All American Prospect

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Leo's entire life has been devoted to sexual exploration and so it was with his ambition as Sasha. I was driving a taxi part-time, a job recommended by my football coach when I met Matisha. I didn't recognize her as a man, she was that good. She was coming out of a motel with a truck driver and wearing a large cowboy belt buckle and shiny black boots. Matisha's legs were bronzed brown in a wrap around red dress that hugged her sexy hips. I considered fucking her myself, so after dropping off the cowboy at his diesal, I ask Matisha for a date. She said ok, but something you may need to know? I dropped her off at home and when she emerged with my meter running, Matisha was now Tony the nurse. Wow!

I joked, "do we go have drinks as Leo and Tony, or Matisha." Our friendship was intact as Leo the All-american prospect and Matisha the part-time male nurse. I hauled her around town and discovered she sang as Matisha at this mixed bar of trannies, gays, and tollerant straights. The Stork Club, whose entrance was busy after sundown in an alley off the main drag. I hid my new girlfriend from my college football buds, but not my Mom. My Mom worked the cosmetic counter and gave Matisha make-up and tips which I took note of.

Our friendship was purely platonic but a laugher in many respects. One sunny afternoon with Matisha in my back seat, I ask, "could you do something with Leo along the lines of what you have accomplished?" Matisha laughed at first, but shortly thereafter I became Matisha's understudy and All-American Prospect as a she-male or male-she, call it what you may, I wanted what Matisha had. Leo had a great set of gams (legs), perfect feet if you guys had a foot fetish, but nothing but bench pressed tits and small nipples unfortunately. But did the tits really matter with a cute face and moist lips? Not to mention a virginous tight ass on me. I would become the pricktease of the Stork Club.

I had one hurdle possibly, I was tall with an alto voice. But I learned there are men who like to be dominated or dominate a tall lady. The make-over took a month to accomplish in Matisha's apt by the beach. The first lesson was to say "hey girl" a lot. It was "hey girl" this and "hey girl" that with Matisha and her suspicious she-male friends. I sometimes felt I was an infiltrator in an outlaw biker gang. As I proved myself with "hey girl" and a completely shaved body including my balls and ass, the girls accepted me into their circle. "Can you sing girl?" No, I answered, but I can humm and play air guitar. Some were jealous with my after look, and I was quite the girl in the Stork Club. A no talent, hot bitch was Leo the former All-American football star in high school. I was in with the pro's now and loved it.

After several big bubble baths, Matisha was always staring at my rack. My set of doubles was much larger than her truck driver lover with an even larger air hose to hook up with. Finding a pair of panties tight and large enuff to shove my rack to the rear was a problem. We scoured my Moms dept. store, thrift stores and garage sales to outfit me. The results were magnificent and Leo was now the coveted ho around men who loved trannies, but I wanted to branch out into the straight world and away from the drag.

I had no tan, white with my hispanic tint, long legs dressed in silk orange dresses, orange nail polish, hand to toes, with a bright red wigs, a fall, a bob, and retro curly doo just for Mom. Sometimes straight men knew, sometimes not, especially from a distance. I had a fantastic football body in a dress and hi heels. I think even the straight 8's would like to fuck Leo's tight ass with his long legs wrapped around their ears. Matisha asked what my limits were with men? "Leave my ass alone, but if the guy is handsome and cute, I'll give him head maybe?" Matisha warned I better make that clear up front.

One afternoon, I wanted to surprise Mom with my lady look. My father once reprimanded me for dying my hair blond. Ha, ha, if only he could see his football star son now? Mom was laying on the couch and watching her favorite PI show in these sexy shorts of hers. Mom was a Hollywood model and I always envied her like that. I walked thru the door and she sat up. She didn't recognize me at first, and then stood up, "is that you Leo?" She walked directly toward me, "I'm jealous." With that, I knew I had accomplished what I sat out to prove. Mom and I went to dinner together as two "hey girlfriends" in a straight restaurant and stopped at the bar for a toddy together. We slept together later, and she said, "don't touch me Leo, I'm not that kinda girl." But I think she liked having a shaved sexy body in bed with her and a new discovery at that. The All-American Prospect at many things in life.

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