A love session in my car!

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Disclaimer: All the names of characters in this story are fictitious but the story is not, this is because my name is rather unique and google is fucking powerful :P.

After having read numerous stories on IIS I really felt like it was time for me to put up my tale of pleasure ride. This is my story of how in search just a companion I became a part of something so intense and amazing that me and my partner cherish it for life. Today I am gonna tell you a story on what happened between me and vineeta, my second girlfriend.

My name is rahil, 25 from Mumbai. i am 6 foot tall, fair guy with athletic body. Being the only child in a rather affluent family I had a love of everyone in my family. After finishing my engineering, I worked in a MNC for about 2 yrs. This is where I meet Sonia, my first girlfriend. Sonia was the most stunning girl in our office. She was very sweet, caring and down to earth girl or at least she had everyone convinced she was that way. ‘My dream girl’ was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw her. As we worked in same department we used to interact often. We started flirting and got close, within months we started dating one thing led to another and we soon started making out.

Let me tell you friends girls are nothing what they seem in bed. Sonia was a girl who liked almost everything in bed. We did role playing, every possible position in every possible place, anal, hrs and hrs of cunnilingus and foreplay, massages and things beyond imagination. But When it got to relationship we knew somewhere down the line it was gonna end soon. And so it did. After 2 yrs of relationship Sonia got married and left to US. My friends trust me when I say, ‘sex is like driving the more you drive the better you get’. After Sonia I dated few girls and even had few flings but nothing serious happened.

Soon after Sonia went away I quit my job and persuaded my MBA dream. Within months I meet vineeta. She was tall and a smart girl to talk to. We would often talk about relationship at times sex life in general and our views. I remember one particular date with vineeta which went as

Vineeta: which is the craziest place you would like to have sex.
Me: The mountain top in a rainy season early morning.

Vineeta: you are insane. So tell me have you done it in a car.
Me: yes, I have
Vineeta: oh really. Don’t lie how could you manage to do that there is not enough space and weren’t you worried of getting caught.

Me: well I was worried and I was caught once. Hehe. But that’s the excitement we were looking for.
V: hahahahaha. U were caught so wat did you do?
Me: well it did cost me 500 bucks. ;)

Vineeta: hahaha.. ok tell me what was your favorite way of doing it or the most exiting one. I bet it was the back seat.
Me: sry but it happens so that the most exiting one was in the driver seat.
Vineeta: non-sense. Why the hell would you do it in the driver seat when you have the back seat.

Me: well that’s because one cannot drive the car from back seat.
Vineeta: WHAT THE FUCK!!! You were doing it while driving. Oh fuck!!!
Me: well I did tell you it was the most exiting one I had.

Vineeta: Tell me if someone really wants to have sex so how can you say it in the most exotic way by gestures only.
Me: well that’s an easy one. You blow a cigarette smoke on to the guys face.
Vineeta used to stay few kilometers from my place with a roommate. As lucky as it may sound her society was damn strict and had a real good watch on tenants so she never really invited me at her place.

On our next date she called me up and asked me if I was free as she was feeling bored. I was chilling at home to so we decided to go for a movie. We were at the mall but she was reluctant to go for a movie. So I asked her if she wanted to drink to which she promptly replied yes.
We went to a pub close by. A few pegs down and we were talking again.
Vineeta: you know rahil you are a really good guy.

Me: oh thanks I am glad you think so please meet my mom and tell her that
Vineeta: hahahaha… you know this is why I like your company.
Me: and y exactly is that…

Vineeta: we flirt so much but I never felt that you crossed the line. You are humorous and so kind, even after brake-up
(not the exact words I was hoping to hear, I wondered if she was gonna crib about all her ex)
Me: hummmm…
Vineeta: rahil you know I had a boyfriend and I could never speak to him about these things with him. It just felt incorrect. we thought it was immoral and never to be spoken about. But you made it so easy. I always felt like I was having a normal conversation.
Me: hey that’s ok.. it will changes.. give him more time… but I bet the rest was good :P

Vineeta: (she looked further depressed as soon as I said that… and I cursed myself for being a jack ass… just when I though she will burst in tears… she correct her face back to normal) Naahhh… he just did the usual… even I was under the belief that this is all that sex was about. But after hearing your stories.. wow!!!
Me: Are you serious.. don’t tell me you didn’t do all this things….
Vineeta: Wat do it! I Didn’t even know… come on lets go I wanna have a smoke today.

I had a pack of Djarum cherry cigarettes. I offered it to her and we left. We entered the car and asked her what next.. where to go? She replied lets just go somewhere quite. I had really started to get an idea of what was about to happen. but I was not sure if it would be the right thing. We had very little to drink.. but I was not sure if she was sober. I started driving and went into few allays, after a while she gestured me to park the car in some dark corner. There was not a sign of life around as though the world had come to an end.

We had not spoken for a while now. She quietly lit the cigarette took a puff looked at me and blew it right on my face. She knew the gesture.. the message was clear. But even now I was in two states, should I really go ahead? Before I could do anything she said.. don’t worry I am not drunk and I know what I am asking for. We both moved forward and out lips meet. We kept on kissing and I really wanted to make it special for her.. I kissed her no tongue yet but breaking the kiss every 5 sec just a bit ad then kissing again… preserves the moisture and heat on lips. Before she could notice I reached out for her hair clip and loosened her hair. I slid my hand down to her neck and then to her hips. We were not in a really gr8 position.. I was in the driver seat and vineeta next to me. So I kissed her once again and pushed her back on her side of seat. with one hand reached out to the seat adjuster and pulled it. The seat fell down with a jerk and vineeta was from sitting to lying position. We continued kissing with me over her.

After a while she pushed me and readjusted the seat, pulled the seat fully ahead and moved to the backseat and signaled me with her index finger in a sexy manner to join her there. I too moved my seat ahead and went back. We again started kissing again I started playing with her body, before she could realize I unbuckled her bra with one hand. i asked her to remove her bra without removing her t-shirt which she did.

She quickly undid my shirt buttons and started kissing again. I started massaging the shoulders and hips, she began moaning loudly as toughs she had forgotten that we are in unknown neighborhood in a car. I started pushing her t-shirt up and removed it. Now our bare upper bodies were rubbing vigorously. I slid down and flicked her left nipple with my tongue. She had perfectly sized breasts, cup C. I held her breasts from underneath and started sucking on it gently and massaging them at the same time. Vineeta was arching her back and moaning with closed eyes.

I started licking and giving small hickies over the breasts, chest and navel area. While doing so she pulled me up and started kissing me again. In the mean while she undid my zipper and reached out to my penis. By now it was at its best size. As soon as she took it in her hand she stopped the kissed looked straight in my eyes and said ‘fuck its big’. I had a 7.5 inch penis with 6 inch girth. She had a vry seductive smile on her face and started playing with my tool whiles both staring into each other’s eyes. I went closer to her and asked her if she wishes to give me a blow job.

She said that she had never done that and had a bit of reluctance on her face but then immediately said I will try. I didn’t want to push her in an unconformable situation. So I made her lay back on her back. Unaware of what I was gonna do next she looked at me then closed her eyes as if submitting herself to me. I unhooked her jeans hook and removed her right leg from the jeans in no time. She was wearing a blue pantie with orange lining. I removed her pantie too. Now her fully shaved pussy was right in front of my face. I pulled her towards me so that we both are below the window line. By now we had started to sweat like hell but we were lost in sex to care about it. Then I flicked her clit with my tongue. I spread vineeta’s legs wide and pulled the skin in either side of clit so the tip of the clit could pop out a bit. I gradually increased my speed of flicking her clit.

Within minutes vineeta’s moans increased and she grabbed my hair tightly and started to shiver. All of a sudden she went mute and her vaginal muscles began to contract with juices flowing out slowly.

I knew how to take things ahead and before she could completely relax I restarted my work as I wanted to give her consecutive orgasms. She started murmuring my name, oh rahil, oh rahil.. her grip in my hair had loosened and she had started to slide her figures through my hair. Just then while her pussy was still contracting I started inserting my middle finger inside her vagina. She let out a hissssss….. now my other hand was playing with her upper body… sometimes breast or mouth. Now I again started flicking her clit with precise control and sliding my finger in and out.. all in perfect synchrony… it wasn’t too late by when she had her second orgasm… and it just went on and on..

The cunnilingus went on for over half an hour… By now we were drenched in sweat n she was dead tired almost gasping for breath…I turned on the AC and opened the windows a bit. As expected the window glass was fully covered with dew on the inside.. I was about to move for the intercourse but then I saw that she was too exhausted and may not like it. It had been a really gr8 session till now and I didn’t want to spoil it.

That day I neither had intercourse with her nor did I get a blow job… but it was one of the best sessions. We then drove back home before she got down she had tears in her eyes and thanked me for love and told me that she was really not sure about intercourse today and thanked me for being patient enough and not doing it. Then she said some real kind words and left.

In our next session we did everything but more on that later. Do send me your feedback at rahilseth9 at gmail dot com . remembers love is it is when it’s when you give and not always take. bye

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