Ann gets off probation

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

"I said no bra and no panties"

"But mom I'll look like a whore"

"If you want seduce your probation officer that's what you have to do"

"He doesn't know I'm alive he just checks to see if I'm still using dope" cried Ann.

"If you get him in the sack he'll end your probation" said Barbara.

"I hope so, I'm tired of being treated like a naughty kid for using marijuana"

"God Ann you had fifteen ounces of that stuff"

"I wasn't going to sell it mom"

"The cops thought you were"

It was late and Ann drove to Mr. Jeff Carlyle's office. He saw her immediately. He handed her a paper cup and ask her to give him a urine sample so he could send it to the lab. When she was done she went into his office and answered his silly questions.

"Have you recently smoked marijuana?"


"Have you used any other drugs in the last week?"


"I guess that about does it" said Jeff.

"Now it my turn for questions"

"What are they" ask the surprised man.

"Are you married?" ask Ann.

"I'm divorced"

Jeff looked at the girl and saw she wasn't wearing a bra. She was pretty and eighteen and he was forty.

"Can I buy you a cup of coffee?" ask Jeff.

"How about a six pack of beer and we will go to your house and drink it.

Jeff knew he could get in trouble if anyone found out but he didn't care. He hadn't had any pussy since his wife left. A girl that didn't wear a bra would screw at the drop of a hat. She was probably the biggest slut at school. When they were in his house he opened a beer and handed her one.

"You know I'm breaking the law for letting you drink alcohol don't you?"

"You won't tell on me because you want to fuck me" she laughed.

"Yes" he admitted.

Jeff led her to his bedroom and they undressed.

"Do you want me to suck you off before you screw me?"

"Yes please" he replied.

Ann sucked his prick until it filled her mouth with sperm. Then she lay on his bed and spread her legs so he could fuck her. He did it for almost and hour. She was surprised at his stamina. When he emptied his last load of sperm in her hole he lay beside her and rested. She kissed him and said.

"Feel better now?"

"Oh god yes" he gasp.

"I better take you home before your mom gets worried"

"I think mom knows where I'm at"

"Why is that?"

"She's the one that told to seduce you so I could get off probation"

"It worked, I'll fill out the papers tomorrow"

"Would you like to date me?"

"I'm old enough to be your father"

"I don't care, I like you"

The next day after sex Jeff took her home. Before he went to work he ask Ann if she wanted to go dancing. She said yes and he said he would pick her up tonight about eight. When she got into the house her mom ask.

"Did you fuck him?"

"Yes mother, and he released me from the program"

"Now you don't have to see the bastard anymore" she laughed.

"I'm going out with him tonight"

"What ever turns you on" she laughed.

Late that evening Ann put on her best dress and waited for Jeff. When he rang the doorbell she opened it. He was dressed in a blue suit and looked handsome. They went a night club and sat at a table and Jeff handed her a false ID.

"What's this"

"I had a friend make it so you could drink"

"Thank you honey"

They ordered a pitcher of margaritas and got drunk. She discovered Jeff was a good dancer so they stayed until closing time. When she got in his car she pulled her panties off and let him finger fuck her while he was driving. When they were in the house Jeff pushed her on the couch and said.

"Has anyone scarfed your cunt before?"

"No" she giggled.

Ann pulled up her dress and let Jeff eat her pussy. No one had done that before and it excited her so much she had an organism.

When he was done she ask.

"Jesus god honey, where did you learn how to do that?"

"I was in the Navy, I learned all kinds of neat things to do to a woman" he laughed.

"Fuck me, I need your cock in my hole" she cooed.

Jeff screwed her love tunnel until the wee hours of the morning. It was amazing a man of forty could last so long. When she woke up the next day she ask.

"Do you want to get married again?"

"I'd like to marry you"

"Will you let me finish high school?"

"Yes, we will get married as soon as you graduate"

"Lick my cunt again" she begged.

She took Jeff home and told her mother.

"I'm happy for you sweetheart" said Barbara.

"Let's some weed and celebrate" giggled Ann.

Her mom got her bong and filled it. She ask Jeff if he had ever tried it.

"No, it's illegal" he replied.

"So what, don't be such a fuddy duddy" laughed Ann.

He wanted to show the women he was cool so he did it until he got high. The room seemed to be spinning and a warm feeling embraced him. The weed made him horny so he ask.

"Can I fuck your daughter?"

"We have a one bedroom house and I sleep with her"

"I can do you both" he grinned.

"That's what we want" said Ann.

Jeff fucked both women that night until he was exhausted. Then the women turned into excited she-cats and ate each other's cunts. He married Ann as soon as she graduated they lived with her and her mother.

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