A romantic, but erotic, night...

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My boyfriend Austin and I were coming home from a night out playing pool. My father wasn't home and neither was my sister so we decided to go back to my house for a little while. We got home and sat down on the couch to watch tv for a little bit. I was feeling a little aroused and anxious because it had been a little while since we had been intimate. I looked at Austin watching tv and leaned in slowly to give him a soft but subtle kiss.

He kissed me back passionately slowly caressing my petite size three body. He laid me down on couch, spreading my legs to lay more comfortably on me. He lifted my shirt off and unhooked my bra. He took one of my breasts firmly in one hand as his other started to go up my skirt. He gradually places two fingers inside my hot, throbbing clit. He gently moved his fingers in small circles inside me making me want his rock hard dick in me more and more with every move he makes. He takes my nipple into his mouth sucking and flicking his tongue over the hard skin.

He lifts my back so that I am at an arch as he kisses down my chest onto my stomach and down to my thighs. He removes my skirt and thong and starts to drive his tongue into my pussy. I sit up so I can see him and place my hand on his head running my fingers through his curly dark brown hair. Before I climax, I pull him up so I can give him one last kiss before I start my journey down south. I put his erect cock into my mouth and suck his head as I move my hand up and down. I continue to pleasure him as he starts to finger me again. I move from his dick to his balls taking each one into my mouth, getting more and more aroused every time he moans.

We are both about to burst at this moment when he says to me, "Elizabeth, fuck me now!". Excited that he said that, I climb on top of him to give him the ride of his life. I rock my hips back and forth while he holds me, moving my body the way he wants me to go. I start to play with myself and fondle my tits as he looks at me with his big chocolate brown eyes. I then start to touch and feel over his chizzled body.

I hold his arms with my hands feeling his muscles tighten everytime he grabs my ass. He reaches for me and begins to kiss me again and we switch positions. He turns me over and starts to fuck me doggy style. Pulling me towards him as he thrusts himself forward making me cry out in pleasure. I can feel his cock deep inside me hitting my G-spot with almost no trouble at all he continues to fuck me while I scream his name.

In a moment of pure ecstasy he comes inside me filling me up. I still feel his throbbing dick inside me after he stops. He slowly pulls out and I turn around and look at him. He smiles at me and says "Elizabeth, that has GOT to be the best sex ever!!!!".

I smile back at him with a devilish grin and say, "Baby, that's what you say every time!!"

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