A sweet july afternoon by a quiet Sierra pool...

(Part 1 from 2)

It's been many years ago now - but it still is as vivid in my mind as if it was only moments ago...

My wife and I were still in our 20's, as was my wife's sister Jan and her husband Don. We vacationed together a lot in those early years, since we all enjoyed camping up in the Sierra. My brother in law and I both had horses, and this one vacation, we decided to take a 2 week camping vacation packing a couple of miles back into a remote meadow he had discovered previously on a fishing trip.

Sounded like a plan, so we agreed - only hitch was, my brother in law needed to return to work for an important meeting in the middle of the first week of the planned vacation - and on the same day, we had previously scheduled and important appointment for my wife - but that all seemed to work out OK, since they both, with the kids, could return the 75 miles home together to accomplish their appointments, then return before dark.

We didn't want to break camp just for the one day and pack all our stuff out, so it was decided my wife's sister Jan and I would stay at camp and keep an eye on stuff - there was never anyone else back that far in the woods, especially mid-week, but it seemed a wise precaution.

My sister in law was a very cute and attractive gal, well shaped and curvaceous - a flirty, touchy-feely type that displayed subtle interest in me in the past. She had been a junior in high school when I first started going out with her older sister, who I eventually married - and as Jan matured, she had turned into a real knockout. I had secretly fantasized about taking her to bed, and it seemed she sorta had the same thoughts about me, judging by looks and private comments to me - so I was sorta looking forward to our time together alone, to see what might develop.

As the bunch left for the valley on the appointed day - a trip that wouldn't see them back until very late afternoon - Don suggested that Jan and I take the horses, and ride a couple of miles on up to a small lake for some fishing while they were gone - sounded like a great idea!

They had hardly left for the days trip, when I started saddling the horses, as Jan packed a small lunch, and attached that and a blanket behind her saddle, and we started out. It was mid-July, and while we were up at a decent elevation, it was still quite warm out in the direct sunlight.

We followed the small stream that flowed thru the meadow we were camped in upstream, and in about an hour, we came to a large quiet pool of water - by his time, it was rather hot, and the pool was down in the bottom of a steep sided narrow canyon that made it even warmer. The stream was small enough that the water temperature was quite inviting - and I commented to Jan that it was too bad we hadn't brought swimming suits, a cool swim would feel great - she replied, who needs suits, we can skinny-dip!

With that she proceeded to tie our horses to a spot where they could graze, and removed the rolled blanket from her horse and brought it down to the small sandy beach at the edge of the pool. She spread it out in the grass at the edge of the beach, and as I watched, transfixed in surprise, proceeded to remove her shoes, jeans and blouse - and as she stood there in her bra and panties, asked - aren't you coming? Yeah, I nearly WAS, but not the way she meant!

As she removed the last of her clothing, she turned toward me, fully revealing her full breasts, shapely figure, and neatly trimmed pussy - and then turned with an inviting smile over her shoulder, and walked naked into the pool. I quickly removed my clothing and joined her.

By this time, she was resting against a flat inclined rock at the edge of the pool, up to her smooth full breasts in the water, gazing mischievously at me as I started into the water. I commented to her that I suspected she might have something besides swimming in mind, and she replied. Yeah, sorta looks like YOU do too! She was absolutely correct, I had what was undoubtedly the biggest erection of my life!

I already knew I was built substantially bigger than Don - I have about 8 full inches compared to about 5 for him, and considerably larger in girth as well - I could hardly wait to put it to use with Jan. The activities of getting all our stuff packed back into the meadow and set up had kept us all quite busy, and tired, so I had at this point been about a week without sex, and was VERY horny. Apparently, Don hadn't been too actively keeping Jan satisfied either, and it was clearly obvious what she had in mind for the two of us. I was entirely willing and eager to oblige...

As I came over to where Jan was at the waters edge, she had her arms up above her, holding onto the edges of the flat rock she was leaned back against - the water was only about 4 feet deep at that point, and as she was reclined there, she was at breast level, with her breasts held quite erect by the water supporting them. As I drew close to her, she smiled, and spread her legs as she raised her knees in the obvious invitation for me to fuck her right there as she was - and said, you're not afraid to come a little closer, are you?

I proceeded to come close enough to place a hand on each side of her against the rock at breast level, and as I did so, she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me almost into her - My bursting dick was firmly against, and nearly penetrating her waiting pussy - which was clearly what she intended and wanted. But I told her this was not quite what I thought was the ideal spot for our first screw, and suggested that we go over to the blanket instead - and she said - Sure, that's what I brought it for!

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