All Tied UP

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It was after dark on an early-September, Saturday night when Joe led Carla, his 23-y/o wife, into a 2-story house.

Georg, the venue's 41-y/o owner of German ancestry, was standing inside the door with his 8-inched pecker throbbing through the zipper of his trousers.

'Welcome to the devil's cathouse,' he coarsely said before continuing, 'Your husband's allowed free admission, though you're required to pay $50, bitch.'

'Give it to him,' Joe ordered as he slid his wife's purse off her shoulder, whereupon she removed that amount from it and handed the money to Georg who smirked, 'You should know you've bought yourself a slave's status, fool!'

'Yes, sir,' Carla replied in a groveling tone of voice, after which Georg stripped her, pointed at a stairway and rasped, 'Get out of my sight to your den of vice! But, listen, no male in the entire world will care if you endure complete debasement! Do you hear?'

'Yes, sir; that's what I need,' Carla softly answered.

'All right, as long as you understand,' Georg went on, followed by him twisting her big, firm tits.

'Aaah!' she loudly gasped.

'Quiet!' the owner barked as he slapped her lovely face beneath her long, brown hair.

'Let's go,' Joe then said before he smacked Carla's shitter upstairs to a room dimly illuminated by pink lights.

However, Carla halted in surprise when she saw a nude woman leaning against the chamber's back wall.

She appeared to be in her late-30's, had a pretty face, reddish-tinged brunette tresses, a lightly-furry crotch and a rack of mighty udders not sagging a bit.

As well, her legs were spread, though what most attracted Carla's attention was her shuttling a toilet plunger handle in and out of her salivating muff while its slop trickled down her down her thighs.

Meanwhile, she was moaning and flailing her head about in wanton disregard for her prurience.

But her display excited Carla; she started rubbing her snatch.

'You like the common flasher, don't you, slut?' her white, dominant, comely and 27-y/o husband smiled.

'Yes, sir!' Carla said.

'Well, she's the devil's own flesh-pot and you'd better envy her,' Joe responded, after which he shoved his inferior marital half into a chair and bound her to it with a scarf he took out of his pocket.

Nevertheless, he regularly used the sex-doll's religion to humiliate her, as he intended to do on the present occasion at what actually was a house of exhibition where the naked woman was one of several raunchy females entertaining customers.

After Joe had tied Carla to the chair, he undressed, walked over to the 'flesh-pot', honked her boobs and asked. 'Who are you?'

'Tanna, sir.'

'Okay, Tanna, I'm feeling mean and want you to vicariously torment my infamous wife!' Joe sneered while pointing at Carla.'

'Yes, sir.'

'Now, be honest as to what you are,' the husband said.

'I... I... I'm not good enough to be a pig, nothing but a disgusting fuck-hog!' Tanna whimpered.

'Right. Not only that, you're a worthless fuck-hog. Tell my wife she is, too,' Joe instructed.

'You're... a... a... worthless... fuck-hog!' Tanna complied, while Carla blanched in disbelief.

'For sure, she is. Even worse, you're Satan's vile spawn, aren't you?' Joe growled.

'Yes, sir!' Tanna sobbed.

'Yeah, and filth beyond measure!' Joe insulted her, after which he took a whip from a dresser drawer and started to carefully lash her massive bosom.

'Eeeeeh!' she screeched.

'Suffer! I have Satan's permission to punish you for being pure evil!' Joe thundered.

'Oh, my god!' Carla thought as she watched the most stunning action she'd ever witnessed, considering she'd not tried S & M.
Nonetheless aroused, she began struggling against her bonds, while Tanna screamed over and over.

Soon, Joe lowered the thongs across her flat stomach, though incredibly, pain had her twat beginning to overflow.

'Yes, yes, punish me! I'm evil!' she desperately pleaded.

'You dumb cow!' Joe chuckled, then tossed the whip aside, pulled the plunger handle from her vag and grinned while plastering its suction cup against her left milkier.

'Like Georg said regarding my wife, you're a fool!' he laughed, then took a seat on the bed shortly before Isaiah and Darnell, a pair of 21-y/o black studs and house employees walked in minus a stitch

'Look at the stank-'ho,' Darnell remarked as he nodded at Tanna.

'Wow, those meat-bags are huge, man,' Isaiah observed.

'Really,' Darnell agreed, then: 'Should we bang them into her white-trash face?'

'I realize this isn't politically correct. But, yeah, we should, being I can just smell she's a nigger-loving 'ho!' Isaiah crowed.

'Groove on niggas, do you?' Darnell asked.

'Yes, sir,' Tanna murmured.

'Then, ride the bull!' Darnell shouted as he roughly jammed his thick, 13-inched penis fully into her big vagina.

'Aaah, yes! Treat me like you hate me!' she wailed.

'Fuck, I'll hate you straight to hell!' Darnell fiercely hissed.

'Shit, I couldn't possibly hate you more, you stinking-dirty scag!' Isaiah snorted while massaging his 11-incher.

Symbolically, though, hell was far, far away, since Tanna felt in heaven while orgasms flooded through her.

'Won't you fuck me, please?' Carla then ventured, with Isaiah spinning toward her and being about to ram his dick into her throat when Joe stopped him: - 'Don't. My wife's here only to watch because I want you guys to torment her until she can't stand it okay?'

'You got it, bro,' Isaiah responded, having scarcely done that before his co-worker savagely inseminated Tanna's cooze, followed by Isaiah grabbing her hair, towing her across the room, bending her over Carla, gouging his prick into the older slut's ass and beginning to sodomize her.

'Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh!' Tanna and Carla panted in unison.

'Take my cock, you filthy, no-good whore!' Isaiah then bellowed as he smashed his palm against Tanna's rump, while by then, she was experiencing such bliss that tears of joy were running down her face.

Simultaneously, Carla was totally entranced by the interracial copulation.

Next, Isaiah withdrew from Tanna's bowels, pushed her to her knees and started battering her tonsils.

'Ummpphh, ummpphh!' she grunted, not long before Lyle and Wade entered the room.

They were paying, white customers who were 36 and 29 respectively.

However, Georg had provided Joe free privileges as compensation for the husband's financial advice.

And upon the newcomers' arrival, they took their clothes off prior to demanding that Carla kiss their raw-tasting butts.

She happily obeyed, since that was the solitary form of degrading pleasure she'd get.

But she couldn't have imagined the event's finale: - Once Isaiah was ready to shoot his wad, he dismounted Tanna's suck-potty, with him, Lyle, Wade and Darnell ejaculating into the plunger's clean suction cup and force-feeding their spunk to her...

while she fervently wished the 4 men hated her, though who knows? - maybe they did!

The End.

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