A night on the boat

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Looking into his room he was not surprised to see it tidy and clean, both boys were fastidious about the boat and their cabin was being kept immaculately. Only two things seemed out of place. Mick’s trunks, which were hanging from the handle of a cupboard no doubt ready for an early morning swim, and Luke himself. The boy was sprawled out across his bunk asleep but still dressed. Jake let his eyes rest on the body lying face down, one arm tucked under the head, the other dangling over onto the floor. He was already sleeping deeply and his upper torso rose and fell slowly with long breaths. He still wore his deck shoes and baggy shorts and had collapsed there as soon as he had finished throwing up. Jake noticed an empty bowl by his bed.

He stood in the doorway and watched, taking in the prone position of the young man, wishing that he had undressed before passing out. Then Jake would have been afforded a more thrilling view. Waiting for the sound of someone else to disturb him he felt the dope and alcohol rush to his head in a moment of daring and decided that, as no one had come to stop him, he should help the lad into bed. Silently, so as not to chance disturbing him, he entered the room and closed the door. Kneeling beside the bed he thought what he would like to do first. The boy was unconscious. Jake was drunk. He could do anything. 

He placed a hand on the back of the head and twisted the fine hair through his fingers. Running his hand across the neck he pulled the hair away from the face allowing a better view of the closed eyes, the fine lashes and dark brows. The cheeks were warm and flushed and the breathing heavy. Slowly he let his hand trail down the shoulder and lift the arm up onto the bed, feeling the weight of it as it was laid gently beside the head. His other hand began to flatten the material of the boy’s shirt against his back. As each crease was smoothed away he saw the shape of the spine show through. Both hands met on the waistband of the shorts and they moved either side of the hips to feel the delicate girth before travelling downwards across the buttocks and up over the small, round bottom which lay obediently before him. He allowed no pause there, knowing he would return and so moved on down the vulnerable legs, protected only by soft hair. He teased them apart slightly so that he could cup a hand around each. His fingers moved gently down to the thin ankles and the deck shoes dropped to the floor silently. The boy moaned and twisted in front of him, his shoulders rising an inch from the bed before falling still again as he turned to face the wall.

Jake lowered his head and rested it in the small of the boy’s back. From there he could see the perfect roundness of the arse and smell the boy’s scent of sweat and sun cream. His hand played across the identical mounds before him and he watched through wide eyes as he realised that he was doing what he had wanted to do since he’d first seen the boy. He was exploring him as intimately as he had always known he would without the boy complaining or even knowing. He felt the roughness of the shorts beneath his palm before moving onto the warm legs beneath them as his hand travelled up and under as far as the tightness of the material would allow. Feeling his own cock start to stiffen his fingertips touched a light fur of hair and a warm mound of flesh between the boy’s legs and he stoked it carefully.

The boy moved slightly again and Jake felt the legs slip further apart, allowing his hand to reach deeper, below the body, where Jake could feel a few, softer hairs on his balls. He closed his eyes to picture them, innocent and waiting. He strained his fingers to touch them but the restrictive shorts would give up no more secrets and he slowly withdrew his hand to smell the sweet scent of sweat and innocence on his fingertips before resting his hand once more on the arse. He opened his eyes and moved away, repositioning himself so that he could roll the boy onto his back. He knew what he was doing now. With Luke asleep he was in control, the lad could not resist or question or challenge. 

Luke gave no objection to being turned. The only indication that he was aware of what was happening came when he flopped one arm across his face obscuring the tightly closed eyes and the half open mouth. Jake let him settle again before tentatively undoing the shirt. One button at a time, each one undone revealed more of the hairless, young chest. He looked down to where the shirt was tucked into the shorts and gave a gentle tug to free it. The boy’s waist came into view, showing only the slightest hint of puppy fat and a tantalisingly thin line of dark hair running away from his navel into the forbidden safety of the shorts. The older man ran one hand back up the body and over the dark nipples, feeling them stroke his palm as he passed by to cup the head and feel its unconscious weight. The other hand began at the knee and worked its way upward. All the time Jake looked for signs that the boy was awake and aware but none came.

His left hand paused at the bottom of the shorts and he turned his attention to the crotch. Nothing moved, no signs of arousal, the shorts were flat and unstiring. Jake’s hand slid in under the material and was warmed as he slowly felt the thigh. The boy sighed once more, unaware that the man was knowing him and Jake felt a contented breath on his face as he rested his head on the bare chest. His hand moved up further under the shorts until he could once again feel the soft flesh of Luke’s balls against his knuckles. He reached out his strong fingers and wrapped them around a small cock, hot and pliable. Once he had imagined it, today he had seen it, now he was touching the prize he had been promised in return for his generosity. Jake had allowed the youth to stay on the boat and his body was to be the payment.

He knelt there as if in prayer, one hand around the boy’s neck, the other around his cock and his head resting on the chest. Prostrate over the youth, worshiping his compliance and feeling powerful in his presence. He was aware of his own penis pressing hard against the lining of his shorts and he wanted to release it, to stand over the boy and defile his perfection with it, but that must be saved for later. In the screenplay that moment did not happen for a while yet. For now he was happy to feel the boy, knowing that he was touching him without his consent. He would have him when he was ready, taking him like this would be too easy. Luke was hired to be a challenge and, unconscious from too much drink, he was not that. Jake had the upper hand now, no matter what the boy did Jake would always know that he had felt him, explored every inch of him and discovered any secrets he may have wanted to keep hidden. 

He remembered Mick upstairs and smiled. He knew what he wanted now and there was an easier way to have it. Reluctantly he let go of Luke and kissed the sleeping lad once on the nipple before covering him with a blanket and leaving the cabin.

Up on deck Mick was still lying on the table smoking a cigarette and blowing the smoke skywards as he studied the dolphin ring on his finger. When he heard Jake approach he rolled onto his side and leant on his arm to watch him. He could tell that his boss was troubled by something.

‘What’s up?’ he asked quietly, noticing that Jake was out of breath.

‘Nothing,’ Jake stood beside the table and looked down at the bulge in the front of his shorts. ‘Only this.’

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