And from nowhere she came.

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“No worries, it happens,” I told her outside the high school. That was the first time we met. Her son and my daughter had had a fight, just a kiddie thing, nothing to worry about. 

She invited me for coffee and I accepted readily. We chatted and laughed the whole morning. I noticed a thrill running through me every time we stood close or accidentally brushed past each other, I put it down to the relief and fun of finding a friend in a new area.

Every morning we dropped the kids off and went to Caroline’s for coffee, it was a great friendship. We spent our time helping each other with the mundane tasks around the house and garden, and shared the car for the weekly shop. I loved the feeling I had when we were together. And the feeling was growing; it was almost a feeling of excited anticipation. Anticipation of what I wasn’t sure!

One particular morning, whilst sharing coffee and chat, seemed to be the turning point. The sun was shining and the kids were running in and out of the garden. Caroline’s twin tub was slogging it’s heart out with the pressure of the family’s wash day. So hard was it working that it began it’s weekly dance across the kitchen floor. With laughing eyes Caroline shouted to me to sit on it to keep it still. I jumped up into the machine with tears of laughter and added my weight to the washing, this seemed to do the job but the vibrations were having the desired results. Caroline picked up on this immediately and told me to budge up and give her a bit of room. The closeness sent shivers through my body. We giggled like a couple of teenage girls and made the obligatory remarks about wishing our husbands could give us as much pleasure. It was at this childish, giggly moment that our eyes met. For a fleeting moment we were silent, for a split second intense.

The intensity was shattered by the kids tearing through the kitchen on their mission for toys. The looks between us turned from a deep meaningful moment to more of a ‘come on then’ glint and the scene for the next few months was set!

The days rolled into weeks and the weeks into months. Every opportunity we chatted and spent time together, at every opportunity we touched. It could be the briefest of touches, brushing an arm, a hug hello or goodbye, standing close in the kitchen making tea…the closer we stood or sat the more intense the feeling. Until one day after spending hours digging over the garden in the rain, covered in mud we had the perfect excuse to jump in the shower.

We laughed standing in the kitchen like a pair of drowned rats, stripping down to our undies and shivering as the rain dripped from our hair down our backs and over our breasts. Caroline’s nipples protruded through her bra, they were so hard, so inviting. She took my hand and led me through to the shower room, my heart leapt and I felt a warm rush through my body.

We stepped into the shower, the water was hot and the room already steamy. She looked beautiful, the water pouring over her hair and gently cascading over her body. Her breasts, so perfectly round and pert. A trim waist with a flat stomach, leading to her soft blonde pussy hair. I so wanted to touch her. She pulled me closer and the hot water hit me. We kissed, a small gentle kiss, and then we giggled again. Nerves playing their part!

We took the soap between both our hands and slowly lathered it up, I could resist no longer. I ran my hands over her shoulders and down over her breasts, her nipples jumped into life and she let out a quiet moan. Our mouths met again and this time it was a long lingering kiss whilst our hands explored each other’s breasts and waists.

The pressure was on, we knew we didn’t have long to spend in this ecstasy, Caroline’s husband and children would be home very soon and mine would be expecting me.
I dropped to my knees, the water pouring off her body and over my head. My tongue ran down her body and across her tanned flat stomach. She grabbed my shoulders and shuddered with delight. She parted her legs in anticipation, I could see her lips swollen and moist and ready, she smelt so hot.

I worked my way down with my tongue, slowly, until I was breathing hot breath over her lips. She opened her legs further to let me in. With the tip of my tongue I flicked at her clit, she lent against the wall and steadied herself by holding the shelf. Her juices began to flow and her taste filled my mouth. I ran my tongue the full length of her pussy, her lips so swollen now and her clit as hard as rock. I knew it wouldn’t be long before she came.

Slipping my fingers into her, she moaned and pushed her hips towards me to gain the full length of my slender fingers. I increased the pressure on her clit and for a split second she fell silent before she let out a scream of pleasure and a gush of warm cum down my fingers.

I looked up and smiled with a glint of satisfaction in my eyes and she smiled back with a small chuckle.
After a few minutes of kissing a stroking we washed and stepped out of the shower and back into our lives of domesticity.

Life carried on as normal including my sex life with my husband but I could feel the difference in their touch, hers being so much softer, not softer in a submissive type of way…just softer somehow. I’m sure he never noticed my mind being elsewhere!

Caroline and I shared as much time as possible together without it seeming too obvious. Some days we had time to kiss and touch each other in the intimate fashion we so desired but others were filled with frustration due to our husbands or children being there. 

The frustration sometimes working for us, leading to sexual anticipation and urgent moments stolen in quiet corners, cumming silently with her hand over my mouth or with her face pressed into a pillow whilst she was bent over the bed that we were upstairs stripping for the wash!

Our husbands never really hit it off which made it quite difficult to spend time together during the weekends and I believe they were becoming suspicions. Nothing was ever said to either one of us but things weren’t as comfortable as they had been. 
Then without any previous mention of it Caroline told me her husband wanted to return to his hometown in Scotland and they were gone within weeks. No forwarding address or phone number, no long goodbyes for us.
The hot tightening in my stomach remained with me for years when I thought about our days of sexual electricity and I thank her still for my first girl on girl experience it’s led to so much fun in my life…Oh how much I could have missed out on ;-)

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