After School Fun

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I was in class working hard with my best friend Danielle, when she invited me over to her house to study and finish a project after school. Danielle was a moderately tall girl for her age at the time, very pretty, very long black hair; I was the same, but with longer blonde hair. 'Jessica' Danielle asked with a smile on her face, 'Yeah' I replied quietly, 'Oh nothing' she said and giggled to herself, I giggled a little, I knew she was going to do that, she did it to everyone.

Upon arriving to her house, we walked inside and no one was home, so she had to leave me at the door as she called her mom to ask if I was aloud in, but we both knew I would be, so I headed to her room without her knowing, as I sat down, I felt really unconformable, Danielle had many posters of half-naked girls on her walls, she was a proud lesbian for about two years now, her mom supported her fully, and I was her friend before she decided, and I am not a shallow person, so I accepted her whatever sexuality she was!
Danielle walked to her bed, and took my hand, 'Let's go to the kitchen, there is more room out there silly' she said with another giggle, so I willingly followed her, as I sat down, she grabbed two cans of sprite, one for me, and one for her, I cracked mine open quickly as I was thirsty, and Danielle waited a while.

We worked on our project for a good two hours until I stood up and stretched, 'Jessica? You feel okay' She asked curiously, 'Oh yeah! I'm fine, just a little tired of this pain in the neck work, you know' I replied with a quick laugh, 'That's good, so I assume you want to take a break? If so, we could play a game, and we know my favorite game, Truth or Dare!' Danielle said and laughed, I giggled, and it was her favorite game, so I played it too, anything to stop working.

She ran into her room and right back out with a box behind her, she sat on the floor in the living room where we were going to play our game. I sat across from her, and she let me go first, and after about five of her turns, I gave in and said dare, 'I dare you to put on a pair of handcuffs, and not the cowards way, The REAL way!' I was shocked that she would say such a thing, but I didn't know better, so I placed my hands behind my back and she cuffed me tightly, 'Ouch!' I squealed, 'Sorry Jessica, I have to make sure it's the real way' Danielle said with a giggle, I dared her to do something stupid, I dared her to take a cup of toilet water and drink it, she chickened out.

The next time I said dare was the next to stupidest thing ever, 'Ankle cuffs next!' she giggled, I let her and squirmed in the cuffs, but to my surprise, it was turning me on, I blushed a lot, 'Oh, what's going on Jess' she asked, and I gasped not thinking she was looking, 'Oh my god, let me out!' I begged, 'No way, we aren't done playing!' she teased with a smile. And I thought one more dare and this is over, so I played the last one, 'I dare you to open your mouth wide, and close your eyes' Danielle said quickly and smiled, I sighed and said 'Fine. get it over with.' I said and did as I was told, and instantly, something was crammed into my mouth and I couldn't close my mouth, and I tried making a noise, but nothing came out but muffled groans.

I started to freak out, I couldn't say anything, I couldn't move my hands from behind me, and my legs were well cuffed together, I was trapped, and Danielle laughed, 'Oh my, look at you Jessica! You're beautiful!' She started, 'I've been waiting for this for a LONG time, I was so sad you didn't change with me, but now, now I get to have my way with you' she said cheerfully. I started squirming trying to get the cuffs off of my wrists, but to no avail, I started to cry begging to be let out. 'Okay Jess, this is going to feel really nice' she said and tugged my belt off of my jeans, and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans; she pulled them down with a gentle tug, causing me to squirm even more. 'Oh my, I only get to see your panties when we are in gym class changing, and even then. it's not this long' she said and stared, making me feel really awkward. She placed her hand over my crotch.

I gave up, no reason to squirm when I wasn't going to get out, but I continued to cry. 'Hey, stop crying, it's not going to hurt you' Danielle said calmingly, 'Besides, I only want to make you feel good' she said and giggled. Danielle then dug through her box and pulled something out that I couldn't see, mostly because my eyes were blurry from the tears, so she took that chance to pull my panties to the side and quickly slide in a vibrating egg into my pussy causing me to squirm instantly out of control. 'Oh don't worry Jessica, it's just a vibrator, it's going to make you feel really good' she said and took the control quickly turning it onto the highest setting, leaving me in the room to squirm, she took a shower as I stayed there crying and moaning, continually being forced to orgasm over and over again, like a never ending circle. Before Danielle finished her shower, I passed out unable to handle what was going on inside of me.

I woke up to find that my legs were spread wide open, my arms were still cuffed behind me, I was still gagged, and nothing in my crotch. Danielle walked over to me from the kitchen table looking down on me, 'I am sorry Jessica, it's just.. I've been waiting to do that to you forever.. Please forgive me' She said and took the ball-gag out of my mouth slowly expecting me to scream or yell, but I stayed quiet, she then took the spreader bar from between my legs and lifted me up so I was sitting instead of lying down, she removed the handcuffs, quickly I hugged her, 'It's ok. I thought... I.. thought.. About it.. And I liked it.' I mumbled in her ear, I heard her gasp, 'You know.. I would do that to you all of the time.. If. well. would you be my girlfriend Jessica' She asked shyly blushing. I had to think for a while, but I let my body think for me, I instantly replied, 'Yes, One hundred times yes!'

To Be Continued...

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