An Adriatic Tale

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*** As this story has adult themes you should be over 18 to read it.

A very wet and disoriented Anna Stokes awoke to the sounds of waves in her ear. She gingerly opened one eye to see where she was, only to find that she was stretched out on a deserted beach a long way from Venice and the Italian coast that she loved so much. The pain in her head receded and she tried to remember what had happened to her on her friend’s yacht as it left the Marina de Alberta for Dubrovnik.

She slowly recalled a sudden storm, a rush to abandon ship, being hit by some rigging as the mast capsized and then .......nothing.

Her yachting gear was almost beyond repair, and her canvas shoes were sodden. But her body was not too sore and all her limbs were fine. She stretched out, just to make sure. She checked her small waterproof pouch containing her mobile phone, lip balm and some credit cards and cash. Thankfully it was all O.K. but for some reason the Nokia handset was not receiving a signal.

Having left the Italian marina, she could only assume she was washed up somewhere in the Adriatic Sea. There did not appear to be any habitation nearby so she assumed she was on a remote Island.
She decided she was a very lucky girl to be alive, so got up to explore her surroundings as the early evening gave way to dusk. Having surveyed the landscape she decided to walk up the nearest hill to get a better view of the coastline. Something she recalled from her memory seemed to be familiar about this place, but that confused her as she was sure she was never here before.

The trickle of a gentle stream nearby drew her into the landscape. With hands cupped she tasted the water which was clear and refreshing. She bathed her face and hair to remove any excess sand, and her nose was suddenly assailed with the aroma of food cooking.

So she followed her nose.

She came to a cottage, with a beautiful garden filled with azaleas, and rhododendrons. A white picket fence and a pretty lilac painted door was ajar so she knocked on the letterbox to see if she could arouse the household, to no avail.
The smell was so enticing that she was in the kitchen before she realized it. Beautiful bread was cooling on a rack, and a skillet pan of the most succulent paella she had ever smelled was simmering on a large iron stove. A large jug of iced lemonade with three different sized beakers sat on the table, but she could see no family photographs anywhere in the house.

She quickly ran up the stairs to find a toilet to do her business, and noticed soft towels and fragrant soaps and shampoos. The bedroom nearest to her was decorated in feminine colours and a silk dressing gown hung on the door. The other room though larger was not so inviting.
Her curiosity about the kitchen quickly led her back downstairs.
There were three bowls set out on the table full to the brim with steaming hot meals.
She tasted the first and largest of the bowls but the taste of chili was far too strong.

She tasted the second and medium bowl but the spicy flavored sardine dish was far too hot and oily on her tongue.
She tasted the contents of the third and smallest bowl comprising of a base of delicious basmati rice with large prawns cooked in a savory butter sauce which was just perfect. Her stomach growled and she soon realized she was famished with hunger. One mouthful just wasn’t enough of this tasty meal, and she couldn’t help but eat the entire bowlful.

The sound of merry singing and laughter led her to try to find somewhere to hide, so she ran back upstairs to the bedrooms. The largest room had a somewhat darker feel which she did not like at all and the second room though less forbidding just had a put-me-up she disliked.

She was drawn to the first room she spotted and quickly hid under the duvet cover of a large and soft bed. The scent on the pillows immediately lulled her into an exhausted sleep. She dreamed once again of the girl whose scent was so enticing, slowly coming closer to her. It was the same erotic dream that she had been having a lot lately but couldn’t recognize the face.

In the meantime three ladies entered their domain and immediately noticed strange wet footprints in the lobby. They raised their eyebrows and the leader, slightly taller and more angular than the other two woman, with the ability to shape shift, signaled for silence. In fact all three ladies were shape shifters, from a long Italian Mountain family line.
Because they felt threatened, they all quickly assumed their animal characteristics and shuffled towards their lunch.

But first of all, they checked all their valuables which were intact. They breathed a collective sigh of relief when they found their wallets still had their somewhat limited and hard worked for funds.

They went into the kitchen to survey their supper, and decided it was safe to resume their human forms once more. The change back left them feeling a little lethargic, but still hungry after their walk to the stream for fresh water. They began to tuck into their own bowls. The largest and fiercest of the ladies (the butch one) immediately noticed that her favorite spoon had been moved. The second lady somewhat timidly held on tightly to her partner Adelina, spotted that her bowl had been moved slightly, while the third, barely more than a girl, whimpered when she saw that the meal she had so lovingly prepared had all been eaten.

“Someone has eaten all of my supper” She cried in horror.

Her two Aunts, Adelina and Delphina drew Livia Orso into a gentle hug, as Adelina firmly replied: - “We will see who has done this. It’s obvious that the culprit has not left the house”
She once again shape shifted before she used her enhanced sense of smell to lead her to the culprit’s hide out. For such a large animal she was extremely light on her feet and knew how to climb the stairs without making a sound even with her large hairy paws.

She moved into Livia’s room on all fours before gently moving the duvet cover away to see who was hiding. She immediately spotted a head of blond hair, lovely figure and pretty freckly nose of a sleeping beauty with long eyelashes. She quickly left the room, entranced at the opportunity she could see for her niece. Perhaps Livia would how have the happiness of lesbian love that she shared with her Delphina.
She deftly went back downstairs and shape shifted back to her female form.

“We have nothing to fear, we have just taken in a poor shipwrecked beauty of a girl. I am sure it’s the girl that has been haunting our Livia’s dreams lately. You know, the one we saw on the TV news broadcast yesterday. Livia, you must go up to her and see for yourself. We will wait in our room”

Livia skipped across the floor and silently crept into her room, just as her guest was awakening. She was immediately entranced by the beauty of the girl in her bed.
There was no mistake; it was her, her dream girl. This dream girl kissed her senseless each night before drifting away before ...things got out of hand.

All of her longing took over and she unhesitatingly got into bed beside her dream love.
“You have come into our house. The Adriatic gods have brought you to me. I have dreamed of you and now you are here in my arms. You have eaten all of my supper my love. In return you must pay my toll. I want a kiss, right now!”

Anna immediately knew where she was and who she was with. Her reflexes were catlike. She pounced on this sprite of a girl to make sure she couldn’t get away, before slowly kissing her into tremors. Livia didn’t hold back as her reactions to Anna’s body took over all of her senses. The tingles on her lips became a sweet agony of passion for them both which left them breathless. Their bodies greedily moved together as they quickly undressed. Their nipples hardened as they moved together. They both knew that they were so wet for each other.

As their pussies touched for the first time, the shock of this intimate touch led the sailor girl to say:-
“I am Anna, and I am....all yours”
“I am Livia, and I have waited for you for so long. I have dreamed of you, here in this bed. I am happy you are here. Please love me. Right Now.”

Anna wrapped her leg around Livia to intensify the body contact. Their nipples were tender from their ardent touching, and their fingers magically found the epicentre of their passion. Fingers probed and lips licked. Their touches quickly became enflamed. The bed creaked, at first very slowly, until they found their own rhythm, and then more boisterously as they sped to their nirvana.

Their orgasms came almost instantaneously and didn’t stop, just as their dreams had promised.
As they slowly calmed, Livia hummed a favorite old Elvis song to her Anna.

“O let me be.... your teddy bear”

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