Adventures of Anita & Seema - Seema meets the neighbours

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After we got back from Spain we went home. Jay was at home packing. I walked up to him and hugged and said, “We did it, we finally got what we wanted”, jay picked me up and was happy. I saw his bag and asked where he was going, “I need to travel to again but this time it’s for three months, we are shifting our HO to another country and they have made me head of business development and my responsibility to get things going there”, I just fell on the bed, “Three months, that’s a long time”, “well yea, but don’t worry you can come and visit and look it’s not that bad.” I just helped him pack his bag and asked, “when do you leave?”, “Tomorrow morning”.

By around 4.00am he went to get a shower. He kissed me goodbye and left for the airport.

When I woke up it was already 11. As soon as I got off my bed and door bell rang. I put on the robe and walked down to open the door and found steve on the door step. “Hey, morning neighbor”, I said and he replied, ”Hey honey, sorry to trouble you but I am out of milk for coffee and was wondering if I could have some”.

I asked him to come in and he followed me in, “here you go”, and he undid my robe and moved his hands on my hip and said, “its been a while”, I smiled and kissed him, “then you should stop by tonight with you’re friends for some fun, and my best friend seema is around as well.” He slapped my ass and said, “sure anytime for this” and we walked out of the house. I walked back up to call “hey was wondering if you wanna meet the neighbors?”, she smiled and said, “up for it.” And we laughed and I told her about the poker night we had.

In the evening we prepared dinner and waited for the guys, it was around 9 when we heard the door bell and seema went to open it. Seema was wearing a red dress cleavage cut and deep slit on the side and I was wearing a shirt with buttons undone till my cleavage and black shorts. It was Mac and Steve. “Hey where is Josh?”, steve said was a little busy uptown so he couldn’t make. Although I am sure the only reason they were here was to have some pussy.

We walked into the house and served them the drink, Steve knew the bar very well so he decided to serve us some good mixes and we had dinner. They got introduced to Seema and with dinner being served the drinks had got everyone high. After dinner Steve stepped out and said, hey look they have a pool, we should get a dip... Steve and Mac pulled off their tops and jumped in the pool and pulled seema with them... she was wet and knew her dress was showing off her 34a boobs and slim waist and perfect shaped ass.

“Whats the point of the dress?”, mac said and seems undid her dress from the back and was in her thong and bra in the pool with two guys she had just met. Mac pulled me in and asked me to get rid of my clothes too and I knew where this was going. We were laying in the pool and Steve asked, so Seema what’s your wildest fantasy?, seems laughed and said, “fucking a complete stranger and not knowing who he is”, and Mac said, ”ooo that's a hot one, Anita what's yours?”

I Smiled and said, “being tied to the bed and have multiple guys use me”, Steve smiled and said, ”that’s a dirty one”, I said, “well you see it’s a fantasy, I have had gang bangs but no one has ever tried this with me and neither have I, actually I think it’s a little scary so maybe that’s why I have never mentioned it to anyone”, and we all just laughed. The guys called it an early night but they invited us for a few drinks on Saturday night and we just said yes. It was a surprise we didn’t fuck them although I knew they wanted to have fun.

They left for the night and the week passed by quite quickly. With Erik’s new spa in had it was getting a lot busy for us. On Saturday we went over to the guys place with a bottle of vodka and had worsen quite kinky clothes. I had a black halter neck dress resting on my neck and seema had a white top with a red bra and blue shorts.

She knew she was there to show off her body. We rang the bell and there was no answer, for a second we thought they had forgotten and we hadn’t confirmed but we noticed the door was open. We walked in and it was dark and could barely see anything inside and soon as we stepped in suddenly the door shut and someone held us from the back and tied a strip of cloth around Seema’s eyes, and Mac whispered in my ear’s, “ready to have your fantasy come true” and I noticed a few guys in the room but could barely see them clearly and seema said, “hey what’s going on, Anita are you there?” and before I could say anything my eyes were also covered.

 “I am but I cant see anything”, and suddenly out of the dark I heard Steve’s voice, “well girls we thought we will have some fun with you and get your wildest fantasy come true, you’re up for it”, and seema said, “so you called us over to fuck us, is it?”, and steve just laughed and said, “yea”, seema replied, “and you think we will let you?”, and steve went up to her and said, “well I am sure you wouldn’t mind”, she acted like a real slut and said, “fine lets what u got”, and josh replied, “No no no, you don’t tell us what to do, we will tell you what to do” and he took her and steve said, “” as for you, come with me”

And he took me and picked me up and dropped me on the bed and put my hands above my head and tied them to the bed, “I must say, you are fine women”, I didn’t know who that was and a sense of fear ran in my stomach, but it became a turn on. I felt seema was near by because they told her to take off her clothes and she must be doing it. I asked the guy next to me to call steve and he did, “hey honey”.

I whispered, “I wana see what's happening to seema” he said he couldn’t do that, but I insisted so he un did my cloth and i was tied to a bed and was in a room and I cold see 5 guys next to seema, their faces were unclear because of the lack of light but they gave a proper light to seema so they could see her. Steve said, “you cannot say a word because we want to see what this girl can do”, I laughed and said, “you have no idea” and steve joined the guys. I noticed they were all black except for steve. Good built and tall. Their skin was shining on the little light they had on seema.

They asked her to strip her clothes and she said she couldn’t, and one of the guys just held her from the back and the other one just tore her top to reveal her bra, and he just tore her bra as well and to my suprise seema said, “know we are having fun aren’t we, I like it when guys are desperate for me”, she couldn’t see who was doing what and the guy holding her from the back, held her boobs and was kissing her on the neck, another guy walked up to her and said, “want me to tear those shorts off?”, she didn’t reply as she was kissing the guy from the back and he just undid her shorts and pulled it down with her thong to reveal her shaven smooth pussy.

This girl had it in her, she was fucking strangers. “the guy on the floor said, I heard you’re married?”, and she said yes,”and?”, he said, well we love cheating sluts, “she said well then go on, what you waiting for?”, and the guy at the back pulled down his trouser and made seema kneel on the floor and gave his dick in her hand, it was thick 10” rod and seema just started to lick it and could get barely 5” in her mouth, she was mouning and said, “hmmm this a nice rod, I hope it fucks me soon”, and another guy walked up and gave her his dick, It was a little smaller than 9”” but nice and thick and she was sucking both dicks equally.

I thought it was going to be only two guys tonight but another guy slipped under her and picked her up and adjusted her on his dick, she let go off the dicks and got her self placed on another 10” dick. “dam girl your tight, you’re pussy needs to be punished for cheating on you’re husband”, she was moaning sucking and fucking and said, “wana punish me, go ahead and fuck me and as a bonus come inside me, use me as you’re fuck toy tonight”, and she was riding the dick and moving her hips and sucking on two dicks, “aaa baby I’m cumin baby... make me cum... don’t stop... fuck me hard baby” seema shouted and he started pumping her harder, the other two let her go and the guy under her was licking her boobs and fucking her.

He pulled his dick out and turned her over lay her on the floor and pushed it back in and seema said, “oh yea baby, fuck me I’m cumming baby, I’m cumin.. aaaa harder baby”, his balls were banging hard and she was like slut lying there on the floor, and he also said, “I am gonna fill this pussy.. oh fuck i'm cuming too” and he just came and he was pumping inside her and she was pushing her neck back and poking her nails into the guy, after few seconds he pulled of and she was oozing cum, but before she could get her senses straight, another guy just moved in and stuck his dick inside her, “aaaa... fuck you guys really wana punish me don’t you... a cum filled pussy is being used... fuck i'm gonna just cum again.. aaaa fuck me hard guys”.

And this guy pulled her up and made her sit on him and bend her forwards to suck on her boobs and was biting her nipples, “bite them and I wanna see marks, I cant see you guys but tomorrow morning I wanna see marks on my body”, and before she knew it another guy from the back poured oil and rubbed her ass and pushed his dick inside her... she was totally loving it.. being a whore that she always wanted. I knew this is what was going to happen to me. Then suddenly I saw two guys coming towards me and I knew it was my turn, he came to the bed and I couldn’t see the face in the dark but he just tore my dress again and stripped me naked, my nipples were hard and my pussy was wet.

I knew I needed a cock and the guy put a dick in my mouth, I couldn’t touch them and was being licked by another stranger, I didn’t know what got into me and I was sucking like anything, i was loving the taste of the dick in my mouth and a tongue in my pussy and opened my eyes to see the guy said, “I gonna be cumin in you’re ass”, and seema just replied catching her breath, “please do not stop this is fucking good... please use me and fuck me..” and the guy licking me was getting me close to an orgasm and I just exploded and said,”I’m cumin please don’t stop, please”, and was licking me even faster and then suddenly stopped and pulled my legs apart and stuffed a 11” rod inside my pussy..

It was sooooo wet that it just slid inside and I was sooo shaken by the dick, I could barely keep the dick in my mouth and before I knew it the guy exploded in my mouth and the guy came so much I was unable to take all in me. He moved back and I felt like a total whore. The guy fucking me decided to fuck me even harder, he was bending over to bite my nipples and sucking my boobs.. it was amazing, I didn’t imagine that not touching someone and having sex would be so much fun. He pulled out and I said, “oh please don’t, I wana cum please.. fuck me”, he just laughed and said, “you don’t mind me cumming in you”, it was a deep voice and I just replied, “no not at all” and he stuck his dick back in me and was pounding me and I was moaning like a whore in bed.

He held my hips and I felt shots of hot cum inside my pussy, he kept thrusting until he emptied his load in me and he pulled out, it was still hard and moved towards my face and asked me to give it a good lick and just stuck it in my mouth, I couldn’t see anything as he was soo close up but I felt a cold hand on my thighs and a hard dick between them.

He just said, ”my turn” and slowly slid his dick in my drenched pussy, I was already twitching by cumming so much. After a good lick he pulled it out and I could see another guy fucking me, It just came out of me, ”fuck me baby don’t hold back”, his dick was huge and was stretching my pussy, I couldn’t even hold my first orgasm, and I came over his rod, my head was turning with all the pleasure and I could smell cum on me, i tilted my head to notice seema and she was being total used by three guys, one had his dick inside her pussy, one inside her ass and the third in her mouth.

She was moaning and grinding her hips to fuck two guys and she didn’t care what was happening.. the guys here using her body and i could see marks on her body, every guy was biting her boobs and her hips and back and leaving marks and she would just moan and ask for more, and I was bang pumped harder and the guy said, ”hey this girl needs it too you know”, and i was surprised one more guy just walked up to me and undid my hands and pulled me and made me sit on the guy who was already fucking me and he slid his dick in my ass...”aaaaaah fuck, this is amazing... u guys gonna use my body like you did hers”, the guy just said oh its gonna be better than that,” and he just started to pump me together..

“I have lost count how many times I have cum” after a good ten minutes of fuck they both filled my holes with cum and pulled out and I noticed they took turns to fuck seema in every way possible and then brought her to my bed and dropped her there.

We lay there to catch our breath and knew we had been fucked like whores tonight by strangers. Suddenly the lights went on and steve stood next to us and he had some sheets and he pulled it on us, and said, “so how was it?” and I just said,”fuck filled weekend I must say” he just smiled and said sorry if it went a little rough, we wanted you girls to have some fun. He said the guys where his friends but were sure not to mention this to anyone. We just smiled and steve asked seema, would you need a bath cuz you seem fucked, “oh yea” he held her hand and took her to the bathroom.

I heard the shower go on but steve didn’t come back out. Josh held my hand and took me upstairs and asked me to take a shower and I walked in and asked him, “did you fuck us tonight?” he said,”na it was just for the guys”, i pulled him in the shower and put my hand down his dick and said, that's a shame and bent down to lick his dick and balls, I couldn’t let a dick go waste. I licked and sucked his dick for a good 10mins before he came all over my boobs, he pulled my leg up and stuck his dick inside me and started to fuck me against the shower wall, and I knew was hold him and he kept sucking my boobs and I was moaning.

I couldn’t believe I was fucking again. He fucked me in the shower and before he could come, he picked me up and and carried me to the bed and got on top of me and started pumping me on his bed, tonight I have not even cheated on my husband I had officially betrayed him completely by fucking random guys, but It had become a turn on for me, I could feel his dick getting harder and he bit my shoulder and said, “Im gonna come baby”, and he shot cum inside my pussy, we just lay in bed.

If you wanna see us fuck, tell us how many times you came reading this story.. we want to know...

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