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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Heloo readers kindly help me to found some erotic stories theme I have emptied my new stock of story Idea so please write to me with your Ideas. Here is my new story it is an actress mom and son Incest story.Selva Narayan undressed and slipped on swimming trunks. His bathing suit fit snugly around his hips, buttocks and crotch. The cloth material pressed upon his cock and balls, and he felt his prick stirring and growing stiff. It strained upon the bathing suit. He now had a full-fledged hard-on. But then it seemed he always had a hard-on. His dick seemed to stay in a constant state of stiffness. Selva had recently undergone puberty, and his balls and cock tingled constantly and his thoughts dwelt almost entirely on his hard throbbing straining dick. He stayed in a state of arousal. He stroked his peter and masturbated a lot, but no matter how often he beat his meat, it seemed to be ready to spring up at a moment's notice. Especially when he thought about or saw his own mom. Selva 's mother was in her mid forties, a film actress, attractive, and divorced. 

Summer had arrived, Selva was out of school and his mother was between films, so they spent most of their time together in the house. Selva 's mother knew he was 'at that age.' She had seen him occasionally rubbing his crotch and had twice seen him masturbating. Once, she had passed his bedroom door and had seen him lying on the bed, on top of a pillow, pumping away at it. Selva had looked up and seen his mother, and knew she had seen him pumping the pillow. And once, she had opened the bathroom door and there was Selva standing by the commode, jacking his prick, rubbing it hard and fast. Again, Selva knew she had seen him. But she hadn't said anything about it, so Selva had grown quite bold. He now masturbated openly in the bathroom and his bedroom. He thought about his mother a lot. She was so sexy, such a fox; and she was so casual and uninhibited around the house. She was somewhat flirty and free, occasionally kissing Selva on the cheek and touching his shoulders and arms. She tended to dress scantily, wearing a short silky nightee or full long nightee. And she usually kept her bedroom door open. Selva had seen her in various stages of undress; once, he'd seen her naked. 

He had passed by her bedroom and she had been changing clothes. She was stark naked. But she hadn't acted embarrassed when Selva saw her. She had simply smiled at him and proceeded to dress.... Selva walked through the house to the rear and stepped out onto the patio. He saw his mother standing by the diving board of the swimming pool. She wore a red bikini. Kalyani Narayan was in her prime, and despite having a midteen son was quite attractive with a pretty face and a nice body. Her chestnut hair fell in full shimmering waves past her shoulders, her eyes were big and Black, her skin was peachy tanned. The bikini she wore served only to cover the 'bare necessities.' Half her breasts, most of her rump and all of her legs were exposed. Selva watched her as she stepped up onto the diving board. God, she is so sexy! he thought. He felt his dick start to grow and stiffen. She stood for a few seconds on the board and then dived into the pool. Selva 's cock stood at attention. It throbbed and ached. 

She saw him standing by the pool and called out: "Come on in, the water's fine!" Selva jumped in and swam toward his mother. She smiled and swam away with Selva in pursuit. They began playing in the water, splashing each other and playing tag. He caught her from behind and she laughed and splashed and squirmed to break away. Her rear end brushed upon his crotch and he gasped with the sensation. She was still squirming around and trying to break free and once again her rump swept across his groin. With a groan, he pressed his crotch forward. He hissed when his prick made contact with her butt. It was as if his peter had a mind of its own. It took over completely. 

He wrapped his arms around her waist and began humping her rump, pumping his hard throbbing dick upon her beutiful ass. Nothing could have stopped him; he was beyond all control. "Oh, ah, unh, oh Mom!" he panted as he humped her. "Oh Selva, oh baby," his mother said softly. She halfheartedly made as if to break away. He kept pumping on her rump with his rock-hard cock. "Oh Mom, oh, I can't stop--oh, it feels too good to stop!" He heaved his crotch forward, mashing and grinding it upon her rear end. "Unh--ahh--now!" he cried out as cum erupted from his penis. He huffed and panted and hunched with unbridled lust as the hot creamy juice kept spewing out.... After he had emptied his balls and shot his load, Selva was embarrassed. He couldn't bear to face his mother. She gently placed a hand on his cheek. "Oh honey," she said softly, "it's all right." She kissed his cheek and smiled. "Don't worry about it." That evening Selva lay on his bed in his pajamas, doing what he usually did--stroking his prick. He thought about his mother, and his peter stiffened and balls tingled. He briskly rubbed his cock and shivered at the sensation. His dick was now hard and full and throbbing.... Selva 's mother sprawled on her bed in a negligee watching TV. 

The thought of Selva and what had happened in the pool came to her and she smiled softly and wryly. Ah, he couldn't help it, she thought...he's at that age...his hormones are running wild...he certainly has gone through some changes over the past few months...he's grown...he's big for his age...he's turned into a good-looking guy too... She smiled wryly again as she thought of what had happened in the pool. He was so horny, she thought, so hard, and he kept...rubbing me...kept hunching me... She felt a warm fizzy tingling ripple up and down her body as she thought of her son pumping his hard prick upon her rump. His cock was so hard, she thought, and it''s good-sized...I could feel it was... Her breasts and ass were tingling; her pussy was throbbing. She placed one hand on a breast and slowly stroked it and ran another hand down between her legs and softly rubbed her yoni.... (Pussy)Selva could stand it no longer. His peter was hard as a rock; it throbbed and ached; his balls tingled and churned in their bloated fullness. 

He was breathing hard, almost panting. He got off the bed and headed for his mother's room. Her bedroom door was open and Selva stood at the threshold looking in. "Mom..." he spoke huskily. "Honey?" his mother said, looking questioningly at him. He walked to her bed. "Mom..." he breathed out heavily again. He got on the bed and looked at his mother. She wore only a short silky negligee, and nothing else. He could see most of her breasts and all of her thighs. His dick thudded and literally ached. "Oh Mom," he panted out and suddenly moved on her. He mounted her, rooting between her legs. He pushed his crotch forward, thrusting his hard prick between her thighs. He groaned as the head of his peter made contact with her pussy slit. He strained forward, pushing hard, and he cried out with pleasure as he felt his penis enter her vagina. "Oh, unh, oh Mom, unh!" Ohhhhhh! he panted with the sensation of his prick sliding up her quiff. "Oh baby," she breathed out. She wrapped her arms and legs around her son and lifted her pelvis up to give him full access to her cunt. 

Selva stuffed his entire cock into his own momís hot moist pussy, and then began screwing her with full thrusts of his dick. He fucked his own mother good and strongly, lustily pumping his meat in her quim. She hunched back at him and used her cunt muscles to squeeze and suck at his prick. She gasped and panted with passion at the feeling of his peter sawing back and forth in her yoni.(Cunt!) His cock was full and rigid and good-sized and he was frigging it fast and hard in her. "Oh, ah, unh, ah!" she panted. "Oh baby, yes! Oh sweet baby, give it to me!" Selva felt his balls swelling and throbbing; he groaned as he felt the cum churning in his bag. He thrust his dick as far as it would go up his mother's pussy and cried out in lust as the hot cum gushed up his prick and spewed out. She gasped and panted and reared up as her son spurted semen in her cunt.... They enjoyed a delicious after fuck. Selva stroked her flanks and thighs and slowly swirled his peter in her quim. She stroked his arms and shoulders and back and slowly moved her quiff around in little circles. 

He moved his head down and began mouthing his mother's breasts, licking the firm smooth mounds. He felt his cock stiffening and growing again as he sucked his mother's tits. He dug his now-hard prick up her pussy, and she gasped and raised her pelvis up and wrapped her legs around him. "Oh baby--you're wonderful!" she panted as he pumped his dick in her cunt. Selva awoke late the next morning. He got up and made his way to the kitchen. His mother sat at the kitchen table sipping coffee. "Well, good morning, sleepyhead," she smiled. "Sit yourself down and I'll fix you breakfast." Selva sat at the table and watched his mother as she prepared breakfast. She wore a short thin robe and he felt his peter pop up and start to grow. In less than a minute he had a full-fledged hard-on. His cock stood up, stiff and throbbing. He went to his mother, placed his hands on her hips and pressed his crotch upon her rump. "Oh honey," she said softly. She turned around and looked down at his crotch, then brushed a hand upon it. 

She sank to her knees and took out his prick, stroked it, and then ran her lips on it. She slid her tongue up and down and around his dick. Selva hissed and then groaned at the sensation of her licking his peter. He spread his legs and hunched forward. She opened her lips wide and took the head of his cock in and began sucking it. "Oh, unh, ah, oh Mom!" Selva gasped. He grasped her head and thrust his peter forward into her hot wet sucking mouth. She clasped his hips and slid her mouth down, taking in all his cock, deep-throating him. He panted with lust and hunched, fucking his mother's mouth. She sucked his prick fast, bobbing her head up and down. "Oh god, here it comes!" he cried. "Oh Mom, here it comes now!" He lunged his dick down her mouth and let her have it. He pissed a hot stream of cum down her throat. She kept sucking his peter, swallowing his sperm, till she had drained him, emptied his cock and balls of semen. For Selva it was like a dream or fantasy come true. He had his attractive sexy mother to screw, to pump his prick in, to suck his peter. For Selva 's mother it was like the fulfillment of desire or pleasure. She had her good-looking horny son to fuck her, to pump his stiff dick in her, to satisfy her. 

He stays horny, she thought, smiling; his cock is always stiff, always ready; he could probably fuck a dozen times a day; and he's good-sized too; for a boy his age, he's got a good-sized prick. Selva had his mother in the swimming pool. He had her backed up on the side of the pool, his arms around her back and his crotch between her thighs. He lustily pumped his peter in her pussy as he sucked her tits. She had her legs wrapped high on his back and was hunching her yoni to meet his lusty thrusts. "Oh Mom, unh, ah, I want to fuck you every day!" Selva gasped. "Oh baby, yes!" she panted. "Ah, you've got a stiff cock and I've got a hot pussy. Oh sweet baby, you can pump your cock in your mom any time you want!" "Oh Mom, I'm gonna cum!" he cried out. "Do it, baby," do it fill it in your momís pussy she gasped. "Squirt cum in your Mom's cunt!" I want to feel it my sonís cum in my cunt squirt it baby!Selva proceeded to do just that. yes The mom and son make their sex world in their home.

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