Angel & Naughty: The Millennium Hotel, Chapter One

(Part 3 from 3)

"Open your mouth," I said.
She submissively obeyed, closing her eyes.
I spit in her mouth and she closed her lips around it, swallowing.
"Suck on my balls while I jerk off," I said. I leaned back and spread my legs, Loretta, my naughty kitten lowering herself obediently. As she went down, I took her black thong off her neck and wrapped it around my cock. She lapped at my heavy balls, like a girl with a lollipop.
"Oh, you're balls are so big," she whispered. "So salty." She put her mouth over one of my balls, letting it soak in her mouth.
"You love my balls bitch?"
"I love your balls Steven." I mashed my nuts over her face, and she licked hungrily at the undersides. I groaned and pumped her panties along the meat of my cock.

My nutsack popped out of her mouth. "You going to cum glaze me?" she pouted. "Mark me and paint me pretty with your white, badass cum before my hot married sister gets here?"
I panted, "You want more cum, cum slut?"
She whimpered. "I want it on my face Daddy."
"Yeah, you would like that wouldn't you? Beautiful butt slut."
"I would. I'm your pretty butt slut. Dump it on my pretty face."
"How does your ass feel, all that cock shoved in-now, gone?"
"It feels empty. Did you like raping it? Did you like me screaming 'no', when all I meant to scream was 'yes, yes'?"
"I loved it."
I jerked faster, her thong pulled taunt against my cock.
"You didn't cum in it," she said. "Wasn't it tight enough for you?"
"Your ass was so tight."
"But you came in my pussy. And now I could be pregnant. Do you like the thought of that?"

As I jacked off, I reached over her with my off hand and pumped my fingers into her pussy, still wet with cum. I finger-fucked my load deeper into her. She moaned and squirmed under my cock as I said: "I came in Lisa's sister. Your body earned it-for being so hot-my load up your pussy."
"Lisa will be sooo jealous," she cooed as I rubbed my sperm on her clit. Withdrawing my hand from her crotch, I held it over her mouth. She looked up at me and said: "I think she loves you Steven." Then she opened her mouth and sucked the thin layer of semen-from her pussy to her mouth-from my fingers.
"You sexy bitch, I'm going to nut on your face, your panties."
"Ummm. For me to eat?" She licked at my knuckles, the fingertips.
I slapped her with my dick, then dramatically smeared my cockhead across her face, leaving lipstick rubbed against one cheek. "Maybe I'll give my Kitty a little cream, if she's a good brat and promises to lick it off her own fucking underwear."

Loretta smiled deviously. "Kitty likes." She ran her tongue along the waistband of her panties, then along the ridges of my cock, pausing at the head. "Mmm. Yum," she murmured. She let a thick wad of spit drool from her mouth, over my cock and her panties. I jerked faster, like a madman-a blur of motion. She sat up and began massaging her own breasts. Throwing her head back, she closed her eyes, her untamed dark hair kicking back. She enticed me with her words. "I'll lick it, just give Kitty some. I'll eat it from my panties."
"I'm going to give you a thick helping baby. A full meal."
"Kitty's hungry."
"I'm going to make a fucking mess of my babies all over your pretty face and panties."
"You made a mess of babies inside of me," she said. "Now I'll eat it all. Feed it to me. I'll gargle it for you to watch, you're so hot."
"Brat wants my cum? The bitchy little brat sister wants to gargle my sperm?"
"I do, I'll gargle it. I'll gargle your sperm in my mouth."
"Don't swallow it."
"Oh? Then maybe I'll just play with it. Maybe I'll spit your cum in my hand and shove my fingers up my ass, like a good butt slut. Fuck your cum up my ass. Or maybe fuck it up my unprotected pussy again. Would you like that?"

I felt my orgasm building with her words, her gentle, sexual movements.
"Dump your cum on my face. Give me some sticky sperm to play with."
In a violent swoop, I sat up on my haunches and grabbed Loretta by the throat, forcing her underneath me, turning her on her back. I yanked her back into my cock, under my balls.
She yelped. "Oh! Cum on me you sexy asshole!"
"Fucking lick my balls you sexy little girl."
"Mmm!" She eagerly tongued my nutsack, spitting vulgarities while I beat my cock with her panties. "Cum! Cum on me! You cocky hot bastard!"
"I'm going to empty my balls on your pretty face!"
"Empty your balls! Do it gorgeous! Thick and creamy cum for your bitch butt slut!"
"ARGH! You stupid fucking slut, I'm going to fucking cum on you!"
"Give stupid Kitty her milk! Make a cum mess on me!"
She nudged her mouth up under my cock, licking vigorously at the base of my dick, my balls, my fist nearly punching her with each pump on the way down. I swiftly unwrapped her thong from my cock, and pushed it up into her face, the crotch against the cheek. Loretta took the hint and pulled the waistbands taut, like a net below her face, her mouth sticking up from the crotch.
"Oh god YES, on my panties, cum on my panties so I eat it off!"
The sight was phenomenal. I could barely hold it. I reared back, and a thousand thoughts went screaming from my head, and I was torn in an exquisite moment, a fucking downright divinity.
I screamed, "I'm FUCKING CUMMING on my whore's little SISTER!"

Loretta fingered madly at her pussy. "fuck my sister! Fuck Lisa and her perfect ass. I'm your cum slut Kitty!"
"Ah! You're so hot! Fuck you! You're just a hot stupid hole! FUCK you!"
"You big cock stud, cum on my panties and let me eat it-I'll make a show for you!"
"I'm cumming-catch my sperm in your panties you sexy DUMB bitch!"
"Yes Steven, DADDY!"

And my gut roared and every muscle in my body tensed-the energy of the drugs and the unbelievable sexiness of Lisa's sister-and I grabbed the back of slut's head with my left hand and squeezed my shaft one last time before the eruption, and I dumped my first, my thickest wad of fertilizing semen right in the crotch of the hot bitch's panties. She lapped like a starving feline with her tongue from underneath, and another gargantuan spurt fell over her underwear, dripping off and onto her face. I accommodated the ravenous bitch, aiming lower and straying a huge pulse of cock cream directly in her mouth. She tossed the cum-soiled panties down, landing wetly over her tits and attacked my dick with her mouth.
"Oh, you're so good to me!"
"Don't SWALLOW it brat!"
"I want it! Give Kitty!"
She engulfed my cock in her throat, entirely burying my meat to the balls, and I spurted another rope.

She swallowed greedily and I felt her swallow; quickly and violently I pulled my cock out of her fuck-basin mouth, and emptied the last three spurts of my ball batter over her tan, beautiful flower of a face, milking my sperm hose evenly, dumping chunks on her cheekbones, on her forehead, her lips, over one smoky eye. She opened her mouth to catch one more rope and I kept fisting my cock, making sure I got the last of my load, every last frothy drop of my sperm on this gorgeous kitten, my slut of young sluts.
"Oh, you hot fucking dumb, cum rag," I panted, wiping the last hanging remains over her open mouth. "Look at you, covered in my sperm. You like it cum rag?" I smeared my cock over her soaked face, over her lips; semen sticking in long strings from her face when I pulled away.
"Mmmm, Kitty likes Steven," she moaned.
"You like how I treat you? Am I a good Kitty owner?"
"Kitty likes Daddy Steven, he's so good to me."

She looked directly at me as her tongue lavishly rolled over her sperm soaked lips. Using her hand she scooped the cum from her cheeks and her forehead-as much as she could-and dangling it up, high above her gaping red mouth, let it stretch and drop into her mouth. Her dangling tongue twisted like a serpent's tongue, around the dripping wad, coiling as much up into her mouth as possible. I admired her gorgeous dream of a face, splattered and slick with my milky seed. My thick cum had streaked down her chin and cheeks, over her lips, and pooled on her tits, between her collarbones and lower neck.
I wiped my dick off in her clean, brown hair, making sure I was extra-dry.
She sat up on her elbows, and making sure I saw everything, she gargled my cum in her mouth.
"Don't you dare swallow it," I said. She sat up on her knees on the bed, facing me, and drooled the giant load from her mouth, it bubbled all over her chin and ran down her neck and onto her caramel Italian titties. She rubbed her tits with one hand, her clit with the other.
"I want to eat it," she pouted.
I put my hand on her stomach. "I shot some in your throat."
"Um," Loretta giggled. "Um-hmmm, Kitty got some in her belly."
"You sneaky, greedy bitch."

She traced cum over her nipples with her fingertips, rubbing it first into her skin, then holding it up, letting it hang in the air, and drop over her face. She didn't even care if it got in her mouth.
"I want to be covered in you. Bathe in your cum. Drowned. It's so warm and slick. Sticky. You came so fucking much. I've even got cum in my hair. Ohhh, it wants to be on me. Inside of me. Does Lisa make you cum that hard?"
She feigned a frown, then, scooping a trail of cum from along her neck, she dabbed it on her tongue, then rolled it back inside her mouth. She swallowed and smiled.
I slapped her in the face. "Don't swallow it bitch."
Her face changed, obviously surprised, but heightened and alert. "You asshole, I can't fucking help it."
I grabbed her by the hair, and held her neck. "Am I an asshole?" I spoke between my teeth. "A fucking asshole that doused your face in his cum? Fucked a baby up your pussy?"
"Will you swallow anymore, fucking dumb bitch?"
"No!" she squealed. "Jesus!"
Holding her there, nose-to-nose, after cussing at her, a young girl I barely knew (but who obviously knew a lot about me), and treating her rough, like a two-dollar whore, fucking her ass and glazing her face, now smeared and tossed with my semen, she held up a finger of hers. I glanced at it without turning. It was drenched in my thick cum. She held it in front of her mouth and looked into my eyes.
"You cocky asshole," she said in a sultry whisper. She put the semen-glazed finger in her mouth and sucked with closed eyes, blissfully giving herself up, blissfully mine. And swallowed.
I grinned warmly. "I've got to have a cigarette baby."

I reached over on the dresser and thumbed out a square.

Meanwhile, Loretta played with my cum, rubbing it over her body. Her eyes locked on her strewn panties, which cradled a thick glob of my semen in their lacey crotch. She smiled wickedly and picked them up, holding them in front of her. I lit my cigarette and stretched back on the bed, watching her in the dim, moody light-her tan vision of a body, glistening with my cum, her red dress bunched around her waist. She slowly turned around, on all fours, presenting her tight, young ass to me. Looking over her shoulder, she held her underwear over her ass, and with her eyes locked on mine, she let the cum drip out over the marvelous curves of her ass. My semen was thick and stuck tightly to her asscheeks. She ran her hand over the cum, rubbing it gently into her butt, easing her fingers between and along her anus. She closed her eyes and stuck her cum soaked fingers inside, feeding my cum up her ass. She groaned, and my dick popped to a solid attention. I took a long, slow drag.

And just then, a soft knock at the door.
Lisa had arrived.

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