Age made no difference

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I guess I was pretty old when it happened. I was 18 when it happened. My parents set me off to college and I was all alone. I worked at a little corner store near the college I went to. The owner of the store was Peter and he was an old man who made remarks like. "Hey Jen sweat ass." and then slap my ass. The first year went bye like any other. I made new friends.

Then things started to change. My sexual drive increased. My best friend Jamie stole my boy friend of 6 months. He said I was to slow. I didn't want my first time to be in the back of some stranger's truck. I wanted a light dinner. Slow soft music playing in the back growned. The bed covered with rose pendals etc. I wanted it to be fireworks something I'll never forgot.

Because of my tight ass church going family I never really had a chance to date. My Father and 3 older brothers would scare them all away. Now that I was in college I could finally do it, make love to a man. I was starting to get wet a lot. And thinking about having sex with guys. Like being a playboy bunny a sleeping with all the hot men. But I don't have what it takes to be a bunny. Like my 34B breasts are to small, I have brown eyes and black hair. However I am skinny have a pretty nice figure.

But I want the guys out there reading this to know, girls like me work out all the time to keep there shape. Back to the story. Some time in late June Peter's wife died. Me and Peter had became good friends, ever scent his wife became ill with cancer. During the last couple of months before she died I would spend a lot of time just having long talks with Peter about life and praying that his wife would make it through.

After Peter's wife died he wasn't the same, no more funny remarks like "Jen sweet ass." It made me feel useless. I couldn't help him. Nothing I did seemed to help. I started to joke around yelling stuff like hey Peter sweet ass. This would make him smile it bit more. Around October the relationship between me and him became a little intense.

Peter started to talk more about me. He asked me what I planned to do with my life. What was I going to do to make a living. Did I have a boy friend etc. Peter turned all his attention toward me. It made me feel great! Like some one really cared about me for a change. During this period Peter was throwing all of his wife's things out.

He said to me he was thinking about what I said about leaving the past behind but not forgetting all the good times. That made me feel good that Peter was finally moving on with his life. He sat me down and said he wanted to know if I wanted to rent out the spare room. He said he would pay me extra for helping at home. He said I wouldn't have to share the same room with Jamie. Her and Bobby were still dating. She kept telling me sex with him was great and to bad I didn't have him when I had the chance.

So I said to Peter I would be happy to move into his spare room. After that things really started to get hot. Peter was so sweet making me my dinner every night after I came home from college. He would wash all my clothes etc. Peter really was making a big effort. I spent x-mas with Peter he got a little broken up. It was his wife's favorite holiday. We just sat holding each other by the fire talking the day away.

Another month past things were moving on, we started kissing each all the time. We would touch each other. I was very aware of the large age difference. He was so many years older than I was. Almost 50 years difference. I told him I was a virgin. At first he didn't believe me he said I was to good looking not have at least done it once. I told him I never found the right person. He asked me if I'd ever find that right person. But I told him maybe he was the right man. That day we kissed for hours. I told him I still wasn't ready to put out. I had to first think about what I was doing. This man is so much older.

So I decided to go to my doctor and get myself on birth control pills just in case anything were to happen. You see Peter isn't the most handsome man and I mean it in a nice way. He is a little over weight and doesn't have much hair left. It took my along time to even think about having sex with him and at this point I was still far from sure.

At first it grossed me out a little. I just couldn't picture myself naked in front of him and him naked touching me in places I had never been touched. But I began to think he was maybe a little sexy. His personality is really what made us grow together. I'm not trying to make fun of him or be mean to him. I'm just saying how I felt about it at first.

My sex drive was more than increasing. I was going to burst if I didn't have sex soon. I really wanted to try it. I started to take the birth control pills I had been given. I now knew that sometime Peter was going to get lucky and I was going to give it up. Then came the night. I hadn't planned anything for that night but it just happened. . Peter had closed the store. I was in the back room getting boxes ready to restock the store when Peter came into the back room.

He seemed extra happy. He asked if I needed any help. I said yes. At the time I was wearing a very short skirt with a white t shirt and black bra. I looked at him and before I knew what I was saying it just came out. I said "I want to do it with you Peter". He almost had a heart attack. He came over to me slowly and began to kiss me.

He lifted my shirt up over my head and dropped it to the floor and then started to unbutton his own shirt. His hands were warm on my young bare skin. He moved his hands behind me and unclipped my bra again dropping it to the floor. I stood there frozen to the spot with my breasts bare. He felt them softly with his hands for a long time. I smiled.

He then started to loosen his belt on his pants. I knew this was it. He took off his pants and stepped out of them. Then he moved his head towards my breasts and started sucking on my nippes. He was gentle at first and then started biting softly. I could feel myself getting very wet. What was I doing he was so much older than I was. Did I really want to do this.

These thoughts rushing around my head but I made no attempt to stop him. He really knew what he was doing. He then began moving down to my belly and started to push down my skirt. I forgot I was wearing hot Black thong. Black is Peters favorite color on women. He gently touched my hips and grabbed onto my thong and pulled it all the way down in one fast movement.

I looked down and could see his dick standing straight out. He looked at me and said "Touch it" and with that he pulled his underwear down releasing his cock. It looked old and used. I guess it must have been 8 inchs or more. I just stared at it. He held it in his hard and told me to feel it. So I ran my hand down the full length. I could feel my heart pounding.

Then, He picked me up and lowered me on my back to the floor. I didn't say a word. I don't think I could if I wanted to. I just lay there. He took hold of my knees and pulled them apart. He wasted no time. As soon as I was flat on the floor he climbed between my legs. It was now happening very fast. Never did I think this is how my first time would be.

He knelt between my knees holding his cock in his hand. My cherry was all but defenseless now. He looked my dead in the eye and asked if I was ready. I just looked back without saying a word. He clearly took my silence as a yes. He moved his naked rigid cock toward my vagina. His eyes were now filled with lust. I hadn't seen this look before.

Then, I felt a pushing at the entrance of my pussy. I knew he was trying to enter me. I remember asking him to go slow but there was no time for that in his mind now. He held my shoulders down tight pinning me to the floor and without uttering another word he gave a hard violent thrust forward. OMG. The pain flew throw my crutch as his cock ripped into my hymen. I screamed out.

His old cock had buried itself deep into me. I screamed out again but there was no stopping him now. He rammed into me harder and harder pinning my legs high and wide to give him easier access. My virginity was now long gone and I was at his mercy and he knew it. I could feel his nuts against my ass as he went in balls deep.

He had waited a long time for this and he was going to make the most of it now. He kept ramming into me with every thrust. I screamed for him to slow down but he said nothing. My small frame rocked as he forced harder and harder into me. I yelled at him that I had only been taking the pill a few days and please be careful. Wider and wider he pushed my legs forcing every inch of his hard dick into my teenage hole.

Then I felt him starting to shudder. He had me in the perfect position. There was nothing I could do to stop him. Then with one long hard thrust and a loud grunt I felt his cock jolting and without a word he shot his cum deep into my freshly taken pussy. He emptied his nuts into me and finally stopped pumping me. I lay there legs wide panting for air.

I could feel the lake of cum puddling in my pussy. He pulled his blood covered cock from ravished vagina and stood up in front of me. He looked very pleased with his work as I lay there breathless, his cum running out of my pussy.

He walked from the store leaving me to collect my clothes and get dressed. I made my way out of the store and headed of to the bathroom to take a shower. After a shower I went to take a nap. I was tired and very sore after what had happened. I awoke to find Peter climbing into bed looking for seconds.

He had taken my virginity and now wanted to try me again. I opened my legs and gave up my sex without resisting him. After 15 minutes or so he pumped his second load of cum into my now active pussy. Over the next few days Peter fucked me several times repeatedly emptying his cum into my fertile young opening. Needless to say a few weeks later I received the news I was dreading. I was pregnant.

I had been impregnated by a man nearly 50 years older than myself. I guess I was very naive because at no point during that week did I attempt to stop his advances or try to discourage him from shooting cum inside my pussy. But now, 13 months later I have a perfect baby girl. I am no longer with Peter but I do at times speak to him on the phone. I guess the age gap was just to great for it to last.

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