Alpa's Story

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This is a story of an India Housewife named Alpa. She is the one of those females who never gets enough. She is always sexually starved. To describe, she is a 28, a bit fat, 5ft. 8" height with gorgeous Legs, gigantic round ass & slightly sagging but big breasts. While at home, Alpa always wears an Indian Saree which is skin tight enabling her to expose her curves. She deliberately wears tight blouses so as to squeeze her breasts up, creating a long cleavage line which no one can help their eyes off on it. 

I shall not waste much of a time to tell anything about her day to day lifestyle or her relationships with her husband. All I can say is that her husband satisfies her to his best. Alpa gets fucked almost 5 times a week by her husband. But she never gets enough. Her husband is also aware, that she can be turned on anytime anywhere to quench her vaginal thirst. She is always on fire. Her Husband had to use climax spray to prolong, and during that time, she would climax twice or thrice, but still would want more. 

Alpa is staying alone with her husband who goes to work in business hours. One afternoon, Alpa was feeling extremely horny and wanted some immediate flesh inside her burning pussy. In the morning she had asked the Washing machine service person to visit & fix the machine which was mal-functioned. 

Soon, the bell rang & the service man of the washing machine company was at the door steps. Alpa in her saree, opened the door and was surprised to find a perfectly well-built handsome guy. She asked her to come inside. The naughty & naughtiest ideas started to explore in her mind. 

She was wearing a Sleeveless blouse exposing her sexy, sensuous, fair & nicely shaped hands. The Blouse was low back-cut, exposing her beautiful back. The saree she wore was tight & the loose end was inserted tightly below her belly end. She always wore saree below her sexy naval. She has a very good standing pose and always stood perfectly erect showing her figure almost like a confident super model. 

The Serviceman asked about the machine, and Alpa took him to the bathroom. While, the service guy was analyzing the machine, Alpa stood there pressing hard against the corridor and asked in seductive voice "Do you need some water ? " "No, Thanks" said the Service man. He was watching her as she stood in a very mischievous way. Whenever he looked at her, she would give a naughty seductive smile. He knew, there's no one at home. 

The Machine got fixed and he said, that he needed to check. He asked her whether she could give some clothes so that he can load into the machine. 

Alpa said "Well, there are no clothes, all of them had gone to laundry"..."the only clothes is which i am wearing...should I remove it and give it to you ??!!"

The serviceman gulped and said "well, mam if thats not a problem, ofcourse you can..." Alpa removed her saree slowly while gazing into the eyes of the serviceman. Her saree removing act was not less than a slow seductive strip show. She gave the saree to him and smiled. 

The serviceman indeed got the idea about her desire but at the same time, was tensed. Alpa, now stood there in her tight blouse & petticoat. The serviceman couldn’t help his eyes off the nicely shaped breasts struggling hard to be inside her blouse covered brassiere. There were drops of sweat on her cleavage & partially exposed breasts which was a hot sight for him. He loaded the saree in to the machine & smiled looking at her. Alpa asked, “wont you require some more clothes ?!”. At this, the serviceman got convinced that the girl is all for him & that he is going to enjoy this afternoon. 

He said boldly “Yes, mam, I would be grateful, if you could help me with your blouse !”

“Sure you have it, boy !” And she slowly unbuttoned her blouse while looking at the serviceman. 

She removed the blouse slowly from her arms and handed over to him. The serviceman was dumbfounded while he stood gazing at those gigantic pairs tightly pressed in her bra which covered her tits partially. It was a great sight & was immediately stimulated making his penis full erect. 

“Now….do you need my petticoat ?!” she said

“Oh……sure mam,,,sure you can, if you don’t mind” 

“My pleasure……!” “Can you unfasten the knot of my petticoat, I think its too tight…”

“sure mam” and then he came closer to her, while looking at her face, he took the knot in his hands and unfastened it. The Petticoat went loose and he allowed it to fall on her feet. The sense of pre-cum was already felt by him. 

To his surprise, she wore no Panties !. He looked at her, while she said “No boy….I don’t like to wear panties…” and gave a very mischievous smile. She pressed her lower lip between her teeth and gave some horniest gesture to him. 

“Can I remove you bra…mam ?”

“Sure boy, your washing machine still needs some good load, isn’t it? Go ahead” she turned back leaned her body slightly down and faced the wall while keeping her hands on the wall ! A magical sight was that for the serviceman. He thought how good it would be to rub his penis on her sexy, gorgeous, smooth & silky back. 

He unstrapped the bra and slowly slipped the lace over her arms. He placed his hands on her waist & turned her facing towards him. The bra cups were still hanging on her breasts. He slowly dragged the cups and let her bare breast exposed. The spotless milky white breasts hung & were begging to be sucked. The nipples were already erect and was almost half-an-inch long. He looked at her and said “you are very beautiful lady…mam !”

Without waiting further, Alpa planted her mouth on his lips and gave a very sensuous kiss. She grabbed his hands and took her to the bedroom. The service mad couldn’t wait and removed all his clothes. He pushed Alpa on the bed and came on top of her. He started squeezing her large breasts and biting her nipples. 

She became terribly horny & her cunt was on fire. Her sexual behaviors always had an animal instinct. She grabbed his head from behind and forced his face on her twat. She spread her legs wide. He immediately started licking her pussy which was already wet and pouring out hot juices. He licked and licked while she kept moaning loud and louder “aaah……yes…..... fuck…it.….lick it….you smart boy….tongue fuck me …..lick ….meeee……..ooooooohhhh”

He did it skillfully until she screamed and reached her first climax. Then she grabbed his hairs and pulled him towards her face. She placed her mouth on his & while kissing, turned him besides. She went down and kissed his penis & licked his balls. She was a great cock sucker. She took his entire penis in her mouth and started sucking. She did it for few minutes and then lied on her back. She said “Now fuck me….common….but don’t you dare climax ….I need you to prolong & keep fucking me ….is it ok ? !” 

He came on top, inserted his penis in to her canal & started sliding in & out. He was too close to climax. He would stop for few seconds and would do it again…would stop and do it again…so on until Alpa gave her second orgasm. 

“Now fuck me from behind….give me a dog shot” …”but remember,,,,don’t you climax”

“ok mam…..” He inserted from behind and as he fucked, he could see her large ass cheeks swaying too & fro, which made him to hold his pressure, uncontrollable. 

“mam…I’m too close to climax. If I continue, I may fire my load in to you…”

“Ok. Then fuck me in my ass, do you like that ?”

“I never tried but I feel that as a dirty sex

“Then that’s fine, think as a dirty sex, you might control of your seminal pressure then” “c’mmon now, insert your prick in my ass…do it now !”

“Ok mam !” He inserted his penis which was tough for him, as the asshole was real tight. 

But surprisingly, she did’nt feel any pain. He started fucking her slowly in her ass, but was again excited as the flesh of her asshole grabbed her penis more & more tighter. 

“Mam…I cant control” 

“Ok then, remove & place your mouth again on my pussy…lick me!”

She lied on her back again, spread her legs wide, while he placed his face on her cunt, and started licking it. 

“Wow…that’s so great….suck me….suck me” “Insert your finger please….”

He did so and finger fucked her for next few minutes.

“Now enter me…..and you may explode inside me” she said with a smile.

He entered his hungry penis again and started fucking….

“Why you so lame…..boy… fuck me harder you asshole” said Alpa. 

He gained his speed & gave strong harder thrusts. Finally they both climaxed together while he fired a big load of cum inside her & she shivered to a thrilling orgasm. 

“Wow, that was great…” the service man said. 

“I need you to get one of your friend next time….I think I cant get satisfied with one lame fucker….” “do it for me …..come tomorrow with your friend .&...both of you can fuck me like animals….is it ok?”

“I am speechless mam ! I’ll do it for sure”

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