Amanda and me

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I would ever class myself as a lesbian. fancying other girls just isn't my thing. I have known Amanda since I was at school over 7 years. We left school together, past our exams together and even got a Job at the same place together. Amanda and me are prity close, now as we are both 19 and without boyfriends we decided to go out to a club. The club is over half an hour ride from my house. We both got dressed for the night and called a taxi to come collect us to take us out for the night.

Amanda was a short stunning woman always smart and beautiful. I was no where as beautiful as her but I did try. She had long wavy hair and I think somewhere in her family she had Spanish in her somewhere. She didn't speak Spanish but always told bloke that her name was Jose deltoroo' just to see what the would say and laugh behind his back if he believed her. The blokes would crawl around her like a bad smell and never around me.

I would give my left boob at the time to be like her. We got to the club and went in. The music was pumping and the men were hot. Every bloke in the club crowded us and tried to pull Amanda away for a drink and a dance. I got chatted up by a drunk bloke who couldn't speak and later asked me about Amanda anyway. Ever since I was young I knew I didn't fancy men, and never got chatted up by a man anyway.

So I think I gave up in the process. There was always something Amanda have me that no other bloke could give me, what it was I didn't know but all I knew was I think I was slowly getting deeper in love with her more and more as the years went on. At the end of the night we took the drunk ride home back to Amanda's house. Her mum and dad had go out for the night to bingo and a meal so the night to the early hours the house was all ours.

We would get the food out and put the telly on and sit there In our underwear with two covers and chill in her big living room. Her dad was a property developer so he was away for a week or two at a time.

She lived in a massive house in London. I'm sure I saw someone famous once or twice next-door but she wouldn't bat an eyelid. She just said she never really said much attention to the people who lived Catherine of her unless a fit bloke moved in. The time got to 3:30am and we settled down for the night. Amanda gave me a pillow from the couch and we settled down. She turned off the light and the room went pich black and the noise of the fridge bellowed out from the kitchen. We fell asleep to the sound of the fridge and the birds churping outside in the street.

Must have been around 4 or maybe 5 when i woke to Amanda with her arm around me, her pert breasts pressed on to mine through her nighty. What do i do? Wake her up and tell her to get off? Or say nothing and embrace the moment for as long as i could. I could feel her half naked body pressed agonized mine, her nice shaven legs rubbing mine, what do i do... I never thought in a million years i would feel this close to her. Perhaps i could brush her private parts with my hand pretending i was asleep?

I managed to touch her by putting my hand between her legs to her inner thy and just resting it there for as long as i could with out waking her. God, her legs felt so good and smooth as anything i had ever felt. By this time the juices in my vagina started to wet the tip of my clit.

So i put my other hand carefully in my knickers and felt it with the tip of my fingers. I was un shaven un like Amanda who's funny was neat and smooth. I would do anything for a taste of her juices.. Then Amanda spoke out. "having a good feel are we?" shit! So she wasn't asleep after all. Sorry I replied nervously, just had an itch!? Oh she replied sarcastically , if one of those blokes has given you crabs don't give them to me... She went silent and I rolled back and took my arm away. Don't she shouted. I liked that, I'm cold. Amanda nusled back against me once more. I opened my eyes and looked at her she was staring back at me.

So she said putting her head on her hand.. Fancy a bit of midge?? She laughed into her hand and coughed nervously. Well she said there's no one around? Touch my leg. I moved my hand down to her thy and left it there.. Amanda looked into my eyes and kissed me. I felt fireworks in my tummy and felt like it was going to explode. It was a feeling I had never had before. She grabbed my hand from her thy and moved it up to her small mound of her vagina and I touched her over her pink knickers. Take them off for me She asked.

I peeled them off with both of my hands and brought them down. Slowly she said we have all the time we need. I managed to take them right off and slip them to the bottom of the covers. Now she Said, you too.. By this time I could feel my own knickers soaked, they were close to being dripping wet and I was getting embassies.

She started to pull mine down and I stopped her. What she asked, are you going to back out now?? No I replied I'm erm, I'm a little.... I know she said a little wet?? She laughed and pulled mine down too. I could see some of my juices on her fingers as she moved it. Wow she said looks like you are enjoying it already! Can I have a cloth to wipe it up? No she replied I have a better idea. She got between my legs and moved my knees up and kissed me on the tummy and smiled. Hmm she said, that would spoil the taste and be a little selfish wouldn't it.

Amanda went down closer to my vagina and kissed it. I moaned with desire. She stuck her tounge inside the opening and put her whole mouth over my pussy swallowing everything that leaked out. I wanted my turn so I got up and we switched places. Her funny was shaved and bristly. It smelt like it was soapy and I could feel her cum on the end of my tounge. I moved her legs up and licked up around her clitorus and all the way down to her bum. Amanda then put both her hands down to her vagina and pulled it apart so I could get my tounge all the way in. I was so aroused that I thought I would cum before her, she hasn't even touched me yet. I felt my own pussy get hot and sticky and begin to erupt. I had to stop quickly before I brought my self off from liking her tight little funny.

And then.. It happened.. I felt myself get closer to erupting when I sprayed a little and it dripped on her carpet. Oops she said smiling looking down at me and holding her pussy apart.

I licked her juices for all it was worth and started to put two fingers In to her. She moaned and told me that this is naughty. I didn't care as my pussy kept leaking from the squirt I had just done for her. I managed to stick my fingers deeper in to the walls of her funny and looked at her as she started to go into a thrust. Sam!

She said I think I'm going to spit on your fingers if your not careful. I got quicker and took longer thrusts. Ohhh Ohhh yeah she squeaked. Amanda grabbed me by the hair and then pulled me closer to her throbbing vagina. Yep she shouted... I told you... Ahhhh ummm her whole body shook and she spat her cum shooting it into my face.. We both laid back as we were both exhausted from what had just happened.. The sun started to come up and we both laid there and watched I. Silence.

I would say we make love to each other from time to time but in the end her dad moved to the states and we never saw each other again. And at the end of it all... I knew my one and truly love was out there, somewhere.

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