Andre’s the Black Boy Next Door. Part II

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Melissa, Cheryl, and Jenny rested their heads on Andre’s bare chest. The three white girls had just spent the previous hour and forty-five minutes enjoying their first interracial encounter. Andre ran his black fingers through Melissa and Jenny’s long blonde hair while Cheryl caressed his relaxed, but still incredibly long, penis. “That was the best sex I have ever had,” Jenny told Andre. Melissa smiled and went on to add, “Now I know why white guys dislike black guys so much, they’re jealous!” Andre, brimming with confidence, smiled and asked, “Is a white dudes dick really that small?” Cheryl took Andre’s relaxed penis and moved it over her face, “White boys, not even Italian boys, measure up to a black man!”

The four naked bodies continued to rest close together under Andre’s bed sheets as the southeastern sun began to set. The girl’s milky complexion took on a golden glow from the rays coming in through the window. “We should invite Dana over to meet Andre,” Cheryl announced. Dana is Cheryl’s cousin and just the type that needs a big black fuck. “What do you think, Andre?” Melissa asked. “Do you think you could handle four white girls?” Jenny baited. Cheryl already knew the answer but insisted on taunting Andre. “Dana’s a super hot blonde, Italian like me, but her husband is a lame white guy.”

Andre’s eyebrows rose to show an interest. Jenny chimed in, “She’s got a cute little booty!” It was settled. Andre would have an opportunity to convert yet another white girl to the black side. Cheryl pulled her cell phone from her bag and began dialing. “Dana, hey it’s Cheryl. What are you doing tonight… well, tell your hubby that you have to go to the mall with me and Melissa then meet me at Melissa’s in twenty minutes!” Suddenly the room was bustling. “My parents are gone until Sunday night!” Melissa was already working on a plan. “Let’s have a pool party!”

The girls kicked their clothes into the corner and grabbed Andre’s hands. The sky was dark but still humid; it was a perfect night for skinny-dipping! The moon lit the way as the four nude figures dashed around the fence and into Melissa’s back yard. Melissa, Jenny, and Cheryl jumped in simultaneously, followed by Andre who decided to step into the water a little more carefully. Within a few minutes Dana’s husband arrived dropping her off in the driveway. Cheryl waited for him to drive off before getting Dana’s attention. “Pssst!” Cheryl sounded from behind the gate. “Dana, come in the pool the water’s great! And wait ‘til you see what we have for you!” she closed with a chuckle.

Andre drifted into a shadowy corner of the pool as Dana crept into the backyard. “I didn’t bring my suit,” Dana protested. “Why is it so dark? I can’t see anything!” Melissa and Jenny stepped from the pool, water cascading over their bare breasts, “It’s okay, we’re not wearing anything!” The girls led Dana to the poolside where she began to unbutton her shorts. Andre’s heart began to race as he caught a glimpse of Dana’s nude body in the moonlight. Unlike Cheryl’s Southern-Italian complexion, Dana was softer more waxen. She wore a small gold Italian horn on a long chain that rested between her ample breasts. She had long blonde hair that draped just above her nipples. Dana’s ass was plump but firm and packed.

Andre made his way closer to the poolside careful to remain hidden in the shadows. “How’s your hubby?” Cheryl inquired almost sarcastically. “We haven’t had sex for weeks!” Dana sighed as she pulled off her panties. “Oh well, I’m not missing much by the way his little dick hangs!” Andre could feel his dick growing longer and harder when he saw Dana’s manicured blonde pussy. “The water’s cold!” Dana shouted as she stepped eagerly into the pool. “Now close your eyes for a big surprise!” Melissa put both of her hands over Dana’s eyes while Jenny and Cheryl led Andre to greet her. Melissa took her hands away instructing Dana to keep them closed. Andre moved in closer to face her. Dana flinched as Andre placed his dark hands on her pale shoulders, then gasped when Andre’s fully erect penis pressed against her thigh.

Slowly Dana opened her eyes to see Andre directly in front of her. Her first instinct was to move back but the feel of Andre’s long hard dick inspired her to draw closer to him. Jenny, Melissa, and Cheryl surrounded them, grinning as Dana gazed up at Andre’s dark black face glistening from the moon’s reflection in the water. “Hi,” Dana uttered without moving her lips. She was taken by Andre’s gorgeous masculinity but also, still, from the pressure of his cock. Andre slid his hands off her shoulders, over her breasts, and on to her hips. “Hi, Dana. My name’s Andre.” His voice flowed smooth and powerful.

Almost in a hypnotized trance, Dana’s fingers traced the outline of Andre’s body down into the water where her hands clutched his penis. Andre moved in for a kiss but Dana beat him to it! Her lips ran feverishly over Andre’s full mouth. Their tongues collided over one another as Dana began stroking Andre’s huge black dick with both fists. Jenny and Cheryl held Dana on each side while Melissa reached around from behind Andre and directed his stiff ebony shaft between Dana’s legs and up to her pussy. “Mmmm!” Dana muffled refusing to unlock her lips from Andre’s mouth as his black cock vanished slowly into her tight white pussy.

Andre had buried his massive penis inside of Dana. It took all Jenny and Cheryl had to keep Dana steady as her body slammed against his. “Fuck her!” the girls cheered! “Oh, yes! Yes!” Dana let out as she tossed her head back. It has been almost three years since she came close to an orgasm, but now thanks to Andre, she was having the best orgasm she could ever dream of! Before he knew it, Andre found himself being tackled by four wild white girls! Each one pleading for a taste of thick African dick!

Andre couldn’t stand to see all these poor neglected girls begging. He had no choice but to please them all! After he had sex with Dana he moved over to Melissa, then onto Jenny, then onto Cheryl, and finally back to Dana. Within a few minutes, Andre’s cock erupted inside of Dana’s pussy. It was obvious he had won another white girl and staked his claim! It was past midnight when Dana had to phone home for her husband to come pick her up. If only he knew that his pretty wife just took her first black dick and loved it! “Well,” Dana informed Andre before she left, “it looks like I’ll be coming around more often.” Check off one more convert! Dana’s a black-dick-loving girl now!

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