Afternoon Passion

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Carmela had just finished vacuuming the living room when the doorbell rang. It was close to noon, and it was already in the high nineties so who in the world would be at her door on a hot day like this? She opened the door finding a young woman standing there with a over sized bag in one hand and a notebook in the other. She smiled sweetly saying,

"Good morning. I'm Julie and if I could, I'd like to show you my selection of ladies lingerie. May I come in?"

"No thanks Hon, it's too hot to think about wearing lingerie right now."

Julie looked down saying,

"Alright. Thank you anyway...have a nice day."

Carmela wasn't sure why, but she felt sorry for the young woman as she started down the walkway. She called to her,

"Julie? That's your name right?"


"Come on in, it's too hot out here to be running around the neighborhood trying to sell lingerie to people that aren't home, or people like me who aren't going to buy anything."

Julie walked back up onto the porch thanking Carmella as she walked inside. She thanked her again for letting her come in out of the heat. The A/C felt do good as Julie stood there for a moment basking in the cool air. She hadn't even realized that the cool air was making her nipples rock hard and quite visible. As she took a seat on the couch as Carmela asked her,

"So why are you out in this heat going door to door? Don't you realize that it's too hot for people to think about lingerie?"

"I know, but I have to make money somehow. I need it for tuition, and books when the fall semester begins at the university."

"So why not work in a store or a fast food joint?"

"I've tried that. First of all they don't pay much, and second I hate fast food places."

"Ya well I don't blame you there."

"What about your parents. Can't they help you with your expenses?"

"I'm not from around here. I'm staying with my Aunt and Uncle while I'm going to the local university here. Since I have the summer off, I thought I'd trying making some extra cash for books, and other expenses like the rent my Uncle wants every month."

"So why aren't you living with your parents if you don't mind my asking?"

Julie lowered her head saying,

"I'd rather not say if that's alright. I didn't get in trouble with the law or anything like that, it's just sort of personal if you know what I mean."

"That's fine Julie. I was just curious Hon."

Then Julie asked Carmela,

"Would you mind if I show you what I have? You don't have to buy anything I just need the practice."

"Sure...why not."

As Julie pulled pieces of lingerie out of her bag, Carmela couldn't help thinking how pretty she was, and how impressed she was with her determination. Of course Carmella was still curious as to what Julie's big secret was, and why she didn't want to tell anyone. Julie held some a pair of thongs in different colors saying,

"Aren't these beautiful. I bet your husband would love seeing you in something like these or there's this camisole too....isn't it sexy?"

"Very pretty Julie, but first of all my husband works construction, and he's gone for most of the summer on a big construction project back East. Plus I don't have the body for that sort of thing."

"I'm sorry your husband's gone, that must be lonely for you, but you're wrong about not having the body for a thong or a camisole. I think you have a beautiful body, very beautiful."

"Why thank you Julie, but I'm still not buying anything."

Julie laughed, "I know but ya can't blame a girl for trying."

Julie and Carmela started talking about her school, and other things hoping Julie would give up her secret. As they talked Carmela realized Julie was staring at her cleavage. Carmela had on a low cut peasant blouse with a plunging neckline showing off her ample cleavage along with a short black skirt. She hadn't intended to be seductive, it was just cooler. She realized too that since she wasn't wearing a bra, and her nipples were probably hard just as hard as Julie's because the A/C was going strong.

She liked to keep the house nice and cool on these hot summer days. In a way, Carmella liked the idea that someone as attractive as Julie found her attractive enough to want to stare at her cleavage. It brought back some old memories of a different place and a different time for her. She was in her senior year at college, and she had a beautiful room mate that she found herself attracted to. One thing led to another one night after a lot of drinking, and before she knew it the two of them where kissing and caressing one another.

That's as far as it went that time, but there were other times in her life when she took a walk on the wild side. Her most recent had been several years ago just after she and her husband were married. It was his first extended trip out of town for a construction job, and he was leaving her all alone. The circumstances were such that she met someone quite by accident, and things worked out just right. Before she knew it she was involved in a hot one night stand with a waitress at a bar in the next town over. Nothing came of it afterward, but she had enjoyed it just the same. Carmela's thoughts were interrupted when Julie ask,

"Are you OK Carmela. You looked lost in thought."

"Oh sorry. I was thinking about how hot it was outside, and how good a cold glass of lemonade would be right about now. Would you like a glass?"

"Of course."

Carmela excused herself saying she'd be right back, and went into the kitchen. She went over to the fridge, and pulled out the lemonade, and then got a couple of glasses. As she opened the top freezer to get some ice the cool air blew onto her chest really making her nipples hard. She put the ice into the glasses, and set them down on the counter.

Her hand was cold from the ice when she peeked around the corner seeing Julie still sitting on the couch sorting through some lingerie. Carmela didn't understand her arousal toward Julie; maybe it was because Julie jogged some old memories loose, or maybe it was because she was horny not having had sex except for taking care of herself for a week.

All she knew was that her pussy was on fire, and she needed to do something about it before she embarrassed herself. Quickly she raised her skirt, and placed the ice on her bare pussy. It felt so damn good as she tilted her head back, and cooed ever so softly. Then she shoved an ice cube into her pussy, and placed the cold glass between her breasts.

Instead of making her less aroused the ice had the opposite affect. She turned and grabbed the pitcher, and poured the lemonade into the glasses. That's when Carmela heard Julie enter the kitchen. She turned facing Julie, her nipples still rock hard from the cold glass. They stared at one another for a moment or two when Julie smiled saying,

"I really like your blouse Carmela."

A little flustered, but still very aroused Carmela smiled saying,

"Why thank you Julie. The lemonade's ready."

Julie's eyes were still fixed on Carmela's breasts which only made Carmela even more aroused. She wanted this sexy young thing, and she knew it wouldn't take much to have her. That much was obvious as Carmela set her glass down, and stepped closer to Julie until her breasts were practically in her face. Julie was petite, and her face was level with Carmela's chest. She smiled again saying,

"You're staring at my breasts again you know?"

"I...I'm sorry."

"No your not, and neither am I. I like having you stare at my breasts, it makes me feel good. My only question is are you going to do more then just stare at them?"

Julie looked at Carmela and back down at her breasts. Then without saying a word Julie raised her hands, and placed her hands on Carmela's breasts, and began caressing them through her blouse. A surge of erotic energy coursed through Carmela's body as she tilted her head back and moaned audibly. Julie was as turned on as Carmela, as she continued caressing, and gently squeezing her breasts through the thin fabric of her blouse.

Next Julie stepped forward, and placed her cheek on Carmela's chest, and began kissing her breasts as Carmela started stroking Julie's hair. The feeling if Julie's lips on her breasts made Carmela want her young visitor all the more. Aroused by Carmela's moans of pleasure Julie reached up, and pulled Carmela's blouse down exposing her beautiful breasts and her rock hard nipples. Julie stared at them for a moment, and then leaned forward kissing each of Carmela's nipples one at a time. Carmela gasp saying,

"Yes...yes...kiss them....suck them. It's been so long since I've felt the lips of a woman on my breasts."

Julie reached up, and started caressing Carmela's breasts again while kissing, and gently sucking her nipples all while Carmela moaned and started caressing Julie's face. Julie was soon sucking Carmela's nipples, and squeezing Carmela's breasts with more and more passion. She moved her hand down Carmela's back to her ass. After caressing her ass Julie moved her hands down to the bottom of Carmella's skirt where she slowly raised it up exposing her sexy ass. She then moved her hands onto Carmella's ass.

Julie smiled when she realized that Carmella wasn't wearing any panties. Her skin was so soft as Julie moved her hands up Carmela's cheeks as she listened to Carmella's moans of pleasure. Carmela in the meantime pulled her blouse out of her skirt, and took it off tossing it aside, as she felt Julie's hands moving over her ass, caressing and squeezing her cheeks. It was as if Julie knew exactly how to turn her on as she ran her finger tips, along her ass crack, easing her fingers ever so slightly between her cheeks, yet not sliding them in all the way.

After a few minutes Julie moved her right hand move from Carmela's ass placing it between her legs. Julie could feel the dampness between Carmela's legs as she cupped Carmela's pussy into her hand, and began squeezing and rubbing her pussy. Carmela parted her legs still cooing and moaning as Julie moved her hand up, and then down the front of her mound. Julie's fingers moved through Carmela's soft, velvety bush sliding over her wet labia, and between her puffy lips.

Her pussy was awash in her own juices as Julie began sliding her finger up and down Carmela's creamy slit. Carmela thought she was going to explode when Julie suddenly stopped. She was about to say something when she felt Julie unzip her skirt, and push it down over her hips, and down around her feet. Carmela quickly stepped out of her skirt giving it a toss as Julie knelt down, and began running her cheek along Carmela's bush. She had forgotten how good it felt to have another woman touching her, and pleasuring her as Julie ran her tongue along Carmela's wet lips. Carmela reached down taking Julie's head in her hands, and parted her legs whispering,

"Lick my pussy Sweetie....lick it good. Oh yes...that's it....on that feels nice."

Carmela couldn't believe what she was saying. She sounded like a common slut, but she loved having Julie running her tongue over her pussy. She hadn't realized that those passions she had for women were still there after all this time. Maybe it was her husband not being around to make love to her, maybe it was she had repressed these feelings for to long, and they were coming to the surface again thanks to Julie.

Whatever it was she couldn't resist the temptation, and she loved the passion. Julie slid her fingers into Carmela's pussy, and began working them deep inside, as she took Carmela's swollen clit between her lips, and started sucking it as Carmela squealed. Carmela was gasping to the point of hyperventilating, almost passing out as Julie took her to a strong orgasm.

Once Carmela had recovered she pulled Julie to her kissing her with all the passion she had inside her. Then not saying a words Carmela took Julie back into the living room, and once there she started undressing her. She loved Julie's small, but firm breasts, and her hard little nipples as they stood out from the cool air of the A/C. She took them in her mouth one at a time sucking them, and nibbling on her nipples as Julie mewed softy.

Once she was satisfied she pulled Julie's thong down revealing her bare pussy. She noticed that for such a small, petite woman Julie had a very large labia and clit. Her lips were so swollen from arousal, and her clit was standing out that she couldn't wait to get them in her mouth. Carmela had Julie lay down on the couch, her legs spread wide as she moved between them were she started running her flattened tongue over Julie's labia. Julie gasp, and cooed as she undulated her hips trying to thrust her pussy into Carmela's face.

The aroma of Julie's pussy, and the taste of her pussy brought back those long forgotten memories of what another woman smelled and tasted like. She hadn't realized it until now how much she missed the scent, and taste of a woman. Carmela was insatiable as she ravaged Julie's pussy, licking and sucking while sliding as many fingers as she could into Julie's pussy, working her into a sexual frenzy.

Carmela sucked Julie's clit as she writhed on the couch, squealing and thrusting her hips into Carmela's face as if she were trying to get her to swallow her pussy entirely. Then harder Carmela sucked Julie's clit, the more she cried out. Soon her whole body was shaking as one orgasm after another consumed her as Carmela's vice like grip on her clit wouldn't get go.

Finally she released Julie's clit from her grip long enough to take Julie upstairs to the bedroom where she and Julie moved onto the bed. Julie lay on her side as Carmela's lay down beside her, caressing her arm, and kissing her back. The two of them cuddled for a moment when Carmela suggested Julie lay on her stomach. Once she was on her stomach Carmela started kissing Julie's shoulders making her way down her back where she worked her way down to the cleft at the top of Julie's ass. She teased Julie for a moment, running her tongue over the cleft before running her tongue down the length of Julie's crease, and back up again.

Julie loved the attention as Carmela started running her tongue down her ass again only this time Julie reached back parting her cheeks as an invitation to Carmela to do more. Carmela didn't disappoint as she moved her tongue between Julie's cheeks, and was soon tonguing her ass, and pushing against Julie tight little asshole. Julie had never experienced such an erotic sensation and was beside herself. She loved the feel of Carmela's tongue on her ass, pushing and finally penetrating her ass.

Carmela started tongue fucking Julie's ass listening to her squeal as she wiggled her ass from side to side. After a few minutes Carmela maneuvered around so Julie was now straddling her face. Carmela worked her fingers between Julie's legs, and eased her middle finger between Julie's cheeks as she eased her finger into Julie's ass. As she fingered Julie's ass, Carmela started licking Julie's pussy and sucking her clit. Once again Julie was beside herself as she humped Carmela's finger while Carmela sucked her pussy. As she did before Julie was soon cumming as her body shook with another orgasm.

Now it was Julie's turn to pleasure Carmela. Julie couldn't wait to get her face in Carmela's ass, working her tongue between her cheeks, and started running her tongue up and down her crack. She loved the musk aroma of Carmela's ass, and she loved listening to Carmela's reaction to her tonguing her ass. The more Carmela squealed, and moaned the more Julie loved it. She'd teased Carmela all she could, but now it was time to shove her tongue deep into Carmela's ass.

Julie started tongue fucking Carmela as the woman pushed her ass into Julie's face. While Julie tongued her ass Julie worked her hand between Carmela's legs, stuffing as many fingers as she could into Carmela's pussy. Julie eventually took Carmela into another hard orgasm with the two of them ending up in a torrid 69 where they both got one another off yet another time.

Julie spent that night with Carmela, and until Carmela's husband returned from his trip. The two of them kept their affair quiet until Carmela called her, and told her that her husband had taken a job on an oil rig and would be gone for six months, maybe longer. That was all Julie needed to hear, and moved in with Carmela while she attended classes. The two made love every day, and when Carmela's husband comes back they both know it won't be long until he's gone again. They both know it won't last forever, but for the time being they are going to make the best of what they have.

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