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Way up in the northern central part of Montana was located the Morrison cattle and horse ranch owned by Gary and Janelle Morrison. This ranch had been in Gary's family since 1845. They loved this part of the country since you can really have some privacy. Especially when you got horny in the middle of the night. Gary and Janelle had been married for twenty-five years now.

Gary was five feet ten inches with brown hair, brown eyes, a muscular build for being forty-five years old, and a nice eight-inch cock with balls he kept shaved.

Janelle was five feet three inches with perky A-cup breasts and a wide ass. But her ass was wide enough to be extremely sexy for being forty-three years old. Janelle always kept her hair tied in a ponytail and looked ever so sexy when she wore tight blue jeans, western shirt and her tan cowboy hat with boots.

Gary and Janelle had a nineteen-year-old daughter named Dee. She was attending a state university and had dreams to become a Veterinarian. She wanted to operate out of the family ranch and service all the other ranches in their county. Dee was 5 feet, four inches with shoulder length blonde hair, brown eyes, and perky A-cup breasts. She also had the hint of a wide ass that started to form after she graduated high school. She started to take after her mom.

It was late June and Dee had been home for the summer. She loved the summers at the ranch and enjoyed her time to relax and forget about her studies for a little while.

It now was Friday night around midnight. Dee lay in bed and watched The Chosen One movie wearing a tee shirt with her university name and floral pattern pajama bottoms.

She was halfway into the movie when she heard that all too familiar moaning sound from her parent's bedroom that was next to her room.

"Fuck me Gary! Fuck my pussy!" cried out Janelle while Gary fucked her doggie-style on their bed. He would pull back on her ponytail like he was pulling on the reins of one of their horses. Plus the sound of Gary's crotch slapping against Janelle's wide ass was sweet music in the room.

Dee often heard her parents fucking ever since she was a young girl. One night she peeked in her parent's room when she was ten years old. Dee saw Janelle, naked on her back on her bed rubbing her hairy pussy with the fingers of her right hand. Janelle was moaning then cried out when she had an orgasm, as she had to satisfy her urge since Gary was in the next town for business.

Dee had to try what her mom was doing since it appeared that made her feel really good. Since Dee was always curious, she went into her bedroom, stripped naked and started rubbing her virgin bald pussy with the fingers of her right hand. She soon experienced her very first orgasm and that was the start of love for having an orgasm. Then it was the sightings of their farm cows and horses fucking that also turned her on and she wanted to be fucked.

Dee lost her virginity when she was 18 years old one night out in the woods behind their farm house. She allowed Eric who lived at the ranch five miles away to deflower her. And of course she insisted he wear a condom and from that day forward, she loved to be fucked by guys.

So the sound of Gary fucking Janelle in their bedroom tonight stirred the juices inside Dee's pussy and she had to take care of it right away.

She got off her bed, got a blanket out from her closet and slipped on her sandals.

She rushed out of her bedroom.

She rushed down the hallway and down the stairs.

She rushed through the kitchen and went outside through the kitchen door to the back porch.

It was a full Moon tonight with thousands of twinkling stars and the air was cool.

Dee rushed down the steps of the back porch and started to run through their backyard.

She ran to the field located by the end of their yard. The cows did not graze in this field so the risk of stepping in cow poop was extremely low.

After running through the field, she picked her usual spot she often used to play with her pussy under the stars. She felt it was far enough away that her parents wouldn't know. But Gary and Janelle were watching from their bedroom window. They knew Dee would go out to the field late at night to play with her pussy. They smiled that tonight would be very special night for their daughter. They moved away from the window and went back to the bed where Janelle started sucking on Gary's eight inch cock.

Out in the field, Dee finished laying the blanket out in the tall grass of the field. She slipped her bare feet out of her sandals while she gazed up at the stars. Her nipples were erect and poking through the material of her tee shirt. She couldn't wait to have an orgasm.

She grabbed the bottom of her tee shirt and brought it to her belly. She stopped when a strange whirl sound from the sky drew her eyes upward.

Up at the night sky she saw blinking blue, green, red, white and orange lights. "That can't be and airplane," she said while she noticed that the lights formed an oval. She couldn't take her eyes off that sight, as this was so unusual. She let go of her tee shirt.

The lights got larger and larger and it was apparent that some type of object was coming toward her.

She soon heard the low whine of a strange sounding engine when that object got closer. It was a sound she never heard before.

"What the fuck?" said Dee the second she saw that object vertically descend into the woods to her left.

She had to investigate so she forgot about playing with her pussy. Dee slipped her sandals back on her bare feet. She rushed off toward the woods leaving the blanket behind in the grass.

Dee stopped when she arrived at the edge of the woods. She listened and heard that low whine of an engine coming from the woods. She inched her way into the between two trees.

She moved with caution thru the woods. She wasn't scared; as her curiosity was so strong she never thought she could be walking into the trap of some killer.

The blinking lights of that object provided Dee with the direction she needed to go.

She inched her way to the clearing in the woods. This was a clearing her father made by cutting down a bunch of trees with a chain saw. He made this clearing in a thirty-foot circular pattern, which was always weird to her.

When she got five feet from the clearing, those lights suddenly turned off. She inched closer between the trees.

She hid behind a tree then peeked around the trunk. She was lucky the full Moon now plenty of light to see. Her eyes widened in shock. "What the fuck is that?" she said when she saw a saucer shaped object in the middle of clearing. The full Moon glistened off the shiny metal of the strange object.

"Is that a flying saucer?" she said then rubbed her eyes and did a double take. She kept her eyes focused on the saucer that was oval shaped about twenty feet long and fifteen feet high. It sat on four landing struts. "It is a flying saucer! A real flying fucking saucer!" she said then her heart started to beat faster. But for some strange reason, she wasn't scared. She was a little excited.

She moved away from the tree and inched into the clearing.

She stopped dead in her tracks when she heard a whish sound. She looked at the saucer and saw a door open. It opened like a clamshell where the bottom part touched the ground and contained stairs. The sight of the open door sent Dee's curiosity into high gear so she inched closer.

She got within five feet of the flying saucer and noticed it was quiet inside. And from the door opening, she could see two seats by a console with all sorts of lights. "But where are the Aliens?" she said while she frantically looked around the area. She was safe. She didn't see any Alien creatures. "Maybe it flies on a remote control system," she said and figured that was extremely plausible.

Dee inched closer to the door and stopped at the bottom of the stairs. "Hello. Anybody in there?" she called out then did a little giggle thinking that was a stupid question to ask.

It was still quiet inside the flying saucer and Dee couldn't resist. She placed her right sandal on the bottom step. Nothing stirred inside the flying saucer. She placed her left sandal on the bottom step. Nothing stirred inside the flying saucer. She couldn't resist and slowly climbed up the stairs.

While she climbed the stairs, she didn't notice Gary and Janelle who spied on her from the trees by the edge of the clearing. Gary and Janelle both looked happy that Dee entered the spaceship. They turned around and headed back to the house.

Dee stood inside the main room of the flying saucer. It had low white lighting that was actually soothing and sort of romantic. The walls and floor were of silver metallic color.

There was that console with two seats off to her left. The console had small lights; tons of buttons and a joy stick by each of the black metal seats. It looked high tech and definitely not from Earth. Above the console hung two eighty by sixty inch screens.

She inched a foot inside while she continued to scan the room over.

She saw what looked to be four beds off to her right. By those four beds were four doors.

A whish sound was heard and that startled Dee and she jumped with a light scream. She turned around and saw the outside door was closing. "Fuck," she said and rushed to get out of the flying saucer. But she didn't make it in time as it closed with a click when it locked. She was trapped inside.

She looked around the flying saucer for a way out but couldn't find anything.

Dee looked to her right when she heard a whish sound. Her eyes widened in fear the second she saw those two of the four doors by the beds open. Her heart raced faster. She wanted to scream the second she saw two Aliens walk out of those doors.

"I'm in fucking trouble. Deep fucking trouble," she said and wanted to scream but for some strange reason she couldn't.

She just stared at the two Aliens who stood five feet tall and wore shiny green jump suits with boots. They had a skinny torso with bald oval heads about twice the size of a human head.

Their skin was sky blue in color with small ears with pointed tips, a mouth like a human, and large oval eyes, three times larger than a humans and slanted toward a small turned up nose. Their hands looked like human hands except their fingers were twice as long as a human.

"Please don't fear us," said Rucklic the lead Alien while he walked closer to Dee.

She noticed he spoke English but his voice was a tad higher than your average human male and had a hint of a computer generated sound.

"I'm Rucklic and my comrade here is Tucklic," said Rucklic.

"Rucklic and Tucklic," repeated Dee.

"That's correct. We're from the planet Fuucklit," said Rucklic.

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