A night I canít forget

(Part 1 from 1)

I am going to share some secret pleasures of my life with you . I am jasmine gulati. I am 19 year old girl living in Karnal. I had many experiences in my life. But I am sharing this one with u coz thatís one was my first time.

That was with our servent abt one year back and I donít know much abt sex. At the same time I was very interested to know abt it. I didn't get much freedomor privacy those days to understand about sex. But I used to collect information from sex sites amd discussing it with my class mates.

While collecting pics and stories I used to think about our handsome servent,Krishna. I had pretty much always had a crush on him.He was tall,handsome,dark,broad shoulders a 20 year old guy who was working in our home from abt one year. I used to help her in kitchen work as well other activities so that he can watch my sexy body. Almost every day I used to think about him and masturbate.

Once I went to his room to call him but he was not there. Then there I saw a magazine of sex pics. I take it with me and read it carefully. I gain a lot of knowledge about having sex. Next day I gave it back to him (by hand) and ask him to give me more magazines like that. He said that he can also teach me a lot of things. we were in kitchen at that time.
He hold my breast and start pressing it. That was first time any guy pressing them.we do that for abt 10 mins.

Next day in afternoon my mom was sleeping and I call Krishna into my room. He remove my shirt and then bra. And start sucking my boobs. He remove his pants and gave his cock in my hand that was first time I saw a real mature cock. He has a big 11 inch cock. We enjoy a lot whole afternoon. We use to do these things every afternoon. He told me a lot of things.

One day my father was out of station on business tour and sis was on school trip. Mom was gone to her sister for one day and Krishna was also not there. He was gone to his village and coming back next day. I was alone at home all day and night. I was thinking that if Krishna is there. Then suddenly in evening Krishna came back. I told him that nobody is home for all night expect us.we enjoy a great dinner at night and I ask Krishna to sleep with me in my room. We watch t.v and we watch a xxx movie on p.c.

At abt 12 mid night we go to bed and he hold my breast and take his cock out and gave in my hand. We enjoy a lot whole night. No one of us sleep that night. He fucks me abt 8 times with his 11 inch cock. We had a great time together. After that night he fucks me 2 more times.

Now he doesínt work in our home. I miss him a lot. He told me many useful things. I really miss him a lot. May be he also miss me where ever is he.

Friends, hope this experience of mine has made u hot. I request all the horny girls surfing around to mail me their experiences. Males u are most welcome.

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