After Meeting

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Rosa was growing frustrated with her new husband, Cyrus, who was a practicing Quaker. The meetings that he would drag her to, in exchange for attending her Catholic masses, were both boring and undignified from her perspective. What's more, he was too nice to people, due to his pacifism, to the point that he would not fight if someone insulted her, nor would he defend himself or her against muggers. He also treated her like an equal, whereas she wanted him to dominate her. She really craved a macho guy, and despite his professional success, he was not proving to be that way as much in his private life.

Sexual matters were also frustrating to her. He would not fuck around, and she kept hoping that he would. He would always ask her how a Catholic could want him to commit adultery, and she would respond that any real man would not be content with one woman. The biggest disappointment to her, however, as a sub and a masochist, was that she wanted him to fuck her in the ass, and he refused, saying that it was dirty. Her late husband, Guillermo, had no problems banging her tight butt, so why did he?

She loved Cyrus's big cock, which was 9 and a quarter inches long, so that she was reluctant to lose him as a sex partner. She was willing to cheat on him, but she wanted him to have fun, too, so how would she get him to screw other girls? Also, she did not want to let another man into her pussy, yet, as she was fertile, and she wanted to be sure that Cyrus didn't have any machismo before she let another man impregnate her. If there was any chance that he could turn out to be more masculine, she wanted to be free to have his child.

The logical solution for her was to offer other men her ass, which was the only hole Cyrus had neglected to use. That way, she could get some satisfaction, without risking pregnancy.

The opportunity came last Sunday, when she decided to sneak out of the Quaker meeting early, because it was just too damn depressing, waiting for everyone and his uncle to finally break the silence. When they did say something, it was often what the other guy or gal had last said, which made Rosa wonder if she was really the only person who habitually dozed off in a meeting. How the hell was she supposed to understand half of what they said, anyway, between all of their "thees" and "thous"?

At about that time, she eating in a deli near the meetinghouse, and her co-worker, Flora, also a Latina like herself, walked in, with her husband, Alberto. Flora was tall and slender, whereas Rosa was plump, but both women were hot as Hell.

"Hey, Rosa, what's up?", Flora asked her.

"Oh, I had to sneak out of the meeting, because it was just too dull. What about you, Flora?"

"You're still married to that Cyrus fellow, the Quaker, then?"

"Yeah. He's nice, but a little too square for my taste. He's really a prude."

"A prude- how?"

"I want him to be a real man, ya know, feel free to get some other tail sometimes, but he won't. He won't even fuck me in the ass."

"Wait a second- he won't fuck that cute ass of yours? What is he, gay?", Alberto asked.

"I sometimes wonder if he is, because his interest in sex seems a little weak, but it's probably just his upbringing."

"Stupid, if you ask me. If I could, I would fuck that ass of yours anytime I wasn't fucking Flora."


Flora didn't seem shocked by her husband's comments. She must be like me that way, Rosa thought, no jealousy- just a sense of pride in her marriage to a hunk.

"Yes, really. Flora, what do you say, we both fuck Rosa at our place?"

"Why do it there? I have an idea. Since her husband's religion is responsible for her disatisfaction, why don't we insult it, by having a threesome in our van in the parking lot?"

"Okay, it sounds great! What do you think of it, Rosa?"

"Alright, I'll do it, on one condition- no penetration of my pussy. Not even coitus interruptus, since there might still be an accidental insemination. Fuck me in the ass, let me suck you off, and I'll even eat Flora's pussy, but nothing that will get me pregnant- yet. I want to give Cyrus a chance to prove that he's worthy to knock me up."

"Fair enough."

The 3 of them headed across the street in the van, parked it in the meetinghouse's parking lot, and then Flora started things by stripping. Alberto quickly followed, and then Rosa removed all of her clothes. When they were all nude, Flora sat in the backseat in the van, spread her legs, and invited Alberto to fuck her without foreplay. He quickly entered her, pounding her pussy with a kind of forceful determination.

"Yes, Alberto, get your seed inside me, so Rosa can eat it from my pussy!"

He kept relentlessly shoving his dick inside his wife, getting her hotter than ever, as sweat began to pour down her face, messing up her makeup. She screamed, cussed, and shouted out her husband's name.

"Yes, Alberto, mi grande esposo! Oh, fuck me, Alberto, you large man!"

He really penetrated her thoroughly, getting her wilder and wetter, until he finally got her off, making her climax with the intensity of his penetration. That, in turn, caused him to cum, spilling his sperm into his wife's cunt.

"Alright, Rosa, it's time to cuckold that silly husband of yours! Eat my pussy, with Alberto's cum still in it. The sight of that should make him hard enough to fuck you in the ass, as hard as you want it."

Sure enough, Rosa began lapping up Alberto's seed from Flora's cunt, licking and kissing in and around her vagina. Her labia were soon dripping with her juices, and these poured into Rosa's mouth, getting her all hot and bothered. As Flora predicted, this really turned Alberto on, and he just gripped Rosa's cheeks, spread them, and pushed his rather impressive 8 inch dong inside her rectum.

Rosa at first grunted and strained, feeling the impact of the anal penetration, while trying to still concentrate on tasting Flora's twat. Her mouth even went lower, tossing the woman's salad, which got Flora even more soaked. Alberto slammed her ass with his dick several times, thrusting in and out of it with all of his power. Every time he went back in, she begged him to stay for a while, and not pull out of her just yet. She loved having that long penis lodged in her derriere.

"Oh, fuck yes! fuck my ass, Alberto! Fuck it harder, so I'll climax! Stretch out my anus! Oh, madre de Dios, I'm going to cum!"

She came, alright, getting her anal sweat all over Alberto, and drenching the floor of the van with her vaginal fluids. That set Alberto off, and he came in a massive load this time, filling her butt with his semen.

Just then, the commotion caused Cyrus, who had just the meetinghouse, to knock on the side door of the van, and when Alberto answered it, and saw him, he nearly fainted.

There he saw his wife, Rosa, eating a woman's cunt, while leaking jizz from her bare bottom, as a man stood there with his pants down.

"Rosa, you're cheating on me!"

Rosa looked up at her husband, with a look of combined embarrassment and vindication, as if to tell him, "If you don't fuck my ass, someone else will!"

"Sorry, Cyrus, but I need to get my ass fucked by a man from time to time, and they were willing to do it for me. Alberto doesn't think it's dirty at all, do you, Alberto?"

"Hardly, as witnessed by the fact that I just fucked it. Man, you are really missing out! She has got the most wonderful ass in the world, and you'd be a fool to miss out on it."

"Come on, Cyrus, at least fuck Flora! She wants your big cock, don't ya, Flora?"

"Yes, Rosa! I want your cock inside my pussy, Cyrus, so please just fuck me with it!"

"Hey, are you going to be a man, or just a whipped cuckold, who'll share without being shared? If it's the latter, I'll go ahead and let Alberto impregnate me, so the kid will be his, not yours. I don't want a wimpy child!"

Those words had the proper effect; Rosa had taunted him into joining the orgy. Cyrus climbed into the van, while Rosa, Flora, and Alberto undressed him, and Flora suddenly pushed him onto the backseat, straddled him, and took his cock inside her pussy. The usual, proper Flora was absent, having been replaced by a slut.

She rode his cock for nearly forever, it appeared to his mind, working on it as well as she could, to get it so thick and hard inside her, that it felt like she was impaled on a spike. The sheer size of the dick, compared to her husband's, was enough to make her reel from the experience of it.

Flora gasped, and then came all over Cyrus, prompting his ejaculation, as he emptied his balls into her hole.

"Oh, Cyrus, so much cum! Not healthy for you to build that up, but it feels so great inside me, just like your cock itself!"

"My turn!", said Rosa, planting herself on her husband's manhood before he had a chance to get up. She really had to tighten up a bit, due to the temporary softness of his dick, but she soon had him stiff again. Her thrashing in the van, and leaning over to present her bare breasts to Cyrus, who just adored her mammaries, finally got him off, making him spill a 2nd load, this time inside her pussy instead of Flora's. 

The feeling of more semen inside her, along with Alberto's, was enough to tell her that she could never be faithful again, and she hoped that her dear Cyrus felt the same way. 

They were all exhausted now, and there were more people coming out of the meetinghouse, so they had to take a respite from the sex for a bit. That gave them a chance to discuss their future.

"Sorry, Cyrus, but I need Alberto too, because he loves to fuck my ass!"

"If it helps, I'll be cool with letting you fuck Flora when she's not fucking me."

"That does help, I must admit, because I love her eagerness to fuck me- it's just like Rosa's, which is why I could never leave my wife, nor could I give up yours, for that matter. I'll be very happy with fucking both of you, but I still don't want to do anal, so I'll just enjoy the 2 pussies."

"Ok, but I want to be a slave too. I want Flora to own my mouth, since she has the most delicious pussy and ass. I want Alberto to own my ass, since he really rams me when I want it. I want you to keep my pussy, since you're my husband and I want to bear your children, plus I love what you do to it."

"That's an interesting plan, I'll say, and I'll definitely use your mouth to my satisfaction, to make you kiss me, eat me, and rim my ass alot! Call me 'Senora Flora', from now on, slave."

"Yes, Senora Flora. So, Cyrus, how's that sound to you? You get to fuck 2 women, and she'll probably suck you off alot too, as long as you let her Alberto fuck me in the ass anytime he wishes. Please, let me call you 'master Cyrus', share you with Flora, and service both you, her, and Alberto!"

"That's 'Senor Alberto'! I want to be a Master, but Flora and I are both doms, which is one of the reasons we like to swing- to find subs."

"Very well, but it's just the 4 of us, from now on, right?"

"Actually, I want to add my niece, Angelica, if that's alright, but I think that we can limit it to 5. Is that okay, Cyrus?"

"That will work, Alberto. You have a deal."

See the sequel, "Their Hispanic Harem", for the continuation.

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