All Guy Slumber Party

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It was the night of tim's birthday, he had become a teenager and to celebrate the occasion, he invited his two best friends jon and joe, over for a slumber party. The plan for the night would be to order in pizza, watch a few movies and make prank calls to some of their mates. The night started as planned, they ordered pizza and they started to watch american pie. They were quite into the movie when jon pulled a movie out of his bag, it was an unlabelled cd and jon told tim to put it into the dvd player. Tim pressed play on the remote and suddenly there was a picture of two guys, they were undressing each other and one suddenly began sucking the others cock.

This initially shocked tim and joe but they looked down at their pants and saw that their cocks were so hard that they were showing through their pants. Jon asked them what they thought to the gay porn. Their recations were mixed, they were rather shocked to find that jon liked gay porn as he had a girlfriend. Jon looked down at joe and tim's cocks and saw that they were hard so he stood up and undid his pants. Only to reveal a six inch cock, this was big for a boy his age and he began to jerk it back and forth in front of joe and tim. They did not know how to react to this until jon walked over and undid their trousers individually. They were both very hard and they were already dripping with pre cum. They had never wanked before but jon had an older brother and he had walked in one him once so he asked him what it was and he had been wanking ever since after he stole some of his porn.

They did not really know what to do but jon began to instruct. He told them to watch him and follow his actions. Jon began to tug on his cock harder and harder, he stopped mid wank and he decided to make it interesting, he told them all that the one to cumm first would be the winner.

They all began to tug really really hard until they would stand it no more, foreskins were ripped and cheeks were red but each person was desperate to win, to prove that they were more of a man than the other.

Until suddenly jon let out a huge cry and long thick strands of cumm came flying from his cock right onto the floor. This suddenly urged joe and tim to tug harder and harder until simultaneously they both cried out the same cry of pleasure and long strands of thick creamy cumm reamed from their pubescent cocks onto the duvet in front of them and suddenly they had a large mess to clean up.

Jon suddenly surpised them both even more by kneeling by the bed and licking the cumm off of the duvet. This was suddenly ended by tim's mum walking through the door and fainting onto the hardwood floor.

To Be Continued...

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