An hour of boredom

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Many hours can be wasted away doing nothing, watching the TV, playing games and sleeping. However some hours can be different; there’s a power cut so your hour of boredom is without electricity, a forgotten friend calls and no more boredom, or you try something new...

This hour I decided to go watch TV programs on channel4, but the program I wanted to watch, The Big Bang Theory, was not available so I decided to watch the sex education show. When I clicked on the link, it took me to their sexperience website that goes with the program and teaches about things to do with the show, like our bodies. As I was just about to click onto the next page to watch the show, I glimpsed something that caught my attention as I had quickly scanned the page.

It was a question; a question about female masturbation. I was intrigued by this as I myself thought sometimes "How the fuck do girls masturbate?!" As I would just feel silly to just try it as I would probably wouldn’t do it right, and I half thought masturbation was only for boys...

So anyway instead of going to watch the program I decided to see how people had answered that question. The responses of the question kind of shocked me, maybe masturbation is not only for boys, and these responses sound as if they are coming form your average person, and the way they wrote it made it sound so natural.

Some girls wrote that they where only 18 when they started, others wrote 19, which made me feel a whole lot more comfortable with the idea. One woman wrote - ‘To get in the mood you can take a hot bubble bath, watch porn, or read erotica. Then when you feel ready slide your hand down, part your legs and start feeling, follow what feels natural and try to touch your clitorous which has like a million nerves on it.’

When I was done reading the responses I felt like maybe giving it a go but wasn’t quite sure where to begin... I quickly scanned the text again and my eyes rested on the words ‘read erotica.’ Now I enjoy reading so this sounded like it could be good to have a look at. A simple search in Google bought up lots of websites, and my eyes rested on one site that said to have short erotic stories on it, so I clicked on it and soon found 6 or 7 short stories. Naturally, I started to read.

These stories where different to anything I had ever read before, they where wild and thrilling! Made me tingle and the thought of what the characters where doing, and wondering how that would feel if it happened to me.

On the last story I gently slipped my hand into my dressing gown and under my panties; when I slid my fingers between my lips I discovered I was already wet down there, my body had got excited just from reading! I slowly explored my pussy with my fingertips, being wet made it really smooth and slippery, it made me feel so naughty and dirty, but I liked it.

I spread my legs further apart so it was more open and ran two fingers softly up and down, spreading the wetness making myself feel all warm and relaxed. I tried poking my finger into my cervix. Ouch... Its was somewhat tight; I could not get my finger in very far at all.

On the computer I read more, about this girl being teased by this guy, him telling her to give him a blowjob, her complying and exploring his dick with her mouth; gently rolling his balls around in her hands. Him meanwhile caressing her boobs if he liked it, or spanking her ass if not. When she tasted his natural juices I gently slid my moist fingers into my mouth, they tasted different; hard to describe; unlike anything, I have ever tasted before. I kept ribbing my pussy, glad there’s no pubic hair inside the lips, instead it’s nice and smooth and soft. I feel inside the inner lips as well and discover even more wetness. While my natural juices flowed, I decided to read more.

The man had the woman in his bathroom, still telling her what to do, he was kneeling between her legs as she lay in a ‘X’ shape on the floor. He got some toys out and before she could do anything, she had a butt plug in and two little balls inside her vagina. I gently slide my fingers down, and up into my cervix, still tight there; cant get much of my finger in; but less tight than before, no pain just a little discomfort.

In the story the man got the girl with chains wrapped around her, and a padlock that rested on her clit. I ran my finger up to my own clit and ‘ohh’ that felt nice... lovely in a way I had never felt before. I gently rub the tip of my finger over and over my clit again, I let my head tip back, eyes close and mouth hang slightly open. That felt so... nice? Yet different, in some of the others stories it said about the clit being sucked, and flicked with by the tongue, I so wished someone else was there to do that to me.

I went back to reading, boy was that man in the story such a tease, the little ball toys he had put up her cervix vibrated! I wish I had some of them to try, but I would probably be scared I would never get them out...

I slide my fingers down from my clit of pleasure and into the inner lips, and again, more wetness, my body really must have enjoyed my clit being touched with its tons of nerves there! I slowly ease my fingers into my cervix and up, reaching into myself further, this time no pain or discomfort, I just wished the man of my dreams was there...

So this is the story of what I did one Monday night when I was bored, it started out like the usual hours but changed and I tried something new. I just wished it would really change and some kind of magic event would happen, where the man of my dreams was there, because that would just be awesome...

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