt!” Allan commanded Charmaine. 

Terrified of the consequences of refusing his wishes, Mrs. Dumont returned to eating Angie’s snatch, while he began fucking the girl’s ass harder. Amazingly, in Charmaine’s opinion, the teenager was so stimulated by her lover’s cock up her butt that she came MUCH sooner now. 

“Thank you, Master! I’m cumming again!” Ms. Sloan screamed, after about a dozen minutes of being fucked in the ass. 

“Good, because so am I! Your virgin ass was SOOOO tight!” he reacted, as his cum shot into her pucker. 

Angie was truly stunned herself at the extent of her anal pleasure. She realized that Allan had just found another erogenous zone. If she had known THAT about her asshole, she would have played with it during masturbation. 

“Slave, start licking my cock, and then clean my spunk from Angie’s ass!” Allan demanded. 

Once again, fear and revulsion battled within Charmaine’s mind, and the former won (it always did). She licked her Master’s dick clean and followed this up by rimming Angie’s bottom. Not even disgust at the notion could prevent her from noticing the fact that the girl’s reaction to this act was more gratifying than her previous one to cunnilingus. Apparently, the girl’s ass was a major source of pleasure and a way to effectively service her. Charmaine decided to remind herself of that fact. If she WAS to be a slave for life, including to an adolescent girl, then she would be a successful and well-rewarded slave. There was no reason to be unpleasant and make her life more horrible. 

“I think that she is learning to accept her new role,” Allan observed. 

“Yes, Master, I agree. I’m glad, too, because she will be a LOT more fun to dominate that way. Oh, and Charmaine, you silly woman, don’t forget that I need to pee again after this is done. Move your mouth there ASAP, so none of my piss touches and defiles our Master’s lovely house!” Angie declared. 

“And take care of my piss, too, while you’re at it, bitch!” Mr. Dumont told his wife, and then kissed his girlfriend with plenty of tongue. 

Charmaine knew that she would feel sick at her stomach again, but she decided not to complain about it. In time, she would acquire the taste for urine. From what she heard, it was sterile, after all.

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