An Evening At Del Grande's : Part 2

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So far I had managed to suppress the tremoundous urge to ejaculate. Surrounded by so much erotic behaviour actually seemed to help me maintain control. No doubt that under different circumstances, I would have exploded into one of the lovely ladies long ago, but for now, I felt very pleased with myself. Gwen was getting more black cock than she could have dreamed of so I decided to seek out one of the female guests who had caught my eye earlier.

I had noticed her immediately when we were introduced to the other couples at the bar. Facially she resembled Gwen but was a little shorter and a tad heavier. Her tight designer jeans and t-shirt accentuated a gorgeous ass and large tits. I wanted to see how she looked naked and how she responded to being fucked. I found her in one of the sex swings receiving a generous portion of black dick in her hairy pussy and her naked body did not disappoint, she looked eminently horny and fuckable. Her eyes remained closed as she swung back and forth, devouring the entire length of the black rod. Every minute or so she raised her right hand to her mouth and bit the knuckle of her index finger and whimpered with pleasure. This really turned me on and my cock hardened rapidly. One of the girls joined me and slowly played with my erection and I reached around and caressed her ass. She said, "You want to fuck her, don't you?"

I nodded and she said something to the man in what I thought might be Creole. He looked at us and smiled, removed his cock and walked away saying, "Feels good, you'll enjoy her."

She opened her eyes, looked at my cock being jerked and moved her hand to her pussy. She inserted the index finger of her right hand then returned it to her mouth and bit the knuckle. Was it so obvious to her that this turned me on so or was it just natural behaviour on her part when sexually aroused? I moved between her legs and my friend rubbed my cock all over the bushy cunt then guided it in. Before long her eyes were closed and she was whimpering into her index finger again. The black girl helped by kneading those big white tits and pinching her clit as I thrust in and out steadily. This lady certainly turned me on and soon I felt that groin tingle that signalled I was closing in on an eruption. I slowed down and withdrew reluctantly. She opened her eyes and smiled at me again as a black cock entered her.

My friend and I headed for a large leather chair, stopping along the way for a brief chat with Del Grande. He gave me his business card and I quickly found my slacks and dropped it into a pocket. The girl sat in the chair and I asked her to open her legs wide and fondle herself. Both hands spread her lips apart exposing her pink hole and prominent clit. I knelt down and tongued her vagina and teased her cock-like most sensitive spot. She creamed over my mouth and dried it off on her thick mound of pubic hair finding it most erotic. As I licked her muff I considered what Gwen had said about becoming a black-cock-whore and wondered if I was becoming a black-pussy-whore.

I left the girl in the chair and went to see what Gwen was up to. I had noticed that there seemed to be a fresh supply of men from time to time and as I crossed I discovered the reason. When any of the black men ejaculated and could no longer maintain an erection they left through a door and a replacement came in immediately. This, of course, provided a constant supply of stiff cocks for the white women. Gwen was bouncing on top of a guy who was sitting on a sofa. She was facing out and sucking the dick of a man who was standing on it and masturbating two others sitting on either side. I watched as she was ravaged by all four men as they changed their positions. Sperm shot into the air from one guy she was jerking off and this seem ed to excite the man she was blowing for he pulled out and shot his load over her face. Gwen lay on the sofa and took a dick in her pussy and another in her mouth. She was fucked hard in both holes and when both men came, sperm splashed her from head to pussy. She grabbed a towel and wiped herself of sweat and cum and came over to me with a big smile on her face. A young man with a huge hard-on sat on the sofa and displayed himself to Gwen. He had been watching and the previous action and wanted to fuck my wife. Gwen excused herself, bent over and sucked on his cock while caressing is balls. Another man came up behind her and after briefly fingering her forced an equally large dick inside her.

My cock ached and even though I didn't want this horny state to end, I deperately wanted to shoot my wad into one of the pretty black women. I scanned the room for a likely candidate and my eyes rested on the most beautiful ass I had ever seen. She was darker than most of the other women and was busy licking the cocks of two white guys who were laying on the floor. She was bent over on her knees and as I approached I saw her skin was an unblemished dark chocolate, her knees were apart and her pussy was slightly open and begging for a hard cock. I got down behind her and explored her rear end as she continued her oral work. My rock hard dick slowly entered her slit as one of the guys came in her mouth. I pumped away and was resigned to coming very shortly when Del Grade's voice boomed.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. We must wind down this party and we always end the same way."

He explained the finale and we moved to one of the large, rectangular padded areas. Ten black men lay down, three on each of the long sides, two on each of the shorter. The white women were invited to go down on all fours and get busy on a cock then a black man knelt behind each woman and started fucking. Ten black women got down beside each wife and the white guys fucked them. I guided my beautiful-assed babe beside Gwen and when we were all in position, ten more girls knelt behind us and played with our balls as we screwed away. With fifty people in this very erotic situation, moans, cries and screams soon intensified. Orgasms came rapidly and the party came to an end after four and a half hours.

Del Grande bid us farewell at the waiting cars that took us back to our hotels. Gwen went for a shower and I took the opportunity to call Del Grande and finalise some arrangements.

Thursday was our 22nd wedding anniversary and I had made a reservation at the best restaurant on the island, DeeGees. Gwen chose her little black dress with matching accessories and her favourite string of pearls. The meal was excellent and as we savoured our wine I asked how she had enjoyed this vacation so far. She admitted she had never dreamt it could be this good and was surprised she had become such a sex fiend and was, at that very moment, very horny. I suggested that we go to a bar for another drink before heading back to the hotel. She was concerned about finding a place until I said we didn't even have to leave the restaurant, a waiter had mentioned there was a bar upstairs when she was in the restroom. We climbed the stairs and I opened the door on the left. It was pitch black except for a beam of light that illuminated a king size bed in a soft glow. The sheets and pillows were all white satin and an array of white material hung above the bed giving a bridal suite appearance. Gwen gave me a puzzled look and pointed to the bed and said there was something there for her. She went over and saw the lingerie and gave me a sly grin. "You devil," she said.

"Happy aniversary," I replied, "now put them on."

She quickly stripped and put on the white silk lingerie; basque, stockings, heels and gloves that reached her elbows. She looked fabulous and completed the bridal feeling.

"Now what," she said, standing with her legs apart and hands on hips.

"On the bed on your hands and knees."

She complied and walked over and touched her pussy, already wet with anticipation.

"Fuck me," she breathed.

"No, not me. Not yet."

A naked black girl came to the bed from the surrounding darkness holding a big, black vibrator. She got on the bed with Gwen and positioned her so that her head was at the edge. The vibrator went to work and within seconds Gwen was moaning.

"Look," I said and my wife lifted her head to see a huge, erect, black cock just inches from her face. She opened her mouth to take it in but I said, "No, just look." She gazed the cock as its owner showed it off to her, coming tantalizingly close to her mouth but never letting her touch it. He caressed the knob until it swelled to massive proportions the lifted it up and played with his balls. Saliva ran from the left side of my wife's lip as she drooled for this cock and then it faded back into the darkness. The vibrator continued its pleasuring and another cock appeared from the dark and repeated the teasing. It was followed by another, then another, then another; twenty-two in all, one for each year of our marriage. When all twenty-cocks had paraded in front of her she spent the next three hours being gang-banged by them in every position and combination the bed would allow.

Del Grande was a very resourceful man, he owned the restaurant, named for himself-DG's. I had mentioned that I would like something special for Gwen for our aniversary when I spoke with him at the party and had finalised it on the telephone when Gwen was in the shower.

How to top this I do not know. Will Gwen want more and more black cock? Will I want more and more black pussy? Only time will tell.

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