A son inlaws dream comes true.

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

 It all started when I was still in high school liveing with my girl friend and her parents.

One morning I woke early and got ready for work. I was 18 and was on spring break she was in the bath room with the door open. From Lora's room "girl friend-now wife" you can see in. She had her back to the door and she was bent over shaving her legs in the tub. All I could see is her nice ass in the air. I movied in for a closer look. there I saw her lovely trimed puss. My heart was pounding so hard i thought that she might hear it. As she moved to soap the next leg I cought a glimps of her huge chest. At this point I was afraid of getting caught so I made my way to the door and shut it hard so she might think I could of seen her.

From there on I tried looking up her dress as she sat in front of me. I tried looking up her nite gownes as she walked by wile I lay on the floor. She didn't seem to mind and some times would give a nice panty shot.

A year later we movied out and got married. My wife still had no clue how hooked I was for her mom. Her mom and I would flirt when my wife wasen't paying attention. Just little things like pinching each others butts and all the sexy talk about how she wished she had a stud to take care of her.

To me I was avereage looking with a normal build. But later I found that when Lora and her mom talked she had told her I was the best lover she'd ever had. I also heard she told her I was 12 inches long and big enough to satisfy a horse.

One day Lora told me her mom was going to spend the night so they could go shoping early in the morning.
When she arived my dick was hard as a rock just thinking of her sleeping in the next bed room. My wife is a heavy sleeper but her mom is not. These thoughts kept running throw my head like a cd on repeat.
After we ate I laided on the floor and turned on the tv. As she walked in the living room she pulled on her dress and steped over me. I looked up in hopes to see that lovely aged puss but panties is all I could see. She smiled after seeing me taking a long look.

After the news she said she was going to take a shower. When she was done she came out in a sexy slite see threw gown. Lora then said she was going to take hers. Her mom waited till she heard the door shut then she started walking to the dinning room. As she passed over me she stoped with one foot on each side of my head. She said look out it might scare you.

I was in shock but managed to say if i was scaried of it I wouldnt try so hard to look at it. She looked at me with a smile and asked so just how much more do you want to see.
As I smiled I ran my hand up her smooth legs she started to shake then we heard the shower shut off. She heried back to the sofa and sat down. Lora came out and said "I'm ready for bed" so i got up and fallowed her.

As we laid in bed I kept thinking of her moms aged puss over my face. Lora saw my hard dick and started sucking it. I told her I wanted to fuck her mom. She laghed and said "that old woman cant handle your shaft like this." She got on top and road my dick like a mad woman. Screaming and moning loud enough that her mom could hear. The door was slightly open as I glanced up I saw her mom in the door way watching her daughter taking on this young bucking cowboy of a son in-law. As Lora reached the top of her final oragasm she sled off and went right to sleep.

Ten minutes later I got up and went to the living room and asked her mom if she liked what she saw. "Yes she is right you can saticefy a horse". I looked down and in the rush to see her I did not put my shorts back on. My dick still had wetness of her daughter on it. "Come hear let me get a closer look". As she sat on the sofa she took my dick into her mouth cleaning up any left overs there might of been.
It felt so good. She started kissing up my belly to my neck I grabed her gown and pulled it off. The body I once saw by accident is now before me and now I could touch her soft skin. I lifted her up and carried her to the spare bed room. she road me evan harder than her daughter. As things wond down after an hour I told her it was better than I dreamed it could of been.

After that night we all got up and the ladys went shoping with smiles on there faces. Her mom told her later that day that see herd us having sex and could only wish she had it that good.
We still flirt and are wating for it to happen again.

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