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I had finally reached that point when I realized that my age was counting against me. Even though I was in top physical shape, my hair was thinner and grayer; my chest was a bit softer and my waist had begun to thicken. Men my own age were looking for younger men. Younger men were looking for their own. And I was not ready to move to those older than myself. What had I left? An escort. 

I scoured the paper, and telephoned several possibilities. One struck me more than the others. For one, he described himself as a solidly built but not particularly muscular blond, age twenty five. I agreed and set the time to meet at his place.

I must admit I shivered with nerves as I stood at his door. I had never paid before. Was this even legal? I rang. A voice came from the speaker box by the bell. “Come in - Door’s open.”

I hesitated. Was this the right thing? But lust was stronger than reason. I opened the door.

The hallway was lit by a series of candles set on a bookshelf by the entry. There were two doors, one on either side, and another room at the end of the hall. “Down here”, the voice came from the room at the end. I trembled with uncertainty as I made my way down what seemed an endless walk. In fact, I was so frightened my dick shriveled to a stub. I stood in the doorway. This room too was lit only by candles. My eyes were acclimating themselves to the dimness. Then, across from me, I began to distinguish his form. 

First, the waves of thick blond hair caught the flicker of the flames. A soft white face, handsome and full, well rounded upon a stocky neck looked up at me. Richly molded shoulders, glowed like ivory and descended to well formed biceps and thick forearms. Between the thickness of his arms, two solid and curving pectorals rose from above the white sheet that he had pulled up to his waist. The nipples, clearly pink and pointed caught the light and were highlighted in the shadows. The white sheet, pulled tight to his wait, revealed the silhouette of two magnificent thighs and between them the full mound of his unseen dick and balls.

“Come in. I’m waiting for you.”
I approached the bed and sat on the edge.

“Nervous? Don’t be”. He reached out his hand and took mine in his. He raised my fingers to his mouth and slowly placed them between his lips. 
“Let me taste you.” As his lips and tongue moved over my fingers, his other hand massaged his crotch. “Yes, I’m waiting for you.” His hips ground int the mattress. My cock was hardening rapidly. Fear was still present and desire was joining it.

He moved my fingers from his lips to his nipples. “You like them?” he muttered.
‘Yes,” I muttered. “Yes”.
“Then take them.” He reached his hand behind my head and moved my against his chest.

My face was buried with the small between this so round and delicate pecs. I pressed and rubbed my nose against him. Then, invaded by the smell of his warm skin I lunged for his nipples. First one, then the other, their rising tips flipped and swirled against my tongue. 

“Suck them, suck them,” he cried. “Now kiss me, kiss me.” He pulled me on top of him. My dick pressed against the sheet that separated his manhood from mine. The sheet slipped lower, revealing the love trail of soft hairs that led to that yet unseen object of my desire. My arms engulfed him. His naked chest pressed against me, his smell rose up, his tongue lunged at mine. My cock exploded and cum filled my pants. Harder and harder I thrust against him with each pulsing ejaculation. Then, in exhaustion I fell limp upon him.

“There now”, he whispered into my ear. “ Now that we’ve freed you up, we can begin real love making. As his tongue began to lick my neck, he reached to my pants and raised my shirt over my head. His tongue moved to my chest, to each nipple, to the slight tuft of hair that lay between my pecs. Then he moved downward, biting, nipping, kissing. H sat me upward and undid my belt.

“Now, let’s remove these.” He pushed my off him and lowered my pants and my boxers. My dick, now wet and limp, swung loose between my legs. 
His hands reached out. They took my dick and balls and slowly raised them upward. His face was directly before them. “Now, my turn”, he said. And he filled his mother with my entire manliness. The warmth of his mouth, the movement of his tongue soon began to raise my again, and as my cock swelled it pushed my balls back out. But his hand did not let them alone, while his mouth held my dick his fingers palmed my balls and then, like a bolt of lightening, I felt a finger lunge into my asshole. “Take it” he said. “Take it”. 

“Yes, yes” I moaned, as I thrust my ass down harder and harder on the invading finger.

With my ass in ecstasy, my eyes gazed again on his sculpted chest. 

“I want to see you” I begged. 
Slowly he lowered the sheet. Just as it was about to reach the “v” of his pubic hair, he turned on his stomach to reveal the rising mount of a perfect bubble ass. 
“You finish” he said.

Slowly I lowered the sheet, inch by inch, to uncover the most perfectly round and full man ass I had ever see. It’s curving perfection made all the more captivating by the small of his lower back and the swell of the massive thighs.

My mouth could not resist. I lowered my lips to that curving beauty and plied my mouth across every moving inch. Then my hands found their way to his most secret place and I parted those cheeks to reveal that sweet opening. With panting desire I plunged my forefinger into that place, deeper and deeper and with each thrust he responded, pushing back, showing all the more the roundness and power of his ass. I removed my finger and my tongue took its place. Then moving out from his asshole, my tongue found its way under him, towards the back of his balls.

I raised up his hips to allow them full play and there they hung long and full, dangling before me. Ahead of them his half hard, half limp dick, partly erect but still soft enough to hand where I could reach it. My mouth seized upon them from behind, first his balls, then pulling his cock back, I sucked it to its root and his golden pubic hairs fluttered against my nose. The smell of his manliness was intoxicating, the soft ness of his skin sent me into madness. He pulled out from my mouth and flipped onto his back. His cock, now fully hard, slapped against the flat of his stomach.

“I want you”, he stammered. “I want you inside me.”
“You don’t care that I’m older”,
“I want a man. A man, not a boy. I want a man inside me.”

I leaned forward. My lips met his. His mouth opened and his tongue searched out mine.”
“Now, he said. Now.”

I move in closer. Bracing his thighs over my arms, I raised up his hips to expose his ass. Slowly, I entered him, first just the head and I held it at that point. Still engaged I began to shift my position.

“I want you to sit on me”, I said. I moved my legs out over the side of the bed and swept his body along with me.
His legs wrapped around my waist. My dick head was still in him. He was half reclining on my knees.
“Now sit up”

He shifted upward and as he did, he slid ever so slowly down around my cock. The heat was intense. The tightness of his ass gripped every inch of my nine. He panted with exertion. His hands wrapped themselves around my head, mussing and rubbing my hair and ears. His eyes closed in ecstasy and then he began to writhe with pleasure. Up and down, up and down, again and again lifting himself to the rim of my cock head then plunging back down to the root of my shaft. I felt the soft fluff of my pubic hair touch against the smoothness of his rounded ass.

I felt the wet, the moisture, trickling on to my crotch. I felt the hard pole of his white dick pressing and sliding against my stomach. Again and again, up and down, then in a frenzy he exploded. His cum burst against my stomach, and sprung upward onto my chest and throat. He pressed tighter against me. We were fused by the sticky white cream of his desire. Then, I too, exploded inside him. Simultaneously we clutched at each other, pressed each other to the point of near suffocation. I had no breath left in me. He shivered in utmost passion and we fell together on our side, his cock still within me he drew his legs up and clutched me between his knees. My arms engulfed him. We were one. 

We must have slept for over an hour. When I arose, I gazed at the sweetness of his body, the now, soft pink dick laying sideways across his thigh.
He stirred.
“Thank you,” I said. “But I think I owe.....”
‘Nothing” he said.
“I’ve waited a long time for a man.”

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