Ann finds love

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Nineteen year old Ann Hetherington was fat and blond. She tried every diet she could find but nothing worked. Maybe that's why boys weren't interested in dating her. Ann found her own way to satisfy herself. She went to her bedroom and played with her pussy. Then she looked around the room for something to stick in it. She was tired of using her fingers. She found a hair brush with a long rubber handle. Ann smeared some cold cream on it and shoved in her cunt. It was wonderful! It was the size of her fathers prick. She saw him nude by accident when her mom was alive. Ann wondered what it would feel like to have her father's prick in her. Ann fucked her pussy dreaming about her dad until she climaxed. When she finished she cleaned the brush and put it away. Next time she would use something bigger. Ann heard her dad come home from work.

"Daddy, what do you want for dinner?"

"I don't care honey"

"How about spaghetti and meatballs, would you like that?"

"Yes sweetheart, that sounds good"

After dinner they watched television and went to bed. Ann found a flashlight and wanted to try it out. It was at least a foot long. She smeared it with goop and sat on the edge of the bed. She tried to get it in her but it wouldn't go. She pushed as hard as she could and it went in all the way to her womb. Ann lay on the bed and fucked her pussy. This was much better than the hair brush. Ann had a huge climax and cried.

"Geeeeze oh god!".

Frank heard his daughter and went to find out what was wrong. He turned on the light and saw Ann with something in her pussy.

"What the hell are you doing?"

The big flashlight slid out of her and lay between her legs.

"Oh my god!" cried the frightened girl.

Frank didn't mean to embarrassed his daughter in her private moment.

"It's ok Ann, I know girls do that"

"You're not mad at me?" she gasp.

Frank saw his chance. He wanted to have sex with Ann since his wife died.

"I'm not mad, you turned me on"

"I did?"

"I've got a hard on"

"Let me see it" she pleaded.

He pulled down his pajama's and showed Ann his prick.

"I would like to have that in my cunny instead of this silly old flashlight" she giggled.

Frank undressed. He put the slimy flashlight on the floor and mounted his daughter. He fucked her until she cried.

"I want your baby daddy!"

When Frank heard that he emptied his balls in his daughter's pussy.

"Are you done already?" she gasp.

"Yes honey, I need to rest"

"Stick the flashlight in my pussy" she said trembling with anticipation.

"Wasn't my prick enough?" he laughed.

"Do it please, I love big things in my pussy"

Frank rammed the flashlight all the way to her baby carriage. He fucked her love hole with it until she had tears in her eyes.

"Want me to stop?" he ask.

"No" she sobbed.

When she climaxed she pissed on the bed. That got Frank so excited and he rammed it into her womb. Ann screamed with pain but her dad didn't stop.

"Daddy it hurts too much, take it out!"

Frank pulled it out of her and it had blood on it. Ann lay there sobbing and sweating.

"Thank you daddy" she sobbed.

"For what, hurting you?"

"I like it when it hurts, do you think I'm weird?"

"Maybe" he laughed.

Frank smothered his daughter with kisses and to sleep. When morning came Frank tried to fuck her. She complained that her pussy was sore. Frank rolled her over and licked her asshole.

"Daddeeee!" she giggled.

"Get dressed sweetheart"

"What for?"

"I'm going to buy you a car for being so nice"

"Will you teach me to drive?"


They drove to a car lot and Ann found a used convertible she liked. Frank wrote a check and said.

"I'll give you a hundred dollars if you deliver it"

"Done" said the salesman.

When they got home Ann kissed her dad. Frank took her clothes off. She let him suck her breasts.

"My pussy is healed" .

Frank lay his daughter gently on the couch and fucked her. Ann closed her eyes and whispered.

"I love you daddy"

The doorbell rang and they got dressed in a hurry. Ann hastily put on her blouse and skirt. She didn't have time for her panties and bra. She answered the door. It was the car lot man. The boy got a peek at her breasts and blushed. Ann forgot to button her blouse.

"Your car is in the driveway mam" he stammered.

Frank handed him the hundred dollars. Tony drove back to work with his boss.

"That blond had big tits" said Tony.

His boss laughed and said.

"I bet her father fucks her"

"Do you think so?"

"The fat slut was half dressed" he laughed.

"I wish I cold fuck her" said the boy.

"Why don't you ask the bitch out, I've got the phone number"

"Ok, I will" said the boy.

The next morning Ann sucked her father's prick and swallowed his cum.

"Now teach me how to drive"

Frank drove to a country road where Ann drove her car. She learned quickly and Frank said she was good enough to get her drivers license. She proudly drove back home and parked the car in the driveway. Ann heard the phone ring and ran into the house. It was a boy called Tony. He said he was the one that delivered her car. Tony asked her if she wanted to go to a restaurant and eat dinner with him.

"Yes" she gushed.

Ann hung up the phone and told her dad she had a date.

"That boy probably want's to see more tits" laughed her father.

"I'll let him see them" she giggled.

The next evening Ann put on her best dress and waited for her date. Finally the doorbell rang. Tony took her to an expensive place on the edge of town. Ann ordered a salad and Tony ordered a steak.

"Is that all you are going to eat?"

"I'm too fat" she replied.

"My mother is fat, I like big women"

"You do?"

"They have more to make love too" he smiled.

"Do you want to make love to me?" ask Ann.

"That's why I ask you out" said Tony.

Ann ate in silence. Tony paid the check and drove to a motel. Ann removed her dress and bra. He kissed her and sucked her breasts. The excited girl almost peed herself. He pushed her on the bed and she took her panties off. Then she spread her legs and waited. Tony ate her pussy and made her climax. Then Tony fucked her until he filled her hole with cum. She lay in Tony's arms happy and content.

"Take me home Tony, my dad is waiting for me"

"Is he going to fuck you?"

"How did you know" she gasp.

"It's all right with me" he smiled.

She kissed Tony and said.

"Now I have two men to make love to me"

Tony decided he liked Ann. She was just what he wanted. He drove her home and kissed her good-bye.

"Can I see you again?"

"Yes" said Ann.

Ann went in her house and Tony drove home to tell his mother that he had a girlfriend.


"Did you let him fuck you sweetheart?"

"He ate my pussy daddy and then he fucked me" she gushed.

"I'm glad you had a good time"

"I'm still horny" she giggled.

"I'll fix that" said her dad.

He led his daughter to the bedroom. Frank sucked the cum out of her hole. He found that he liked the taste of another man's sperm.

"Oh my god, a tongue in my cunt twice in one day" she giggled.

Frank fucked her until she climaxed.

"Tony knows I sleep with you daddy"

"Was he mad?"


"I think I like that boy" said Frank.

The next day Ann got her drivers license. When she got home her dad told her that her boyfriend called.

"What did he want?"

"He wants to come over and have a drink with us"

"Do we have any?"

"I've got a bottle of whiskey under the sink" answered Frank.

Ann rushed around cleaning the house. She put on a sexy dress. This time she didn't wear a bra or panties. She hoped her dad and Tony would get drunk and fuck her. Frank opened the door for Tony. They talked and drank until her daddy said.

"Ann has nice pussy, doesn't she Tony"

"I like her tits, they have long nipples" said the boy.

"Lets fuck the shit out of the bitch" said her father.

Ann took her clothes off and waited to find out who would be first, Tony already had his pants off. She lay on the floor and spread her legs. Her boyfriend mounted her fat belly and rode her like a jockey. He lasted for fifteen minuets before he quit. Then her daddy took Tony's place.

"Make me pregnant daddy" she begged.

Tony smiled. He loved pregnant women. He didn't care who the farther was.

"OH GOD shhitt" groaned Ann when she climaxed.

The men took turns riding Ann until they were exhausted. Tony moved in with Ann and her father when she got pregnant. Life for Ann could not be better.

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