Angie's An Adult- Chapter 2

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"I don't see how you're gonna stop me from taking her, since I am no longer in your device.", Allan retorted.

"Remember, I can still have you ganged!" Charmaine threatened. 

Allan and Angie both laughed at that. They outnumbered her, so they looked at each other, and Allan suggested something non-verbally to Angie- with just a wink. She winked back to indicate her agreement.

"How the hell are you gonna pull that off right now? We outnumber you, and I think that you're due for a taste of your own medicine.", Allan stated.

"Excuse me?", Charmaine asked, with a growing sense of danger, as she realized that Allan was right. The two of them did outnumber her- what could she do to stop them?

Angie prevented her from reaching a decision in time, grabbed her ankles, and pulling her down to the floor. Allan stepped on her left hand lightly, to keep her from getting up, as Angie then pulled off Charmaine's shoes, followed by her pantyhose.

Charmaine was now in a state of panic, as she realized that her disgruntled, former cuckold hubby was now taking control of the house, with the help of his teenage girlfriend. Angie then removed Charmaine's skirt, leaving her bottom covered only by her underwear. Allan reached down, and yanked her blouse off of her torso as well.

A half-naked, extremely horrified Mrs. Dumont understood that she was alone, at the mercy (if there was to be any) of her angry, jilted husband and his adolescent mistress. Her boyfriends were not available to rescue her from her one-time sex slave, who was pissed-off at her, to say the least. 

"Allan, please, don't hurt me anymore- I can't take pain! If you love me, show me some mercy!", Charmaine begged him with tears on her face.

"Like you showed me mercy, or love, for that matter! What kind of love torments, blackmails, threatens, extorts, deprives, overworks, treats unfairly, drains, leeches off, humiliates, and degrades its object?", Allan responded.

Charmaine had no good answer to that question, and hung her head in shame, as she now grasped that she was about to receive her karmic due. She had reason to be afraid- terrified even. Over the course of her domination, she had indeed tortured, humiliated, hurt, and otherwise mistreated her husband- all without his free consent. The victim of abuse was about to punish the abuser.

Allan then sat down, and motioned for Angie to drag Charmaine over to him by the hair. She did, and Allan sat back up, positioning his wife into a leaning posture, bending over the armchair. He took off his belt, and instructed Angie to hold Charmaine's head down, by pushing down on her neck.

Charmaine had no idea what exactly Allan was about to do to her, but she was in such fear that she had wet her panties. Angie saw that, and started snickering. 

"Look, Allan- she's peed on herself! She's scared of us, especially you!"

Allan saw it, and had to howl with laughter for a bit. Charmaine was furious that she was the butt of their humor, but she was also still too scared and humiliated to do anything about it.

His face now stern again, Allan struck his wife with the leather belt, causing a sting in her backside that she scarcely imagined that she would ever experience. He did not stop there, however, striking her again with the belt. A third and fourth smack followed, and now her ass was starting to become more red than pink.

"Please stop, Allan! I won't abuse you anymore! I won't cuckold you anymore! I will do whatever it takes, to get you to quit spanking me with your belt!"

"Too late! You still have to be punished for having abused me in the past! I am very far from finished with your punishment, which will be harsh, I warn you of that!"

Mr. Dumont hit his wife several more times with the belt, bruising her butt with it. She cried louder and louder, but he completely disregarded her tears and pleas. After all, she had never shown him any compassion in the past, so why should he? Angie watched with complete pride and approval, as her beau continued to correct his wife's atrocious behavior. She also kept holding her head down, so Charmaine could not anticipate what would happen to her next.

Once Charmaine's ass was as red as an apple, Allan grabbed her panties, ripped them off of her, and told Angie to lead her to the bathroom, so she could watch her wash herself and make sure that she did not escape. 

"Have her remove her bra, too. I want her butt naked for the rest of her stupid, meaningless life!", he instructed Angie.

When the girls returned, Allan straddled Charmaine, pried apart her ass-cheeks, and simply shoved his penis into her rectum. She squealed with shock, agony, and fear. If he was butt-fucking her like that, what would be next? He sent Angie back to their bedroom to fetch the handcuffs, which were then slapped onto Charmaine's wrists.

Allan's cock kept ramrodding Charmaine, stretching and tearing up her ass, as she tried to scream her excruciating pain. She had certainly not cared when he had reacted the same way to her sodomizing him with a strap-on, so once again, he was uninterested in her comfort.

Charmaine continued to feel her husband's dick( not that large relatively speaking, but large enough to do damage to an unlubricated anus) probe her sphincter relentlessly. She screamed whenever she could, but it was futile. No one present cared about her situation. In fact, Angie was quite thrilled to watch her lover's wife get it roughly in the ass.

"Please, Allan, no more!", she finally got out.

He reacted by striking her ass, and saying, "That's master to you, and I don't recall saying that you could speak."

As he sodomized his wife, Allan Dumont got stiffer and stiffer, to the point that he now had to cum in Charmaine's ass. He had never even gotten to fuck her ass, until today, so shooting his sperm into her bottom was especially pleasant.

He then pulled out, walked over to Charmaine's face, and told her, "Lick my cum off my dick- straight from your own ass!"

"But, there might be some bacteria there!"

"Think that I give a damn about your health? I want you to lick my cock, you fucking bitch!"

Charmaine complied, afraid that if she refused, he would resume fucking her in the ass. Anything would be preferable to that!

"Angie, get out my wife's strap-on. I think that she deserves to know what it feels like to have a plastic, rather than flesh and blood, dick inside her ass!"

That particular thought made Charmaine even paler, as she now knew that her ass would get no relief today. Angie hurried to grab the strap-on, eager to hurt Mrs. Dumont even more than Allan had done. 

"Now, Angie, just strap the thing around your waist, as the dildo is already in position, and then slam it into Charmaine's butt. I don't want her to have any chance to relax or prepare herself. This is supposed to be painful for her, not pleasant."

Angie did as instructed by her lover, forcing her way into Charmaine's backdoor. Charmaine shrieked in her complete agony, but she could not resist the penetration of her posterior. Her ass was now under her husband's control, and he intended to use it as it suited him, not her.

"You like having a strap-on shoved up your ass, bitch? I'll bet that you'll learn to enjoy it, once it has happened enough!", Angie taunted her.

Allan, meanwhile, got up behind Angie, and slammed Charmaine's cunt with his cock, which had not been inside her for a long time. He showed no consideration of her pleasure, or needs, simply using her pussy for his own satisfaction.

"Finally, after so long, this pussy is mine again!", he exclaimed.

Charmaine was now feeling a lot of pain from both ends, but she had no choice other than simply resigning herself to it. Her hands were still cuffed, and there was no indication that they would be loose anytime soon. She had gone, in just a day, from a Domme to her husband's slave. She was now his plaything, to be used for his pleasure and gratification.

Angie, for her part, was quite satisfied with her first lesbian experience, as well as her first chance to dominate someone. She loved doing that to a woman, although she preferred to submit to a man. She loved hearing Charmaine sob, as her ass was taken so ruthlessly. 

"Oh, Allan, can you make it harder on her? I want her to really suffer!"

"Me too.", he replied, shoving even faster into Charmaine's cunt, until he finally came in it. His seed went everywhere, spilling down her labia, and he pulled out to wash his dick. Angie continued to bugger Charmaine for a while, making her get very sore indeed. 

"Your ass is mine, now- is that clear, bitch?", Allan announced, upon returning from the bathroom.

"Well, is it clear? Your Master, our Master asked you a question- do you understand, and agree?", Angie demanded of Charmaine.

"Yes, Angie. I understand. Yes, Master, my ass is yours."

"Then, thank Angie for fucking it!"

"Thank you for fucking my ass, Angie!"

"You're welcome, slave, but I'm not done yet."

"Address Angie as Mistress Angela. She is my slave, but your mistress."

"Thank you for fucking my ass, Mistress Angela!"

"That's better. Now, kiss my ass, to thank me for fucking you so hard, and showing you the firm hand you so clearly need!"

Allan bent over, and Angie thrust forward inside Charmaine, pushing her into Allan's crack, where she proceeded to kiss his sphincter. Allan grinned, and said, "Yes, there is a slave underneath your dominant exterior, after all, isn't there?"

To be continued.....

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