Angel & Naughty: The Millennium Hotel, Chapter Two

(Part 3 from 3)

"OH, FUCK YES! Ah, you do like our incest! You like knowing Loretta and I were young girls together. Oh Steven, we used to take baths and play dolls-!"
"-And now he's ass fucking you!" Loretta interrupted.
"-Bitch sisters for that fat cock," Lisa added.
"You fucking girls are so hot," I hissed. "FUCKING sluts, tell me more."
"Me and Lisa were girl scouts Daddy," Loretta said. "Now you're fingering my ass!"
"I used to braid her hair Steven," Lisa continued. "We were perfect little princesses. Now you own our pretty butts. We were choirgirls together-"
"-And you SODOMIZE US!"
"You hot fucking DEVIL."
"Kiss each other," I ordered. "Kiss like Daddy's whores."
They kissed messily, making a lewd show of it. Strings of spit dangling from their lips.
"Good girls, good." I slowed my strokes up Lisa's hungry anus, watching them wrestle tongues. "Loretta," I interjected, "why don't you tell Lisa where I came? Tell her how I raped you full of my sperm while you begged me to stop."

Loretta lifted her mouth off Lisa's. "He did," she said breathily. "He came in my pussy Lisa."
Lisa gasped. "STEVEN! You bad boy, you wanna make my little sister pregnant?"
"UGH!" I grunted, barely able to speak; instead, I seethed: "I made your hot little sister MINE. I came deep in her as she begged me not to-I have it all on tape."
"He raped his cum in me Lisa," Loretta added, licking the side of her sister's face.
"You raped your baby in my sister? You fucking asshole-you're trying to make me jealous. Bastard. Maybe you should DATE her now, so that we can FUCK around behind her pregnant back."
"Bitch!" Loretta smiled at me. "Daddy likes me best."
"Is it true?" Lisa asked. "Loretta's your favorite sister?"
"I'll spoil you both," I said smiling. "You're such good little girls." I pulled my fingers out of Loretta anus and grabbed hold of Lisa around her slimmed corset. I slammed violently into her ass. She yelped.
Loretta egged me on. "Hurt her Steven! Make her bitchy asshole ache. She's fucking married and she's sneaking out so you'll FUCK your dick up her ass-she deserves it HARD."
And my balls swelled and my cock fumed inside of Lisa's rectum, all prompted by the gorgeous sight of these two dark-haired, nasty-mouthed Italian beauties. Lisa must have felt my tip enlarge even further, because she winced and then looked back, unleashing a barrage of her dirtiest language.
"FUCK, I feel you Steven! Fuck me until you CUM. Fuck your friend's wife all over her sister!"
"YES, do it!" Loretta yelled. "Give ME your semen!"
"Are you gonna CUM? Are you gonna BLOW your NUTS in your Lisa?" Lisa shouted, grabbing Loretta's head like a demon possessed and shoved it into her stocking-clad tits: "Suck my tits you slut sidekick! SUCK them for Steven while he fucks his babies up my ass! Oh, Steven I want your sperm! Give your angel your SPERM!"
Loretta pulled the body stocking down, under Lisa's breast, and drove her mouth over the ripe, saintly flesh. The sight was spectacular-these two incredible women, these sisters-Lisa, the twenty-four year old classical beauty, her flawless figure wrapped in her white body stocking, my angel-winged adulterous with my cock stuffed up her butt-Loretta, the sinfully delicious, perfect-bodied, nineteen-year-old kitten-I couldn't contain it much longer.

"WHORES!" I yelled, building. "Are you my CUM SLUTS? You girls want my sperm?"
They both turned toward me, anxious. "Yes DADDY!"
"This time, I'm going to give it to you Lisa," I panted.
"Oh, thank you!"
"No!" Loretta complained.
Lisa pushed her away. "Shut up, greedy bitch!"
"Lisa, you want me to dump my load up your ass?"
"Yes Steven, more than anything-CUM. PLEASE. Give it to me."
"And you Loretta, you're going to suck it out."
"Yes! YES, I will Steven. God he's so fucking hot Leese. SO fucking nasty!"
Lisa reached back and put her hand on my hips, aiding my thrusts into her as her sister plunged forward, continuing to suck her tit. Lisa looked back at me, her angel wings bobbing around her shoulders. "Look at me Steven. Don't I look pretty? Don't I make a pretty angel?"
I leaned down. "You're so hot Lisa," I whispered, plunging my monster meat up her ass chute. "I'm going to give my hot angel her present."
"I want to look pretty for you Steven. You want to give your pretty angel your sperm?"
"Fuck yes Lisa."
"Oh thank you, thank you. I promise I'll look prettier with a butt-full of your sperm."
"I'm going to cum in you Lisa."
"Do it STEVEN. GOD, I'm begging you."
"Shit Lisa-YES. Do it. Beg GOD."
"Beg God for my CUM!"
"YES! YES!" And Lisa pushed Loretta from her breast, clasping her hands at her chest and mimicking a prayer-so deviously hot with her angel wings. She mock-prayed: "Please God have Steven butt fuck his sperm in me-"

"Oh, you two are SOOO bad!" Loretta said, smiling.
"-MORE!" I yelled. Lisa ground her ass back into my thrusts.
"-and please GOD, oh Lord I beg you, have him dump more of his blessed SPERM up my cheating ass than my sister's-"
"Cum Steven!" Loretta cooed, lowering herself to her sister's ass. She ran her hand over Lisa's delectable, fat ass cheeks. "Cum up Lisa bitchy's ass! Listen to her!"
"-and please oh gracious Lord, may my idiot sister not lose a drop of Steven's precious nut juice, so that I may eat the sperm that Steven has so lovingly fucked into my ass-"
"FUCK! FUCK!" My cum sizzled in my nut sack, and I felt the familiar pulse beginning to settle, like a loaded cannon. "PRAY FOR MY CUM LISA!"
"-And may my husband see Steven sodomizing me-"
"Cum up her ass Steven!"
"-And may my husband then choke and die of shock-"
"-So that after the funeral, Steven may fuck his cock up my ass all over the piles of money I'd inherit-"
"-Do it Steven! PLEASE GOD! CUM in me! Gimmie, gimmie what I want!"
My entire body flexed and every hair stood on end in spiking ecstasy.

I had already cum twice that evening-once in Loretta's face, once in her pussy-but Lisa's words, her amazing body, watching her ass strain around my cock-I grunted like an ape, howled at the ceiling and grabbed Lisa's waist, plunging in for one last stroke, entirely to the balls in the bombshell asshole of my friend's burning-hot wife.
I came.
"Fill her ass Daddy!"
Everything collapsed and my stomach knotted.
The muscles in my cock surged, the veins engorged completely, and I pumped like a hose, one even, thick, nourishing cord of semen into Lisa's violated asshole.
"Beg bitch, BEG!"
"Please, please Steven! Your SPERM! Give me your bastard SPERM! I fucking-oh GOD thank you! Thank you LORD! I feel it!"
My toes stood on end and I watched Loretta hold Lisa's ass open as I fucked another cord of rich, baby-breeding sperm up my angel-dressed anal whore.
"Yes, YES! FUCK your CUM UP MY ASS-I LOVE it! Dump your SEXY BALLS up my BUTT!"

Her ass trembled as my cum splattered the velvety walls of her anal canal, soaking and flooding. Her asshole slickened with semen, and I pumped again and again, lifting her off her feet, impaling her hot, Italian ass over my torrential geyser of seed. She reared back and grabbed her tits, blabbering madly as I sent tremors through her body, hot sprays of ball milk deep into her vulnerable, wanton rectum.
"You're so hot Lisa! So HOT!"
"I'm yours Steven!"
"Fuck!" Loretta exclaimed. "You're CUMMING in my married sister's ass!"
"Do it!" Lisa coaxed. "DO IT! More! FUCK YOUR SPERM IN ME!"
My balls sucked in and Lisa's goddess-butt milked each stream of seed eagerly. I looked down and watched my cock pumping, glistening with the ambrosial stench of sex, ass juice and semen, as I fucked the last of my sticky sperm of this angel's heavenly ass.
"Oh Jesus Lisa, I fucking-I fucking came so hard."
"God," Lisa panted. "God, god, god-I feel it. It's so warm baby. My ass is full of your hot sperm."

Drifting back, as if in a dream-my mind clouded and dizzy-I slid out of Lisa's tight asshole and fell back on the bed. I closed my eyes and felt for a moment like I might faint, might pass out completely and never wake up. Everything was that perfect. I had just fucked a severely huge load of sperm up my friend's wife asshole. Lisa, my anal angel-I didn't know if it could get better than that. I glanced down. My dick was soiled and bruised with ass and ball batter. The aroma was incredibly primal.
"Oh Steven," Lisa said. "I can feel it. You filled me. You filled my ass with your babies."
Lisa remained bent over the table, swaying her hips gently.
Loretta crawled under her ass, squatting her butt out. "Can I have some Leese? Can I have some?"
"Oh sis," Lisa cooed. "Eat that cock food out of me."
Loretta nudged her mouth along her pussy, up her ass crack. With both hands, Lisa spread her ass apart-her anus like the bud of a flower.
"Yes Leese, shit that cum on me. Shit that cum in my mouth."

I watched with a head full of nothing-I was wiped, sucked of essence. But these sisters, these slut bitches were so enticing, I couldn't resist sitting up.
Lisa stuck her butt in her sister's face, then clenched. "Ohhhh Loretta, here it comes, let it drip out! Don't miss any, PLEASE-ohhh!"
"Yes SIS, dump that shitty sperm in my mouth!"
My cock lurched at the sight.
Like a small, oozing fountain, my sperm slopped out of Lisa's butt hole. The milky goo trailed along unevenly, chunky and thick, then dripped in clumps onto her sister's tongue. Loretta just held her mouth there.
"Yes," she panted. "Fresh from her ass. Steven, your cum is so warm and salty."
"Don't miss any-Ahhh!" Lisa winced, pushing the rest out. "I want it! I want it! He gave it to me!"

More and more creamy seed bubbled and oozed from Lisa's ass, and there was Loretta, underneath her thighs, catching it like a thirsting bitch in the rain, each drop falling into her mouth.
"Tell her Steven!" Lisa begged. "Tell her not to swallow so I can worship that cum!"
"Loretta," I boomed. "I told you, no more swallowing."
Loretta shot me a smoldering glare. Her mouth was streaked with dabs of sperm, collected all over her lipstick-smeared lips. Cum dripped from her lips like foggy icicles.
My head began to crystallize. My breathing slowed. I watched Lisa reach her hand over her asshole, scrounging bits of my cum. She sucked her fingers into her mouth. "Mmmm."
"Loretta come here," I said.
Lisa turned at my words, watching Loretta crawl on all fours between my legs.
"Now you Lisa."

Lisa's hips swayed like a runway model as she made her way toward me. She knelt down, next to her sister, her wings slanted sharply behind her.
"Gimmie sis," she said, taking Loretta's head in her hands. "Gimmie that sperm, I want some. Greedy bitch."
"NO," I interrupted. "Loretta spit that load on my cock."
Obediently, Loretta raised over my deflated cock and drooled the stickiest, thickest, largest load over my fuck tool. The cum slithered like paste, some falling on my balls. My cock steamed, like meat topped with cream. Lisa eyes swelled at the nasty sight.
"Lisa you want this cum?" I asked.
"Yes Steven. Angel wants your sperm."
"I want you to have it. You're my girl."
"I want it Steven."
"Then suck it off."
Without taking her sea green eyes off me, she opened her mouth and lowered it on my cock. Her lips strained around the soft edges-I wasn't hard, but I was getting there.
"UH Lisa!"
"Worship that cock Lisa," Loretta said.
"Suck all that semen in your mouth," I said.
Lisa buried it all in her scolding throat. Upon hitting my balls, she used her hands, wiping as much cum from the surrounding base as she could. She then began to pull up, sucking like a vacuum, sucking it hard. Her eyes glazed in cocksucker pleasure. Once she reached the top, she pulled off with a smack. My cock was completely clean.
"Don't swallow it now Lisa, hold it there." I turned to Loretta. "Suck my balls naughty. Suck the rest off my fucking nuts."

Loretta lowered herself and lapped like a girl with a lollipop-my cum stretched like webbing from her lips. She buried her mouth over my balls, and I felt her tongue slather back and forth along the titillated flesh. Behind her, I watched Lisa open her mouth-I could see the mess of my frothy semen-and she dabbed her tongue with her cum-wet hands, dangling sperm strings from her mouth, which she held up, and ensnared with her tongue. She coiled the sperm messily back into her mouth.
After Loretta finished cleaning my balls and the rest of my shaft, she sat up.
"Good girls," I said. "My little cum sisters."
They just smiled (the sperm in their mouths made it difficult to speak).
"Loretta, spit my cum on your sister's tits."

Lisa rolled her eyes back at the words. With both hands, Loretta mashed Lisa's stocking-clad cleavage together. She pulled the netting down and spit the funky mixture of spit and semen all over Lisa's tan breasts. Loretta sucked on her nipple, cum-spray droplets seeping down Lisa's skin and collecting over the platters of her tits.
"Polish my angel with my cum."
Loretta massaged her sister's gorgeous tits, kneading my semen over the almond-colored globes, rubbing it into her skin.
"Oh Steven," Loretta sighed. "You're so fucking nasty."
Lisa threw her head back, arching and sticking her tits out at me, glistening wetly in the dim light.
"Now move Loretta," I instructed. "Suck my cock."
As Loretta went back to work on my cock, I gazed over Lisa's semen-coated body. She looked at me sultrily.
"Swallow my cum Lisa. Swallow my babies."

Without another word, Lisa's throat flexed and she smacked her lips crudely. She opened her mouth, revealing not a single drop left in her mouth-she had swallowed it all.
"How did it taste angel?"
"Mmmm-so fucking good Steven."
"Say thank you."
"Thank you Steven. Thank you for your sperm."
And just as she started to curl up next to sister between my legs, her tits polished with my cum, her throat and stomach and asshole glazed with my semen, her phone rang from her clutch. Reaching to the floor, she grabbed her cell.
"It's my husband Steven."
I grinned.
And she lifted the phone to her ear.

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