Alex Loves Jasmine Ch. 03

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

I laid my head on Jasmine's beautiful chest as I heard her heart beating. I could still taste her delicious nectar in my mouth. She laid there looking so precious so innocent. Her eyes slowly moved down to look at me. I felt her love intensely.

"Alex will you make love to me?" Her voice was so soft.

I licked her one of her nipples and kissed her neck. "Yes, only if you want me to."

"I want! Oh God do I want!" She sighed.

It was turning me on more and more how my little sister wanted me. She was so ready for me and I was willing to love her.

"It's gonna hurt some Jasmine. Let me know at anytime if I'm being too rough with you," I explained to her as I lifted up her long legs.

"OK, I'll let you know," Her eyes were filled with curiosity of what I was going to do next.

I got off the bed and began to take off my shoes and pants. Jasmine watched me get naked as she bit her lower lips in anticipation of what her brother looked like completely naked. I was down to my boxers and I hesitated some before taking them off. I watched Jasmine's lips part as she gasped when she saw my cock. My hard throbbing cock ready to explore her.

I climbed up on the bed and picked her Jasmine's legs over my shoulders. I looked down and saw her tight little pussy dripping wet. I folded her legs so her knees were touching her chest.

I grabbed my hard cock and was so ready to enter Jasmine. I began to dip the head of my cock in her. I heard her inhale as she tried to take the small sharp pain.

"Are you OK baby?" I asked moving slower into her.

"Yes, I'm OK. I just have to get used to it. Don't stop Alex."

My cock seemed to have a hard time easing into her. Her pussy was wrapped tightly around my cock sucking it in hard. The feeling was so intense so extraordinary. She was filled with heat and wetness. It was the most amazing feeling finally being able to slide my cock all inside her.

"Oh Alex! Mmmmmmmm go on move faster in me." Jasmine said breathlessly as her fingers griped my shoulders.

My cock was now drowning inside my sisters pussy. I saw Jasmine begin to play with her own nipples as I made love to her. I knew I wasn't going to be able to last long. I'd been wanting Jasmine for days now and I was so ready to explode in her.

"Jasmine, your incredible!" I said winded.

"Oh I love you Alex!" Her voice was shaky as she was getting her first cock in her.

I began to thrust my cock in her faster as she moaned in slight pain but mostly pleasure. Her pussy had swallowed all my cock now and I began to feel my balls swell up.

I wanted so badly to cum in her, but I had to be careful. I fucked Jasmine faster and faster while she was loving it all. Her eyes were on me the whole time. She was loving the fact that her own brother got to make love to her first.

"Jasmine, I'm so ready to cum!" I was so out of breath by now.

"Oh yes! I want you to cum. I love you!" She shuddered.

I felt myself beginning to cum. It was going to be a raging orgasm. I quickly pulled my cock out and jerked it off as I came on her flat belly.

Jasmine looked down and saw my long strings of gooey cum just fall on her stomach. She jumped a little as she felt the warm cum drops hit her skin. I tossed my head back as I had never experienced such an intense orgasm in my life.

Feeling extreme exhaustion I laid down next to Jasmine. My heart was racing and my body felt so weak. I saw as she slowly put her legs down as she turned to put her head on my chest.

"Alex you were so hot! Oh God I'm so in love with you!" She softly kissed me on my cheek.

I held her close to me. "I love you so much Jasmine. Thank you for letting me make love to you."

"Alex why didn't you cum in me?" She asked glaring up at me.

"Well, because I wasn't wearing any protection and your not on the pill are you?"

"No, I'm not on birth control, but I'd love to have your child someday."

Her words made my cock begin to rise. "Really? Jasmine that would be such a gift baby."

We began to share a deep intimate kiss. I felt some of my now cold cum hit my skin. "Whoa we gotta clean you up." I said breaking the kiss.

She looked down and with her finger got a wad of cum on her finger. She put her finger in her mouth as she tasted me. My cock jumped as I watched her taste my cum.

"Mmmmm a little salty," She teased.

She dropped her fingers down more to get another scoop of cum and tasted it as well. My eyes were glued on her as I watched her taste all my jizz. But what got me going sensless was that she got the last scoop with two fingers and insterted them into her tiny pussy hole as she masturbated with my cum inside her.

"Mmmmmmm I have your cum in me Alex. I want it to disolve in me." She cried out as she began to masturbate for me again.

I just watched, feeling speechless as I watched Jasmine finger fucking herself with my cum now in her. She was getting her little fingers in deeper and deeper. I felt restless and just grabbed my cock and began to masturbate along with my little sister.

"Ooooh Alex! T-this feels s-so good!" Her body was now unsteady.

I was jerking my cock off so fast as I watched Jasmine pleasure herself with my cum inside her. Her legs were spread wide open as she shifted from side to side madly. I began to lift myself off the bed and was kneeling besides Jasmine's beautiful face.

Her eyes moved to look at my hard throbbing cock as I jerk it off. I kept picturing myself cumming hard inside Jasmine's tight little hole and I felt myself beginning to burst and I quickly stuck my cock in Jasmine's mouth. She took it in nicely and swallowed the load I was shooting in her mouth. I kept my cock in her mouth until I fully finished. I could feel her savagely slurping out each and everyone of my cum drops

She kept masturbating until she brought herself to an orgasm. Her perky nipples began to rise again and her little body trembled viciously as she was cumming.

"Oh! Oh Alex! Watch me c-cum!" Jasmine hollered.

I saw her body jolt as she came on her fingers. Her breathing became rapid and her eyes looked heavy now. Slowly she eased her wet fingers out of her pussy.

I leaned down to kiss her soft neck. "Jasmine. What am I going to do with you? I've fallen so in love with you."

She looked at me with adoration. "I love you too, but you have Sara in your life."

The thought of Sara, my girlfriend had escaped me. I'd been so lost in Jasmine I'd totally forgotten about Sara! I knew an incestuous love affair with Jasmine was going to be brief. Although I'd wanted it to be forever. She was so perfect and beautiful. I held Jasmine close to me never wanting to let her go. Slowly we drifted off to a deep sleep.

Jasmine and I woke up just as sunrise peeked through the window. I had fallen asleep with her in my arms. She felt so warm and so soft. I kissed her forehead as she cuddled closer to me. she was starting to wake up and we were starting to share a deep sexy kiss when I heard my doorbell ring.

"Who the hell can that be?" I asked quickly getting off the bed.

"M-maybe it's Sara," Jasmine said frightened.

"No, I don't think so. Wait right here baby." I put on my boxers and pants as the doorbell rang again.

I walked down the dark hallway and looked to see who it was. "Jesus Christ!" I said to myself. It was my parents! I felt my heart sink and my body weaken. I opened the door slowly with fear.

"Alex! Oh baby it's good to see my boy!" My mother exclaimed as she gave me a hug.

"Hey mom, hey dad," I said nervously.

"Hey Alex, how have you been?" My dad asked patting my shoulder.

"I-I've been OK. What are you all doing here so early?" I felt my hands shaking.

"We'll we've come to get Jasmine. I know you gotta go to work soon anyway. We can't let you keep her here forever. She's not your responsibility." My mother was now stepping into my house.

I moved out of the way and let my parents in. I nervously looked to Jasmine's room. Hopefully she'd heard them and hopefully she'd gotten dressed.

"So where is that child of mine?" My mother asked looking around.

"U-uh she's asleep I think."

"son? Are you all right?" My father asked as he looked at me.

"Y-yeah. I'm f-fine. Do you guys want something to drink or something?" I felt my voice get somewhat of a high pitch.

My mother frowned. "Alex we gotta get going. Now let me get Jasmine so you won't be late for work."

My mother was about to go to Jasmine's room but Jasmine was already coming out. She put on her blue jean shorts and a black tank top. She was barefoot and her beautiful hair was a mess.

"Jasmine, sweetie come on now get whatever stuff you brought and let's go," My mother demanded.

Jasmine looked at me with sadness. "Aww but Mom-"

"Don't you but Mom me young lady. Come on now and get your things." My mother interrupted.

Jasmine moved slow to go get her things. I watched her disappear into the room not listening to what my parents were talking about.

"Oh I hope that child behaves herself this time. You know Alex your mother and I are getting too old be to looking after her." My father said as he sat down on the couch.

"Dad she's a good kid. She just needs some love." I found myself saying out loud.

"Love? Hell I think your mother and I give her plenty of love. She just wants to be able to do anything she wants. We have rules Alex. And you know that as well." My father had the same strict voice like always.

"Yeah dad I know but maybe you should give her a little bit of freedom so she won't rebel. It's just a suggestion."

"Oh Alex we know how much you love your little sister but there is no need to be on her side now. She's gotta learn that as long as she's under our roof she's got rules to follow." My mother said cutting into our conversation.

If only they know how much I did love Jasmine. Not just in a brotherly way but more than that. A lot more. I was now going to be left alone in the house without seeing Jasmine's angelic face.

"Oh darn this child is taking too long," My father said as he began to stand up.

"Jasmine! Hurry up we gotta get going!" My mother yelled out.

"Alex go tell your sister we'll wait for her in the car and to hurry up and get her butt out there." My mother was frustrated now.

I kissed my mother good-bye and hugged my father. I walked back to Jasmine's room where she sat on the bed sobbing. She'd already packed her things tightly into her school backpack. I ran over to her and held her tight.

"Alex, I don't wanna leave. I'll miss you."

"I know. I know. But you can come see me anytime and you know it." I kissed her forehead wiping her tears away.

"I'm just glad we did what we did because I got to share it with someone I truly love." She looked right at me.

I kissed her lips softly not wanting to let her go.
"mom and dad are waiting for you outside so you better get going. Don't forget to call me OK?"

She nodded quietly and gathered her backpack and purse. I walked her out to my parents car and watched as they drove away with my love.

For the rest of the week, I worked long hours trying to keep my mind off Jasmine. I ended up breaking up with Sara since it wouldn't be fair to her that I'd be thinking of Jasmine the whole time. Jasmine hadn't called me during that week and I missed her terribly.

Friday came around again and I was already getting used to being alone. This time I had no girlfriend. I didn't have Jasmine. It was miserable but that was a price I was paying for falling madly in love with my sister.

I was watching a movie late that night and I doze off on the couch. I'd fallen asleep for a few hours when I heard the doorbell ring. I woke up not knowing where I was and saw it was past midnight. My heart raced with anticipation as I opened the door and saw it was Jasmine. She rushed to me and hugged me. I held her close with happiness.

"I ran away again," she said,"But this time don't let Mom and Dad know I'm here." She smiled and kissed me.

The End

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