All in the Family

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

We’d been together twenty-three years, married for twenty of those we’d lived together for three before we’d tied the knot. Now we weren’t complaining, just jaded. Our sex life had been like a fantasy, wild uninhibited couplings while we lived together, we’d moved in together when we were twenty and spent the next three years exploring every position in the Kama Sutra and then some, anal, oral, vaginal, mutual masturbation, toys even a little pegging, her suggestion but fun for both of us.

After we’d married, through our middle and late twenties we hung in the sex clubs, tried a little bondage and domination, no whips though, neither one of us is a pain freak. Really, it got to be a drag, watching wasn’t the big turn on for us that it is for some folks, participation, she and I, that’s what we like.

In our thirties we joined a couple of swingers’ clubs, now that was fun for a while, getting to sample fresh companions, luck of the draw games, all the keys on the table then go with whom ever got your key.

We’d tried about everything when we were younger but were in our forties now, forty-three to be exact, we’ve got two great kids, twins, a boy, Cletus and a girl, Cloris, they’re eighteen and seniors in high school. Clete’s a big handsome lunk, he quarterbacks the high school football team and Cloie’s the head cheerleader. They’re both tall with sandy hair and brown eyes and great physiques, Clete muscular, Cloie built like a model, long and lean. We’re proud as heck of both of them, they’re good students, too; both make the Dean’s List every semester.

It was late evening, we’d eaten and Cassandra and I were out by the pool, Cassandra’s my wife, we were having our nightly libations, tonight we’d opted for gin and tonics, a dash of bitters in mine a lime wedge for her.

“Charley, I’m Charley by the way, I want to do something, something arousing, different, I miss our early days when everything was new, an experiment in pleasure.”

I had to agree, now don’t get me wrong, Cassandra’s still pretty hot, like the kids she’s got sandy hair and like Cloie, she’s tall and slender, I know all Clete’s friends think she’s a MILF-Mother I’d Like to Fuck, hell, I’ve watched his eyes follow her willowy walk, I think Clete thinks she’s a MILF.

Me, well maybe Cassandra had held up better, my brown head was tinged with a little gray, my glasses are bifocals and the waist line’s a belt loop bigger than when I graduated but, all in all I’ve held together pretty well although I haven’t heard any of Cloie’s friends refer to me as a FILF-Father I’d Like to Fuck. Now there are several I’d sure like to try on for size.

“Young” Charlie, I’d like some young stud who’d ride me ‘til I begged to quit. You remember, a hard cock that can fire and be ready again in two minutes, like you used to be. Now Charley don’t take me wrong, I like what you’ve got just fine, it’s only that I want a bit of spice, does that make me bad Charlie.”

“Honey, I kinda think the same, I love your pussy, always have always will but a young tight one would feel real nice for a change, I don’t want to trade you in on a newer model, I think you’re a keeper, but it sure would be nice to test drive one. I’ll have to check out some of Cloie’s friends, maybe I can find a volunteer.

Now you honey, you could get one of Clete’s buddies in a New York minute.”

“You really think so Charlie, I mean I’m forty-three, some eighteen year old stud’s not going to want me.”

“You don’t have a rear view mirror, you don’t see them getting a view of your rear, I do. Cassandra, you’re a fine looking woman, you bet those boys would cream their jeans at the thought of getting into you.”

We finished our drinks and I mixed us each another, the seed had been planted in both our minds, young fresh flesh, to pierce or be pierced by, to taste, our lascivious tongues exploring, cocks, vaginas and bottoms, young.

We reminisced, remembering stretched vaginas, cocks rubbed raw, distended anuses, then waking up the next day and kissing all the boo boos, making then all well so we could start again that night, oh yeah, those were the days and we wanted just a little of it again.

We plotted how we could bring it to pass, I told Cassandra she’d have it easier than me, all she had to do was wiggle her cute ass, and the boys would follow her like the pied piper; she pooh poohed me.

Charlie, how about we host a pool party, have Clete and Cloie invite their friends, swim suits, a lot of beefcake and cheesecake on display, maybe we could get a little friendly with a couple of them, ask them back for a private party.

I said I thought that sounded like a good idea. Cassandra threw cold water on her own plan. Charlie, if we did that, tried that and the kids talked, even if we were successful you know somebody’d say something, you know,

“Hey Freddy, I fucked Mrs. Cambridge, Clete’s mom, you aught to take a shot, that’s some good pussy or psst, Karen, Mr. Cambridge, you know, Cloie’s dad, he slipped me the sausage last night, man he’s hung, I’ll bet he’d like you, too.

Charlie it’d ruin our reputations and kill the kids with humiliation and embarrassment, we can’t take that chance.”

“You have any other ideas? I’m about thought out.” She said.

“Yeah, I have one,” I said as I picked up our empty glasses, “I think I’ll fix us another drink.”

So, half way through our forth gin and tonic Cassandra came up with her solution.

“Charlie, I think I know how we can make this work, they’re both of legal age and they’d never tell their friends, they’re handsome and beautiful. What do you think, how does that sound.

“Cassandra that sounds wonderful, but like a faerie tale, not something that we’d be able to pull off, not in a million years,” I said, raining on her parade.

“Charlie, you’ve got no imagination.”

“Ok Cassandra, how are we going to do it?” I asked.

“Honey, let’s fuck the kids.”

I sputtered, damn near spitting my drink out, “Cass are you nuts, they’re our children, that would be incest.”

“Charlie when did you get so damned morally righteous? What happened to try anything, do everything Charlie, the guy I married?”

“Look Charlie, studies have proven that there isn’t a risk to children of incestuous relationships; over long time spans in closed societies, yeah, things can go wrong but there aren’t going to be in any children, no body’s getting pregnant.”

“How can you be so sure, there’s always the possibility of a broken condom or something.”

“Charlie, I’ve got an IUD and Cloie’s been on the pill since she was fifteen to regulate her periods, like I said, no pregnancies even with you and Clete riding bareback.”

“So how do we go about doing this Cass,” I asked.

“Charlie, they’re our kids, they live here, we’re around them all the time. We already touch them; make the touches a little more intimate; we already kiss them; add a bit of passion to the kisses, hug them, crush Cloie’s breasts to your chest, I’ll let Clete feel mine against him, just practice the art of seduction, you used to be pretty good at it; you got me didn’t you?”

And the pool party idea was resurrected; only it was going to be the four of us. We checked, neither Clete nor Cloie had big plans for Friday night.

I’d grill steaks, Clete would be my helper and drink runner, Cass would bake potatoes and steam some asparagus, maybe a little blender Hollandaise Sauce, a salad Cloie could make, I’d grill some garlic toast just before we served.

Both the kids like a little wine, I got four bottles of a nice California Cabernet Sauvignon, libations to loosen the libido, not fair you say, the only rule is it must be a seduction, no coercion and certainly no force; everything has to be given and taken willingly.

When Cassandra and I finally retired we were both aroused, our discussions and plotting had stirred our us emotionally, she was first in the bathroom, when I came out she was clad in a set of sexy yellow baby dolls that I hadn’t seen in ten years. I was in my normal sleeping attire, naked as a jaybird.

She was lying in uncovered; she patted the bed for me to join her, I was nearly salivating she was so lovely.

I lay down, Cassandra rushed into my arms, she was more anxious than I was, we kissed, nibbled lips, twisting tongues, passion pouring from us, “God you’re beautiful,” I whispered to her.

I nibbled on her ear lobe, one of her erogenous zones, she gave me a little quiver, I lifted her top over her head and off. Even at forty-three her breasts were astounding, pert and firm, dark brown areolas tipped in dusky rose, her breasts were swollen with desire, her nipples rock hard. I took a nipple into my mouth and sucked, lightly grazing it with my teeth, I had her other in my hand, I kneaded her then gently tweaked her, giving her nipple a little twist and pull. Both beasts got the same attention.

I trailed kisses down to her navel, she’s got an outie, it popped out in about her eighth month of pregnancy with the twins and never went back, she’s a little self-conscious about it when she’s in her two piece bathing suit but I think it’s cute, I tickle it with the tip of my tongue.

I cup her sex through her baby doll bottoms then roll them down, “lift honey,” over her hips, down her legs and off her feet.

The hair on her mons is a little darker than her sandy tresses topside, probably doesn’t get bleached by the sun. Lower, I lick right at the top of her slit, the very tip of her clit is evident, protruding between her lips, I tease it with a flick of two of my tongue then open her, down one side, my tongue separates her inner and outer labia, I gently tug on them with just my lips, teasing and tantalizing her then the other side.

Her vulva is moist, she’s lubricating, like a serpent I snake my tongue along her slickness, she’s fragrant, a light musk scent her taste is salt and melon, flavorful, sexy. I lick over her perineum to her rosebud, just a quick visit; we won’t be staying tonight, then back up. I pause at her vagina, a dip or two with the tip of my tongue then laving her up to her clitoris, she’s swollen, engorged, the tip glistening in the dim illumination of our bedside lamp.

I hunger, she hungers for my hunger, I suck her clit in, between my lips into my mouth, she’s hot, the blood has warmed her, her pearl, her gem, my tongue flicks it, bats it, and teases it. Cassandra’s rising, her climax is building, twenty-three years experience lets me know, my hand on her abdomen tells me first, the contractions start in her uterus, I can feel the tension, through and down to her vagina, her anus, she clenches and clamps, tightening then releasing then again.

Cass was panting, fast shallow breaths and then she wails, “Aaaaaah, yessssss,” her orgasm flows, she flows, her cum pours from her and I’m there for it, for her fluids, her juices, I drink her, licking, swallowing, tasting her very essence, her nectar, the drink of the Gods, only fitting, she’s my Goddess.

I lie beside her and hold her while she recovers, she settles. Cassandra’s rubbing my back, her arm is around me, she lets her hand slide ‘til she’s kneading my butt, “Charlie?”

Her touch, where she’s touching me, it’s her shorthand that she wants to take it from behind, doggie style; if I’ll stroke her clitoris while I’m in her this is her favorite position, mine, too, I can get deeper, I can admire her cute bottom, but most of all I can breathe in her earthy musk.

She rolls to her tummy, pulls her pillow so that she can rest her chest and head on it and rises to her knees.

I pause for a moment, the lips of her labia are slightly parted, waiting, hungry; her tight rosebud between her soft white cheeks; I think of all the pleasure I’ve taken from her, all the gratification I’ve given her; I enter her.

“Aaah, that’s nice Charlie,” she breathes.

I slide in, all the way in; Cass and I have been partners so long I know what she’ll do next. I pause, waiting; that little squeeze, she’s tightened her vaginal muscles, “Come on Charlie, let’s go,” is what she means, I begin to stroke her.

I knead her sweet cheeks and ring her rosebud with just the tip of my finger, feather touches, she coos, she’s sensitive there, she likes my light touch while I stroke with long slow strokes.

As my breathing gets raspy and I feel my cum rising I reach under my bride, two finger, one on each side of her clit, I let her ride my hand in rhythm with my strokes, they’re faster, harder now, Cass is beginning to tremble, I pump three or four more times, deep, as deep as I can get then I grip her hips, she thrusts back as I pull her to me.

We cum as one, Cass with a wail of pleasure, “Unnnnngh,” I with a roar, “Ooooooooh yessssss,” I rub her bottom and caress her hips as I slowly stroke out. Drained I roll to the mattress pulling Cass down with me, I’m behind her, I pull her into the spoon position and pull up the covers.

Holding her, I whisper my love, she sighs contentedly before we drift off to sleep.

Cassandra cheats, on Thursdays I bowl in a league, it’s my boy’s night out, we roll our games then have a few beers, I don’t get home ‘til after eleven. Cloie had plans with friends, they were gonna prowl the mall then take in a movie, she’d get in about the same time as I would; but I’ll let Cass tell what happened.

I knew Charlie and Cloie would be late, I fixed a simple dinner, pasta and a salad then opened a bottle of Chianti, Clete and I would be dining together; it would be an ideal time to start my seduction.

Before I served I’d taken a bath, sweet smelling bath salts. Dried, I’d spritzed a light smelling cologne on, my neck, between my breasts and just a dab between my thighs. I put on panties, light lavender panties, high cut to accentuate my inverted V, then a full length robe of royal purple. I belted it so that some cleavage was displayed.

Over dinner I leaned to pick up bread, then the olive oil for dipping, Clete’s eyes followed me, I seemed not to notice but his eyes were on the gap in my robe.

We still had wine left in the bottle, “Clete, honey, would you like to go in the living room, sip the rest of the wine and listen to some music?”

I led, I could almost feel his eyes burning my bottom, I swished, sashaying to my chair.

He took one of the chairs in front of the fireplace, I took the other and reclined, letting my robe separate just enough, I knew he could see my panties. He tried not to stare, he did pretty well, but his glances kept returning. I don’t think he was seeing his mother; he was looking at a woman he desired, his eyes told on him.

A soft slow song came on, “Dance with me honey?” I asked.

He got up, took my hand and helped me to my feet.

Clete’s a good dancer, Charlie and I had taught both of the twins before they were teenagers, he took me in his arms, we began to sway to the rhythm.

I rested my head on his shoulder, wanting him to breath my sweet scent, my cologne and my pheromones, if pheromones exist in humans, I was exuding them, my panties were getting a little moist; the prospect of a young penis, my son’s penis filling me, my breathing got shallow, breathy.

Clete noticed the change, he held me tighter, his lips brushed my ear, one of my hot spots; he whispered, “I love you Mom.”

My voice was raspy, low as I whispered back, “I love you, too, son.”

My breasts were crushed to his chest, our groins came together, I could feel his erection, I sensed when he, surreptitiously loosened the belt of my robe, letting it open, exposing my breasts. I kept my head on his shoulder but I knew his gaze was down; I held him tighter and ground against him.

He slipped his hand through the opening he’d created; his hand was on my back, on my flesh, his breath caught in his throat; his objective, my objective was drawing near. His hand slid further, he kneaded my pantied bottom and pulled me even tighter against him, I could feel his penis throbbing.

The tie on my robe parted, I was in my son’s arms, my bare breasts were against his chest my pantied lower body pressed his groin. He nibbled my ear lobe then leaned further and kissed my breast.

“Mom,” a question, a request for permission, I took his hand and guided it to me, to that inverted V and let him touch my dampness.

I’d raised my head, he gazed into my eyes, “Yes honey, yes,” I answered.

He led me, to his room. He started to disrobe, I stopped him, “Let me.”

I raised his Tee-shirt, up and off then unfastened his shorts letting them fall to the floor, his white Jockey underwear was bulging, I lowered the elastic freeing him, his erection was pointing skyward, I let the underwear fall.

“My turn,” he said as he knelt in front of me and lowered my panties, I stepped out, he was still kneeling, I parted my legs, would he?

He circled my hips and drew me to him, he parted my swollen lips with his tongue and tasted me, he smiled up at me and stood.

My son, my oh so handsome son, he lowered me to the bed and followed me down, he lay between my open thighs, he parted my lips with his fingers and rested the head of his cock at my vaginal channel.

Again a single word, again a question, he’d stop even now if I said so, “Mom?”

“Please Clete, yes.”

He entered me, he was home after eighteen years, he thrust forward, I took all of him and he started to pump, his pace was fast, pounding, penetrating me deeply. He wouldn’t last long, too fast, too hard but I didn’t care, I was so aroused I could already feel my climax building.

My body began to tremble then the muscles of my tummy contracted, rippling downward, I hadn’t had that happen in years, the rippling, my female organs contracted, my uterus, anus and vagina, I had him in my python grip when he came, grunting as he powered into me, hot cream filled me as I wailed, “Yessssss, Clete, yessssss.”

God, when he was ready, when he swelled it felt like he doubled in size, when he emptied his balls I was flooded, youth, rock hard, fantastic, I’d not felt the same thrill since Charlie was twenty. Cum was oozing from me, from my satiated pussy when he lay beside me; I’d forgotten how much a young cock could deliver.

“Mommy, he’d not called me Mommy in five years, it made me clench, I liked the sound, the tone, the words, “Mommy, I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have, but you’re so sexy, so desirable, God, I love you; Mommy I’ve had lust in my heart for you since I was thirteen.

He was laying, I was holding him, his face was pressed to my breast, I couldn’t help myself, I had to play him just a little.

“Honey why would you lust for an old woman like me, heck, I’m forty-three, I know the young ladies have to be chasing you.”

He didn’t answer, didn’t say a word, he took a nipple in his mouth and sucked, nursed like when I fed him with my body, like a baby, he tugged at me, just a little pain a whole lot of pleasure. I caressed his head as he suckled me.

I could reach him, touch him; I took him in my hand and stroked him. Flaccid to hard in ten seconds flat, he looked up from my breast, a question on his face; I smiled and nodded my answer. He rolled between my splayed legs and entered me again.

He was slower, not nearly so anxious, his strokes were long, piercing me deeply, he’d raised my legs to his shoulders, forced my thighs back toward my chest, I was open, displayed for him, he pumped me, creating sensations long forgotten, up in me, he touched my cervix. I winced, “Sorry Mommy,” he let my legs fall to the bed.

I wanted to scream, no, no keep me up there, I want it, I want to feel you, the pain was exquisite, I circled his waist with my legs and pulled him to me; ah yes, yes.

He leaned forward, riding me high, his cock was grazing my clitoris with every stroke, exciting me, enflaming me; he stroked harder, faster, we were nearly there,

“Oooooo yeah, fuck me, Clete, fuck your Mommy, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeee,” my entreaty, my plea.

Harder, even faster he powered into me, “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” I chanted; and he did, he fucked me like I hadn’t had it in years.

My orgasms came in waves, two, three, four; through my body, I squeezed him tightly to me, my long legs holding him against me; he came, God did he cum, grunting with every pulse of his cock, “Ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh,” he filled me with his fresh, scalding cream.

“Honey, come up here, please, come up to Mommy,” we’d finished, he was limp, I wanted one more, I wanted him to take me from behind.

He came and laid beside me, I sat, leaned down and took him between my lips, sucking him in, licking his shaft, ah the resilience of youth, his refractory period measured in seconds not minutes or hours, my mouth was filled by an iron rod.

I didn’t say anything; I simply rolled to my tummy, pulled my pillow to rest on and rose on my knees. He knew what I wanted. Clete moved behind me, like his father he paused for a few moments to admire then he split me.

He probed into me, deeper than before, God he had a nice cock, long and fat, he filled me, even stretched me a little, and like Charlie he teased my rosebud. Maybe another time young ass man but not tonight, tonight Mommy’s pussy wants everything you’ve got to give. That was plenty, he stroked me, long deep strokes then he mounted me, further up on me, pounding me, powerful, driving thrusts, he was bigger than Charlie, he was exploring a bit of new territory, causing me to feel just a little pain / pleasure, he was driving me forward further onto my pillow.

I grunted with every one of his robust stabs, like a piglet, “Unh, unh, unh,” I grunted.

Clete knew a little something of the female anatomy, his arm circled me giving me his fingers, he rubbed me, getting me higher, getting me there.

Not as explosive as earlier, this was our third in less than two hours, we came, little tremors passed through me, I released, my orgasmic flow, Clete held me to him, filling spewing into me, warming my insides with his flood.

Afterward we just lay side by side, “Mommy,” Clete started.

I interrupted, “Honey, I wanted it, I wanted it, too.”

“Will we do it again?” He asked.

“If you want son, if you want.”

“Oh Mommy, I want, God I think you’re the most beautiful, sexiest woman in the world.”

I chuckled, “You’re biased, I’m your Mom.”

“Yeah, I guess there’s that, too but you are a beautiful lady.”

I patted him on the thigh, “Let’s get dressed, Charlie and Cloie will be getting home soon.”

He pulled on his shorts and Tee- shirt; I got up and walked back to my room.
Three loads, I had three loads of Clete in me, I pulled my panties on, I wanted to keep him for a while. With my robe tied around me and my velvet slippers on my feet I went back down stairs and poured another glass of wine.

Cloie came in first; she breezed through with a “Hi Mom,” on her way upstairs.

When Charlie came in he raised an eyebrow, “Gonna tell me about it,” was all he said. Charlie says that after good sex I glow, he calls it my “Freshly Fucked Fox in a Forest Fire” look. He knew this fox was freshly fucked.

“Three times,” was all I said.

The eyebrow went even higher, “Come on baby, let’s go up stairs, I want to hear all about it.”

In the bedroom, on the bed, Charlie rubbed my back as I recounted my evening. He was impressed; “Three times in two hours, you still got it in you girl,” he said.

“More than you know Charlie, more than you know,” all three loads were oozing out of me, staining the crotch of my panties, I was wet and gooey and I wasn’t gonna change.

That refractory period I mentioned earlier, amazing, utterly amazing the resiliency of youth; unbeknownst to Charlie and me we weren’t the only ones discussing my evening; Cloie had gone to Clete’s room when she got home.

“God Clete, it smells like pussy in here, freshly fucked pussy, what’s with?”

“Sit down and I’ll tell you all about it.”

Cloie sat on his bed.

Charlie and Cassandra had no idea; never a clue but Clete and Cloie had been lovers for three years, ever since Cass had started her on the pill.

“No, not like that,” Clete said as he unfastened the waist of her shorts, “Let me look while I talk.”

She got up, pulled off her top, unhooked her bra, freeing her pert 36C’s, dropped her shorts and shimmied out of her panties then sat back on the bed, one leg on each side of Clete.

He took one look, one sniff, one quick lick, “I’m speechless,” he said.

“Damned if you are Cletus Cambridge, you tell me what happened or you’ll never get another look at this again.”

He rolled so that his head rested on her thigh.

He told her everything, about all three times, what it was like even how she’d tasted when he took that one little lick.

“Cloie, I know exactly how you’re gonna look when you’re in your forties, she’s you even down to the freckles on your tummy and when she wrapped her legs around me I’d have sworn it was your long luscious legs capturing me. I mean, you’re a little leaner, firmer and your pussy’s tighter but you’re eighteen, she’s forty-three.”

“Really, I’d like to see her nude, you know, compare.”

“There’s something else I wanta tell you, Cloie I think she intentionally set out to seduce me, I told you how she was dressed, the wine, the music and the dancing, she wanted to get me aroused and she did.”

“You know Clete it’s funny this happened now, that you’d think her seduction was intentional ‘Cause Daddy’s done some things with me; nothing real blatant, but he’s hugged me a little tighter, my kiss is a bit wetter, he’s patted my bottom and given it a rub; do you think he’s after me?”

“I’ll bet he is; gives a whole new meaning to “All in the Family,” doesn’t it; you gonna let him?”

“Clete, I’ve wanted him in me since I knew that down there was for more than peeing, yeah, I’ll let him chase me ‘til I catch him.; now turn over.”

“You already had three, give me one, all this talk about Mom’s got me hot.”

Clete turned over to be greeted by Cloie holding herself open, her labia were parted; he licked along her slit and tongued her vagina.

Cloie lay back with a sigh of satisfaction, “Yeah, just like that, oh yeah.”

Their conversation had aroused her, Cloie’s clit was swollen and red, Clete took it between his lips and pulled, gently, sucking it into his mouth, her little opaline tip, his tongue danced over it, batted it, feathery light he flicked it until he felt her begin to tremble then he sucked harder, licked her tip faster. Tremors shook her, she grabbed the pillow and buried her face, muffling her wails, a muted, “Aaaaaah,” escaped as she released. Clete took in her juice, licking and sucking, tonguing her vagina, drinking her and cleaning her.

“God, I needed that, thank you Brother,” Cloie whispered.

He smiled up at her, his face was awash with her fluids, “You even taste the same,” he joked.

Cloie went to her room for the night. She lay awake, how to catch Daddy without him knowing she was after him. He had to catch her, she wanted to be subtle.

Friday afternoon Charlie was out on the pool deck, his Weber Barbecue was lit, the coals were burning down when Cloie popped out of the house, “Hi Daddy, can I fix you a drink?”

“I thought Clete was my drink maker that you were the salad girl.”

“We traded; I want to work on my tan while the suns still up.”

Cassandra had stirred up a big pitcher of Margarita’s, one sounded good.

“Yeah Cloie a drink would hit the spot, would you bring me one of those Margarita’s.”

“Can I have one, too Daddy?”

“Sure, why not, we’re gonna have a party aren’t we?”

She brought the two drinks, gave Charlie his and took a sip of hers.

“Daddy, would you be embarrassed if I took my top off, I want to get some sun on my, ah well you know, my tits.”

“No honey that wouldn’t embarrass me, may give me a heart attack but it won’t embarrass me.”

Fortunately there was a twelve foot hedge surrounding the Cambridge’s back yard, no prying neighbors eyes could intrude.

Cloie walked to the chaise lounge, set her drink on the deck and freed her breasts, Charlie was watching, he caught his breath, she was magnificent, not huge probably around a 36C but they stood out firm, proud; the nipples point upward, the areolas are dark brown, her nipples dusty rose; she could have been Cass twenty years ago, she was splendid.

She laid down on her stomach, “Daddy will you put lotion on my back, pleeese.”

Charlie thought, pleeese, hell I should be the one begging her, maybe he’d get an opportunity to move the plan along.

“Sure Baby, Daddy can do that.”

He got the sun tan lotion from the pool side table where they left it and squeezed some into the palm of his hand as he walked to the chaise.

Rubbing it, warming it, he started at her legs, he applied it with light circular strokes, Cloie’s skin was softer than satin, smooth and unblemished. Up her back, over the outsides of her breasts, light feathery contact, Cloie sighed,

“That feels nice Daddy, will you do my front, too,” as she turned over.

If anything she was more spectacular lying than standing, her breasts were so firm they stood straight out from her chest, no sag, none; her body was long, slender, her tummy was concave, her hips flared, her legs shapely.

Charlie started with her feet, a sexual massage but instead of oil scented with the attar of roses it was Coppertone SPF 4, it’d work.

Over the soles of her feet, light circular motions, an erotic massage that Cass especially likes, after a bath in a candle lit room, warm and fragrant, Charlie thinks, I only wish Cloie was there.

The tops of her feet, adding more lotion to his hand, warming it, onto her thighs, close, almost touching, Cloie opens her legs just a little, her light blue bikini bottom can’t hide the small damp spot, her breathing is deep and regular.

And onto her tummy, light, soft strokes, her flat stomach, strong from her cheer leading exercises and practice, taut muscles, “Relax Baby, you’re too tense,” Charlie whispers.

He moves to her shoulders, finishes and down, to her breasts, Charlie doesn’t touch her nipples, she’s swollen, firm breasts are fuller, the dusty rose nipples are darker, gumdrops of stone. Feathery swaths, over her breasts, touching the areolas but not the nipple, never the nipple, meant to tease, to arouse creating desire, a little quiver passes through Cloie’s body, and she’s wet.

“Daaadeee,” Cloie breathes, Dadeeee,” her eyes plead for more, she’s liquid in her bikini bottoms; Charlie leans down and gives her a kiss, just a fatherly peck, “I think you’re lubricated,” he says as he walks back to his grill and his cocktail.

Sipping his Margarita he glances back, Cloie has rolled onto her side, her back is to him, he can’t see her hands but he knows where they are, he knows she’s polishing her little gem.

Charlie has to smile, seduction, his eighteen year old daughter using her phenomenal physique to seduce him; Charlie Cambridge. In his forty-three years Charlie guessed he’d bedded around a thousand different women, he was sexually active from the age of thirteen, the years before he’d met Cass, mostly older women, his buddies’ MILF mothers, fact of the matter they didn’t have to be beautiful, only willing. Then with Cass, the sex clubs, the swinging, oh yeah, her seduction would be successful; tonight she’d get him. Now damnit if she’d only get her hands out of her panties and leave it to him; he cursed himself, Charlie you old horn dog, you took her too far, now she’s gonna waste all those juices you could be drinking. Then he thought, what the hell, she’s young, she’ll have plenty when he got there.

Finally Cloie got a semblance of control; she got up and walked toward the house.

“Would you bring me another one of these, please,” Charlie asked as he held the glass out to her, “and Baby you can have a little more too, if you ask real nice.”

My knees are a little wobbly as I walk to the kitchen, I give Daddy a fresh glass, we’ve got little dishes on the counter, lime juice in one and Kosher salt in the other, I dip the chilled glass in the juice and spin it in the salt then pour, the perfect Margarita, I take it to him.

“Thank you, you sure you don’t want some more?” He asks; he’s got a little smile as he says it.

“Yes Daddy, I want some more; is that what you wanted to hear me say, I’ll say it, yes Daddy I want some more.”

I wheel and walk back into the kitchen, Clete’s done with the salad, it’s on the counter ready to be served, Mom’s looking the other way, I grab his arm, “Come with me.”

We get out of the kitchen; I led him to the den and closed the door, a bit of privacy.

“Bro I don’t know what I got into, I was going ahead with the plan, show him a little something, the bait, set the hook, reel him in;” she told him how she’d gotten him to put on the sun tan lotion, how she’d showed off her breasts, how she just knew he was hers.

Clete, he did, he applied sun tan lotion, front and back just like I asked him to do, he didn’t make a single advance on me, didn’t touch my pussy, didn’t even touch my nipples, all he did was put the sun tan lotion on me; if anyone had watched they’d swear that’s all he did.

“Ok, Sis, what’s the issue?” Clete asked.

“Clete, he made me cum, my bottoms are soaked, I’m gonna have to change, he touched me with his finger tips, not even his whole hand, just his finger tips, he didn’t stroke my crotch, he didn’t caress my breasts, with just his finger tips, putting on sun tan lotion he made me cum. It took me a few minutes, man, he shook me, but when I got up and came to the house he said, “Would you bring me another one of these, please,” and Baby you can have a little more too, if you ask real nice.” Clete he wasn’t talking about a damned Margarita when he said, “If you ask real nice.”

Clete, I answered him, I told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, like on the court shows on TV, I told the truth, Clete I said, “Yes Daddy, I want some more; is that what you wanted to hear me say, I’ll say it, yes Daddy I want some more.” He smiled at me then started cooking the steaks.

Cass called, “Come on guys, suppers on.”

We ate outside, at the pool side table. The salad tangy, balsamic vinaigrette with crumbled gorgonzola topping, the steaks, bone in rib-eyes were moist and tender, the potatoes, dressed with sour cream, grated cheddar and snipped chives flavorful and the asparagus with a small amount of Hollandaise so tasty. Clete and I cleared the table then came back out to the deck. Mom was sitting at pool side her feet in the water, Dad was inside tuning the music, channeling the sound out to the deck, we were going to dance, I would be in his arms and I expected in his bed. I wanted him to take me, I knew he wanted me, I nearly melted just thinking about it, anticipation, God I wanted him to want me.

We were all in swimming suits, Clete was over with Mom, in conversation, I was standing alone by the door sipping on the wine we’d had with dinner.

“Hey Beautiful,” Daddy said as he took my glass and set it on the window sill, “Why all alone? Dance with me, won’t you?”

He took me into his arms and spun me across the pool deck’ he held me close. I felt him unfasten my top, I’d put it back on when I’d gotten up.

“Daddy,” a question, “Mom’s out here.”

“I know honey, she won’t mind, I think her concentration is on what Clete’s telling her.”

He stepped back, just for a second as he took my top from my shoulders, momentarily he admired me then he pulled me back into his arms.

My breasts, my nipples were brushing against the hair on Daddy’s chest, his hand fell lower, he caressed my cheeks and pulled me toward him; our groins met, I couldn’t help myself, I ground against him, I wanted him, I wanted him in me, I wanted my Daddy.

My knees were weak, failing me, I was afraid I’d fall, I was so scared to say it, I’d die if I didn’t; “Daddy, can we go inside, please Daddy, take me inside,” God, I thought if it was all in my mind, if he turned me down I couldn’t go on living.

“Come with me, Baby,” he said. He had his arm around me as he led me off the deck, through the house and up the stairs.

It wasn’t my first time, he knew it wasn’t my first time, he didn’t know about Clete, or at least I didn’t think so but he knew it wasn’t my first time, yet he treated me like I was a virgin, everything so tender, so slow, soft words, gentle touches, he took me to his room, Mom and his room, inside he held me close, hugging me, brushing kisses on my neck, my ears and my lips, soft words, soft caresses, soft kisses. When he lowered my bikini bottoms I hardly noticed then he knelt in front of me, lifted my feet freeing me. He slipped out of his suit then he circled my hips, I stepped toward him willingly, I opened my legs, I was already wet, he tasted me, the tip of his tongue parted my labia and he licked me. My God it was though he was worshiping at the throne of a Goddess, I was his chalice, his fountain of youth, I thought I’d collapse. He stood and guided me to the bed, curling to the mattress on his back he took me with him, I was on top, I kissed him, hot passionate kisses, tongues and teeth, bruised lips, just a little blood, my blood, my lips were crushed and I wanted more, I ground against him, I was prone, over him, I straddled him trying to rush, hungering to feel him in me.

He rolled with me, he was on top, “Not yet Baby, slow down.”

He took my breast, my hard nipple, he sucked, letting me feel just a slight grazing of teeth, just a little pain, exquisite, erotic pain slight, far more pleasure, God, the little bit of pain, I couldn’t believe what it did, I’d never had an experience to compare, if that little pain made me feel so aroused I wanted him to bite me, truly hurt me; of course he didn’t, he changed breasts and I got to live through it again, when he left my breasts I felt empty, that didn’t last.

He licked my sides, tasting my perspiration, my saltiness then over my tummy and down to my mound. He paused there, I don’t shave and I don’t trim, I’m a mass of sandy curls, he nuzzled me, flicked my clit as he went by and opened my slit.

I get to tell it from here, she was wet, lubricating heavily, like the serpent in the Garden of Eden I slithered my tongue along her vulva, slick as oil, tasty as ambrosia, I feasted on her, I came to the end, her perineum, I rolled her onto her tummy.

“Daddy,” a question, I soon answered.

Anilingus, she’d never experienced it before but she was so like Cass, my Cass who’d die to have her little rosebud licked, I thought Cloie might like. I spread her cheeks, Cloie was fair, her ring was pink, tight, puckered, I rimmed her, letting her feel a tongue in her forbidden place, her aroma, even here was fresh, her taste though was musk, earthy, like moss in a shady glen, I laved her then pumped her with the tip of my tongue, a quarter of an inch, I penetrated her, her outer sphincter was relaxed, I could taste her.

Fearfully Cloie breathed, “Daddy, are you going to do me there?” She tensed as she asked, I knew she was virgin.

“Not tonight Baby, soon but not tonight,”

I turned her back over and started back up. At her vagina I paused long enough to finger her, I wanted her moisture, my wet finger, I pressed her anus, not penetrating her, just a firm constant pressure, She’d let me in when she was ready, it was “By Invitation Only,” she’d invite if I was patient.

My tongue didn’t stop, the top of her slit, her engorged clit waiting my lips, I found it, I sucked it in, between my lips, I lightly, so very lightly grazed it with my teeth then I pulled on it, sucking, nursing like a baby, her tip was in my mouth, my tongue tantalized her tender tip and on the other end, she relaxed, her taut ring surrendered to my pressure, a finger slipped onto her bottom, she gasped then settled on my finger taking it deeper. While I sucked and teased her clit I pumped her tight bottom, she’d cede it to me in a day or two, I knew but first, I pulled a little with my lips, sucking a little harder, my tongue was feather light but fast, flicking her.

When she went off I thought I’d lose her, she was bucking so hard she nearly threw herself off the bed, “God damned, God damned, Ooooooooooooh, Oh fuck me, Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, Dadeeeeeeeee, Dadeeeeee,” she lost control, she was wonderful to see, to listen, her coarse words and impassioned pleas, I’d never seen such a spectacular climax, I held her to the bed, I couldn’t even lick, I was afraid that if I turned her loose she’d hurt herself.

She went limp on the mattress, just lay there, trying to regain some semblance of her composure.

When she could speak, she hissed at me, “Bastard, you’re not human, you’re a warlock, you killed me then brought me back, I know I died but I’m here, I’m living.”

I gathered her into my arms, “Do you really believe that Cloie, really?”

“No Daddy, I know that’s not true, but what did you do to me, I mean I really didn’t know if I’d survive. Is it possible to die of extreme pleasure?”

“Honey, I don’t think so but I’ve experienced pleasure so intense that I’ve felt like I died and went to heaven, all I can say is welcome back.”

“Do you want to make love to me Daddy, I mean be in me?”

“Yeah, honey, I do, why, you don’t want to?”

“Daddy, more than anything, yes, I want to but you took so much out of me, I don’t think I’d be much of a lover, Please don’t misunderstand me, if you want me, I’m yours, tonight, right now, but I want to be good for you and I just don’t have anything left, not now anyway, can we wait?”

“Sure Baby, why don’t you just let me hold you, maybe spoon a little, would you like that.”

We went to sleep, I’d truly exhausted her, she was wet, wild and wonderful but now she was beat, my semi-hard was between her thighs, she was holding me when we both dozed off.

Cass knew the bed was mine tonight, no problem, she figured she’d spend the night with Clete, she did.

I didn’t really want to tell Cass that I still hadn’t fucked Cloie but we’d take it at her pace, I wasn’t going to have to as it developed, not my favorite ride or more to the point, get rode, but, hey fresh young pussy, I don’t care how it’s served.

Cloie awakened in the middle of the night, she still had me between her thighs, she released me, rolled so she could take me in hand and slowly masturbated me to an erection, she had her little plan, too. She got me hard, I was having a fantastic dream but I was still sleeping, she straddled me, cowgirl, now that woke me up.

She slid down my shaft, taking me in, all the way in then she ground against me working me deeper. Now there’s a lot of good things I can say about an eighteen year old’s pussy but one stands out; tight, and God she was tight, it felt like I was being squeezed by a fist in a velvet glove.

She began to move, up, down, up, down, riding me, my beautiful young cowgirl, “Play with my titties Daddy,” she asked.

With pleasure, I thought, I took one in each hand, kneading them, then her nipples, hard as granite, I tugged and twisted and I pinched, just hard enough for her to feel a little pain, I pinched.

Cloie breathed out, “Ooooh,” and thrust her breasts out.

Oh yeah, my Cloie liked a little pain, I wondered how she’d react to a spanking, maybe I’d find out another time. The mental image, Cloie across my lap, me turning her pale cheeks crimson, spurred me, I arched my hips and met her.

Posting on me like a steeplechase rider Cloie was chanting, a mantra, “I’m fucking Daddy, I’m fucking Daddy, oh, fuck, I’m fucking Daddy.”

I thought, when my girl’s aroused she’s got a mouth on her; ‘course it was true, she was certainly fucking Daddy.

She picked up her pace, riding me hard, I was about ready, she slammed down on me and sat, I spewed into her, I got my release but it was Cloie I was concentrating on, she was trembling, tremors shook her, her eyes had a dazed look, her tummy tightened, her vagina contracted, squeezing me and she wailed, “Aaaaaah, yessssss,” her head thrown back, her breasts thrust out, she wailed.

She fell forward, into my arms, I was still in her, I hugged her.

“Do you love me Daddy, really love me?” She had tears in her eyes.

“Yes, Honey, I love you: you, Clete and Mom are my whole world.”

As I rolled with her, onto our sides, facing one another, I fell out of her. I held her against my chest, her emotions were running amok, I let her cry while I rubbed her back, comforting her.

She’d stopped crying but her face remained buried on my chest. I rubbed her a little lower and cupped her bottom, kneading her firm cheeks, still face against me she asked,

“Daddy, are you going to do me there?”

“Do you want me to Baby,” I answered with a question of my own.

She still kept her face against me, “I don’t know Daddy, I’ve never done that, will it hurt?”

“Maybe just a little, a little bit of pain but a lot of pleasure; for you and for me, you like a little pain don’t you Cloie?”

She kinda shivered a little, in a low breathy voice, barely audible she whispered, “Yes Daddy, just a little, it makes the pleasure so much more intense.”

“I’d like to be your first; I think you’ll like it.”

“Daddy you will be.”

We went to sleep in each other’s arms.

When Saturday morning I heard Cassandra making her way down stairs, she and I had talked, if I was successful in getting Cloie into bed she wanted to stay paired up all day today, she and Clete would use his room, Cloie and I would keep our room. Sounded like a plan to me, I got up and hit the head. Cloie went in when I exited.

She was in there for about ten minutes; she’d had a bowel movement. I was glad of that; it answered the question of whether or not I needed to administer a Fleet.

Out of the dresser drawer I got my supplies and set them on the night stand, I liked Eros products; “Explore” to relax her and “Body Glide” as an additional lubricant.

Then I got out two robes, short white terry cloth robes that we all wear around the pool, there was no sense in dressing, we’d just have to undress again in half an hour.

When Cloie came out I held her robe for, she slipped her arms in, belted it and barefooted we padded down stairs.

Cass had breakfast ready, light, cold cereal, fruit, orange juice and coffee. Clete was at the table, he already had a cup of coffee, we were all dressed alike.

After we’d finished Cloie loaded the dishwasher, Cass and Clete had already gone upstairs, I knew she was going to try to peg him; if she succeeded two tender young asses were going to lose their virginity this day.

I took her hand and led her, she was nervous; she’d seen what was waiting on the night stand.

“Daddy are we going to?” Trepidation tinged her words.

“Yes Baby, we are.”

In the bedroom I dropped my robe on the chair and helped her out of hers then led her to the bed. I curled down, bringing her down on top of me.

“Baby, let’s just kiss and hug for a little while.”

She was tense, I wanted her relaxed, we kissed, hugged and cooed for around fifteen minutes, I sat up leaving her across my thighs.

Reaching for the “Explore” I told her, “Cloie baby this might be a little chilly but it will relax your muscles, it’ll be easier for you. I opened her cheeks and gave her three sprays.

It takes a few minutes for “Explore” to work; I rubbed her bottom and talked to her.

After around five minutes I picked up the “Body Glide,” and lubricated her.

I don’t want to sound pedantic but, if there are two things that are mandatory for successful anal sex they’re, first you cannot over lubricate, and the second is slow and steady when entering. Not everybody realizes it but the anus has two sphincter muscles that have to be penetrated. Punching in then waiting gets you through the external sphincter but does nothing more that traumatize the internal sphincter, locking you out; slow, firm, steady pressure and lots of lube, that’s the secret.

But now Cloie was ready.

“Roll over Baby, on your back,” I said as I folded a pillow in two.

I lifted her, placing her on the pillow, elevating her hips, I parted her thighs, her labia were slightly open, I could see her pink core.

Her little rosebud glistened, the lubricant, I guided my penis to her and pressed, just slight pressure, I massaged her thighs and along her hips, working her tension out, I talked to her,

“Relax Baby, relax for Daddy Cloie, just let your muscles go, relax for Daddy.”

I pressed a little harder, firm constant pressure while I talked and massaged and then, with a sigh, she opened.

I entered her keeping the pressure constant, her inner sphincter contracted once then loosened, I slid through.

I watching Cloie, “I’m in Baby.”

“I know Daddy, it didn’t hurt but I’m starting to feel full.”

I was pushing further into her, slowly and gently to be sure, but deeper, filling her rectum.

“You will Cloie; you’ll feel full but if I hurt you, tell me, I’ll stop.”

When I was all the way in I stopped, that full feeling is something I like, I wanted to give her that feeling before I pumped her.

I took her hand and guided it down; I opened her lips and placed her fingers on her clit then used her hand to rub as I started to stroke.

God I thought, she’s incredibly tight, I could see, her sphincter was clinging to me, on the back stroke I pulled it out of her, forward, back in, out, in, out, lewd imagery, tight young ass, my eighteen year old daughter’s tight, young ass.

I think I like anuses better than vaginas, tighter, and I was in the tightest one I’d ever enjoyed.

I picked up speed, the friction was fabulous, she was so tight I knew I wouldn’t last too long.

I pounded harder, faster, thrusting deeper

Cloie was feeling it now, “Ungh, ungh, ungh,” with every stroke; she was rubbing herself harder and faster, too.

Cloie came with a wail, her fingers were flying, she screamed, “Aaaaaah, yessssss,” as her juices flowed down onto me, I filled her rectum, pulling her tight against me, probing her secret place, I flooded her, her ring tightened on me, her contractions from her climax, I roared, “Unnnnngh, Unnnnh,” pumping hard then slower then stop, I’ve filled her.

I fell out and fell to the bed beside her, “How was it for you Baby?” I asked.

“It’s different but I liked it, like you said, the fullness, yeah, I liked it.”

We lay for a few minutes, I got up, I needed to wash my cock, I’d be in her vagina soon and I didn’t want to transfer bacteria.

She started to get up, too, “Honey, there’s no need for you to clean up, I’d just have to start all over,” I intended to have her tight bottom a time or two more before the day and night were over.

“Well, at least I want to put some panties on so I won’t leak.”

I headed for the bathroom, she toward her bedroom.

I was lathered up, ready to rinse when Cloie rushed back, she didn’t have her panties but she had a quizzical expression on her face.

I rinsed and dried, “What is it Cloie,” I asked.

She cocked her head to one side, “Daddy what did I see?”

“Well, I don’t know, why don’t you tell me.”

“Daddy, I wanted to say something to Clete, his door was closed, I opened it and started in, they were on the bed, Mom and Clete, Mom’s back was to me, they didn’t see me. Clete was laying with his head on a pillow but he was on his knees, his butt was up in the air and Mommy was behind him, she was on her knees, too and she had this harness thing strapped around her hips, Daddy, she was moving back and forth like she was fucking him; what did I see?”

“She was fucking him.”

“Nooo, Daddy, that can’t be right, women can’t fuck boys, can they?”

Well, my little girl wasn’t quite as worldly as she thought.

“Baby, it’s called pegging, she was pegging him. She’s got her strap-on dildoe on and she’s doin’ his bottom.”


“Really, she’s done me lots of times.

Cloie, you liked it, getting your bottom filled, I mean, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I liked it.”

“So do I, probably even more than a woman does, see a man has this gland, it’s called the prostate, when it gets rubbed and pressed on it gives a guy a charge. I’d be surprised if Clete didn’t like it, too. I gotta tell you though, the first time it takes a lot of doin’ for a guy, it’s kinda embarrassing and you think, hell, I’m not gay, I don’t want a peter up my poop chute but, it feels good, your orgasm last longer and they’re harder.”

All the talk, sex talk and I was standing with a beautiful young woman, tall, slender, inviting and I know she’s ready, all lubed up, I got hard.

I took Cloie’s hand and led her over to the bed.

“Honey, I’d like you on your hands and knees like Clete was, don’t forget your pillow.”

“You’re gonna do me like she was doing Clete, aren’t you?”

I gave her a pat on the bottom, “Unhuh, that’s what I’m gonna do.”

She crawled up on the mattress, buried her head in her pillow and pulled her knees under her. I followed.

Cute, I thought, such a cute little butt, just the bottom of her slit showing, she was oozing cum and lubricant from her anus.

I guided my cock to her opening and pressed in, she was looser, the entry easier, still, I took it slow, I wouldn’t hurt her but I did intend to give her a little more aggressive ride this time.

Cloie felt me going in, “Unnnnngh,” a groan as I slid up her velvet chute, “Unnnnngh,” a second as I filled her.

I paused, if she was hurting I wanted to give her time to tell me.

“You ok Baby,” I asked.

“Oooh yeah, I’m ok Daddy, you feel bigger this time, I feel fuller but I’m ok.”

She felt fuller because I could go deeper, further into her in this position. I started to stroke, long strokes, nearly out then back, deep, filling her bowels then out, her tight ring pulling out then back.

Cloie’s breathing was deep, slow almost gasping, not quite pain but she was feeling the sensation, fullness incredible fullness. I held her by the hips, kneading her firm cheeks, pulling her apart, inhaling her earthy musk, watching her rosebud being stretched. I gripped her, stroking faster, thrusting harder, her breathing changed yet again.

She’d pulled her pillow to her, she was panting as I pumped her, and faster.

I shifted my position, my weight, my feet were planted outside her knees, I was nearly crouch, I leaned onto her, letting her support some of my body weight, creating leverage, generating thrust.

Faster, harder stabbing deep into her guts, grunting, “Ungh, ungh, ungh,” me from the effort.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh,” her from the pounding, “Aaaaaah, Daddy,” pain or pleasure, I wasn’t sure.

I could bring Cassandra to orgasm analy, I didn’t know if Cloie would.

We were about to find out, frantically, frenetically I rammed her, hammering thrust after hammering thrust, my hips slamming her bottom.

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” fast, in rhythm with my furious pace

I can feel little tremors start as she again pant, “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” she’s gonna cum, I feel it through her anus, tightening, contracting, constricting.

I grip her hips, pulling back as I thrust forward, impaling her on my cock, I explode, pulse after pulse, my creamy ejaculate floods her in gushes, once then again, again and yet again I pulse.

I ease then stop, still in her, I rest on her hips, slowly collapsing Cloie to the mattress, I ride her down, pull out and roll beside her, taking her in my arms.

In a raspy whisper, “Daddy, that was intense.”

The intensity show, her pretty sandy mane is stringy, her face sweat stained, she’s beat, exhausted from the workout I’d given her.

I hold her and pet her head, smoothing her disheveled hair, touching her face, rubbing her back, caressing my daughter, soothing my lover.

We were both tired, we napped, not long, maybe thirty minutes, but it was refreshing.

Awake I asked Cloie how she felt.

“I’m a little sore Daddy; I think you stretched me more than the first time and I’m a little achy way up inside.”

“Maybe a shower would help, want to join me,” I asked.

“Sure, a shower sounds good but let me go in first; I need to use the potty.”

She got up, walked to the bathroom and closed the door.

I knew what she needed, anal sex, the stretching of muscles designed to hold things in and the cum could create an enema like effect, she wanted to void, the cum.

I heard the toilet flush then the shower start, “Come on in Daddy.”

I joined her in the shower.

It created a different perspective, I’d had sex with her, I’d seen her body but with the water cascading over her she glistened, my shining beauty, I washed her, first with a soapy cloth then with just my hands, reveling in the satiny feel of her skin, exploring all of the wondrous private places.

She washed me then masturbated me with a soapy hand.

“Careful Baby, he’s gonna get hungry again if you keep that up.”

She released me and batted him lightly, “Let him sleep for a little while, the girl needs a break; let’s get some lunch.”

“Yeah, after just cereal this morning I’d like something, too.”

We toweled off, again, just the terry cloth robes, Cloie started down, I paused at Clete’s door and taped, “We’re fixing sandwiches, you guys want some?”

A feminine voice, terse, otherwise occupied, “Yes, we’ll be down in a few minutes.”

Cloie fixed the sandwiches, some ham, some turkey breast. I some cole slaw out of the ‘fridge, some potato chips, and cold drinks, everything was on the table when Cass and Clete came down.

Cassandra was wearing her freshly fucked fox glow; Clete looked a little worse for wear, about the same as Cloie did.

“Anyone want to talk about this morning?” I started.

Clete was the first to say anything, “I don’t know Dad, I don’t know,” was all he said.

His experience may have been the most traumatic I thought but Cloie spoke up, “Clete, I think we both went through the same thing.”

“Maybe it was different, easier for you,” Clete answered.

“Why Clete, why was it easier for me, because I’m a girl?”

‘I suppose so, yeah, ‘cause you’re a girl, girls are suppose to do things like that, not guys.”

The “I’m not gay” complex.

“Clete, what we did, girl or guy, there’s not much difference, I mean we’ve both got the same, aah, you know the same hole. I liked it, the second time left me a little sore and achy, but I liked it. You look about the same as me, you know what I mean.”

Cass had glanced at me and raised an eyebrow when Cloie had said “the second time.”

Once she got started she was on a mission to convince Clete, “Mommy does it with Daddy, too, you know; he told me.”

Clete looked at me. I gave him a smile and nodded yes.

He looked at Cass, “Clete, did it feel good,” She asked.

“Mom, it’s not how it felt, yes, it felt good, I’ve never cum like that in my life, but it’s not that; it’s how I feel.”

“I understand son, I felt the same way, that “I’m a straight man, we don’t do things like this” emotion. I felt just like that the first time Mom suggested it, I went along, back then I’d try anything once and it was great. I wouldn’t consider doing anything with a man but I’ve come to the conclusion that two consenting adults have the right to do anything in their bedroom that they choose to do and I choose to let your mother have me that way, our choice, our pleasure.”

We left the conversation there, I sent the twins back upstairs, Cass and I wanted a few minutes.

“Well from the gist of that conversation I gather we have no anal virgins left in the house.”

“No Charlie we don’t; twice with Cloie, huh?”

“Yeah and I rode her pretty hard the second time.”

“It showed, the girl looks it, how’d she take it?”

“Willing, how about Clete?”

“He got to do his guy things, had Mommy, I helped him back up, gave him a little head, had Mommy, from behind that time. I got a little lubricant, sucked him and put a finger in him, let him feel what it’s like to get a prostate massage then convinced him to try. Oh, he liked it; you know how it is when you cum from prostate pressure, long and intense, damn, I think he came for almost a minute. It’s not the physical that’s the problem, I don’t know if he’ll come around; but hey, I’ve got you anyway, don’t I.”

The twins were having their own conversation at the same time.

“Clete, you liked it didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I liked it ok, that’s not it.”

“Would you like to do me, you know get in me that way?”

His eyes lit up, “You wanta do that Sis?”

“So you would like to do me; could I do you?”

“No way.”

“So, you’re saying it’s ok for you to do me but it’s not ok for me to do the same thing to you; Clete you’re being a hypocrite damn it.

Understand, like that old saying, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

“Well if this gander wants to goose this goose that gander’s gonna get goosed, too.”

“Sis are we having an argument here?”

She grinned at him, “No, of course not, this isn’t an argument it’s a spirited discussion.”

They were in Clete’s room, “Gotta go they’re coming upstairs; later.”

“Bye Sis, see you this evening.”

I was already on the bed when Cloie got there; she tossed her robe on the chair with mine.

“What’re we gonna do Daddy.”

“I wanta play, just hug and kiss, touch, feel, say soft words, that kinda stuff, come here.”

Cloie bounced onto the bed, grabbed me and planted a big juicy kiss on my lips, “Love you Daddy.”

I tweaked a nipple, “Wow, great tits, Baby.”

Raising one to my mouth, “You Like,” she teased.

“Oh yeah, I like,” as I gave it a suck and a little nip.

Rolling around on the bed we played “grab ass” like a couple of kids.

Cloie ended up across my lap, I held her there, pressing on the small of her back.

She looked up into my eyes, “What’re you going to do Daddy?” It wasn’t exactly fear, maybe a little anxiety.

“I’m gonna give you a little spanking.”

“Why Daddy, have I been a bad girl?”

“Oh I’m sure you have but that’s not you’re getting a spanking, you like a little pain, don’t you Cloie?’

Her voice was low, raspy, “Yes Daddy, you know that.”

I began to spank, not hard but not exactly love pats, all on her sit spots, low on her perfect bottom.

I rubbed her back as I spanked, “Cry for me Cloie, cry for Daddy, Baby,”

Cloie parted her legs, she was sopping, lubricating heavily; she began to grind her pelvis against me.

Swack, swack, a couple of more: “Cry for me Baby girl, let it out, let it go.”

Her bottom had a nice pink glow when I heard the first sobs; I stopped, lifted her head to my chest and held her, rubbing, caressing until she’d quieted.

“Why’d you spank me Daddy?” Cloie whispered.

“You wanted it didn’t you Baby,” I answered.

She nodded yes.

“Why’d you want me to cry?”

“You wanted that, too, didn’t you Cloie.”

She turned her head away, perhaps embarrassed by her own answer, low, nearly inaudible, “Yes Daddy.”

I reached between her legs and fingered her sodden pussy, “Want Daddy now,” I asked.

Rolling off, onto her back, “Please Daddy, please.”

She opened her thighs wide, invitingly; I slid in. Tight, wet, wonderful, eighteen year old pussy, the very prime, not so stretched, no kids, the muscles still elastic, tight. I took it slow at first, long languid strokes.

Cloie was enjoying, a little smile on her angelic face, her breasts standing proud, swollen with desire her nipples flawless jewels.

I was riding her high, my cock was rubbing her pearl love button with every stroke, I could be ready any time, I was holding off, just a few quick thrusts and I’d be there, I wanted it slow, I wanted her to take pleasure and she was.

I watched her face, almost a grimace, as she trembled under me, I sped up, I wanted to be there with her.

When I sped up so did she, arching her back throwing her hips against me she climaxed and I met her, spewing into her. Not loud and wild, some Aaaaaahs and Oooooos, then bliss, smiling loving bliss, I rolled down beside her, she turned so we were face to face,

“Thank you Daddy, God I wanted that, I needed that,” then she snuggled against me.

Cloie was asleep in moments, the stress, mental, surrendering herself to me, her father and the physical, she’d been spanked, had conventional sex and I’d sodomized her twice and it was only two o’clock, had taken a toll.

I got up and took a quick shower then took a warm wash cloth, mopped her brow and swabbed her vulva, she stirred but didn’t awaken. Then I laid back down with her and held her.

I must have dozed off; too, when Cloie got up and went to the bathroom I came awake. She’d left the door open, I could hear her flow, she flushed rinsed her hands and joined me on the bed.

It was only four, we had plenty of time, “Come here Baby,” I said, opening my arms to her.

She came to me and I cradled her, “I love you Daddy,” as she wrapped me in her arms and kissed me, it was a lover’s kiss, I kissed back, tongues entwining, we kissed.

Cloie was still naked, I caressed her breasts, feeling them swell under my touch, I kissed them, each in its turn then trailed kisses down her body, over her tummy, through her sandy bush to her labia. I opened her with my tongue and laved her, snaking along her vulva, dip of the tongue in her vagina, over her perineum, to her rosebud. Rosebud certainly applied, she was red from earlier, tight again, no distention, sealed but waiting. Not now, not yet, not again so soon, I licked back up, tracking between her inner and outer lips, up one side, down the other then back to her vulva to the top, her clit, glistening, moist; I took her into my mouth.

Teasing her pearl with the tip of my tongue, I wanted to give her an orgasm, I knew it wouldn’t produce much ejaculate but I wanted the trembling, the tremors, the contractions and I wanted to drink the juice she did exude.

The tremble started first, she shook under my ministrations, all the sensations followed I stayed on her clit too long,

“Oh, oh, oh, no more Daddy, no more,” she was sensitive.

I licked down, tasting her small amount of girl cum, drinking her essence.

I licked her clean the laid beside her, “My turn,” she said as she turned around.

She took me into her mouth; I was already hard, performing cunnilingus does that to me. She bobbed up and down, swishing her tongue, licking me; she slipped a hand under me and teased my anus while she bobbed.

She came off me, “Can I Daddy?” She questioned.

I knew what she wanted to do, so I instructed, “Baby, it’s about four or five inches in, about the size of a big walnut on the front side; I handed her the Body Glide lube.

She coated a finger, went back down on me, bobbing again, she slid a finger into me, it felt good going in.

She found my prostate, she rubbed it, then she pressed, my cock jumped in her mouth, she continued to press, giving me a prostate massage.

Cum doesn’t spew it just flows from prostate stimulation, it flows and flows, greater in quantity, more intense, longer lasting, my breathing, deep breaths, almost panting, she pressed again, I released, “Aaaaaaah,” she continued to massage me, she was swallowing, coaxing more out with her finger, taking more down her throat.

She wasn’t the skilled fellatrix that Cass is, Cass could give her some pointers, but for an eighteen year old she was phenomenal, she kept me going for over thirty seconds, I felt like I’d been drained.

“You liked,” she beamed up at me, very satisfied with herself.

“Oh yeah Baby, I liked.”

She got up, went to the bathroom, washed her hands and came out with a wash cloth,

“Turn over, I’ll clean up.”

When I turned back she grabbed my penis and gave a little tug, “Come on. Let’s start supper.”

She went downstairs and I went to Clete’s door, through it I could hear.

“Ungh, ungh, ungh,” the almost chugging sound of one receiving anal sex, I thought it was Cass.

Knock, knock, Cloie and I are gonna start dinner; come on down when you’re ready.

Cass had four pieces of salmon in a marinade in the refrigerator, I got them out.

I’d serve it on a bed of quinoa, I started it soaking, it needed about fifteen minutes then I’d rinse it, I wish I had some fish stock but water was gonna have to do.

“Cloie, would you make the salad, how about just cucumber and sweet onions dressed with rice wine vinegar and sesame oil, an Asian flavor.”

I was going to use a little of the sesame oil, too. Our veggie was going to be snow peas sautéed with a little garlic and red pepper in sesame oil.

The quinoa was ready, I dumped it in a strainer, rinsed it, then in the pan, one cup of quinoa, one and a quarter cups of water and on the simmer for thirty minutes.

I’d finished cooking, Cloie had set the table and opened a bottle of a crisp California Chardonnay, I was dishing out the food when Cassandra and Clete came down.

I’d been right and it was evident, Cass had been on the receiving end, she had an almost dazed look in her eyes and she was a little bent, like she was feeling some pain way up in her, she had the look of a lady who’d had her cheeks parted and had gotten a rough ride.

Clete had the satisfied look of a guy who’d parted those cheeks.

We went to the table, Cass sat gingerly, she’d been reamed, big cock, hard thrusts, long ride, I could read it all.

After we’d eaten Clete cleared the table, his turn, then we sat and chatted while we finished our wine.

Again I sent the kids upstairs first, Cass wanted to talk to me.

“Charlie, he hurt me. He’s bigger than you, I mean he’s pretty damned big, he took me too fast, just kinda punched in, he’d already cum five times today and I drained him when I used the strap-on, he lasted and lasted. He got up on me, mounted me and pounded me like a dog on a bitch. Charley, I felt like a bitch, his bitch, he stretched me, my rosebud feels like a rose in full bloom, you know open and red, not tight like a bud, I feel loose and he was way up in me, exploring new territory, going places you’ve never been, I think he bruised me way up in my rectum, when he finally came I was relieved, it was an ordeal, it was over.”

“So what are you planning for tonight,” I asked.

“Well he’s not doing that again, I figured I’d give him a little head, get him to give me some oral then once in the Missionary position and good night. I’ll sleep with him tonight but tomorrow I want to be back in bed with you. How about you, what’s on your agenda?”

“Not sure, I think I’ll just play it by ear, you ready?”

Up stairs the twins were comparing notes.

“Now I know why guys like girls’ bottoms,” Clete told Cloie, “Mom’s ass is tighter than your pussy and she’s forty-three for Christ’s sake.”

“Be a good boy, maybe I’ll let you compare; but you know the deal on that, right gander?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, let me think on that one.”

“Ok but it’ll be your loss; gotta go, sex awaits.”

Daddy was lighting candles, four big scented candles when I got to the room.

“Whatcha doing Daddy,” I asked.

“I’m going to give you a massage.”

The room smelled of roses, there was a bottle of scented lotion on the night stand.

“Take off your robe and get on the bed, on your back, I want to do your front first,” I told her.

When she was supine I started on her feet, worked over her lower legs, my touch was a little firmer that it had been yesterday. Then, I’d been trying to bring her to orgasm, tonight it was for relaxation. I gave her thighs a deep massage then her hips, kneading her flesh, working out tension.

I didn’t touch her pubic area, I went up her sides and, more gently, over her stomach then I did her neck and shoulders, I saved her chest for last.

My strokes were lighter here, I massaged each breast then, with feather light touches I teased her nipples. I watched as they grew stiff.

“Ok, on your tummy,” I said.

She rolled over. I spread her cheeks and sprayed on some of the Explore, Explore’s both a lubricant and a muscle relaxant, often it’s the only thing I use with Cass.

“Are you going to do me again Daddy?”

“In a little while,” I’d decided the rest of our night would revolve around her bottom, I wanted her a couple of more times.

Again, I started her massage with her feet then her calves, massaging the muscles of her legs, then her thighs, Cloie spread her legs, she wanted me to touch her, not yet.

I skipped her bottom; I’d get there soon enough.

Over her back, then her shoulders and the nape of her neck, my hands gave her a deep massage. Cloie cooed with pleasure.

Now, I started, lotion warmed in my hands, I kneaded the muscles of her buttocks, she was taut, toned, firm.

I slathered the Body Glide on me, I thought the Explore would be enough for Cloie and lifted her hips just a little, My knees were on the outsides of her hips so I could support myself, I pressed my head into her, through her loosened sphincters, and in.

I couldn’t get nearly as deep, that wasn’t my objective.

I pumped her, quick little thrusts, Cloie was mewling like a kitten, the angle was different, she was feeling it even if the strokes were shallow.

“Baby, I’m gonna roll over, I’ll stay in you but I want you on top, facing away from me, sitting on me.”

I rolled, carrying her with me; I twisted slightly, positioning her. The candle light was dim but it created sufficient illumination, I sat up, she rose with me.

She stared ahead, her beautiful face was staring back at her, her proud breasts still pointed and high, she’d seen all that many times before, that’s not what drew her gaze.

She’d never had quite this view, in the mirror, she was sitting on my lap, her long legs were splayed, she was open, everything was exposed, below her sandy muff her labia were agape, spread, her slit glistening with her moisture in the dim candle light and below she was skewered on my cock, she could see me penetrating her, she just sat on me, unmoving, concentrating on her own lewd image.

“My God Daddy, everything, I can see everything, I can feel you up in me but now I see it.”

I took one of her hands, “Do something for Daddy, will you,” I guided her fingers to her clitoris; I wanted to watch her masturbate while I fucked her tight bottom.

She danced her fingers lightly over her pearl tip; I think she liked watching herself, too.

I leaned back, not so far that we couldn’t see, just a little space so I could work my hips, I pumped her a little, she could see me slide in and out, feel and see, know how she was being filled, her sitting me put me in as deep as I could get, when I started to thrust Cloie could feel a little pain, way up inside, I was a little further in than before, her rectum was fuller.

“Unh, unh, unh, unh,” soft sounds, rhythmic with my thrusts, she adjusted the speed of her fingers; my stroke, her unh, a fingering of the clit.

Her masturbation was bringing her higher, I held her as she trembled in my arms, she bounced on me, taking me ever deeper, her concentration on her fingers, on herself, fingers flying no longer in rhythm, contractions, tightening on me, squeezing me. She watching her as she came, seeing the perfect circle her mouth formed when she moaned,

“Oooooo, Oooooo, Oooooo,” as she watched fluid flow from her vagina down onto me, providing a little more lube.

I stopped, letting her settle after her orgasm, I was still in her and I was still hard, waiting, she was going to see as I came in her, watch as she felt my hot cum flooding her bowels. Finally, she started the action, placing her hands on the bed she lifted then lowered herself, taking me in, pulling me out, I let her do the work, she was tightening and loosing her ring, flexing then relaxing, up and then down, I was ready, I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed down holding her in place,

“Aaaaaaah, God yessssss,” my moan as I exploded into her, she watched, she could see my cock swell and jerk with each pulse.

“Wow Daddy, that was awesome,” Cloie had enjoyed her show, her starring role. I was still in her but I was soft, I rolled her off my lap.

“Come on, let’s clean up a little then go downstairs, I want a drink and I need a break.”

I fixed myself a vodka and tonic with a dash of Angostura bitters, Cloie asked if she could have one, too. Why not, I thought, she’d been a trooper today and there was another waiting when we went back upstairs.

We carried our drinks to the living room, we were both attired in the white short terry cloth robes. I sat in one of the chairs fronting the fireplace; Cloie climbed on my lap and gave me a little girl grin.

Her robe rode up on her hips and mine was open, I was flaccid, I was taking a break; not!

Her hot little ass ground into me, the grin stayed, I hardened, “Put it in me Daddy,” she lifted her hips, guided me in and sat back down on me.

We sipped our drinks, we weren’t moving but she was working, masturbating me with her vagina. She kept the grin, the little minx.

I wasn’t gonna cum, I had enough control, but a tight young vagina’s hard to argue with, I let her have her fun, and I could she was having fun teasing the old man, her grin was still painted on her face. But Daddy was saving himself for one more visit to her velvet chute.

We finished our drinks, “You ready to go back upstairs,” I asked.

She shot me a moue, pouting, “You didn’t cum,” she paused then, “ Daddy could I do what Mommy did with Clete with you,” shy voice, expecting rejection.

“Maybe tomorrow but Mom would have to be there, I’d want her to train you, coach you the first time; could you go for that?”

She thought for a moment, sex with me was one thing; sex with an audience was another, even if it was her mother.

“Yeah, that might be cool.”

She got off, I stood and led her back upstairs to the bedroom, we paused at Clete’s door, that distinctive chugging sound of anal and it sounded like Clete, she was on him again, guess her agenda for the evening had changed.

I led Cloie to my room, tucked her in bed and blew out the candles.

I didn’t know what tomorrow would bring, what the future would but, for tonight, just once more.

I climbed under the covers behind my sweet daughter, I spooned with her, kissing the nape of her neck, one arm circled her hips, pulling her against me, she was still lubed and I was still hard.

“Arch your back for me Baby,” she arched, her hips opened, I spread her cheeks.

Against her, I pressed, she was looser than before, this was the forth time today, she was loose and ready, I probed into her, she scooted back, seating me in her, she sighed.

“Make love to me Daddy, long slow love,” I stroked her gently, she sighed again, “Just like that Daddy, just like that.”

I didn’t think she’d cum, I don’t think she cared, she wanted the satisfying fullness I could give her and I did, I kept the pace slow and leisurely, long, languid strokes, ten minutes, fifteen, I pumped her, her only sounds were her sighs. Finally I released, a gentle flood, filling her bowels.

“With a final sigh, “That was nice Daddy.”

I was still in her, soft but still in my fantastic daughter when we both drifted off to sleep.

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