Angel - Chapter 4

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“I want you Angel, right now. Please, let me have you.” He asked, nuzzling against me, his hands lifting my shirt in the back.

“No, Josh. I can’t let you do that to me again. It will be too much when I have to leave.” I sighed as I felt his hand creep up to my breasts. I closed my eyes.

“Oh yes, Angel, you can. You want to.” He said sliding my shorts low on my hips, caressing with his thumbs as he went.

I rested my hands on the top of his head, letting him explore my now more womanly body with his. He lifted my shirt in the front, kissing me softly on my stomach, trailing his tongue lower, nipping at the waistband of my cotton shorts. Lost in a world of sensation, I allowed Josh to lower them, and he kissed feverishly as he went. 

The shorts dropped below my ass, exposing my shaved pussy. I heard Josh inhale deeply, and he looked up to me and smiled.

“Goddamn, Angel. You have really grown up.” He followed this statement by rubbing his fingers over my slit, and I felt a heat radiate from between my legs. I let out a soft breath. He continued to tease the outside, never penetrating, but playing the outer lips and center until I felt I was going to cum right then. Slowly Josh slid one long finger into my fold and I left out a moan, instinctively arching into his hand.

“See Angel,” he said moistening a second finger for penetration. “You need this. You need to feel my cock in you.”

I nodded, urging him with my hips to continue. Slowly he twirled his fingers in my juices, pulsing slowly in and out, using his thumb now on my clit, building me up to frenzy. I griped his shoulders, afraid to fall over if I didn’t support myself. 

“Cum for my Angel. I want to feel you cum on my fingers. Yeah, that’s good. You like that huh? My fingers in your pussy, making you cum. You feel so good!” Josh said, quickening his pace, when I began to moan loudly. I rocked against him, wanting my orgasm hard and brutal. My legs began to shake and tense as it started, each second better then the one before until I finally subsided.

Josh stood up and slipped my shirt over my head and easily unsnapped my bra. My breasts were instantly crushed to his chest, as his mouth came down on mine for a kiss. I could taste my juices on his lips, and loved every second of it. I rubbed my hands over his shoulders and back, feeling the muscles he had accumulated over the years. I slipped down to his jeans and eagerly undid the leather belt. I next unbuttoned the fly and unzipped it. His hard cock erupted into my hands.

Hurriedly, Josh pulled away and pulled his jeans off his hips and stepped out of them. He had to take off his sandals to get the cuffs off, and did so with ease. Standing naked in front of me I realized fully how much he had grown too. His abs were chiseled and cut, defined shoulders and large arms matched his easily 230 pound body. A trail of light colored hair trailed from his navel to groin, almost invisible in the dark barn. His erect penis bobbled when he stood upright.

Quickly, I shed the rest of my clothes, standing almost shyly in front of him. My nipples were erect from the almost chilly air, but mostly from arousal. My hands wandered down my flat stomach, lightly skimming my hips and thighs. My salon induced tan looked deep in the waning moon, but Josh looked at me through liquid eyes.

“My god Angel…You are beautiful. I don’t remember you this way.” Josh said.

Suddenly embarrassed, I crossed my hands over my chest, like I did when I was 16. “I don’t think we were ever naked together.” I said. “We always did it with mostly cloths on, my skirt hiked just enough to get your dick wet.”

Josh turned a deep shade of red; embarrassed it seemed at the thought of his behavior those years ago.

“I’m sorry Angel,” He said, pressing himself close to me again. “Please, let me feel you. I need to feel you around me.” Kissing me deeply, he moved my body with his closer to the bale of hay. His hand roamed over my naked body and I could feel the dew begin to settle around us. I wasn’t cold at all and the heat was radiating between our bodies. 

Josh sat, pulling me with him, hiking my leg up to straddle him. I could feel his prick at the center of our bodies and the hard mass was pressing against me. I pulled away from out kiss and positioned myself over his cock. With my left hand I held his dick and guided it in side me. I settled around him, slowly dropping my pussy down. I winced from him stretching me, filling me inch my glorious inch. 

When I got all of him in, I paused and smiled. “I don’t remember you this big.” I said.

“I don’t think I ever felt anything so tight as your pussy.” He said back. Leaning over, he took a freed breast into his mouth, taking over the erect nipple, flicking his tongue back and forth over it while I started to ride him. Holding onto me, his large arms and strong hands guided my body up and down his shaft, bouncing me over and over. 

I held onto his chest, grinding my pussy against him, wanting him deeper and deeper. My breath was ragged and deep, and soon my breaths turned to moans. Rhythmically he fucked me, seemingly driving deeper and deeper each time. Slowing, I started to protest, but he shushed me, lifting me, still impaled on his rod. Walking a few feet to the one of the barn walls, he leaned me against the old quilt that was hanging there.

“Hold on,” he said pointing above to the tack rack above my head. Obediently I did, stretching a little to get a good grip. He held just below my hands, allowing him to propel him self into me. He stared to slowly work his cock in and out, bouncing my tities with each thrust. He began to increase speed, and he gritted his teeth.

He slammed into me over and over, driving his thick cock into me again and again. The barn was filled with my screams and his occasional grunt. He moved his hands down to my ass, and began an assault on my pussy that I have never felt. All his strength when into each thrust, causing a scream with each jab. Only seconds away from cumming again, I held onto his head.

“Fuck me, Josh! fuck me harder. Harder!” I was screaming his name louder, daring him to tear me in half. “Oh God! I’m gonna cum!” I screamed at last. Josh leaned into me.

“Where do you want it?” he asked.

“In me!” I screamed back. “Cum inside me Josh. I want to feel you cum in me!”

good girl.” He said, fucking me harder that I thought was possible. “Yes, here is comes baby, here it comes!” With a final thrust, he buried his cock deep into my pussy and I felt the hot seed spill inside me. With my legs still wrapped around him, his cumming put me over the edge. As my second orgasm griped me, my pussy tightened against his still hard cock. I shuddered, feeling the release. Slowly I opened my eyes and looked into Josh’s.

“Fuck Angel,” Josh started, “You haven’t changed a bit. Still a fucking devil in bed.”

I glanced back at him and smiled. “You taught me everything I know Josh.” Kissing him I unwound my legs from his waist and he set me down easily. On shaky legs, I walked back to the hay bale and reached for my clothes. Josh did the same, but not before looking at his watch.

“Its late.” He said matter of factly.

“I know.” I pulled my shirt over my head and stood. “I need to get back.” I waited to see what he would say.

“Look Angel, I don’t want this to end. I need to be with you again.” He paused to put on his sandals. “I’ll come by the house tomorrow for dinner again, because your mom invited us, and I will talk to you then. I’ll have something set up. Will you do it? Meet me again?”

I felt my swollen lips and my pussy throb at the thought of fucking Josh again and I nodded.

“Good. Until then.” He said walking over to me and kissing me hard.

Breaking away from the kiss, he walked away from the barn and began the short jog to the other side of the woods. I hated to see him go, but I knew, and so did he, that if he did stay longer, we would end up on the floor of the barn this time. I sighed, and headed in the other direction to the worn path.

It only took me 10 minutes to make it to the back door, and I entered quietly so I didn’t wake anyone. I tiptoed up the stairs to my old room, but before I went to bed I wanted to make sure Johanna was okay. I didn’t see a light. I turned the door handle and opened it a crack. In bed I made out Johanna’s long hair trailing down her back. 

With widening eyes I realized she was in the throes of passion, riding a cock hard and fast, trying to be quite, and only just moaning loud enough for her partner to hear. I thought who in the world does Jo know in PA that she would have sneaked in to fuck?

My answer was obvious when her partner half sat up, wrapping his arms around her waist, drawing her in closer, in order to penetrate deeply into her body. Thrusting upwards, my little brother had no idea I was watching him fuck my best friend.

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